The Rundown

The Enormous Consequences of Overruling Roe v. Wade | Time

Nothing is sacred.

Lost in the hue and cry of the Supreme Court’s initial draft to reverse Roe v Wade is the fact that someone leaked these inner workings, including Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion on the nearly fifty-year old decision. This isn’t business as usual, far from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I vehemently disagree with Alito, whose rhetoric was filled with the kind of thinking that got us 2016. This idea that a woman’s right to an abortion shouldn’t be federally protected is as much of a breach of the public trust as the fact that someone decided to share it. I don’t agree with the leaking just the same as I don’t agree with Alito or his four other conservative compadres. Because it speaks to just how far we have fallen as a society, on both counts.

We keep waiting for better but we keep getting worse.

No Mow May' Gives You a Reason to NOT Mow the Lawn: Leave the Weeds to Feed the Bees

If you’re like me, the thought of mowing your lawn is right up there with dentist appointments and doing your taxes. Welp, now you can take the rest of the month off from those duties if you so choose thanks to a really great cause that will serve to help your local bee population. We are smack dab in the middle of “No Mow May” and as the kids would say, I am here for it.

By cutting this chore out (pun intended) of your May calendar, you won’t pillage a bee’s village of dandelions, clover and violets, thereby giving them ample time to grub and in turn grow their colonies for the coming summer months. So if your next door neighbor accuses you of being lazy, just tell them it’s all about bio-diversity. And if that doesn’t work, tell them to buzz off. (Big thank you to Dale for this bee-licious get).

When it comes to the defamation trial involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, I feel as if you can add a “Way” to the acronym TMI. Please make them stop.

Cheers to the Toronto Blue Jays . . . fans. You didn’t think I was gonna dish props to my beloved Yankees’ young and ridiculously talented rivals to the North, did you? Of course you didn’t. But when it comes to their fan base, I can bring the love because well . . they started it.

Missing Alabama inmate, corrections officer had 'special relationship': Sheriff - ABC News

It’s been almost a week since Corrections Officer Vicki White and inmate Casey White went on the lam in Alabama. On a completely related note, Lynyrd Skynyrd called and they want their song (all of them) back.

Anyways, officials have concluded the two were in cahoots and needless to say, her fellow officers are shocked and devastated. It’s an all around bizarre and regrettable story and you know what my takeaway is? Jon Hamm will play the inmate in a movie with the over/under on the release of the streaming masterpiece being two years.

You’re welcome.

Someone rushed the stage during a Chapelle appearance at the Hollywood Bowl this week, attacking the comedian before getting his ass beat by security. After the episode, Chris Rock comforted Chapelle on stage. You cannot make this shit up and really, why would you?Β 

Dodgers drama looms as no one 'wants to stand' with Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer is a major league pitcher with a million dollar arm (Actually, it’s a $102 million dollar arm) and not much else going for him . He’s been on the bench since last July after MLB suspended him over allegations of physical and sexual assault by a San Diego woman. Since the suspension, two more women have stepped forward with their own stories to tell. So Bauer becomes the latest major league creep to get found out but this time there’s a twist. The league office handed down a 2 year suspension at the conclusion of their investigation. That’s some heavyweight shit crashing down on the prime of his career and hopefully it’s a message from the league that enough really is going to be enough.

You listening Roger Goodell?

You know what the difference is between your drunk uncle and all those so called NFL “Draft Experts”? Neither do I . . .

I want to thank Frank “Beach Walks” Angle for filling in last week here atΒ Sorryless.Β And as it turns out, there’s just a little bit more Cincy where that came from. Yesterday he sent me the amazing story of Denis Estimon, whose family immigrated from Haiti when he was in the first-grade.

In high school, the young man started a student group called “We Dine Together” with the idea being to give every kid a chance to belong. As a boy living in a new country, he had to overcome a language barrier and a completely uprooted existence. He understood first hand the challenges of feeling isolated and alone and he wanted to do something about it. So he did.

In a world that seems to provoke the sum of all our many fears on a daily basis, it’s important to remember just how much a simple kindness really can mean. The world is a complicated place, full of hits and misses, rights and wrongs, wins and losses. So the idea is to add to the win column, best we can, however we can. And it helps to know that beautiful outcomes are entirely within our means, because that’s how kindness works.

It’s a choice.




38 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. The world has turned itself upside down it would seem but your little ‘feel good’ stories put things in proper prospective. Thank you for that. Here’s to a good weekend with less crazy and more kindness. I’ll take a double of that, thank you.

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  2. Another tour de force, Pilgrim. These stories all break through the scud that is business as usual. Thank you for highlighting the good that is out there. (even a “It”s about time” two-year suspension on the scumbag Trevor Bauer)

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  3. The Roe verses Wade issue has me floored. Those with even a little bit of money will always find a reasonable way since legal or not, to do what they need to do. It’s the marginalized, the young’ ‘uns who’ll get into a fix they’ll need t run from. How many will bleed to death on some dirty table?

    If I sound dramatic, it’s for good cause.

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    • It’s so insane to think this is even being discussed. With all the shit we have to face in this world, Roe v Wade wasn’t an issue.

      Interesting how five conservative justices believed in reversing Roe v Wade almost fifty years after five conservative justices concluded that it was the right thing to do.

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      • Our these the last days Marco? I shudder at what’s next? My friend Ed unraveled on the phone yesterday threatening his already high blood pressure predicting doom and gloom, how we’re about to lose the house and the Senate…voting rights removed…how Roe verses Wade is just the beginning of setting us back to lynching and the Salem Witch Trials.

        His rant shook me to the core.

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          • Yes, he was very vocal all the way from Middle Village, a place you know well. I find myself quite agitated at the end of one of these, stirred up like a salted stew. Brings me to Joe, our if only he took that Andrew Carnegie crash course in public speaking, Pres. and leader of the free world for how long? his constituents might get fired up too. Ed would have a flock behind him, like geese in bow ties, his signature fashion staple. Where am I going with all this? To the kitchen for more coffee.

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          • You said plenty sister, and it goes part and parcel with the woven basket society bought on Amazon . . yanno, the one we’re all going to hell in?


  4. B

    For a progressive country in so many ways, I am beyond flabbergasted at the backwards direction the country is going in regarding women’s rights. We could go on and on about how it would be a different story were it men who got pregnant and didn’t want to keep their baby… but let’s not. It’s moot.

    I am pro let those yellow blooms go! Thankfully this movement called No Mo May prohibits peeps from calling me lazy when I am, in fact, uber caring of the most precious resource that is our bees. No bees? No bueno. Just doing my part.

    WAY TMI… Please close the effing doors to this courtroom thing between two people who once chose to be together. It is nobody’s damn business.

    Cheers to that guy with his most generous move! So sweet.

    Yeah… methinks there be shenanigans ‘twixt the officer and the inmate…

    Thank goodness the one who rushed and jumped Chapelle got his ass kicked. That Oscars broohaha had best not create a precedent. Comedians will be comedians will be pushing the envelope… they need not fear bodily harm in so doing. You don’t like their style of comedy… Hey… don’t go to their shows!

    YAY MLB! I hope to hell they don’t remove the “no pay” part of his two year suspension. NFL… Take a look-see at how women and child beaters are taken to task in this sport…


    I do love Frank’s CBS Feel Good stories – and that’s because I have a VPN and can watch the videos. They are never available in Canada. However, I thank you for going that extra step that Frank skips by actually letting us know what the feel-good is about. What a beautiful thing Denis Estimon created. And is STILL doing five years later.

    Perfect tune, of course!


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    • Q

      Yanno, five conservatives are flipping this script almost fifty years after five conservatives decided it was the right thing to do. It’s very telling.

      Go bees! As far as bio-diversity is concerned, I am here for it! Go dandelions! Get your yellow on!

      I like Johnny Depp and I know I’m in the minority, but I have nothing against Amber Heard. I am with you, I don’t think any of this is for us to know. I’m not interested. In the least.

      Aaron Judge, who hit the home run, met with the dude and the kid the next day. He loved it every bit as much as everybody on the face of the planet. How can we not?

      I saw another photo of the two and yikes! They are kinda made for each other. For as long as they can hide from the law, anyways.

      That guy deserved to get his ass beat, sorry. You don’t pull this shit without consequences and I’m fine with those consequences being that you get your ass beat.

      The NFL talks a good talk as far as women and family is concerned, but the results . . . well, they leave a hell of a lot to be desired is what I’m saying.

      The kid has expanded his ‘business’ as well, which is so amazing. To derive inspiration from adversity, that is what true character looks like.

      I thought so πŸ˜‰


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      • It really is. And it’s an awful thing.

        Ya baby! Get your yellow on! It’s such a happy colour, too.

        I do, too and you’re not alone. I have nothing against Amber either and I know nothing of them. It’s just. Enough already.

        Did he? That is fantabulous!!

        They are. I think you’re right on the Jon Hamm… we gotta think who will play her πŸ˜‰

        He did deserve his beating. Period.

        The NFL does nothing but talk. Time to put their money where their mouths are.

        I know. That is fantastic. I love it.

        Of course you did.

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        • Reading Alito’s opinion, it felt personal. Of course I can’t prove such a thing and I very well could be wrong but, it did feel personal.

          Yellow is a good color.

          I know WAY more than I ever wanted to know about their personal lives. And before this mess got shot out of a cannon, I wanted to know exactly nothing at all about their personal lives. So there’s that.

          He’s pretty cool for a Yankee πŸ˜‰

          Hollywood will pick someone who is super hot, and no offense to Bonnie here but, yanno . . artistic license really is blind.

          Anyone who decides to rush the stage should expect the same.

          Good? Meet luck. Not that luck is needed. Just a spine, and it seems that the league office is more intent on sidling up to rappers and bad acts like Ray Lewis than they are about getting tough.

          It’s a great story.

          Uh huh! πŸ˜‰

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          • Very personal. SNL did a great spoof with – of all peeps, our buddy Benedict!

            It is!

            Tell me about it. As long as peeps wanna know all the nitty-gritty of celebrities, we are gonna be stuck hearing about this shite.

            That he is. πŸ˜‰

            Truth. Charlize, here we come!

            Yes. Absolutely.

            Spines are a rare commodity. Unfortunately.

            It is!


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          • I forgot to watch that clip! Thank you for the reminder.

            Me and Linds were talking about this the other day. This idea that peeps feel as if celebrities owe them the details of their personal lives. It’s creepy as all get out.


            Yeah, we have too many crowbars in our language instead. No bueno.


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          • I’ll let it slide πŸ˜‰

            It really is creepy. Who the hell do people think they are to invade the privacy of celebrities? I get there can be a fascination but honestly… they just have a job that is very different.


            Way too many.


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          • Haha!

            Yeah it is. People think they really know these celebrities based on a fictional role. Its escapism at its most disturbing. And it’s why we see incidents of stalking and violence, because some of these peeps are even more unhinged than the nuts who think they could be besties with Jenifer Aniston.



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          • πŸ˜‰

            I blame the media, of course. And some celebrities who did their damndest to make themselves more than they are…

            Uh huh,


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  5. . It is such a simple concept… Kindness. And yet that one simple concept can literally change the world. You prove it when you share such incredible stories. Hate, anger, despair can all be alleviated by kindness.

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  6. Always an entertaining read, though some is cause for a hearty groan. Yes, waaay TMI. There’s a reason I don’t follow any celebrity nonsense. The dine together sounds very heartwarming.

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    • You are smart. I on the other hand, need to change up my viewing diet. As far as Depp and Heard, that’s just stuff I hear in passing. I have no interest in their personal lives even if media outlets everywhere disagree.

      What a great idea that kid had, to bring others in. And he’s expanded the idea. Good for him.

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  7. Watching that video is about as much baseball that I’ve seen this season. (Yes, my streak is still intact) … The Jay’s fan didn’t hesitate – and the kid wearing the Judge shirt even better. The Roe knows is not only disturbing, but (to me) also signals more judicial surprises are on the way. Thanks for the props and I’m glad I could help. Timing was good for me. Cheers to Steve Hartman’s stories! Enjoy No Mow May!

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    • My condolences on the Reds season. Have they been eliminated from postseason play yet?

      That’s some story. That Jays fan could have followed the inane tradition of Cubs fans (Of course!) and thrown the ball back. But he chose class.

      I think you’re right about judicial surprises.

      Thanks again Cincy

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  8. Well that got me in the feels for sure. So thanks for that and another good Rundown.

    I’ve kind of taken your cue and am doing one long post a month. This one includes a rant on the Supremes, which I guess many people won’t agree with, but can we agree to disagree, just maybe? Without like shooting each other? The midterms will be interesting.

    Nice Tom Clancy book and Ben Affleck movie allusion, Sum of All Fears. Let’s hope we’re not all living through our own private Hiroshima after Monday’s speech by Pootin.

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    • I don’t know where middle ground went to, but it’s all scorched earth all the time these days. Sadly.

      Yikes! I fear this is going to be more challenging.

      Thanks A Dude


  9. Yeah, that whole Supreme Court thing has Canadians’ heads spinning, much like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”. Politicians from all 4 major parties (you guys should try having 4 πŸ™ƒπŸ€ͺ🧐😰) vowed to make it a constitutional right, and not just a right under the law. I hope they do!

    I’m with you on the bees. We have milkweed planted to attract Monarchs to lay eggs, the second biggest pollinator.
    The bees come too!

    Nice Blue Jays fan! Saw that on TV.

    Well, he’s back in jail. She’s dead. I wonder who will play her?

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about sports figures sexually assaulting, assaulting, bullying… and in some cases coaches doing like the catholic priests, and molesting young boys.
    IMHO they all make way too much money, to begin with. Somehow $$$$$$ feeds hubris.

    Glad you ended on a happy story!


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