The Rundown

I was writing up this episode last night when I went to reference something for one of my stories and I came upon Smithsburg, Maryland. It’s the latest town on the map of a fractured country to become synonymous with gun violence. It’s how we learn geography in the states these days, and we’re getting really good at it.

For now, Imma share this thought by Martin Luther King, whose writings come to me as if biblical prose; to hold to and pray on in the worst of times.

“It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation. Not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, “Wait on time.”


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As if the world isn’t already the biggest shit sandwich shop going right now, the CDC announced a new travel advisory for Monkeypox. They’re recommending that travelers wear masks and “practice enhanced precautions”, to which I say . . . Nope. Imma staycation my legs and binge watch the fuck out of anything that doesn’t involve travel. The CDC goes on to say that the risk level to the general public is low but that you should seek immediate medical attention if you exhibit any of the symptoms. They include fever, swollen lymph nodes and pain while swallowing. Oh yeah, lesions on your body too.

I need a few more streaming services anyways . . .

Dave Chappelle Donating Money From Buffalo Show To Shooting Victims – Deadline

Dave Chapelle booked a last minute gig in Buffalo last week so that he could give all the proceeds to the community in the aftermath of last month’s mass shooting that took ten lives. The victims families have a long and arduous road ahead of them, and the only solace they might hold to in these darkest of times is family, friends, faith, and the kindness of others.

Good going Mr. Chapelle.

Former ABC News president helping Jan. 6 committee with presentation of prime-time hearings | The Hill

What’s that? Fox News ain’t gonna provide coverage of the January 6 prime-time hearing? I’m shocked! But no worries, because they’ll be riding tight on the story provided them by Camo Cowboy’s Patriot Page about Hilary killing Hoffa, 8-Tracks and Pet Rocks. And it doesn’t really matter anyway, since CNN and MSNBC will run nothing but trial coverage. They’ll only break in if there’s a high casualty count going on somewhere else. Alas, I realize it’s too soon . . . but it’s also very true.

And not for nothing (because that’s what it’s worth) but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy now claims everyone is to blame for the riot at the Capitol. As in all 332,403,650 Americans were complicit in the hostilities.

I have an alibi around here somewhere . . .

If you love LEGO’s as much as I do, then this next story is your jam.

Forty-something newlyweds Richard Whetter and his lovely new bride Anne were honeymooning on the Island of Jersey when the worst possible thing imaginable happened. No, they didn’t run into Snooki Polizzi who was on a European vacation. Okay, the second worst thing imaginable happened to the newlyweds. The new Mr. to the new Mrs. lost his wedding ring after a dip in the ocean.


Enter metal detectorist (Yes, it’s a thing) Steve Andrews, who was called into action by a hotel employee. In ten minutes time, Andrews had retrieved the ring and simultaneously extricated Mr. Whetter from the doghouse. After which he gifted the newlyweds with their ring and his calling card- the pic above shows a mini-replica of our hero. He says it was one of the quickest finds he’s ever had.

And it’ll last a lifetime.

5 Tampa Bay Rays players decline to wear LGBTQ Pride-themed jerseys

Who knew the Tampa Bay Rays could be such a political lightning rod? In the same week certain of their players decided they would not wear the team’s Pride Month logo recognizing the LGBTQ community because of their faith, they also got in a skirmish with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor vetoed funds for the team’s new practice facility in response to their support for gun control legislation.

Agree or disagree, the players who begged out on the pride patch weren’t being political about it. It’s just how they happen to feel. The Governor on the other hand, he’s in line to be the next Grand Poohbah for the GOP. And his move is entirely political, in a time and in a moment when we really need our leaders to be something better.

British Woman Who Fled War in '74 Closes Her Hotel to Tourists–Giving Ukrainian Refugees a Home Instead

Nitsa Michael’s family knows of war. Her family fled their home in Cyprus as a result of a Turkish invasion back in 1974, landing in Britain with no lifelines in place. They had to start their lives over in a foreign country and well, they did just that. And Nitsa, who is an 84 year-old great grandmother now, says she never forgot the fear and isolation she felt as a stranger in a strange land.

So when Russia invaded Ukraine this past winter, she decided it was time to close the doors of her family business- the Seaward Hotel. And at the same time, she decided it was time to open her doors.


You see, Nitsa was getting ready to welcome the tourist season when something more important than the bottom line came calling. Ukrainian refugees were leaving their homes en masse with no place to go and no lifelines in place. They were forced to start their lives over in a foreign country and yes, she understood this. All of this. Too well. And so she had the two things necessary with which to make the kind of difference this world needs plenty more of: The means, and an open heart.

So far she has welcomed twenty-two Ukrainian arrivals and she plans on hosting more. Because it’s never wrong to lead with your heart.

It’s how you find your way home.

Opinion | Robert Kennedy Was My Dad. His Assassin Doesn't Deserve Parole. - The New York Times

Imma go a bit off script but it’s the Kennedys and I’m still a fool for the dreams they once tilled on a soil in dire need of them. Robert Kennedy was felled by a lone gunman’s bullet fifty-four years ago yesterday. A big thank you to Dale for sending me this reminder, from brother Ted’s eulogy to his brother Bobby.

“My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it. Those of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today, pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. As he said many times, in many parts of this nation, to those he touched and who sought to touch him: ‘Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.'”

Here’s to the better days we have in us all.





51 thoughts on “The Rundown

    • It really messes with me. Last night I was writing this and I went to look for something and found yet another shooting had occurred. And it was a delayed reaction really, but I just started crying. Because this is a bad dream come to life.

      The Kennedys and Martin Luther King had dreams the size of planets, because they knew humanity was and is better than it often shows.

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  1. It’s been a newsweek full of sorrow. Like you I find I’m turning to the likes of giants like MLK Jr. and the Kennedy’s for comfort and a way to cope. This country can sorely use messages like they offered though these days everything is tinged either in red or blue and not the meaning of their actual messages. We must get off that dement carousel.

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    • I’m so sad and sadder every single time I read about another one. Angry, infuriated really. And then sad and depressed until I cry. What a world.

      Like I told Holly, those men believed in the best of humanity even though they were stolen by the worst of it.

      This really does feel like a demented carousel. It’s madness.

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  2. B,

    It is so sad that geography of the US is learnt through shootings (just like geography of the world is learnt through wars).

    MLK Jr knew of what he spoke.

    Fucking Monkeypox. Now we gotta staycation. Again.

    Way to go Mr. Chapelle. There is some kindness out there.

    Bloody hell. Now that the hearing has come to an end. What? What’s next? Anything? Repercussions for this heinous act? Ain’t gonna hold my breath.

    Love the ring story! What are the chances? Way better than I expected. Love the LEGO metal detectorist!

    I’d rather they choose not to wear the logo than spew derogatory comments. Their faith, unfortunately, is questionable but, like I said, better to remain mum about it.

    Nitsa Michael is one of those angels on earth you keep finding and sharing with us. There is nothing like having lived through something to have empathy. And what a beautiful thing to do – close to tourists in order to open for refugees? I can imagine few people willing to forego full coffers in order to fill hearts.

    Glad to have shared this.

    Yes please. We need better day.


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    • Q

      The good doctor knew more than he ever had time to teach us. One of those truly fascinating, not to mention heart breaking “What If” scenarios comes to mind. What if he had lived a full life? We got robbed. All of us who want better. We got robbed.

      Geography is in the news every day, all over the place. From Tulsa to Texas, Buffalo to Maryland. Jesus.

      Monkeypox is a song that Peter Gabriel and Rob Zombie would’ve have collaborated on. Yikes!

      Chappelle came through. The man is our modern day Pryor and Carlin. And a heart to match all his talent.

      Tucker Carlson was like, what’s the big deal about? And I wonder if he would have been so flippant if the Capitol had been overrun by black people or Mexican or middle eastern people. I’m thinking not. Fuckhead.

      That LEGO story is the best. The dude has his own method too, which is very cool. He just loves helping people. Imagine that.

      Yeah I could disagree with their stance but that’s not the point. They have their opinion which they are entitled to. They didn’t make a federal case of this. But the Gov, well, he’s another story.

      It’s a lesson in compassion and perspective. Those who have suffered, those who have lost, they often understand best as to how important it is to give what you can.

      Yes, much thank you and MUAH coming your way for that. It was the appropriate way to end this week’s episode.

      We do. We really, really do.


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      • That he did. Yes, you could have written to “If” posts in response to Frank’s challenge. There was a robbery felt the world over.

        Helluva way to learn one’s geography. 😦

        Now that you mention it, that would have been quite the combo!

        Chapelle is.


        It is so very cool! (Love Boss’ comment 😉 ) Imagine. Helping for the sake of helping.

        Yes, I agree. They were quiet about it because to not be so would have caused a ruckus none of us needs right now.

        Yes, it is. You can’t fully understand what another is going through unless you have as well. Case in point with this wonderful lady.

        Anytime I can help out.

        So much.

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        • Still can. And might.

          None of this has to be so, and yet here we are.

          I think so.

          He is.

          He is.

          The Boss is the absolute master of timing. Nothing like him.

          And that’s how I feel about most stuff. I don’t have to agree with someone. Hell, I am pretty disagreeable most days. But I like to think I play it fair as well.

          She gets it. And like you said, there is always the financial stakes involved. What a heart she has.

          You always do.

          Might ask you for a story next week just because.

          So very much.

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          • I would love it if you did.

            No, it doesn’t.



            Boss is the best, isn’t he?

            Fair is the way to be. The way I see it, if I don’t agree, I just don’t engage. Saves me a headache.

            No kidding! Surely beaucoup bucks during vacay season.

            I love to.

            And I’ll start searching 🙂



          • I think now it has to be done since we’ve talked about it, right?;)

            It’s sick to think how the problem is getting worse and worse. Not only is there no end in sight, I fear there will be ever more unimaginable horrors to come.

            Boss has that name for a reason.

            Good thing I don’t have Facebook, because I’d be challenging peeps to fights when they started on ya. 😉

            Big time.


            You da best.


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          • Well now ya gotta! Can’t wait to read it.

            It’s beyond me how it’s become a shoot ’em up nation as a way to “solve” problems.

            For shizzle!

            You da sweetest 😘

            Uh huh


            YOU da best!


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  3. Well done, Pilgrim. That Teddy Kennedy eulogy seems like it was yesterday and it also made me realize we just don’t have those kinds of people in public service anymore. I too lost my ring in the sea and it couldn’t be found. The Producer says she is going to throw my ashes there and I can spend eternity hunting for it. Super post.

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  4. I did some geography checking this week. I live 30 miles from at least four ‘mass’ shootings, beginning with the 1966 UT inauguration of this insane insanity.
    As for the Tampa Bay Rays, good for them. Anything that pisses off the gov’nrs of Florida and Texas I am in favor of. As for the few players who did not play, fuck those guys. There is no bible in team. 🙂

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    • There were a few mass shootings that made the news (read, appreciable body counts to warrant leading the news with) in the thirty-three years between Charles Whitman and Columbine. And right in the middle of that time came a shooting in California. San Diego I believe. The headline in the New York Post the next day read “Big Mac Attack”. We had little idea that a rag newspaper’s complete lack of compassion would be mimicked by so many decades later.

      The Rays players played, they just didn’t want to wear the patch. And the Governors, yeah I agree, fuck those guys.

      Thanks muchly Bill

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  5. UCH!
    As sick as I am about Ukraine, I must not forget about the gun slaughter in the US. Seems like we are part of you. The USA has always been a beacon to Canada. What is happening to that beacon?

    There is so much to be upset about, and yes, a shit sammie is a shit sammie no matter how much lettuce and mustard is on it. desantis is a shit sammie to me. When will the parade of morons come to a halt, and the rebirth of intelligence begin.
    I’m waiting for the American Renaissance!

    Good for Chapelle! I like his work, and will make sure to watch his latest special, so I can Nom it. Seems like I do Nom him every year.
    Whew! Great quick find on that wedding ring.
    Tampa Bay Rays – Is there no one de sin tis will not share his shit sammies with?

    Yayayay Nitsa!!!

    The Kennedy’s knew how to put words together, powerfully! For that they had to die too, young. Too, bad Ted messed up. He could have been a good president.

    Harsh and sweet post all at once.

    Okay… Luv ya!
    I’m working on a long(ish) Hendrix movie tale.
    I’m not going anywhere either. Seems to me travelling is at the heart of spreading disease these days.

    Watching season 3 of My Brilliant Friend.

    What are you watching?


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    • The beacon is struggling mightily right now. We are so fractured as a country, I fear it’s going to take a very long time before things change for the better.

      You might be waiting a while!

      Here’s to Chappelle, and his Emmy pal Resa!

      That was a neat little story about the LEGO man. Had to include it.

      Nitsa supplies the compassion we need so much more of right now.

      Harsh and sweet, like me!

      The Kennedys bucked the establishment one too many times. If history has taught us anything, it’s that you cannot do that without repercussions. Sadly.

      Oooooooh, I like the sound of that!

      I’m on Episode 4 of Tokyo Vice. Also finishing up Schitt’s Creek, which I realize, I was late to that party. Watching Night Sky and Colin Firth in The Staircase.

      Love ya chica!

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      • I’m good at waiting.
        Harsh? Sweet!!!!!
        Oh yay! Do you love Tokyo Vice? I never liked Schitt’s Creek. Guess I’m an odd duck.
        Do you recommend Night Sky? The Staircase? Been watching “I Love That For You”. Liking it. It will get a nom nod from me!
        Chica!!! All right then! xoxoxo

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  6. Couple things jump out at me that go hand in hand since, he would have been 12 Liz Chaneys. The Capitol Riots and Bobby, who is a huge hero of mine, eternally.

    His brother’s eulogy, and it’s when Ted’s voice cracked….to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it.

    I always thought if he had lived, he would have been the finest president our generation could ever wish for.

    The way the Capitol was desecrated still causes me to pant, especially when I just read what they uncovered, now Trump urged and encouraged, and how even now his freaky followers just don’t care.

    Statuary Hall where Webster, Adams and Clay spoke is a cathedral. Imagine shitting all over Notre Dame.

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    • Robert was the last of that one of a kind trio to leave us. John was first and the Martin and then Bobby in the same tragic year. As if the fates had it in for us all.

      And what’s more, how all the talking Trump-heads play it down as if this was simply a skirmish.

      They did that.


    • It’s still in there, our humanity. I’m admittedly a very dark and depressed individual but I do my best to keep on keeping on, because I always find a light. Somewhere. Anywhere. And all you need is one to light the way.

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  7. Some days I despair. I do not understand why people can be so horrible to each other. And yet they are, every day. And each day I remind myself that there are good people out there. I believe in us. Thank you for making us remember.


  8. That was a good eulogy Teddy gave … RFK I dug him. The plight of farm workers and what Chavez and Huerta were trying to do changed his perspective. The working class who suffered, he saw them. I liked that he saw wrong and tried to right it. Now all politicians do is see a wrong and turn their head the other direction if it’s not affecting their pockets or them personally, or they just punish the victims more by denying another right. It’s ugly. And people keep saying oh this is not who we are, this is not who America is … it’s exactly who half the country is … and it sucks because there are good people who still feel like RFK and MLK Jr. people that want to help do good like Chappelle, and the Lego guy with the ring. Or grandpa’s hoping for a better world for their first grandchild trying to teach good things. Sending you good vibes. Sunshine and waves 🙂

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