The Rundown

Uvalde funeral homes overwhelmed — but not alone — in preparing for burialsOutside of this heart wrenching image, I’m going to borrow from our leaders by spending precious little time talking about Uvalde today. I’m not going to ask why it is that our decision makers can be so indecisive on this matter of life and death.

So no talk about Texas. Oh sorry, that was last week. This week is Tulsa.

Don’t you worry, I won’t be rambling on about gun violence or how the long national nightmare of Columbine enters its twenty-third year with no end in sight. I won’t ask how we might actually be able to balance constitutional rights with common sense. But it does strike me as mildly ironic (No, make that downright maddening) that this little mention at the top of my Friday episode is way more than I’ve heard from most elected representatives on the matter. And nope, ‘thoughts and prayers’ do not count.

Let’s get to Friday.

Jackie Robinson opened MLB's doors to people of color 74 years ago on April  15 | Richmond Free Press | Serving the African American Community in  Richmond, VA

I know this story has mold on it by now, but I need to take some time to chime . . .

The White Sox and Yankees got into a scrum a couple weekends back when Josh Donaldson of the Yanks called Tim Anderson “Jackie” as in, the civil rights hero and cultural icon who changed everything Jackie. As in Robinson. On the face of it . . and with zero context, this looks awful, right?

Here’s the filling.

In an interview with SI in 2019, Tim Anderson boasted “I kind of feel like today’s Jackie Robinson”. His ridiculous proclamation was based on the fact that he was going to bring fun back to the game. Oh, and in the same interview, Anderson spoke of how he once called a player “a weak ass f—— n—–,”.  Yeah, that word. The word Jackie Robinson heard every single day. The word that Tim Anderson glories in hurling at others. And because stupid always finds more stupid, Sox manager Tony LaRussa called Donaldson’s reference “racist” and of course Anderson agreed with that.

Was Donaldson being a wise guy? Yes. Was he looking to get under Anderson’s skin by calling him on his shit? Absolutely. But that’s all it was. To call it more than that is about as dumb as, well, I don’t know . . .

Calling yourself the new Jackie Robinson?

When is the Johnny Depp trial verdict? How long jury has to make its decision in the Amber Heard court case

Johnny Depp was awarded $10.35 million dollars in his defamation case against former gal pal Amber Heard this week. The actress received a paltry sum of $2 million. And I didn’t watch a minute of it. Not because I possess a guilt blockage in my dark heart over having watched too much of the OJ trial back in the day. And not because Johnny Depp didn’t deserve the right to clear his name.

Nope, I didn’t watch a minute of this trial because it’s . . . and please stay with me on this . . . It’s not my fucking business. And it’s not yours either. The only people whose business it is were in that courtroom; and it’s them and theirs who have to face the truths and the lies and the accusations.

And them alone.

Hey, some May/December marriages do work and I have proof.

Nine-year old Peanut and three-year old Cashew tied the knot at the San Antonio Humane League last week. It was love at first bite for these two smooch pooches, who met after their respective dental surgeries. So they tied the knot at a mini wedding chapel after walking down the aisle, which was followed with some wedding cake, of course.

Here’s hoping they find furever together.

Platinum Jubilee 2022: How 70 Years of Queen Elizabeth's Reign Will Be  Celebrated | Vogue

I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard about the Platinum Jubilee, I totally would have shit the bed if I had been given a multiple choice question with which to provide my answer.

A) Dolly Parton’s latest album
B) A recipe from Ree Drummond
C) A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne in 1952
D)The name of Kim Kardashian’s next child

If you guessed C, you win. For now. Because I guessed D and Imma stick with my answer because I’ve got a feeling this one might end in a tie.

Marjorie Taylor Greene hostile in testimony over eligibility | AP News

You have to accept the fact that the government totally wants to provide surveillance on every part of your life . . .They want to know when you are eating, they want to know if you are eating a cheeseburger which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish, -Marjorie Taylor Greene

What’s most frightening is that more than thirty thousand people voted for Ms. Greene in the Republican primary for Georgia’s 14th district. So let’s make sure we’re all on the same sheet of music with this one. Are we going to direct our pointed questions at Greene? Or the people who made her possible?

Hey, I’m just asking what y’all are thinking . . .

Quotes About Guns and Gun Control - Awesome Quotes About Life

I promised I wouldn’t write about Uvalde, or the pandemic of gun violence in this nation that is still going strong almost a quarter century after Columbine. So instead, I’ll leave you with this impassioned speech by Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. The man knows first-hand the horror of losing a family member to gun violence. He was a freshman at the University of Arizona in 1984 when his father Malcolm was assassinated by a militant group called Islamic Jihad.

Malcolm was a college professor as well as an expert on the Arab world who was the President of the American University of Beirut at the time of his murder. It was during a time of civil unrest in Lebanon and Kerr knew the risks, but he considered Beirut to be as safe as any major American city. To which his wife quipped, “That isn’t saying much,”

So in lieu of yet another prepared speech by another elected official whose job it is to stick to this losing game plan of ours, Imma go with the coach today. Because he knows of what he speaks, and he supplies something they won’t.

He actually gives a damn.

48 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B

    Your non-rambling is better than all the thoughts and prayers out there. This feels like a broken record. The needle is stuck and we need to not only remove it, we need to scratch the record so that it is no longer playable. Time for a new tune in the way of action.

    Context is everything, isn’t it? Share a snippet of what was said without the backup and it can be misconstrued as anything (same thing with photos where they zoom in to give the most damnable image, completely misrepresenting what is really going on). Anyone who wants to try to proclaim themselves as being the next (insert name here) better have the chops to back it up. Did he deserve that snarky remark? Abso-fucking-lutely. Was it racist? Not even close.

    It was pointed out to me when I “foolishly” (apparently) made the remark that the Depp/Heard story is none of our business and should have remained behind closed doors, that no, I was in the wrong to say such a thing. Now, this will cause other women to no longer step forward re their abuse because, gosh, Amber lost. What chance would a nobody have if a celebrity can’t win? This is a case of who is lying, who is not which could happen to regular folk (but let’s face it, there ain’t no dough involved with the regular folk). I honestly don’t know if this verdict could really play a factor in future women trying to bring justice. I still think that in this particular case, close the damn door.

    Can’t help but think of poor Charles. Will she never die? Will I never be king?

    While it is scary that over 30K people voted for this dumb broad, you can’t help but shake your head every time she opens her mouth. My God she is stupid.

    We need more Steve Kerrs. More impassioned pleas to fix what is seriously broken. And the perfect way to end this, your weekly what’s what.


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    • Q

      It seems as if there is a middle ground solution camp mobilizing out there. SE Kupp who is a journalist for CNN- and a gun owner- is talking about it. She says it’s high time the people who demand common sense change are heard. Hopefully, she’s right.

      I am always at a loss when people don’t call bullshit on stuff like this. Are they aware of how profoundly nonsensical it is? Do they simple want to keep the line open with that athlete so they are guaranteed future interviews? Or is it mostly just pandering to what they want to be seen as- hip and clueless? LOL

      It seems they were hoping that Amber Heard would ‘win’ this civil suit then? But wasn’t Depp the plaintiff? So their argument was DOA.

      I had a blogger tell me that Amber Heard tried hopping on the Me Too bandwagon and lost. Nice. They were vilifying a movement without ever asking WHY it came about in the first place. As if it happened in a vacuum.

      You’re right! I never even thought about that. But yeah, he’s getting up there now too. And oh by the way . . isn’t Platinum celebrated at 75?

      Seriously. I mean, to speak plainly is one thing. I dig that actually, because it humanizes them. I don’t like snobby and pretentious. But dammit, MTG is dumber than a piece of plywood.

      We do need more Steve Kerrs. You know it’s only a matter of time before some right winger complains that he should stay in his lane and stick to sports. Kerr won’t take that lying down, though.



      Liked by 2 people

      • Hopefully, for sure!

        It makes me nuts, to tell you truthfully. Bullshit is what bullshit is. BUT, it apparently sells.

        He was the plaintiff. And yes, it was a vilification of the movement.

        I thought Platinum was 75, too but hey, this is the first time one monarch has been there for so bloody long! They probably figure she won’t make it till then. Then again, wonder what 75 is called?

        I’m all for speaking plainly NOT speaking like a plane of wood… 😉

        We do. And if some dumbass does, I wanna watch the fireworks, coz you’re right. He will not let that slide.

        Oh, and I feel bad, I forgot to mention the wedded pups! I do send them my best wishes for a happy married life 😉

        De Nadalicious!

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        • And the problem is, this topic is literally life and death. To do nothing is to stand on the wrong side of what will be looked back on as a very dark age. All these loud voices who shriveled up in the face of a monumental challenge? Well, they will be judged severely. The blood is on their hands. BOTH sides of the aisle.

          A celebrity trial is not where change happens. It happens when people don’t let their niece get the shit beat out of her. It happens when neighbors call the police rather than just turn up their headphones. It happens when the system doesn’t prevent women from coming forward. All these people who say “If Amber Heard can’t win, what chance do other women have?” must not have been paying attention to the twenty-two women who brought sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson.
          Amber Heard was never the test case.

          That’s what I thought! Maybe they call it Double Platinum. They best check with Gene Simmons first, because that fucker probably owns the name.


          Why am I craving peach pie?

          No, he won’t.

          Hopefully they get adopted together. I think pairings do make for longer lives for our furry peeps. Having someone they can relate to and all that.


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  2. I think Steve Kerr said it all regarding background checks and moving forward. I’m sick of it too. Thanks for a super post, Pilgrim. I enjoyed each of the subjects and have to say you speak better for me than me. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • As a former gun owner, I’m all for stricter regulations. And as far as automatic rifles that inflict so much damage in mere seconds, that has to be taken off the street completely. They do it with cars! So if you want to use one, it has to be at a shooting range. That’s all. I have never proposed taking away guns but I also understand that we cannot go on like this. And it won’t stop at that. We need to understand our mental health better than we do. Plus, let’s heed every warning sign. I could go on and on but you get the point.

      Thank you Boss

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  3. Whoa, I guess I’d forgotten about Steve Kerr’s back story. His comments were clearly heartfelt and personal but which we could all take a pause and adopt. The victims of Uvalde have not yet been buried and already, there’s been Tulsa, and Iowa and in a story I just heard a shooting in Wisconsin happened overnight as well. Even Wikipedia is having trouble keeping up with the daily totals and that’s just through 2021 ( The Washington Post says there have been over 200 in 2022 alone and it’s only the beginning of June. Some very sobering stats. Meanwhile Congress’ imitation of Nero fiddling while Rome burns is appalling. I do not understand how outlawing 100 round clips, assault style weapons and requiring a background check are so objectionable. I often wonder how Ronald Reagan would have felt not to mention Jim Brady in today’s climate.

    And then there’s The Peach State’s ‘peach-dish’ of another kind. Could anyone possibly be as ignorant as MTG? Oh wait, guess my own state’s dimwit Lauren Boebert is competing on that front. Sigh.

    It kind of makes me wonder “are we completely doomed as a species?” Lastly, I think ignorant publicity seeking athletes should just shut up. Period.

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    • We lose track of the latest mass shooting, because let’s face it, if you miss a couple of days, there’s probably been another one.

      Steve Kerr has spoken on the topic and he always does so with such eloquence. But now he’s just plain pissed off, as are all people with any sense.

      So 3.500 casualties,700 of whom died as a result in 2021 alone. How in the blessed hell can a society NOT lose its soul when they become used to this?

      Reagan was against automatic weapons. And Brady, he never quit even when he could have.

      Yanno . . when the peeps rail on about the 2nd amendment being untouchable, they conveniently leave out the “well regulated” part. All the time.

      Tim Anderson’s boast was plain insulting. Great hitter but really? He didn’t have to go there.

      And yeah, we might be doomed.

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  4. Love the Kerr statement, but like Monica, I had forgotten the backstory. Thanks for the reminder. Citizens electing people like Green, Boebert, and others are pissing on all of us. I can’t stand Mitch McConnell and disagree with much of want he stands for … BUT …. he’s not in the same category as the loonies on either side of the aisle …. and to think my state has the opportunity to elect a looney in November. Great calls on Anderson and Depp!

    Liked by 1 person

    • When Kerr speaks on this topic, I will always listen.

      I do happen to agree with you on this. There’s a difference between protecting our rights and what they do. And not for nothing, but nobody mentions the fact that most of these politicians are nothing more than paid sponsors for the NRA.

      Hey, I call em like I feel em.

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      • Being a public servant is both important and difficult – therefore require making tough decisions. However, those elected decide themselves to politicize decisions. They decide to make it about the party. They decide to gravitate to the money. They decide to avoid being primaried …. therefore, the people are left with what we have.

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        • And to serve the GREATER good, read the majority of those you are responsible for serving. Not simply those who voted for you.

          All this talk about rights, and what it really comes down to is money. They’re deep inside the pockets of the NRA.

          Interesting to note how Trump flipped on basically everything over the course of twenty years. I mean, the kind of flip flopping he would go scorched earth on if it was his opponent. He was against assault weapons, until he found those deep pockets and fell in love.

          Funny how that works.

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  5. Talking to a friend last night … if there are places in America where people like Louie Gohmert and Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Gaetz and Boebert can get elected and re-elected then America really has become two different countries.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t ever want to advocate for that. Ever. But there are times when it just seems inevitable. Again, how can I live in the same country where people elect MTG? The woman is a raving lunatic and, yet, there are enough people in her district who will vote for her that she is likely going to win again. Make it make sense!!

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  6. This is so packed I don’t know where to start. The shooting still for me takes the lead, and the whole Amber.Johnny saga I didn’t follow either yet knew this and that, I’m glad is at its end.
    Her revenge so turned me off so, and yes, I get that he felt he had to come out swinging but it was all so ugly feeding the media like the ugly animal it is.

    I loathe Witch Green who i know heads a coven. How did she ever get elected is what I’d like to know.

    As for the Queen. As much as I feel she deserves every honor, it just seems so frivolous when little kids are having funerals. sigh

    Liked by 1 person

    • We, us . . folks with common sense, understand that SOMETHING has to be done. Hell, something had to be done a long, long time ago. When Colorado happened, it should have been our wake up call. And yet, here we are.

      Johnny got ‘revenge’, I guess. Amber will whimper away with 2 million bucks and people will hate her. I don’t get any of it. I don’t hate either one of these people because how could I? But you’re right, this was just ugly.

      I don’t believe she’s a witch though. Witches are smart.

      And not for nothing but I heard that the peeps in the UK will pay for the celebration. What? Is the royal family hurting for money?

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      • Nothing will be done unless they tighten and change the gun laws. Mass shootings are becoming part of our culture. When you think Columbine was in 1999, 23 years ago and we’ve been killing children ever since.
        And Amber, who got 7 mill in her divorce from good old Captain Jack announcing she was giving it all to charity, has not. She’s so fulls shit on too many levels for me. Like when she claimed…Johnny was the love of her life. Really? Then how come you won’t rest till he’s swingin’ from his shower rod.
        I know about love. Even when you’re hurt, you don’t troll for blood.

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  7. Excellent post. And he is right, God so right, silence isn’t working. People need to be screaming, shouting from the rooftops. I wonder what would happen if one of those senators was killed by a deranged gun enthusiast.


  8. I’m going backwards on this one.
    The video is passionate, and rings right!
    MTG is one ugly mofo, inside and out. What GOP died and loaned her their corpse?
    I guessed C, so I win. However, if KK reads this she just might use the name.
    Yay for sweet puppies!
    I never heard Depp. I never heard Heard. Don’t care!

    The whole Jackie Robinson thing is another useless idea. Only Jackie Robinson was, and forever will be Jackie Robinson.
    I too am sick of thoughts and prayers.
    Reality is on the docket.


    Liked by 1 person

    • You do you Resa.

      And thank you.

      She IS. Ugly as fuck in every kinda way. And can you imagine? More than thirty thousand people thought SHE was a good idea.

      KK will use that name, I’m convinced.

      Love the pups.

      Sister, it’s why we get along so well. No way was I watching that trial.

      Jackie was disrespected by that nonsensical comparison. He changed so much about sports, so much about our country.


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