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  1. Q

    How did you get satellite imagery of my scalp?

    Seriously, this is why nature always wins. No matter the elements, no matter the cataclysms that get thrown its way, nature always finds a way to count to ten, take a deep breath and keep on stepping. We (humankind) should be taking notes.

    Another Wednesday winnah.


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  2. Will echo Marco…nature always wins. What a delight. It’s as if those of branches are waltzing in the snow. So elegant, proudly brandishing their winter wear free till Spring where they’ll be back in wardrobe as if taking their show back on the road. 🙂

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I feel ya, Sistah! Winter (especially this year) has been rather brutal. So nice that I am given photo ops, though. And you know you are always welcome to them. 😉

      Shalom and lotsa glittery love,


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    • Thank you, Frank. You know, as I was trying to decide what to use (as I didn’t capture anything worth mentioning this week) I kept coming back to this one. Will do my best! Today is another cold one with a wind chill of -22℉. And it’s not even February yet!


  3. Dale and Marc,

    Sam Waterston, and Kneeing It

    The time period was 1830’s to 1890’s. It is based on a true story.

    Sam Waterston did more than an A+ work of art portraying David Dickson.

    The movie was Showtime’s production of “A House Divided”, and I was the Costume Designer.

    Along with Sam, we had Jennifer Beals, Tim Daly and LisaGay Hamilton. We also had Shirley Douglas – ex of Donald Sutherland, mother of Keifer Sutherland and daughter of Canada’s most famous person, Tommy Douglas, (Father of Medicare).

    A minor but important scene with not much continuity, if any at all, was up. Camera was ready go. Everything was in place, and all were merely awaiting final perfections of the actor’s lines.

    The David Dickson character must have had at least 35 costume changes over 4 decades.

    We’d built many gorgeous pieces for the character. However, this was a one off and had to be different, due to the year in the saga. The budget only supported a rental.

    Nonetheless, I found the perfect jacket in Mr. Waterston’s size. It was from a a renowned Hollywood costume rentals company. It was a stunning piece, really.

    The more than competent Set Supervisor was attending Mr. Waterston on set. It was all good to go. I was on the truck waiting for the “aaannd rrrrolling”, so I could ease up a bit.

    Suddenly, the walkie butt in.
    It was the Set Super. “We have a 911 on set.”

    The Truck Person and I raced to set, and found the Super holding Mr. Waterston’s jacket in a ready to put on position. She calmly said,” his hand, let alone his arm, won’t go through the right armhole.”

    The Truck person said, “I’ve seen this in the theatre. The right armhole is interfaced & padded with different material than the left. The material on the right has shrunken in a cleaning process.”

    After the initial fitting wherein the jacket fit perfect, we had the jacket specially cleaned, freshened for camera. Perhaps the rental place used a different method of cleaning? Or?

    “It’s not just armholes. It’s done on many builds; due to time and/or money constraints.”

    “What happens?” I asked.

    She said, “Someone knees the armhole”. With that she mimed putting the jacket’s armhole on her bent knee. She did a radical knee open jerk.

    “Finals!” Were called. Hair and Make-up raced in, and did their thing. It was now or never. I grabbed the jacket from the Super: bent my right knee, pulled the jacket’s armhole exceptionally snug onto my knee, and wrenched open my knee.

    We heard the sound of fabric and threads tearing, ripping.

    “Places” the First AD yelled.

    I handed the jacket to the Super. She slipped it easily onto Mr. Waterston’s body.

    The scene went well. The jacket looked good.

    Later, back on the wardrobe truck, we saw that the sleeve was held on by several random threads. It was just there, dangling around, hanging from the armhole.

    Horseshoes come in one shape, and many sizes, but they’re not always up your aspirations. Mine was a lucky toss!

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