26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Good morning, Frank. I did come thisclose to also sharing the half of a loaf of fabulous Cuban bread that serves as toast but hey…
      Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday (and I’ve got some serious Beach Walk catching up to do!)

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  1. I love the picture of the pour! When I saw it at first I did not register what it was and it just opened up a whole bucket of things in my mind. I saw a waterfall, I saw a ballet dancer, I saw a forest… Yes I have an active mind. Great photo!

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    • I was hesitant in using this as you had seen it on Instagram but then I thought you liked it then, you won’t overly mind seeing it again, right? I loved your “ad” comment. 😊

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        • I know you are not one who will say (or think) – pfft! Lazy broad. She already shared that one πŸ˜‰ And Starbucks ain’t got nothing on this Cubano coffee but will do in a pinch coz… I dunno about you but I don’t know where I could get a con leche like this one here in Montreal!

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          • We used have a cafe called Con Leche on the West Side, but it closed. It was so south of the border, just how you felt sitting at the counter while some short guy named Manuel manned the coffee machine half expecting him to be wearing a sombrero.

            Lazy, you? PLEZE!

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  2. Very nice Thunder! Cafe con Leche?
    Okay… NOW I will finally make that iced coffee I’ve been promising myself. Take a break from housework and do some Art Gown sewing!

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