The Rundown

The total lunar eclipse is seen on May 26, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. / Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images The night sky produced the kind of show network executive can’t touch earlier this week when the Super Flower Blood Moon (Say that four times quickly) took the prime time stage. Shutter bugs and moon freaks alike got their heaping helping of the moon pie. Somewhere out there, Carl Sagan is jotting it all down on his cosmic scorecard.

Tom Brady's historic $375m Fox Sports deal shows familiarity breeds content | Tom Brady | The Guardian

How did I forget to mention this guy last week? Tom Brady inked a deal with Fox Sports to be their lead football announcer whenever he decides to hang up his cleats. The deal is for 10 years and $375 million, and not for nothing but . . when was the last time you tuned in to watch a game because of the announcer? Anyways, the Brady deal was front page news last week. When Fox Sports cuts a bunch of staffers as a result, well, good luck finding that story.


My Hero(es) Of The Week! 

The Buffalo Bills will field a championship contending team this season and maybe . . just maybe, they’ll bring something special home to the good folks of upstate New York come next February.

And while it is illegal (In Florida, of course) for a Miami Dolphins fan to root for their rivals to the north . . let’s just say I wouldn’t be upset in the least if they do break on through to the other side and put the legend of Scott Norwood to bed for good and forever. Because these guys have come together for their community with everything they have. They have shown a mettle and a spirit that transcends athletic competition and speaks to who these men are and what they’re about.

This week it was announced that the organization and the NFL have donated $400,000 to local charities. But they didn’t stop there. Not even close. The team decided to visit the site of Saturday’s mass shooting; they laid flowers, visited with neighbors and distributed food to those in attendance. And then they let their town know their outreach was only just getting started. In an age when celebrity athletes come and go like tech stocks, these guys pulled an audible.

They’re here to stay.

The Boys' Creator Calls Out Trump Supporters Dressing as Homelander | IndieWire

Homelander’s attempt to take over the world was thwarted by Sen. Chuck Edwards, staving off a cataclysmic showdown between the archvillain and Thanos for galactic domination . .

Oh shit sorry, I got my comic book characters all mixed up. It was US Representative Madison Cawthorn who got shown the door in his bid for re-election this week. Which means North Carolina will not be serving as a pipeline of comedy fodder to late night shows anytime soon.

Donald Trump insists he was really never that into him . . .

NASA picture of Mars 'doorway' spawns conspiracy theories - this is what you're really looking at | Science & Tech News | Sky News

The Mars Curiosity Rover captured an image of what appears to be a doorway on the planet Mars earlier this month, and lemme tell you . . . it was magical. Until the experts chimed in with the bad news.

It ain’t a doorway.

What looks like a doorway is actually a fracture in the ancient sands that hardened over millions of years, taking on the appearance of a doorway without actually, yanno . . being a doorway. No welcome mat will be needed after all. Don’t bother clicking “Buy Now” for that doorbell camera on Amazon. And there’s no reason to be sending a motion sensor light to NASA. Of course, I could always do like the average American and just ignore the truth. Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

You know what? Ignorance is a hell of a lot more fun!

Baby formula shortage: Changes Abbott made ahead of Michigan plant restart | Fox BusinessThe US is in the throes of a major shortage in infant formula after U.S. manufacturer Abbott Laboratories issued a nationwide recall in February after complaints of bacterial infections were reported. And while the news that Abbott has been given the green light to resume production is welcomed news, it’s gonna take a double dipped effort to get back up to speed.

That’s why President Biden is invoking the Defense Production Act, to assist manufacturers in obtaining the necessary ingredients, toot sweet, in order to ramp up production. As part of the order, commercial airliners will also be importing baby formula from overseas to fill in some of the gaps.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t get any.

Life don’t play.

Chef Imad Alarnab knows all about that, after having been run out of his home after the Syrian uprising in 2012. Up until then, he had translated his passion for food into a string of restaurants and cafes in Damascus. This began a long and arduous journey across several countries and a two month stay in a refugee camp before he landed in the UK.

It’s where he started his life, and his business from scratch.

With his flow being low, he hosted pop-ups for charity. And then he started a GoFundMe page and then the dream started coming into focus. Again. In his new home. And now, his star is shining brighter than ever on the London food scene. Do yourself a favor and check out the video above. And you can thank Cincy “Beach Walks” Angle for it.

HODGES' HEROES: First-grade class honored after saving Limestone County teacher | News |

Did you hear about the serious incident that happened at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Ardmore, Alabama back in January? You probably didn’t. And that’s because it didn’t involve fear or sensationalism, which are the big money makers when it comes to moving the needle for many news outlets.

Tracy Hodges was presiding over her first-grade charges when her vision became blurred.

“I couldn’t even find the door and I couldn’t make out the three children who were sitting in front of me,” said Hodges.

Her body began to convulse and she fell out of her chair, hitting her head. Before she lost consciousness, she asked her kids to get help. And then everything went black and it was up to this room full of seven-year olds to respond. Quickly. And that’s exactly what they did; two kids staying behind in the classroom to keep watch while the rest of them split up and raced down several corridors to expedite the process.

After undergoing a battery of tests, Hodges came back positive for Covid, which resulted in her seizure. She credits her kids quick thinking and calm under pressure with making the very best out of a bad situation. “I was in the right place at the right time,”.

Her students received certificates and medals at a special ceremony held at the school. The town’s sheriff and district attorney, police chief and fire rescue team showed up to recognize “Hodges Heroes”, even if the kids weren’t all that interested in the spotlight. What mattered most of all was having their teacher back. They didn’t much care that the media caravans and the eyes of the great big world weren’t in attendance, because all the people who really mattered to them were already there.

Stop the presses.

49 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. On my snowbird migration, I see Ardmore on the signs … so I will salute Hodge’s Heroes on my next trip. Gotta love the chef. Thanks for using it. Buffaloians have a way of rallying, so a tip of the cap for their response to a horrible event in their backyard. I hope you watched the 60 Minutes segment I mentioned to you. Good song …. have a good weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a job those kids did. The presence of mind alone, very impressive.

      The chef story is truly inspiring. His journey through several countries, showing up in the UK after a couple months in the refugee camp, little money and still, the dream could not be stilled.

      The Bills and their community are champions, simple as that.

      Yes I did! Thank you twicely.

      Happy Saturday


    • It’s the story that keeps coming back to me, because it’s the story that doesn’t get to be a fixture of morning shows and evening news cycles. Why shouldn’t it get a day? The bad news is going to keep on coming, we know that. But the stories like this deserve something better than a thirty second mention at the end of a newscast.

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      • Why do we prefer the bad instead of the good? The media of the day makes Pulitzer’s Yellow Journalism in his New York World light in comparison. Old Joe would be shocked.

        Your story about the teacher…teachers who should be canonized to begin with…was so touching. For me it moved Depp and Heard into the wanted section, or in their case…the unwanted. It’s all so ugly, and I like Captain Jack. sigh

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        • It draws in the eyeballs and so the networks are all too eager to feast.

          I was always a big Ann Curry fan, for many reasons not the least of which is that she was always so gracious and lovely in person. But when she was a part of that news caravan that invaded Lancaster County back in 2006 after the Nickel Mines shooting at the Amish schoolhouse, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I realize she had to be there, but it didn’t change how I felt. A very private community of Amish were cannibalized by the cameras for weeks when all they wanted was to be left to grieve. But the rating were through the roof, so Curry and her newshound peers weren’t the only ones at fault.

          I think the people like Hodges who make a positive difference every day should lead every newscast. And I think it will never happen, of course.

          I like Depp. But what I don’t like is this serialized trial in which we are privy to all the dirty laundry of his relationship with Heard. It should only be their business, but nope.

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  2. Super round-up of the good (Ex Tom) Pilgrim. I was glad to see public opinion on the baby formula issue finally get the administration to do something. Now maybe rising prices will be next to get noticed. Buffalo is an amazing city with outstanding people and I’m glad they have a team worth their loyalty. Thanks for shining a light on them.

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  3. I hope Mz. Hodges recovers fully. The mark of a good teacher under their tutelage, is when kids do the right thing, this time coming to her rescue. Now that’s a positive influence!

    Brady for (yet) another 10 years? Will I ever to be rid of this guy in my lifetime?

    Here’s hoping the boyz in Buffalo can bring some hardware to the good folks of upstate NY. If not, I’m sure their efforts will be rewarded in other ways.

    Perhaps Mitch was too busy rubbing shoulders with President Orbán and the likes of Peter Thiel at the CPAC Hungarian soiree to comment on the baby formula shortage and subsequent enactment of the Defense Production Act. And even though Madison Cawthorn lost, there are always an abundance of candidates (like Herschel Walker) waiting in the wings to fill late night comedians monologues. BTW, where DO they find these kinds of candidates? Maybe from The QAnonyon list of billionaires?

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    • You’re right, Hodges has done some kind of job and her students are A plus proof positive of this fact.

      Tom was signed for brand purposes alone. He might be good, he might be akin to a high priced ottoman. Fox doesn’t care. They’ll be too busy shipping him all over the map as their ambassador.

      The Bills didn’t sit still this offseason. They’ll be a tough out. And Lord knows, after all that nonsense talk years ago about them possibly bolting town, the fans deserve a deep run too.

      Mitch and his peers should be called to answer for their lack of ANY action in the ongoing epidemic of gun violence that has no end in sight. Their reliance on a constituency that is indifferent to the suffering is sickening.

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  4. I am beginning to think that the world likes to maintain a state of mediocrity and misery that’s why we hear so much bad news. It is the good news that is going to keep us from completely bottoming out. Thanks for the rescue.

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  5. B

    As you know, I tried really hard to capture that Super Flower blood Moon. Sigh. r

    Honestly. Does anyone watch a game to hear what the announcers blather on about? And yanno, not for nothing but signing Brady for 10 years nto knowing if he has the chops for this job is an expensive maybe! He might know how to throw a football but can he be interesting and whatnot behind the mic? The salary is riduclous.

    What a wonderful team those Bills are! Talk about being part of your community. I love this.

    LOL… now you’ve reminded me a third season is up.

    I cannot keep up with your foolish representatives.

    That is such a cool shot from The Mars Curiosity Rover, though! I’ll join you on the ignorance is bliss…

    Did you hear some of the asinine comments about breastfeeding being free and women should stop bitching about the shortage? For realz? Good on Biden to push to help the women who choose (or have no choice) formula.

    Again, thank you for giving us the synopsis on the fantastic video from CBS – I think Cincy is obsessed with the stories they share 😉 (And I am once again thankful I have a VPN!) What a beautiful story of success for Chef Imad Alarnab – not all Syrian refugees manage to turn their life around in such a manner. I so agree with his comment that when you have space in your heart for love and kindness, it finds its way to you. And he has such a kind face.

    What a story Tracy Hodges lived to tell! My heart was feeling rather tight as I read how two stayed with her while the others spread out to get help. Don’t tell me seven year olds are too young to grasp the importance of doing what’s what. And jeez… who knew Covid could cause this? Bloody hell. Those kids deserved their medals and certificates – even though it was never about that. Good on them.

    Perfect tune, to cap things off!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      You kicked ass, even though I think you might have taken a risk in going out there but yanno. 😉

      As I told Monika, Fox Sports signed him to be their brand ambassador. They will fly him all over the map and hey, if he can call a game at all? Cool.

      The Bills might have won it last year. If they do end up bringing a trophy home to Buffalo, few towns in the world will be more deserving.

      The Boys!

      Our elected representatives have to be forced to work. No more vacations.

      I like the idea of life on other planets.

      Lemme guess. They came from men. The same men who put in thirty seconds work and let the mother to be worry about the next nine months.

      I think the Chef’s story speaks to the strength of dreams. He most certainly was not going to be denied.

      Covid is a ravaging beast of a virus. And yeah, Hodges done great when you think about it. For her kids to have that kind of presence of mind, that commitment to her. It says everything.




  6. I thought Dale might try to get that Super Flower moon.

    Tom who?

    Go Bills! They are sports guys, but it’s better than a sports story. Poor people living through that horror.
    What’s going on down there with this white suprestupidity, critical race???? Hope it doesn’t spread to up here.

    I always knew there was a door on Mars!

    The baby formula thing is a mess! MM must be hoarding.

    YAY for the kids!!! I always knew (when I was a kid) that we were smarter than most adults. If they were so much smarter, they wouldn’t have to keep telling us.

    Okay, have a great week!


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    • I’m sorry, I tried to respond to this but I gotta come back to it because I’m in full throttle cry right now. It just hit me. All of this madness.


    • Oh she did. And mango, did she go to great lengths.

      Tom . . umm . . I forget his last name now.

      The epidemic has no end in sight. Yesterday it was Texas. Where next?

      I believe there is life elsewhere.

      MM is a big baby so nothing would surprise me.

      Those kids are a testament to their wonderful teacher.

      You too lovely.


      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love Middle
    eastern food and Chef Imad’s story is powerful – 56 people on a boat for usually nine? That says a lot —
    And glad the buffalo community is supporting each other
    I have been praying Al week that folks won’t act out because of that Crazy and unwell shooter! and praying that unity and love would take over and not retaliation

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