The Rundown

Pope Francis Calls for Peace on Easter | Time

Pope Francis looks out over St. Peter’s Square where more than 100,000 pilgrims gathered to hear his speech celebrating Easter Mass. The Pope prayed for peace in Ukraine while praising all of the people around the world who have opened their hearts and minds, their wallets and their homes to aid refugees of the war torn country. He called these acts of charity a sign of the hope that still exists in humankind.

Imma be taking a break for the rest of April, and while I would love to tell you that today’s post will be all sunshine and rainbows, of course I can’t. That’s not how the world operates, and it’s not going to do us any good to pretend. So instead, I’ll chase all the shower-soaked stories with the flowers we grow when we rise above.

Let’s get to it.

Five to split $50,000 reward in New York subway shooting case

Gun violence is our national seal, but if you’re looking for more urgency from our elected officials when it comes to enforcing tighter gun restrictions, good luck. Why should they be bothered when they can hide behind the fact that a majority of the population is just fine with the status quo? So we’ll keep getting stories like last week’s shooting on the northbound N train in Brooklyn, where Frank Robert James opened fire on morning commuters. James was wearing a gas mask and was carrying two smoke grenades, gasoline, a hatchet, fireworks and a Glock 9-millimeter handgun. At the conclusion of his rampage, ten people were shot and twenty-nine were injured, after which the shooter fled the scene.

Pregnant Brooklyn subway shooting victim recalls 'death trap'

Time stood still on that subway platform as people lay bleeding and dazed while others came to their aid and a few others gave chase. Inside the shroud of smoke and madness, unarmed civilians didn’t sit by and let James go. They tried to stop the man responsible for shattering their sense of normalcy. Ordinary people came together to make the kind of difference that doesn’t pretend away all the forgettable endings this world has to offer. They had a better idea than all those who cower in silence when action matters more than ever before. They didn’t accept what they were given.

Neither should we.

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, take it private | Fox Business

Elon Musk’s love affair with Twitter is like something out of a sordid Netflix documentary. You know the plot; Boy meets social media giant, they hook up and pledge their love for each other. And then things start going off the rails and the next thing you know, boy is stalking social media giant and things go from bad to hearse.

Musk agreed to join the board of directors for the San Francisco based company, and then he reversed course. And then he made a bid on the company he already owns 9 percent of. His offer of $43 billion didn’t go over well with the company’s major investors who cried bullshit over what they consider a lowball offer. They also ain’t digging on Musk’s contention that the social media giant has grown stagnant.

Meanwhile, Tesla investors are growing fidgety as they consider what a successful close by Musk would mean for their earnings. And Twitter employees think he’s just playing hit and run with their stock. And let’s not forget free speech advocates who fear what an unhindered Musk might do with an enormous thought engine like Twitter.

Like I said, look for this drama to end up on Netflix.

This is a crazy, unjust attack': Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine | Pink Floyd | The Guardian

Few things in life are forever, other than McDonald’s French fries, protest songs, the Simpsons and rock band divorces. But what happens if you took two great tastes that ended up tasting great together?

Pink Floyd did just that when they got (most of) the band back together again to create a song protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The title of the song is Hey Hey, Rise Up and it’s the band’s first new track in twenty-eight years. David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Guy Pratt join Nitin Sawhney, with Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band Boombox contributing vocals. Gilmour describes the song as a show of anger at a superpower invading a peaceful nation.

Big props to the band for letting Ukraine know there is somebody out there.

Here’s to Duke, a three-year old mixed breed whose long strange trip from Kosovo to the states almost didn’t happen.

Of all the Army bases in all the world, this handsome pooch walked into Sergeant Kelsey’s unit looking for some grub. And from there a friendship grew, one day at a time, one meal at a time, with lots of tail wagging and hugs to go around. And it got to where Kelsey decided that maybe it was time for the dog he coined with the name Duke to find a forever home with him.

And then one day, Duke stopped making the scene. When he was found several days later, Duke had been shot and was in rough shape. Paws of War- a New York based charity- sent an emergency veterinary team out and saved the dog’s life after which the Alamal Foundation provided foster care for him during his recovery.

These days, it’s all cake and war stories for Duke. But mostly cake.

It’s easy to believe the end of the world is circling our cosmic drain. We have plenty of reasons to start pricing compounds in the middle of nowhere, what with all the madness has seeped into our everyday.

Think about it. We don’t even slow the news crawl down for mass shootings unless there are a significant number of casualties, and even in those instances, we don’t stay with it for very long. The idea of world peace is a meme. Diplomatic efforts are oftentimes a preamble for bad shit on the horizon. And maybe it always has been this way, but God knows the price to be paid gets higher with each new laundry bill.

If you’re looking for a sacred patch of grass to rest your weary head on, we ain’t supplying. Not in a world where terrorist attacks become political capital and a virus that has claimed more than six million lives is believed by many to have been nothing more than a hoax. How do you even respond to that without screaming?

When did the world become one great, big hostile takeover? And how do we respond without losing our sanity? How can we trust ourselves when surrounded by so much doubt? Why do we insist on sticking to the blueprint of Rudyard Kipling, who preached patience and love in the face of an unrelenting storm?

Because maybe he understood full well that the stuff we don’t know is the stuff we can still do something about. The proof showed up last week, in a Times Square subway station of all places. And it filled that unforgiving minute Kipling once wrote about with a song that lets us know hope ain’t done with us just yet.

Not even close.

But wait . . .  there’s (one) more!

37 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Thanks for the brilliantly crafted message. Yep – I can’t see sensible action on guns happening because political capital and a party-first mantra are the driving factors for decisions. IF – if only if sensibility for good led the way. But that requires courage. Well done, Marc – and enjoy your blog break.

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    • Sensible? Who’s sensible? Where? When? I mean . . . I’ll put out an APB but I’m not making any promises.

      And courage? What? Okay, you get the idea.

      Thank you Cincy


  2. It’s starting to feel like if there’s a day WITHOUT a mass shooting is a big deal. The country collectively sighs and moves on to the next story. Here’s hoping your break is all that you need and want but please tell me you didn’t joined the Ukrainian Legion like Malcolm Nance).

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  3. Reading a book by Anthony Doerr — About Grace. I tweeted this line from it yesterday: He marveled at the indifference of the world, the way it kept on, despite everything.

    And so … when the world keeps throwing disasters and tragedies our way, we have no choice but to keep on, just as the world does. Nothing is going to slow down or stop. We just keep moving forward.

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  4. B

    Prayers are not enough. Hopefully more wallets will be opened since action of any other sort scares the bejeezus out of the wordl.

    Here’s hoping you find more flowers after your break.

    The indifference and nonchalance of the American people is what scares me the most. Then again, it is to be expected, right? I mean, you can get used to just about anything so that it’s all a shrug of the shoulders and keep eating your morning bagel. I do love, however, that the peeps in that subway platform tried to stop him. There has to be a stop to the inaction.

    The trouble with these bazillionaires is they get bored. And when they get bored, they shit-disturb. Just like our kids did (and sometimes still do). Problem is, he has a bigger pool to play in.

    I absolutely love the collaboration of Pink Floyd and the Ukrainians. Big props, indeed.

    Oh my goodness. The Duke story really got to me. I am always left feeling an immense anger that anyone would shoot a dog or cat. How wonderful that he was able to be saved.

    We are the Champions is THE song to bring people together, isn’t it?

    When did the world become one great, big, hostile takeover? Seriously. Bloody hell.

    That Rudyard Kipling video is a keeper. I think I shall have me a listen every time I need it.

    And that Natalie Merchant song? Oh. My. Goodness. It is fantastic.

    Another score, B.


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    • Q

      Sean Penn went to Ukraine to film a documentary. The balls on that guy. But he felt he needed to show the world what is going on.


      I don’t know that society is ever going to piece itself back together again. But that’s because it never was as cohesive as all that. It’s never going to be as great as they said it was and it probably won’t be as bad as we might imagine. But who knows?

      Musk claims to be about all speech, and yet he’s not cool with criticism. So stay tuned.

      I didn’t realize it had been twenty eight years for them.

      Why is anyone harming a dog? Ever? Fucking people.

      They did it well.

      It’s where we be.

      That is a keeper.

      She has done so much fantastic stuff, seriously.

      Thank ye!


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  5. I would give you my penny…. I dream of the day when the guns will be silent and a knife will only be used to cut bread and meat. I dream of the day when hatred will be a tale that we tell our children, a cautionary tale. But I know the good stories still exist, that good people will rise up to protect those who need it. But I weep because we all need help. This pandemic has made me melancholy. I will wait patiently for you to return. Stay safe, stay well, stay happy.

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  6. “…things go from bad to hearse.” Well isn’t that just it in a nutshell? Now taking applications for pall-bearers.

    Let’s try not to get too gloomy. This big blue ball keeps spinning around as always. Enjoy some spring green and daffodil yellow.

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  7. See you in May!
    When you return, we will know if Musk owns Twitter.
    If he owns Twitter, I suppose we will be hearing all the trump racket, again. It’s been so nice and quiet.
    Duke’s a heart breaker! I’m in love.
    Hate the subway horror, love the comeback song.
    IF was recited beautifully.
    Love the last song.
    so… the everything becomes a movie or series ordeal:
    Are you watching “Winning Time”? The rise of the Lakers Dynasty?
    I only ask because it’s about basketball.
    I’m not watching it. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welp, it’s May and Musk owns Twitter. And now we’ll see what he does with the thing.

      I do believe Trump was on there again, for like a few hours. Then he got the boot again. How childish that guy is.


      I love the response to that horror. People didn’t back down, they helped and they even gave chase.

      I love Winning Time because I remember that team so well. Went to see them play and it was like a rock concert in sneakers.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Cool! I will watch it in consideration for an Emmy nom. It sounds neat!

        Everything seems Guy LaFleur here. I had no idea what a hero he was to so many.

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s very cool. The soundtrack is righteous!

          Oh Guy, he was class personified in an age where we have come to expect the worst from athletes. Guy always gave his best.


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  8. Dude! What a solid wrap up you start off with something I still can’t believe, but then again I can, happens almost once a month now? I don’t think it will change unless it directly impacts those making the laws. They just don’t care enough. If it doesn’t touch them, then it doesn’t matter, plus the fact that they’re getting massive cash to avoid it. It’s awful. And I’m with you on the Musk thing I mean what the hell is that about? But I’m glad you turned the corner there with the dog story and cake. That was the feel good needed. I liked that one 🙂 pets have a way of doing that, but most of all I liked that black and white poem you rocked at the end. Digging the deep vibes. Really good. Hope you enjoy your break I was on one accidentally too 🙂 but glad I caught you before you left. Hope you are well and hope the grandkid is good too:) Sunshine and waves:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nothing will change until, well . . . who knows when? Or sadly, if.

      Musk is Boss Twitter now and I’m interested in seeing how he handles this. If he uses it as a money making proposition, does this mean pay for play options? Is he truly going to allow ANY speech on the site? I doubt it, no matter that he calls himself an absolutist on that count.

      Nothing like cake and dogs to bring us back from the brink.

      Oh, what a classic piece, I had to include it.

      Miami was amazing and I could have spent another week there.

      Ruby is due at the end of the month. I can’t wait.

      Sunshine and waves hermana


  9. Hi – enjoyed this post and wow – had no idea that Pink Floyd got together to make that song for Ukraine – how cool.
    Also, I really loved this dense little sentence:
    Few things in life are forever, other than McDonald’s French fries, protest songs, the Simpsons and rock band divorces.
    oh so good

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