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A person runs through a pile of burning embers.

The above image (Courtesy of The Atlantic) is a ritual conducted during the Baikho festival at Gamerimura village, along the Assam Meghalaya border in India. A tribal priest runs barefoot through burning embers in order to show his devotion to God with the only rule being, don’t fall.

Um, not for nothing bub but here in the states, we toss the fireworks into the air. And while I’m not the biggest fan of fireworks, our ritual sure as hell beats putting your dogs through literal hell. Just saying.

Let’s get to the lineup . . . .

Deshaun Watson responds to report he had 66 different massage therapists

The Deshaun Watson saga is seedy cinema at its worst: It has lies, deceit, cover ups and celebrity privilege. Because if you think Deshaun Watson- Payless shoe store manager- is skating on the now twenty-four lawsuits alleging sexual assault and misconduct against him, you ain’t been paying attention. There is still the matter of when he will take the field as a newly minted $230 million dollar quarterback, and here’s hoping Watson gets to sit on the bench for an entire season. After which the league best go after the Houston Texans officials who behaved like pimps in creating a criminally complicit crib for their man. This story gets uglier every day, and sadly, more predictable as well.

Brooklyn firefighter Stefon Douglas was on his way home last Sunday when the fates penciled him into the lineup. Douglas came upon a house fire and he jumped into action, retrieving the breathing apparatus he had in his car from a school presentation he had conducted recently. Without hesitation, he moved into the burning building in his t-shirt, shorts and crocs, and while he wasn’t exactly dressed for the job, he was most certainly made for it.

Within minutes, Douglas had saved a three-year old girl and her mother. He says becoming a fireman was the best decision he ever made. Because of his heroism, I get to end this story with a nod to great literature and even greater men.

Thanks to Douglas, a family tree was saved in Brooklyn.

Top Gun: Maverick IMAX Poster Released

I wasn’t a fan of the original Top Gun movie, but the thirty-six year in the making(!) sequel is a completely ‘nother story. I saw it in IMAX, and I think I lost a few pounds every time Tom Cruise rolled a high number with the G’s. The casting is perfect and while the plot is cream cheesy, who cares when it’s being dished up at Mach 10!

APOPO- Hero Rats

Humanity has often been referred to as a rat race, and there’s a place in this world where the term is being used for good. No, I’m being serious! (For now).

Meet Dr. Donna Kean, a research scientist from Glasgow, Scotland, whose team is harnessing the power of the rat. They’re currently training them to help locate survivors trapped in the rubble of earthquakes. The rats are equipped with microphones and a tracking sensor. They’re nimble, diligent and quick learners and yanno, the more I read about these guys, the more I see the future of a Walmart workforce.

The hero rats are also being trained to detect land mines, and it seems like they’re a natural for this dangerous work. The more I read about these guys, the more I see the future of Congress too . . .

Muchas gracias to Dale for this really coot rat’s tail. I mean tale.


Michael Caine insists WWII was 'one of the best things' to happen to him | Metro News

Jeopardy! contestant Mazin Omer was chugging right along until he questioned an answer with epic fail-icity (Dear Merriam Webster, this is your free word, and you’re welcome). Omer was asked to identify the image above and he went with rock and roller Mick Jagger. What in the blessed fig pie was this guy thinking? It’s Morgan Freeman!

Welp, that’s a wrap for this week. Apologies to the Dow for not making it out of the Green Room for this week’s episode. That’s what happens when you drop harder than Steven Seagal on a trampoline.

Until next week, this is your host for The Rundown saying good night and good luck?

44 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. I’m so over creepy predator athletes (or a certain senatorial candidate in Georgia). STOP, just stop being slimy while soaring to heights of hypocrisy. And bless guys like Stefon Douglas.

    Can’t believe someone wouldn’t know Sir Caine by sight! Incomprehensible. As for Maverick, I just last week watched the first movie (I know, probably one of 12 people who hadn’t seen it). Heard good things about the sequel even if Tom is getting a little long in the tooth.

    While I’m still pinching myself about the boys from Colorado’s OT win over the Bolts, I suspect game two won’t be a repeat. But at least the East Germans of the NHL won’t get a sweep and I can live with that. #GoAvs #FindAWay Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This creepy ass-hat was almost a Dolphin. Tyreek Hill on the team is shitty enough, but it would have been nay impossible to root for them if Watson was there.

      Cruise can keep doing these seeing as how Liam Neeson is still kicking it, literally.

      The Avs gave up those two quick goals and I went SHIT!. But good for them, regrouping and getting the quick goal in OT.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Morgan Feeman Bruuuuhahahahaha. Good one Pilgrim. Love the firefighter story. This just shows that Stefon Douglas thinks more of others than of himself. I hope this is the last time we hear of Deshaun Watson. I wonder if Ben the rat is listening from the big cheese in the sky. Looks like his homies are doing good work. I’m glad you got to see and enjoyed Top Gun. I liked the first and maybe it was because of the song Take my Breath Away.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. B

    Yanno, not for nothing… there be some wackadoodles out there! Devotion to his god notwithstanding…

    I’m with you on tossing them up, not laying them flat! Fireworks, that is. And right, Fireworks do a number on poor pooches so maybe this is better?

    Asshole Watson. Idiot owners. Pathetic officials.

    Stefon Douglas, on the other hand, does deserve his full name spelled out here with blinking lights! A true firefighter will not stop at frivolities like having his fire retardent uniform on! What a beautiful thing. (Love the play on words.)

    I have to agree with you. While I did enjoy the original, I LOVED the sequel! Is he long in the tooth? You tell me! I love that he doesn’t “act his age” and gives his all. Plot schmot…gimme his action!

    So glad you felt this rat story was not for the sewers. Might actually endear the little critters to those who are so afraid of what they have represented for so long.

    What? He didn’t recognize Sir. Anthony Hopkins? πŸ˜‰ Just joshing, of course.

    Ya done good and of COURSE Danger Zone was THE tune to play πŸ˜‰


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  4. DeShaun Watson … is not not perfect that it was the Browns that signed him to that ridiculous contract while all of this is pending?

    I saw a short clip of the Jeopardy contestant answering that one with Mick Jagger … a classic, turn the head and look at the screen and say “what?!” moment.

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  5. HaHaHa! I am sure Mr. Freeman and Mr. Caine do not hold your errors against you. But I might think about checking over your shoulder every night… There are so many rats running our world, a few more won’t make any difference. But if they are doing good in the meantime, that’s a huge plus!

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  6. When I lived on the right places, I loved watching the Blue Angles perform. It’s ridiculous what we spend on these aircraft, but my gosh, just incredible. Gotta see the movie. Douglas is the kind of hero we need more of. Why does the sport world give so much money to creeps?

    The rats deserve some kudos for intelligence and commitment to duty.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I saw them once, in Puerto RIco. It was incredible alright.

      It was a lot of fun. Edge of your seat fun, a term that usually gets overplayed, but in this case was appropriate.

      Douglas is the man. And Watson, well, he could go away for good if it was up to me.

      Seriously. That’s some story.

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  7. Stefon Douglas, my man. I have such respect for firefighters, ignited, no pun intended, after September 11th. The courage it must take to put your life on the line day after day, and to think this guy wasn’t even on duty yet rose to the occasion. Really leaves you humbled.

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  8. I cant believe I’m this late .. oh well … member-guest event at the golf club throws people for a loop. I can’t people the Jeopardy guy missed Morgan Freeman How and the heck did he qualify for the show????!!!! That fireman story – damn damn damn – those guys know how to get it done! If only politicians cared a small fraction of that amount. …. Deshawn Watson … and the topping on the cake is the what the Browns gave up to get him. … Thumbs up to Top Gun Maverick … and let’s not forget Jennifer Connelly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Better late than, how does that saying go?

      I know right? That guy deserved to lose the game!

      How can you not love Stefon Douglas and his story? What a hero. And he does it, like, every day.

      I know it’s not a word, but when Cleveland handed over 230 large, all guaranteed, it was the most Brownsonian thing ever. It’s why they’ll never win a Super Bowl, I guess.

      How could we forget Jennifer?


  9. Odd… maybe… this morning I was thinking about walking/running on hot coals. No idea why.
    I have not heard of Deshaun Watson, but I have herd of Payless Shoes. I have been watching the Jan. 6 hearings. Any connection?
    So much TV shows watching, I’m crazed!
    YAY for Stefon Douglas !
    I haven’t see the first Top Gun. Maybe I’ll watch the second one… when it’s free on TV.

    I like rats! They are quite cute… just not in large numbers in my home.
    I have rat stories from my impoverished childhood that would make you not want to know me any more.
    Did you know thousands of rats crying all at once sound like babies crying?
    Still, my sister had a series of white rats, all named Whitey. They were adorable.
    Finally, they have a niche job.

    Definitely Morgan Freeman! πŸ™„


    Liked by 2 people

    • I believe you would do that!

      Watson and Trump are both full of it. That’s all the connection we really need to have, yanno?

      I’m on Episode 8 of Tokyo Vice. Love it.

      Stefon Douglas loves what he does and it shows. And the people of Brooklyn are lucky to have him.

      I highly doubt I would ever want to turn back on the Resa Experience. You’re too cool for school. And rats crying like babies is just another day for our Congress.

      Whitey, that’s hilarious.



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