Still Perfectly Frank: 01 May ’22

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With one month ending and another starting, Imma asked to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in for some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space. 

While spring rolled in during April in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere embraced autumn. Meanwhile, April provided the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice, Russia’s continued assault on Ukraine, the return of Coachella, a new Masters champion, a physical altercation at the Oscars, and another COVID variant on the loose. 

We also remember those who departed us in April 2022: George Costanza’s mother,  the longest-serving Republican senator (retired), the world’s oldest woman (119), a Tony and Emmy award winner, a star country singer, an MLB batting champ, 2 NHL Hall of Famers, an NFL Hall of Famer, and the quarterback known as The Mad Bomber. 

In case you missed it, here are a few April headline gems from The Onion: Airlines announce it is safe to fly indoors again, Mayonnaise label warns product for external use only, Man shopping for cheap sunglasses troubled by reviews calling sunglasses cheap, and K-Y introduces new drowsy nighttime lube. The Onion also provided an infographic of Putin’s inner circle.  

In April I did a beach walk about containers. In her comment, Eileen mentioned a George Carlin segment. I adore his brilliance! 

May is here, so it is time to celebrate. Monthly celebrations include drums, vinegar, barbeque, Mediterranean diet, Sweet Vidalia Onions, and Latino books. Weekly celebrations include craft beer (16-22), foul balls (16-21), root canal appreciation (1-7), and clitoris awareness (1-7). Daily festivities include paranormals (3rd), tubas (6th), Moscato (9th), limericks (12th), belly dancing (14th), taffy (23rd), and brisket (28th). For a complete list of monthly, weekly, and daily celebrations in May, check it out here.

Baseball season has started. For the first time in my personal history, I don’t give a shit. While Reds ownership wants to save money, I’m will one-up them by saving time and money. I proudly say I have not watched or listened to one pitch yet. Meanwhile, the team is on pace to fall short of the number of games won by the 1962 Mets. Now that’s pathetic!

On the football side of life, I’m still amazed how the NFL has turned the annual draft of college players into a marketing event.

I came close in a recent lottery drawing for over $400 million. After getting 18, I was just off my a few numbers: 10 instead of 12, 21 instead of 20, 36 instead of 39, 55 instead of 60, and 7 instead of 10. 

I love the great perspective of scientist Neils Degraff Tyson. When asked how far into space public trips go, he said think of the world globe in the school classroom. The trip goes about the thickness of two dimes.  

There is a movement in the US (at the state level) to ban something from being taught that isn’t taught … and led by the party proclaiming to be about less government in life. I find that interesting. 

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen receiving over 40% of the vote is another sign that the world is in trouble. 

Ohio has a primary election in early May. Five Republicans are vying for the open senate seat. Interestingly, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and the retiring senator endorsed different candidates. We’ve been seeing TV ads since last fall … and thankfully, this round will be over soon. 

Thank you, April … and cheers to starting the month of May. Enjoy the music and Happy Bubba Day! 

26 thoughts on “Still Perfectly Frank: 01 May ’22

  1. oh I was just thinking of Carlin’s”Stuff skit” when I drove by another new storage garage site that went up. His skit is timeless
    and by the way – Good stuff here, Frank

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  2. Not even George Carlin would be able to make sense about the current state of affairs I’m afraid. At least not in a way where we’d laugh at it. Not unusual for me, I’m also not interested in baseball or the USFL and found the second by second broadcast of the NFL draft ridiculous but not surprised at a sports league that should be renamed National Fools League. As the Stanley Cup playoffs begin, I’m toying with the idea of chronicling the number of betting commercials being aired. I can only wonder how soon my eyes will cross and the brain will tilt. 😵‍💫 Happy May, Frank.

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    • Monika,
      George Carlin was never at a loss for material because humanity was his inspiration – his muse. Let’s face, all he had to do was observe people. NHL playoffs start this week …. and the Avalanche have a high seeding. That’s a good thing – but must get the job done. Meanwhile, my Reds are Way Worse than your Rockies. Eat your heart out. 🙂

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      • Sorry about the Reds, though I’m sure the Rocks will make the season ‘interesting.’ As in NOT.

        This is my favorite time of year and am consuming every game possible. Canes looked tough tonight as did the Leafs. I can only hope the Blues and Wild beat the ever loving stuffing out of each other. I’m a bit nervous about the Av’s chances this year. They sort of snoozed Thru the last 5 games…to my chagrin. I’ll have a better idea after the first 5 minutes tomorrow night.

        Can’t imagine what Carlin would think of current times. Things are way too weird.


  3. I so wish George Carlin were still alive. Can you imagine what he would say about the past two years? No, forget that… the past 10? Lordy. This will always remain a classic.
    And soooo close on the numbers! Buahahaha!
    I’m still reeling over Guy Lafleur. I met him a few times – a gentleman through and through, he was.
    Clitoris awareness is this week? Damnation… chose the wrong one to get away…

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    • Dale,
      George Carlin was a classic .. and his stuff is still good. Signs of a genius. I was fortunate to see him from the second row in his early years … I’m guessing 1972 oe 73. Outstanding! I like those lottery numbers may have been the closest ever for me. At least the person who sold me the ticket didn’t promise I would win. Then I would have proclaimed the lottery was gigged! After all, that excuse seems to get traction. Cheers to meeting Guy Lafleur several times. Lucky you! A tip – before planning future trips, check the celebrations calendar! Welcome back!!!!

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  4. As far as lottery numbers go, I always pick old Yankees.

    The Reds, how do I say this nicely? . . . Blow. Frankly (pun intended) their poor start is truly mind boggling when you consider they have SUCH a great cheerleader in that loudmouth owner of theirs. Wow.

    Brisket Day. . it should be a week.

    I saw where the Bearcats had nine, count em, NINE, players taken in this year’s draft. That is probably the best indicator of a program that has arrived. When you can put them in the same sentence as Georgia and Bama.

    As for the draft, I agree, it’s amazing the eyes this league is able to draw for a non-game in the middle of the offseason.

    Thank you for sitting in, Cincy . . . you hit another homer with this one.


    • Marc,
      Thanks for the props … glad that I was able to help. Regarding the Reds, I quote Rhett Butler from GWTW. It’s perfect … and I made it through the entire month without one pitch! Nine Bearcats is a new school record (the previous was 6) … 3 offense + 5 defense … Amazing … and third-best in the country. Georgia had 15!!!! Time will tell if any of them make it. Remember the days when the draft went 15 or so rounds! Mel Kiper could get it done!!!!

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      • My Godness, I don’t want to think about how low it can go. But here’s why owners matter. Not saying a good owner can save this squad but hey, a good owner would have his team in a better position to succeed maybe.

        I have yet to watch a Yankees game, and they’re kicking ass.

        Georgia is just ridiculous. We drafted a LB off that team that the Miami brass feels good about. And he didn’t even start.

        Ridder to the Falcons. Good landing spot for the kid. Open competition, offensive coach, rebuilding team.

        One thing that still holds true about the draft. The ‘experts’ have no blessed idea what they’re talking about. When someone tells me about a draft grade, I remind them that a guy named Tom Brady went in the sixth round and that Kurt Warner wasn’t even drafted.


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