Still Perfectly Frank – April ’22 edition

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Another month is nearing an end, Imma asked me to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in for some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space.

March provided Ukraine, Putin, a US Supreme Court nominee hearing, continued COVID saga, gas prices, busted March Madness brackets, baseball’s labor agreement, Oscar awards, Grammy nominees, and other stuff. We also remember those who departed us such as a Good Times actor, a Holocaust survivor, a US diplomat, the creator of GIF images, Foo Fighters drummer, a country singer, William Hurt, Traci Braxton, and some guy named Bob somewhere.

For those looking forward to the new month, April is the month to celebrate guitars, celery, humor, pets, poetry, pecans, hope, and straw hats. April also provides week-long celebrations for dance, coins, princesses, and popper scoopers. April also offers an array of one-day celebrations such as ferrets (2nd), lying (4th), beer (7th), tartan (9th), licorice (12th), dolphins & ex-spouses (14th), Amaretto (19th), zippers (28th), and many more. Check it out here.

In case you missed it, here are a few March headline gems from The Onion. Oscar Mayer Introduces new filter-tip hot dogs for a healthier meat-eating experience, Pope Francis using a new treadmill-altar to add more physical activity to the workday, God regrets never learning Spanish, and Texas bans consensual sex.

Hats off to Steve Hartman (CBS News) for his features focusing on good news. I like this edition about empathy and a superhero.

In mid-March, I did this beach walk essay about bloggers. Something interesting happened. The first 12 comments were from bloggers in 9 different countries.

March was the time we returned home after several months as snowbirds. During that time I drafted about 30 new beach walk essays. Then again, all of them have a long way to go before they are ready to post.

I yawned at the news that baseball settled their labor dispute. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but they are wearing me out. Shortly after the settlement, my Reds traded many of their better players to decrease payroll. I sighed as my interest waned even more. I should follow their lead and reallocate my resources elsewhere.

Laura, who occasionally visits Beach Walk Reflections, composes music. I found her latest to be great background music as I write. I invite you to listen by visiting this site – the music will be in the upper left. Besides, I love the title of her musical suite.

Are you a supertaster? If not, do you know anyone who is? Here’s an interesting article about supertasters.

In a dream, I imagine a time when politicians ask good and relevant judicial questions to court nominees. In reality, their questions and statements demonstrate that politicians are the best hypocrites while demonstrating a “party-first” mentality with minimal interest in good judicial questions.

According to the 22nd Amendment, a president cannot hold office for more than two consecutive terms. So, will Donald Trump admit that he lost in 2020? After all, if he won, he can’t run. Thank you, Doonesbury for that one.

At the end of today, we can close the door to March and welcome April. Happy St. Stupid Day … well, tomorrow – April 1st – and that’s not a joke!

18 thoughts on “Still Perfectly Frank – April ’22 edition

  1. Cincy

    Firstly, Bookman? Seriously? I wasn’t aware that he had passed. Good Times was a favorite show of mine back in the day. I can’t believe that was a half century ago. William Hurt was a wow. And while Taylor Hawkins was an all-timer, I have a difficult time reconciling the fact he was a fifty year old man with ten different substances in his system. I get how addiction can be murderous, but it’s still hard for me to reconcile the volume.

    And why aren’t the Beer, Amaretto and ex-spouse days held on the SAME day. And no, I would only choose one drug of choice so I’m not being hypocritical as per my comment above.

    I wish I smoked an Oscar Meyer Wiener. . . it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    Loved the under the radar moves the Yankees made. The critics wonder why they didn’t make any big splashes. Of course, the critics also rail on about their big splashes so there is that.

    As far as your thoughts on asking good and relevant judicial questions posed to the nominees, I can’t get the image of Ted Cruz reading a children’s book during this one. Why does he insist on the props?

    Love the Doonesbury get. And hey . . it makes sense to me!

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    • Marc,
      Doonesbury definitely hit the nail on the head with that one. A good laugh. Ted Cruz is the king of props. After all, he is the smartest guy in the room. If anyone doesn’t believe that, just ask him. Loved the chart he used at the court hearing – then she told him that it was incomplete. At least you have a team to root for. The Reds will be off my radar until the All-Star break. Does seem that the Ex-Spouses Day celebration could have been better planned. Just checked the list of other stuff on that day – blah. At least they didn’t pair it with Husbands Day. BTW – I recommend you check out the list of celebrations. Happy Bunsen Burner Day (today)!

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      • Teddy just never recovered from his embarrassing loss to Trump in the primaries. Here was a guy who was supposedly the voice of the far right, and he got trounced by a reality show star. Not a good look.

        The Yankees are still third in their division, at best. I think it’s Toronto’s year. Hell, with all that young talent they best show before they’re getting paid elsewhere.

        Ex spouses . . . poor planning. Hand in hand if you ask me.

        I’ll do that. 😉


  2. Oh Frank,

    Every year, when the list of those we lost pops up, there is that what? I didn’t realise such and such was gone! Always sad when they are too young, too.

    Waitaminute! I don’t think I like that dolphins AND ex-spouses have the same day. And on my birthday, no less.

    When you include stories explained in a video, I wish you’d give us the highlights because anything CBS cannot be seen in Canada. Just so you know. (I, luckily have a VPN so I was able to but many won’t).

    Doonesbury always calls it! So smart.

    Thirty walks? Holy hanna…

    Have a great Thursday!

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  3. March certainly was a busy month. I hope April will be busy in all the right ways. I love a good joke but not so much when it is actually the politician that’s a joke. But then Trump is no joke, he’s just scary!

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    • Pam,
      It’s fun recapping the month. Truth be told, I actually keep a list as the month progresses. In terms of Donald Trump …. well … here’s my standard line …. He’s a pathetic person and an even worse leader who takes credit for anything, responsibility for nothing, and brings the majority of problems on himself – all because he wants the title of president, but not the responsibility of the presidency.

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  4. Ferrets and Lying Days celebrations in April. Sorry not celebrating anything Ted Cruz related! Maybe it’s good we send March on its way in history and start with a fresh slate. Goodbye, March…don’t let the door hit you in the backsided on the way out.


  5. The most interesting part is the super tasters. Ya know, I might be one.
    I rarely use salt. It makes everything ….salty. (it’s more for if I feed others & they still add salt)
    I don’t use any sugar. It’s too sweet.
    I bake pies w/o sugar… sometimes I add a bit of lime to take the sweetness of fruit down a notch.
    Each vegetable has a rich unique flavour.
    Dislike condiments… except once in a while, a baby finger tip of dijon in a large sandwich.
    Yay Frank!


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