The Vera Farmiga Invitational

In a Look Designed By Her Best Friend, Vera Farmiga Lit Up The Many Saints Of Newark Premiere | Vogue

It’s been a while.

Vera called me up the other night to let me know she wasn’t digging the while it’s been. Then she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I best deliver up a bevvy of babes for the cause. And yeah she’s right, it has been a hot minute since I last put pretty to paper, so I told her not to conjure up any spells on my ass and that I’d get to work immediamente. And then I woke up. And even though it was only just a dream, I was duly inspired to turn up the heat.

The above snapshot was taken before the premiere of The Many Saints of Newark, and it’s the only worthwhile thing to come out of that flick. So thank you to Vera for the wake up call, and thank you to all the lovelies taking the stage today.

How Far Will Beth Go in the 'Yellowstone' Finale? Kelly Reilly & Cole Hauser Tease 'Wild Finish'

Kelly Reilly- She’s redefined the definition of badass with her turn as Beth Dutton on the show Yellowstone. Her character is the kind of gal who will take you on the ride of your life, after which you’ve got a fifty-fifty chance of waking up in the morning. And believe you me, you’d be crazy not to take the chance. All that, and she’s a Brit to boot. So when she talks about her character on the show, it’s like you have inherited Buckingham Palace . . . and you get to hang from the chandeliers on her every word. If you want the all-inclusive trip to Hot Town, she’s got you covered.

millie brady » High quality walls

Millie Brady- More UK hawt, I mean haute. Okay I mean a lot of both. She plays the fiery hot lady warrior of Mercia in the show The Last Kingdom, but I simply refer to her as Queen Hottie. One, because her character’s name- Aethelflaed- does not do her justice. And two, the title Queen Hottie does.

A former model, she’s only been on the acting scene for eight years but she’s made a name for herself whilst playing strong female characters. For Kingdom, she practiced her own stunts and even kicked it with some martial arts training for the fighting scenes.

God Save The Queen!

Zoe Kravitz's Diet and Exercise Routine Is a Full of Healthy Secrets

Zoe Kravitz- I am pretty certain that on the day that she was born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true. I understand that Karen Carpenter said it first, and who knows? Maybe KC had a premonition about this tasty talent who scores a trifecta of sound and stage. She’s a musician, a model and an actress, and really, the girl is anything she damn well wants to be. She’s the latest kitten to don the iconic leather suit in The Batman, and word is her turn as the Catwoman is getting purrfect scores. As if we had any doubt.

When she sets her gaze upon you, it’s lights out, or . . at least you wish it was.

In Conversation With Niamh Algar — Rose & Ivy

Niamh Algar- The Dude referred to her as “the smoke show” in one of his comments to me, and for very good reason. This creamy Irish gal possesses the ability to own any hairstyle she pleases, and not for nothing, but she has the deed on just about all of them at this point in her acting career. And that’s just the bonus round, seeing as how she will come hither your senses with acting chops that won’t quit until you’re begging for mercy.

But really, it hurts so good.

Evangeline Lilly | Lord of the Rings Rings of Power on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more |

Evangeline Lilly- This Canadian import is the girl next door, on steroids. Lilly is a hot butter disco song whose religion speaks to the drumbeat of a man’s heart in the prettiest of pleases. It’s hard to believe she’s been setting fire to the silver screen for almost two decades now, which just goes to show that times flies when you’re spinning this kind of honey. Ironically, her acting career took off when she scored a role in the acclaimed television show Lost. From those not so humble beginnings, she has been found . . . and how.

Oh Canada!

34 thoughts on “The Vera Farmiga Invitational

  1. Okay, I need to take a nap. To foister these lovelies on an old guy before lunch just courts a shortened day. I must say your choices were outstanding. I am a triple-fan of Evangeline Lilly so you got me to my inhaler and defib machine. Well done, Pilgrim.

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  2. B

    Vera’s right. It has been a good while. ‘Bout time you rectify the situation.

    Not cause I’m a chick I can’t appreciate your most fine choices on these lovely ladies.

    Is it me or are your choices even more eclectic than usual? No two can be put side by side and compared as they are all beauties in their own rights.

    • I think “Beth” is sexy because of her “don’t-up-with-anything-bullshit” attitude.
    • “Aethelflaed” because in her day, women were relegated to the sidelines and she refuses to, fighting right alongside her men.
    • “Catwoman” – looking forward to see her strut her stuff.
    • I did the IMDB check on Niamh Algar as she is unfamilliar to me but I did see you’re right, she can rock the short or the long locks.
    • Evangeline is just simply a cutie.

    Perfect song to go with your Fiery Foxes!


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    • Q

      Too long, indeed.

      You have an appreciation for this kind of show, Miss Thing, 😉

      You know something? It really is quite the eclectic list, isn’t it? Maybe that’s what happens when I sit down and just throw a quick list together. My tastes don’t have time to formulate a specific theme, they just branch out, beautifully.

      Beth is attitude, attitude is Beth. When people say that doesn’t matter, they don’t know Beth.

      Queen Hottie believes in her constituency, she doesn’t hide behind a title. Silly girl, she doesn’t rely on words when actions make for real leadership. Hey! You think our elected officials could learn a thing or several from her?

      She was the real deal as Catwoman. Of course Hathaway is always going to be my favorite because she has the modern day Julie Newmar thing cooking. But Zoe has big cat big game going on.

      Algar has that uncommon flair when it comes to the hair. Like someone else I know. . .

      Lilly! Oh Lilly!

      Right? 😉


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      • You’re rectified that situation…

        I do have an appreciation for this kind of show, Honeychild.

        It truly is. I think not overthinking is the way to go.

        Beth – not for nothing she has become the new meme!

        Our elected officials all could learn a thing, and then some from Queen Hottie.

        That’s good to know. I’ll be checking it out soon.

        Oh yeah? You do, do you?

        LOL – for Lilly! Oh Lilly! 😉


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        • Phew!

          You clever,cheeky chica you!


          She’s a meme and you know why? Because she’s Beth Fucking Dutton that’s why! And her martini olives are bigger than anyone else’s.

          Queen Hottie for President. Please, I mean . . I am serious.

          Get ready for a “Seven” like Batman. Yes, it really does feel as if David Fincher was involved. Super dark and gloomy and violent, with a serial killer that would make Kevin Spacey’s John Doe go DAYUM!

          Do I!

          For Vice President?

          I will add the MENTE!

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  3. I am sure you are a much better judge of these lovelies than I am but might I ask you a question? What about the boys? And while these women may be physically gorgeous what are their characters like? I may like the look of a man but I am attracted to his character. I know that sounds terribly trite but that would be my character…

    Liked by 1 person

    • You ain’t wrong, and yes, if I were to be setting up a dating profile, looks wouldn’t be top O my list, that’s for sure. Been there and done that, and it hurts.

      But as sheer power off the screen? These ladies are holding some dynamite in their hands, tell you what.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I really dig her. She has that Robert Palmer music video vibe going on, and with that alone I would be sold. But she has so much more to go along with it.

      Zoe really nailed it as the Catwoman in the new Batman movie. Her limber makes your senses go timber!


  4. Oh yeeeeeesssss! That Kelly Reilly girl is something else. I saw her first on Black Box and just loved her! And as Beth Dutton…well, what an I say…she really is a standout actress (Just ask Cole Houser).

    As for Zoe, Catwoman on the latest iteration of The Batman, this former Big Little Lies standout…hubba bubba. Hot barely describes either woman.

    One question…how do you feel about Vera’s sis, Taissa Farmiga on The Gilded Age. Talk about looking like her famous and gorgeous sibling!

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    • I just started watching Yellowstone and of course she was the first character that really stood out to me. First scene, first lines, BOOM! From there, it’s only gotten more powerful.

      She really nailed it as the latest Catwoman. Zoe has the linger in her pout that best fits the script, and she can jump and kick and well, she was purrfect.

      I started the Vera Invitational, I think it was a good seven years ago or more. At which time Taissa was much too young for me to mention. At 27, I can speak on it and yes I do agree! As I wrote a few years back when she had scored a big role, Vera is so freaking talented and beautiful AND she has a farm system!

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  5. Glad for this post and the shout out, tho remember I’m just A Dude. Glad for more folks to know about Niamh, pronounced neev. The last episode of season 2 of her current show Raised by Wolves on HBO is out Thirsday 3/17. She’s been on others of course.

    What a fitting tribute it being the Irish holiday. Anyway a tip of the tam o shanter for Vera (of Ukrainian descent, right?), you Sorryless, and lovely lasses of the land of Eire everywhere.

    PS Blogger and countryman of Niamh, Idlecyclist, says he’s got her email and is introducing us. And if you believe that he’s also giving me a pot of gold and my own private leprechaun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A Dude of course. Now and always.

      She is a beauty alright, AND she can sport any hair style she dang well pleases. And it pleases us, very much so.

      The Holy Day is almost upon us! I was hearing it loud and clear in me dreams I tell ya!

      Lucky Charms! They’re magically delicious!


  6. Lilly is the only one I’m familiar with, having trudged through every last episode. We just recently moved up in the world with a Netflix account, so maybe we’ll figure out some up and comers. Not likely to watch Batman, though.

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    • The reason I like Netflix is because they have a lot of their own content, which means it doesn’t get poached by whatever streaming service comes down the pike. It seems as if these brands are all going to the gated community dynamic, taking their stuff and creating their own channel.

      Lilly is a true beauty.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome SJ!

      So cool when a lady happens by for when of my Vera posts. It’s so much fun to put these together because I end up learning a bunch more about the ladies I watch and love.

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