The Rundown

Remember when the nightly news resided in a half-hour timeslot preceding The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson? Welp, if you don’t, then I highly suggest you fire up your TikTok page and get to stepping, because this version of The Rundown probably isn’t gonna be to your liking.

See, Imma give a quick what to the week’s what. No trending or canceling and just a smattering of OMG. This isn’t to say it wont be dope with a side of Gucci, seeing as how I am nothing if not evolved(ish).

And now, heeeeeere’s the roster!

US Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina charged with driving with revoked license, reports say | FOX8 WGHP

In the world of politics this week . . .

Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t utter a single, solitary stupid shit thing. Authorities will look into the possibility she may have been the victim of foul play sometime next year. President Biden assured the world that leveling more sanctions on Putin will not achieve a single objective at this point. He then asked for verification that he had, in fact, said that out loud. And in a recent poll, more than eighty-five percent of Americans believe their country’s current standing in the world is disturbingly similar to a country western song.

Madison Cawthorn made sure he would become the story this week when he referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “thug” and his government as “incredibly evil”. Meanwhile, Zelensky and his people struggle to remain above ground, figuratively and literally in the wake of Russia’s advance.

You don’t want us to fall in love with someone else’s world leader, even in the wake of the horrible trials that have befallen his people? Okay, it’s prudent to be wary of a foreign leader’s daily business. And no, we shouldn’t ramp up troop involvement considering all those complicated red buttons Putin has at the ready. But to proclaim that woke ideologies are to blame for all those civilian deaths isn’t provocative wordplay on Cawthorn’s part. It’s simply a small minded attempt at directing the narrative away from the carnage whilst never minding Donald Trump’s own past dealings with Zelensky. Cawthorn was right about some of the misinformation coming out of the Ukraine but it’s ironic that he fancies himself an arbiter of such untruths. After all, his idol and some of his peers know a thing or two about misinformation.

And one more thing, Mr. Cawthorn. Show some respect for the dead and suffering.

Average gas prices in Albany skyrocket by 43 cents in one week | WRGB

In business . . .

Gas prices rose another seven cents this week to a national average of $4.32 a gallon. And I promised myself that if Gronkowski-like spikes push that average over five bucks, Imma sell my ride, buy a horse and pick up smoking again. Because those methods will prove less maddening than presiding over satanic rituals every time I pull up to the pump.

McDonald’s closed up shop in Russia temporarily in the wake of increasing pressure to do so. The fast food giant turned out the lights in 850 restaurants across the country, thirty two years removed from its initial venture into Moscow. The golden arches will return because the truth is, burgers (and not bombs) are the sneaky secret saucy secret to spreading democracy (Read heart disease and apathy) around the world.

Calvin Ridley's year-long gambling suspension is a hypocritical farce

In sports . . .

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley was banned from play for the entire 2022 season after it was discovered that he wagered on NFL games- including his own team- last season. Ridley stepped away from the sport in October in order to deal with his mental health. And there’s no better way to get your head right than by losing money to the Lions blowing the spread! Ridley’s actions leave Commissioner Goodell with a huge matzo ball to swallow; seeing how it was only five short years ago that he vowed to keep legalized gambling out of his league. Now he’s in bed with the books and now a high profile player’s been busted and now? It’s only a matter of time before the league is rocked with a game-fixing scandal that would make Arnold Rothstein proud.

Finally! Our long national nightmare is over now that Aaron Rodgers will be returning to the Packers next season. He’ll play for legacy, love of the game and the honor of being one of the all-time greats, and he’s ditching the drama . . . and okay, I just spit up my coffee.

Meanwhile the Denver Broncos were like, Our bae was in Seattle all this time, bitches! The Denver Buyers Club scored its latest Hall of Fame signal caller when they removed Russell Wilson from the witness protection program otherwise known as the Seattle Seahawks. And while I’m not sold on Denver’s chances to win it all, Wilson’s presence gives the AFC West perhaps the richest neighborhood of quarterbacks in the history of the league with the young guns Mahomes and Herbert duking it out with Hall worthy vets Carr and Wilson.

Oh yeah, and the MLB lockout is over. I celebrated by watching the Sixers/Nets game last night.

Marco At the Movie Review: Steven Spielberg’s reboot of West Side Story is ambitious in its detail and more polished than its cinematic predecessor. But that’s exactly why it falls short of the original. Because as with most works of art, the grittiness of the ’61 standard bearer happens to possess the kind of soul that just cannot be replicated. All that to say, I loved this version very much. I love it for its flow, for its abiding hat tips and I love that it stars the dynamic as ever Rita Moreno. But what I love most of all is that when you break it down, it’s that same classic tale of love and loss, with dreams of one more tonight.

And now a quick look at weather across the nation this week  . . .

Temps across the central plains were so warm that if you own a beer distributor, you’ll be good to book that vacation to someplace even warmer. There was snow for the peeps living in the central and northern Rockies, or should I say more snow. And if you plan on making light of all that snow, you best reside at a safe distance from their collective right hooks.

Until next week, good night and good luck!

56 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Madison Cawthorn, what a putz. Saying more is a waste of words. I, too, am glad the drama over Rogers is over. At least we don’t have to see him on Jeopardy while he is busy being himself. I really don’t understand the gambling associated with the NFL. Totally like waving candy in front of babies. I loved West Side Story in the 60s. I’m glad you liked the new version. I hate to say this, but Biden is a bust as a leader. Thanks for the excellent post, Marc.

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  2. Ha! As a resident of the Rockies, the snow isn’t ‘so’ bad, it’s the bloody freezing cold that attached itself to the white stuff. I think Norman said, “Yeah, I’ll hold it until it warms into double digits, thank you very much.”
    As for the Broncos, oh gosh, where to start. Now if only they had an offensive line to protect Wilson. And then there’s the fact they gave up Shelby Harris as part of the deal. Are you kidding me? The one player who actually performed his job well and they traded him?!?! But at least it wasn’t Rodgers, there’s enough drama with the team’s ownership issues.
    That Cawthorn chap…my goodness, he’s one for the books, isn’t he? Seems like he had a rather bad week what with that driving while license was revoked charge in addition to his idiotic comments. Maybe he should have just been booked. Where do these guys come from?? Oh wait, isn’t he the guy who replaced Mark Meadows? Ahh, now I understand.
    Gas in the states is getting its fair share of attention and I’m no exception, feeling the squeeze in my wallet. Yet it should be noted that what we pay for a gallon is what the liter price is in Europe. Talk about sticker shock.
    Here’s to a good weekend, Marc. Although it will be end a hour shorter, hope it’s still enjoyable.

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  3. Because I missed last week, the threat of a 2-fer bothered me. Then again, an unexpected full plate at this end. Congressman Peckerhead (R-NC) just secured his re-election. Now that’s a sad commentary. On the other hand, I’m confident MTG said something stupid this week because she probably talked. MLB settlement has me bored. Thanks for the West Side Story review. I look forward to seeing it. Oh 0 Biden’s biggest accomplishment? That’s easy – he beat Trump.

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    • Heyoooooo Cincy!

      He’s not getting the pub of his peers, but this guy has a lot of (fairly stupid shit) to say and he takes every opportunity to say it.

      News of the lockout coming to an end elicited a shrug on my part.

      Spielberg was his usual brilliant self.

      You’re right about that! LOL


  4. Good thing I don’t watch the news. I’d rather read The Rundown, anyway. So this Cawthorn is giving MTG and Boebert a run for their money. Who needs sports? The snow made for some mighty fine skiing today!

    I’m disgusted that the world is letting Putin slaughter people in Ukraine. This is not right and just going to get uglier. What if? What if someone had stopped Hitler after Poland?

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    • Well bless your heart for always tuning in to the rundown. MUAH!

      As for Cawthorn, he’s gotten short shrift, what with the exploits of some of his peers. But lemme tell ya, he has produced some comedy gold. Sadly, he wasn’t trying to be funny.

      This is a very scary time. To think, Putin has much to lose and yet, he’s behaving as if it doesn’t matter.

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  5. B

    I remember when nightly news was a fairly neutral sharing of what’s going on in the world. I’ll take your Rundown over today’s nightly news any day.

    I can’t believe MGT said nothing stupid all week. A country song is definitely a good genre for a theme song for the US.

    Cawthorn really wanted his 15 minutes, eh? If Zelensky and his people are incredibly evil, what the hell is Putin? He really is smallminded.

    Gas prices – good gawd… I’m trying to remember when it was that there were posts on social media announcing where the cheapest gas prices were. And those prices were nothing like the crazy we have today. It was at $1.90/l – that is $7.19/US gallon…(there are 3.785 litres per 1 US gallon). Think we can get a deal on a couple of horses?

    How long do you think McD’s will keep those restaurants closed, eh? C’mon. This is NOT how you hurt Russia.

    Gambling and sports. Who knew?
    Aaron Rodgers… Shut up already. (Not you, him!!)
    I’ll trust you on the whole Broncos thing coz I’m just not in the know to give my two cents’ 😉
    That lockout didn’t last long, did it?

    Yes. Agree wholeheartedly with your review of Spielberg’s take on West Side Story.

    Yanno… snow makes for some pretty pictures. Did I tell you how much I’m done with the white stuff? Got another dumping yesterday and last night. Only good thing is, (so far) we didn’t get as much as they called for.

    Now I wanna re-watch the original. C’mon Prime! Don’t charge me to watch it!


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    • Q

      Why ain’t you the sweetest!

      You spelled her the same way I usually do! LOL. I mean, when it comes to her, who really cares how you spell it? And yes, this IS a really sad country western song, playing on a loop.

      Cawthorn may not get as much play as some of his peeps, but he has certainly produced some crazy stuff.

      We’ll do the horse and buggy thing. 😉

      Most all US companies have closed their doors now. Temporarily. They will be Bach.

      A-Rod posted soon after he re-signed because he wanted to make it clear the contract numbers were incorrect. Who cares? And as far as the Broncos, they will be much more fun to watch. And gambling? Stay tuned because it’s only a matter of time before a player or players throws a game.

      Lockout? What lockout?

      Spielberg nailed it, because of course he did.

      You guys got snow? How unusual!



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      • Only to those who deserve it.

        To spell it out is to give her too much space. Talk about something to keep the Zzz’s from coming when you try to sleep!

        He’s working his way up, yanno?

        Sounds like a marvellous plan. We’ll take turns driving…

        Of course they will. Money talks.

        Right. Not me 😉 I’ll have to try to catch a game or two. Mind you, I have to catch snippets here and there just so I can follow your convo! Now I have a vision of one of the Survivor teams trying to throw a challenge so they could kick out an unwanted member. Dumbasses forgot to tell most of the peeps… Throwing games is a question of time. (If not already occurring?)

        Of course he did. Smoovely.

        I know, right? Who’d a thunk we’d get the white stuff in March?


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        • MUAH!

          Yeah, I feel like the less thought put into her, the better.

          Cawthorn is a riser, which is a sad statement.

          And we’re off!

          Money always does.

          The NFL and other sports leagues have allowed for this possibility. With more outlets, the ability for athletes to hide their action increases. And I guess we’re supposed to trust that all these guys will use their best judgment? Because that’s worked so well on so many occasions!


          You did.

          They are schmucks!

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          • MWAH!

            I thought you might.

            Yeah. NOT the kind we need right now.


            It does.

            Pffft… Right. No way in hell should they be trusted.

            Very. A little too smoove but still very enjoyable.

            Yeah, I did.


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          • I keep coming back to that thought about athletes from the past having been fortunate in that they didn’t play in this age of 24/7 news. And really, it applies to musicians and politicians. To everyone.


  6. Cawthorn is one of the less-covered, bigger idiots in the GOP.

    Marco, Marco, Marco … if Derek Carr is Hall worthy, my dead grandma deserves a bust in the building as well.

    RE: Ridley. Sports get involved with gambling, this is what’s gonna happen. Either it’s wrong, or it isn’t.

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    • I agree. He might not get the coverage but holy shit has he supplied some incredibly tone deaf opinions.

      What can I say? I would take the guy in a second. I think he’s underrated and okay, okay . .. maybe I practiced a little bit of hyperbole with the HOF idea. But when your team has been trudging through the QB desert for almost a quarter century . . . it changes a fan.

      People don’t get how much easier it has become to hide action now that the sports leagues have opened things up.

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  7. Why are there so many addle brained people in politics?
    After 2 years of a pandemic, they are helping the world fall apart quite nicely.
    I don’t have a car. Don’t want one. I moved 20 years ago to an area with village shopping. I walk everywhere I need to go. OR, I use public transit. At least I did before the virus. I’ll be thrilled when I can use it again, so I can get to parts of the city I haven’t been to for 2 years. I need to capture the art there.
    NFL gambling?
    I was hoping you might have something about the football team in the UK… and they’re going to sell it because one of the owners is Russian?
    Nice to see Russ Tamblyn’s young self! Thanks for the vid.

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    • On the bright side, most of these dunderheads are contained in one place. Unfortunately, their decisions affect so many.

      Good for you. I personally wish I didn’t have to drive as I am not a car person. But living in PA, it’s impossible.

      Chelsea? Yeah, I read something about that. I’ll have to check it out. Gracias. 😉

      I love that movie.



  8. OH, when I work(ed) on productions, they always gave me a company car. So much time was spent in traffic, creating pollution.
    I was getting paid, so I did it. What a waste of the sands of time in my life.

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  9. Heart disease and apathy… except when it’s boys with their war toys and praising despots overseas as genius. Then some people trying to re-install one here by coup attempt — in the ubited States of America! And make the next coup easier by passing anti-voting laws. No thank you.

    We pick a president then pick on him for four years. Easy to blame him (always a him) for the economy and ignore any real accomplishments while the other side does everything to undermine progress. I’m independent but going back to 45 or his ilk would be the Russificatuon of America. Let’s hope not.

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    • Tell us what you really think Dude.

      I am voting for Option C. Don’t ask me what or who that is because I have no fucking idea, but, it seems worth trying.


  10. enjoyed the rundown….
    the movie review at the end was a fun surprise (not Sure why it was a surprise – but I do like the way you section these Rundown’s by categories)
    and the Spielberg West Side story differences wee noted (we have not seen it yet) and glad it is “same classic tale of love and loss.”
    also, as Bronco fans we are excited about helping Wilson escape the witness protection (haha) but not sure how well he will do. And it will be really weird to not hear him say “Go Hawks” because that seemed so him. Well not as weird as seeing Brett Favre as a Jet or a Viking )oh my gosh was that cray-cray) – but hopefully Wilson can bring some orange crush to the mix – they need it.

    and pissed me off about Calvin Ridley, but I also wonder how often this stuff happens and we never find out about it –

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    • The new West Side Story by Spielberg was so detail oriented, which, considering who was captaining the ship, I’m not surprised at all. But really, as with most reboots, the soul of the original didn’t come along for the ride. It was still worth it and then some.

      Russell Wilson in that Broncos uniform, that was and is going to take some getting used to. But I feel as if Denver is going to be trouble, especially since they’re going to become a FA destination for players who want a ring.

      Favre in Minny never made sense to me.

      Me too. I think what with the league now in bed with the sports books, it will invite what comes next. A player or players throwing games. And from there, well, big trouble.

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  11. Just checked out Cawthorne on Wikipedia and if anything he’s coming up as fast as his little wheelchair can carry him to be on par with the stupid comments of MTG not to mention the “god” to which they and their notorious six colleagues who worship at the altar of the big (headed) orange man.

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    • Soundbites.

      It’s all about soundbites. They package them so’s their constituents don’t have to do any heavy lifting. After which all those voters spew the same tired phrases in perpetuity, without ever questioning what in the hell of of it means.

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      • I think it’s worse than that after having lived in the South. Many of these deplorably ignorant people may believe really believe it, just based on my observation of some of their behaviors.

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