The Non-Annoyance Post! Volume: WTF?

The Starry Night - Wikipedia

Welp, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

In a world where annoyances are everywhere, I thought I would breathe a little minty refresh into my tired old series by heading in the opposition direction. Don’t expect this kind of thing to become a habit; not with five dollar gasoline, Marjorie Taylor Greene-isms and the Tampa Bay Lightning’s dominance still prevailing over our pizza party. But for now . . . right now?

Mellow it is . . .

  • Tom Cruise movies. I know he ain’t for everyone, but if you’re going to lay down a bill to go see the latest blockbuster, he’s gonna squeeze every penny out of it. I’m a fool for his Mission Impossible franchise, and his Top Gun reprise is a master class in endorphin rushology.
  • Rainy nights

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  • Making up words (See above). Because it follows the same blueprint as my young parent disciplinary methods. As I would tell my kids when they said something they shouldn’t have said: Make certain it’s not mean spirited. And it better be funny.
  • Coca Cola. About once or twice a month I treat myself to an ice cold Coke. And I’m talking the classic. I don’t do diet or sugar free.
  • Vintage juke-boxes
  • Peanut Butter Chex. It’s not really cereal, but it’s still a slightly better idea than a hot fudge sundae. I marry my PB Chex to some yogurt because it’s a taste-bud titan.

Murderers' Row - Wikipedia

  • The New York Yankees ridiculously impressive start. I realize it means little when you consider the MLB continues to disassemble the essence of the sport by making the regular less important. And I also realize Aaron Boone’s teams have a penchant for folding in the most important games. But hey, how else was I going to fit an annoyance and a non-annoyance in the same post? Hmm? Huh? Hmm?
  • An actual good night’s sleep
  • Getting into my jams at the end of the day. Because it means I am officially done with the outside world unless some cataclysmic event forces me to switch back into my street clothes. No, check that, why would I be going outside if there was a cataclysmic event going on? Never mind.
  • Dark chocolate. And the fact that it’s good for you allows me to eat twice as much! What?

  • Nightmares. Nothing serious, like the death of a loved one or another Trump term. But I’m plenty fine ordering any other type of temporal tempura off the menu. Nightmares are free entertainment, and if I’m having one, it means I’m sleeping!
  • The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. And not for nothing, but the Prime series is a peach accompaniment to the books.
  • Bird song in the morning
  • Playoff hockey
  • My uncanny display of will power when it comes to pizza. I could eat the stuff every single day for the rest of my life. And I realize if I did, that life would probably be over in oh . . about a week and a half. But so far in 2022, I’ve only partaken once. Which has to be my own personal best. And okay . . now Imma be craving pizza. So let’s two say times thus far in 2022, which is still impressive. To me.

Welp, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon but thanks for humoring me until the next Annoyances Post! gets cooking in my mental crockpot. And as Casey Kasem (never) used to say, keep your seat on the ground if you’re coming from the bars!


41 thoughts on “The Non-Annoyance Post! Volume: WTF?

  1. Rainy nights are definitely mellow … .and fitting for your closing tune … Playoff hockey is great – but mellow? PB Chex. I’m a Chex fan, but haven’t tried it, but now I will! Love the latest Top Gun … and thumbs up to Jennifer Connelly. Here’s something worse than MTG …. the damn people in her district that put her in office! Try artichokes on your pizza! At least your Yankees are in contention.

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    • As Eddie Rabbit used to say, I love a rainy night.

      Nah, I was talking mellow in terms of the whole post. Where good feeling outweighed annoyances, for once.

      Go Avs!

      Jennifer was looking mighty fine.

      That’s what I say. Let’s stop blaming the Trumps and the MTG’s and let’s start blaming the people who made them possible.

      Artichokes huh? I never thought of that one, and I love artichokes.

      I’ll be good when they win the last game of the year. Winning games in May and June might be good enough for Tim Anderson, but not for champions. 🙂


  2. “Make certain it’s not mean spirited. And it better be funny.” Best parenting advice around. And clearly we can use more of it this day and age.

    Let’s hear it for the Stanley Cup! While I’m not overly optimistic with the outcome, I at least hope the good guys show they can hold their own. You know who I’ll be rooting for. Norman & Elsa are standing by with buckets of water in case I lose it too early with non-calls by the refs. And I’ll try to apply the good parenting advice so as not to be too foul.

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  3. B,

    Must be age that is mellowing you out, showing us your soft side 😉

    • Top Gun: Maverick was so damn good and I can’t wait for the next Mission Impossible.
    • Rainy nights are the best. I especially love when I can sit on a covered porch outside but falling asleep to the pitter patter against my window? The best.
    • Love your parenting skillz – excellent.
    • Coca Cola – I have once per year, in the mini green bottle, at Christmas. It’s a thing.
    • My aunt just sold her jukebox! I did think of you but I only found out after the deed was done.
    • I dunno ’bout the PB Chex. I shall, however, reserve judgment as I have not tasted it.
    • Love that your Yankees are great starters… now if they could just finish high 😉
    • Whazzat? I can’t remember my last good night’s sleep.
    • Bring on the jams!
    • No substitute for the dark chocolate – and when it’s married with hot chilli or orange? Mmmm
    • Nightmares – mine are not the kind I want to repeat.
    • I shall have to try the written version. Prime sure did right but us ladies… er…and men 😉 Sorry Tom, we love you in your other stuff… You are just too damn short to be believable – though you did a reasonable job.
    • Birdsong when it doesn’t start at 4:00 a.m. and I’ve not slept all night.
    • Playoff hockey – especially when the Habs actually make it!
    • I’m going to assume you mean the delivery type of pizza loaded in juicy fixings that drip down your arm – and not the frozen type – coz really, what’s to feel guilty about those ones?

    Glad you let out your sweet and mellow side.

    Excellent version of Vincent. I so love that song (I do prefer Don McLean’s but this is a close second).


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    • Q

      I thought it was a post traumatic symptom of Oxy withdrawal!

      Love him or not, Cruise gives you your money’s worth every time. The MI movie is already getting previewed in theaters, a year ahead of time.

      Nothing like a rainy night.

      They worked too. Mostly.

      Coke is it! The original. No exceptions.

      Jukeboxes are cool. I never bought one, and I probably never will since I would only sell it anyways. But they’re so cool!

      PB Chex is my guilty pleasure currently. But I’m good about it.

      Yes, the Yankees can win this time of year, and they have proven it for years. And while that may be good enough for the likes of Tim Anderson, it’s the champions who win when it counts the most.

      No bueno!


      You love that stuff, don’t you?

      Mine are, like. . all the time. The great thing about being creative is that they change constantly though.

      Tom did a great job, but he was never the Lee Child character.

      Nothing like bird song AFTER a morning run.

      Next year.

      I’ve not done but the pizza shop one thus far. Methinks I’ll treat myself another time or two before the year is out. Which is down plenty from my annual average.

      Me too?LOL

      James Blake has some good stuff out there.



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      • Buahaha! Them days are long gone.

        I love him. Always have. I know, right? Mind you, we have no idea just when they film these things. Still… rather cool!

        Nothing like it.

        I don’t doubt it for one second – great kids you have 🙂

        It’s the real thing 😉

        They are. And I figured you would.

        Guilty pleasures are the best.

        Their turn will come again… right?

        No, no bueno 😦


        I do. As do you!

        I don’t doubt you do!

        He did but no. Alan Ritchson, however? Mmmm

        Yes. AFTER you are ready to wake up 😉


        You’re ahead of me on being good.

        Of course, you too!

        He does.

        De Nada!


        • Oh, I would never totally cancel out Oxy.

          As for Tom, he’s had several iterations as an actor. I like the one he’s in now.

          Coke is it!

          The Habs or anyone but Tampa/Las Vegas/Anaheim/San Jose/Phoenix/Dallas/Florida
          or Boston

          Richson played the role Child had written. No doubt.

          Bird song wakes you up?

          I’m behind the eight ball thanks to a Popeye’s spicy chicken yesterday. I’ll make up for it.


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  4. A big ole pack of fun, Pilgrim. I could eat pizza from now and forever. But hey we gotta have other stuff to maintain the boredom factor. Super post and I hope you do it again. PB Chex? Since I have been banned from the grocery store this is a new one on me. I’ll bet you could mix in some cocoa puffs with the PB chex for a different riff.

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  5. First off The Dark Chocolate. Ever since I discovered it duuuuuude it’s been my jam. Dark chocolate covered almonds. Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. Dark Chocolate that mini or extra large. Yes. I even she’ll out the bucks for it 🙂 Jukeboxes yes as they remind me of Happy Days. That Lisa pic about the nightmares ha! That was a good one although I don’t enjoy them as life is hard enough. And YES. Yes to the Prime Jack Reacher series. I totally dug it! I am so excited about my Peaky Blinders last season though. Have you seen it yet? I’m mentally preparing 🙂 totally enjoyed this opposite direction post! Thanks for stirring up the good vibes. Hope you’re well bud. Sunshine and waves 🙂

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    • Dark chocolate WITH almonds? Sold!

      Yes, the Fonz knew how to turn it on too.

      That Lisa meme was perfect for my thought.

      I hope there’s a season 2 for Reacher. And I just heard there is going to be a season 3 for Dead to Me which is great to hear.

      I have not seen Peaky Blinders.

      Sunshine and waves Cali


  6. As for entertainment, I’ve been a Cruise fan since Risky Business, but not really into the MI franchise. Will probably check out the new Top Gun at some point.

    I totally agree about nightmares. Nothin’ scary there, just free entertainment. I do have to wonder why my brain conjures such grim, though… Big hmmm.

    PB Chex could be a winner, but straight up crunchy PB, or even straight from the shell is rather satisfying – why add the processing?

    No sodas, thanks. No MTG, thanks. We have a deal going in our district to try to oust Boebert. Colorado law allows independents to vote in either primary, so Dems are switching in droves to vote for a moderate R in the primary. It takes less than 5 minutes to change affiliation. So even if the Rs manage to change that law, we can register for whichever party we wish whenever we wish. Someday (I wish) the whole party crap would just go away and people would run for office to do good for the people. Sigh. Silly dream. There’s a nightmare that won’t go away, no matter how many times I wake up.

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    • The Top Gun movie is the real deal.

      I have no such questions, LOL.

      I love chex, just the regular stuff. I got the PB because a friend of mine was raving about it, and I really dig it. It’ like my desert once in a while.

      The current state of politics truly is the nightmare, and we do need to change things. Completely.

      Thanks Eilene

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  7. Okay – you surely need to do these more often – this was a fun post

    Cheers to dark chocolate as I can have it too! One of the few things I can have buy it has to be 85% cacao …

    And did you know the radio still plays Casey Kasem reruns on the radio? I heard his countdown twice this spring – and he had such a sad ending with the way his family treated him!
    Your closing little note with his name was funny !

    So many thoughts but I’ll end with saying nice job with your dad advice:
    Make certain it’s not mean spirited. And it better be funny.

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  8. Happy More!
    Barely. Barley.

    Watched Staircase. Colin Firth plays a great jerk.
    “The Old Man” is really good. (Jeff Bridges/John Lithgow)e
    Unfortunately, I’m gtting it on FX with all the commercials. FX is the commercials worst!!!!!

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    • Maybe I’ll do a mashup of annoyances and non-annoyances.

      I know right? I had a seething dislike going for him in that show.

      Jeff Bridges is “Sign Me Up” viewing as far as I’m concerned.

      I have a way of completely tuning out commercials now. It’s bulletproof, I mean it.

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      • Ah, sort of a mashed potato post?
        Firth could get a nomination. It’s hard to be the star and make people dislike you without turning the telly off!

        What’s the bullet proof technique? Help me!!!!

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        • Like, combining two songs. Only my post won’t be as pleasing to the ears.

          That’s really so true. And he’s such a damn good actor that you can’t help yourself. You want more of it.

          Over the years I learned to tune out any ads or commercials. I know it works because every now and again I’ll listen to a commercial, be it TV or radio, and the music is familiar because I’ve heard it as background noise a million times, but I never realized what the commercial was for.


      • It’s not released yet, but yes, whew!!!
        Love Tokyo Vice! They aren’t spending drunk sailor money to promo it, like some of the other shows, but it gets my nom.
        Also apparently season 2 of Winning time is in the making.
        8 more days to nominate. I’m going to take time this weekend and finish it up!

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        • I loved the show. Can’t wait to see where Jake and his new buddy go from here.

          Winning Time is going to be interesting, since I’m guessing they’re probably going to cover more than one season. I can’t wait to see if they transform Brody into the slicked back hair with Armani suit Pat Riley.

          Go on girl! 😉


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