31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow! One could see this as a vivid panel across a wall. They kind of remind me of the Midget’s on Instagram, though his were more tiles. I love how the colors bleed into one another but still remain their own girl, so to speak. Hard to pick a favorite, though the blue into mauve beckons. Another homer Dale. πŸ™‚

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Of course it is! I had to include it for you! Thank you. Nothing like being inspired in the rain sans β˜‚οΈ

      Shim and lots of light-filled love,


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  2. Q

    Three of the same shot, only completely different. I like this idea very, very much.

    Okay, the one on the far right is Thelonius Monk. Mood Indigo. It possesses the slow and easy sway of a jazz song on a rainy day, a Monday in fact. Monday night. Moody yet elegant. Somber yet hopeful, all at the same time.

    The middle shot gives me last call on a disco dancing Saturday night back in the late 70’s. The blunt force of the street lamps seems to take on a physical resemblance in the reflection.

    And the far left shot is the Cowboy Junkies on any night right after dark. Hazy and mysterious, the light coming off the glossy surface like an apparition as Margo Timmons sings songs as if it’s the end of the world come calling.

    Fascinating differences here.


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    • B

      So very glad you like this idea!!

      Thelonius Monk! I love that – I love your whole description.

      Blunt force of the street lamps… Pam called it film noir – I like both descriptions.

      Cowboy Junkies… Nice! Canadian, to boot πŸ˜‰ So cool.

      Thank you. I love that you have taken each one and given them so much attention. I am definitely going to do more of this!


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      • No, incorrecto, I love this idea and I am going to ask you to please, with pretty and sugar on top, to please do it again?

        Oh yeah, Monk. That was definitely Monk tapping on the piano keys.

        Blunt force noir.

        Yes, Canadian. Unlike Michael J . . . oh never mind.


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        • Apologies.. Love, not like πŸ˜‰ I will definitely be trying to do more of this stuff!!

          Monk… for shizzle.

          Blunt force noir – it’s a new thing.

          Uh huh… you got the t-shirt to prove it.



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