58 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    Does this mean that spring has finally sprung? Don’t hold it against me if I’m not ready to take Mo Nature’s word for it though. Not after running in that chilly, windy mess yesterday. It was not a pretty sight . . . not any of it.

    But spring . . spring/summer . . . warmer weather. It has me feeling as giddy as Will Smith at a slap fighting competition!


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    • B

      That means I have totally cheated and gone to look for something golden mustardy coloured as per your request! We don’t even have dandelions yet, never mind anything remotely looking like flowers. However, I think a little brightness this morning was not a bad idea after all.

      Warmer weather. Yes, pleased. It’s not here yet, that is for sure! So, I figured I’d slap on some images in preparation of what’s to come…


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      • That’s JUST like you, I swear! . . .

        When you’re good, you’re very good but when you’re bad? You’re better. 😉

        The mustard gold! Yes of course and now I get what the question was for. Apologies, I am a little slow, what with Mo Nature playing her Yo-Yo (Ma) on us. 25 this morning, 50’s this afternoon. 70’s tomorrow. Come on now.

        Brightness is never a bad idea.


  2. Dear Dale,

    So nice to see sunshine yellow in the early morning dark. Beautiful captures. So real I almost sneeze. 😉 Here the weather can’t decide whether or not to be spring or winter. I vote for spring. Sigh. A good morning to you, my friend.

    Shalom and lotsa sunny hugs,


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    • I asked Marc what colour he wanted to see and he said mustard gold (since I knew I would have to dig in my archives) – this was the closest I could find! It’s less mustard and more sunshine, but hey… Beggars can’t be choosers.
      And yes, I needed something like this to brighten my spirits!! 😍
      And thank you!

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        • Buahahahaha! Seriously 😉
          Actually, I looked at more pictures and I could have done like you (with a picture from Tuscany) where the golden hour on part of a building does have a golden mustard hue. Oh well.
          I shall take the lovely and cheerful as well. I must! I am so done with it.

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  3. So beautiful. Forsythias? They have exploded in Central Park, and always remind me of a woman who loved them, and how her husband, at her memorial service, filled vases of them all over the church. It was so lovely. That’s what you and your eye evoked today, Madam.

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  4. It is, eh? You sure?

    I do try… Both good and bad! 😇😈

    Tee hee! I didn’t tell you the why so, no apologies necessary! Sheesh… We’ll be lucky if he hit the 50s in the coming week.

    I like to think so. 💛


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