The Rundown

We’re gonna dress this episode up a little differently. Rather than an organized panel of stories Imma provide some ramble on my amble instead. I’ll make like the hot brands and just sizzle my stream of consciousness until it’s done to your liking. I mean my liking. Maybe both. I blame this change-up on the fact I’m currently re-reading Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is as close to an acid trip as I’m ever gonna get.

The Rundown will be taking next Friday off, and nope, Delta had nothing to do with this particular cancellation. I just wanted to clear the runway for Frank “Beach Walks” Angle’s ode to July. I think I speak for Cincy when I ask, where has the fucking time gone? Okay, I was speaking for myself.

Let’s get to it . . . .

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced this week that he won’t be ordering the kiddie vaccine for his state. And I get how there are parents who ain’t gonna dosey dosage with their toddlers. But some will, and shouldn’t the Gov give his people the right to make up their own minds? Rights ain’t pick and choose. Rights are rights. Right? In some alternate reality, DeSantis is lead man for a heavy metal garage band but in this one he’s the front runner for the GOP in 2024. Unless chaos truly is our future and the Seinfeld administration we endured last term achieves re-run status.

With Joe Biden running up the kind of tab that would make a gold club gangsta rapper blush, the seams of our republic are begging for a leader to take the helm. What we’re getting instead speaks to the inflationary cost of hubris, where short change heroes dominate the landscape. And John Wayne isn’t walking through that door, because he was only saving the days when they were make believe.

It seems we’ve lost sight of compromise. We don’t value consensus when winning is the only thing that matters. Even comedy has gone tragic. Like, Dave Chappelle saying thanks but no thanks to having the Duke Ellington School of Theater renamed after him was understandable. The dude and his alma mater had gone fifteen rounds over his comments about the LGBTQ community on a Netflix special, after which he got torched for it. Chappelle says his material ain’t personal but the attacks on him were, so he wants to avoid any further distractions by exiting stage left. They’re going to rename the school the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression and I have to ask. Why not stick with Duke Ellington’s name? Or is that old guy logic?

When smart people say dumb things: Gun rights advocates whine about how pols and celebs have armed bodyguards and so their calls for gun control are hypocritical. Did I miss where these bodyguards were responsible for our mass shooting epidemic?

The danger of our times is that grass roots efforts have been replaced with gluttony. Rights are no longer a collective dynamic, they’re a retrofitted designation. We don’t debate, we square off in the octagon. Our ethos is bought and sold inside a slimmed down power structure that favors the wrong kind of American dream, and the price we’re going to pay for not getting along is coming fast.

Gas pump memes as ludicrous as the skyrocketing prices -

Which is why I thank the goodness of the world every chance I get. And I’m a fool for the stoics who cultivate hope in the now. People like Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov, who put his medal where the money was when he auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize on Monday. He scored $103,5 million croutons in the doing, which is like twenty-five times more than an auction had ever raised for such a venture. The monies are going to Ukrainian child refugees.

Nobody asked me but . . . Ansel Engort is a home run in the HBO crime drama Tokyo Vice, and he reminds me of Michael Douglas in the ’70’s cop show The Streets of San Francisco. Which is my way of heaping high praise on the young man’s performance.

So there is plenty of good to dig on, and Cincy is helping to provide our walk-off story for this week. It’s about a young man named Miles Copeland whose achievement on the hardwood outshines anything the big leagues have to offer. Copeland is a firefighter for the Toledo Fire Department who also happens to play semi-pro basketball. When referee John Sculli collapsed during a game recently, Copeland showed off the kind of skill set that won’t ever get cut or traded. He spent half an hour bringing a man back to life, because it’s not just something he was trained to do, it was something he was born to do.

Even in the darkest of times, humanity’s got game.




65 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B

    I dig this format. Now one can ramble the amble of a sizzling stream of consciousness quite like you can! And that book sounds like quite the challenge. Sigh. Yet another to put on my list so that I can keep up with the likes of you and your references!

    You are muy generoso when it comes to sharing your space. We always appreciate Frank’s return to his aFa roots once per month.

    Why be surprised that DeSantis removes one more right from the people of Florida. Now that more babies are forced to be born, why protect them?

    Your Prez and our PM are running things the same way.

    I’m with you… why rename the theatre? Did Duke Ellington suddenly become a pariah? Is he no longer worthy of it? Comedy has gone tragic – well said.

    No comment on the gun hypocrites.

    You’re right, of course. The collective has been lost.

    And you need to keep bringing those goodness stories to the fore as you’ve been doing. We need them more than ever. Wow to Dmitry Muratov! Heroes don’t have to hold weapons to bring hope.

    I keep forgetting to check out that show. You’ve given me a nudge. Again. Course, not today coz it’s a day to get my butt outside and enjoy the sunshine we hadn’t seen in DAYS… and not tonight because… CUP ACTION IS GOING ON!

    Miles Copeland is another beautiful hero. How serendipitous that he was playing that game! So often people don’t dare to step forward in fear of being sued if they don’t succeed. I love that he didn’t give up. 30 minutes is a loooong time for there to have been no repercussions to John Sculli.

    Of course you shared Duke. Excellent choice,


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    • Q

      You so sweet.

      And I would not recommend the book, no way and no how. But for something to cull for brilliant words and passages from time to time? Yes, that.

      Cincy’s angle is, frankly, the kind of thing we need more of.

      Ronny is losing his chance to distance himself from that other guy. He’s being the same bully.

      Joe is better at cycling than running the country, and yes, I know about his bicycling incident . . .

      Duke! Stick with Duke! What is the fascination with changing every single thing?

      The gun issue is being kicked to the curb, already and again.

      Well said, less guns and more heart and soul. We need strength, not the weakness that has dominated our landscape.

      I THINK you will like it. I didn’t suggest it because you weren’t into The Wire, and this is similar if more polished stylistically.

      That’s what I was thinking. Sculli must not have been dead, because there is no way he would have been able to come through that without being a vegetable, right?

      The classics keep. Too bad we don’t keep them.


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      • I try.

        Interesting. Of course, I shall have to see some snippets, just because.

        I agree. We need Cincy’s angle!

        He is. They really need to find someone else but now they are so far gone, I dunno.

        I hear ya. Maybe a few years ago, he woulda been better…

        I don’t friggen know! Why change what ain’t broke?

        Of course, it is. Actually, no, it’s being put in a holster for open carry.

        Strength without guns. It really is possible.

        I’m sure I will. And it’s not that I’m not into The Wire – it’s that I wasn’t into The Wire at the time I tried watching it. You know how that goes… you’re in the mood for something but what? You try one and nope, not right… but at another time, it’s a perfect fit.

        Since Copeland began pumping immediately, that means he got things circulating. I’m thinking if it had gone on longer, we wouldn’t be reading the same story.

        They do. And we do so, there is that.

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        • 😘

          I recommend that. The words and passages are something other worldly.

          Cincy is IN the building, this Friday. Sorry, I had to get my Cup kitsch on, because the Avs are gonna finish this thing tomorrow night!

          DeSantis is trying to distance himself from Trump, or so he says. But I have a hard time seeing the difference.

          Joe may have been better at this a while back. I have no idea. But he’s got to break from the fringe of his own party and stand up to the bullies.

          Duke wins!

          The gun debate is ironic when all these pro-lifers stay silent each time there is another mass shooting.

          Welp, you love Vice!

          No, we would not. Here’s to his quick thinking and diligence. We need more selfless peep like Copeland.

          You’re right about that.;)

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          • 😘

            Then I shall. I am rather intrigued.

            That is rather cool.. And yes! Tomorrow night we celebrate! (I’m all about sending out positive vibes.)

            I’ll have to trust you on that but I agree… I can’t see it.

            He does. Far away from the fringe.

            Ya baby!

            Is there a stronger word than ironic?

            I do! Thank you for directing my attention towards the Vice… Tokyo style!

            It’s scary to think of what coulda happened.

            You and me both, bebe!

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          • Make sure that you’re chasing it with some other read that has more party to it.


            We celebrated! Half. Tomorrow I will officially toast to the world champion Avalanche, all proper and such.

            Gin is stronger than ironic.

            It’s great isn’t it? Well, there IS going to be a second season so now that you’re hooked, it’s on the table.

            Very scary.


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          • Gotcha! I have taken to reading 2-3 books at the same time. Something I never did but now, it works for me.


            Well, you maybe a tad more than I. Hahaha! Who are we kidding? I’ll just go to work tired on Thursday, which is my Friday this week.

            Hahahaha! You nut.

            That’s fantabulous.


            Ya baby!

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          • It does, it’s a good way to expand lots of positive things. As a binger, I like that now it’s not smokes and drinks and meaningless sex any longer, but rather, the art of words. How novel!


            We can be responsible . . . ish.

            I get it from you.

            It is.



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          • It really is. I would have thought that it might confuse me to keep the different plots separate but the good thing in my choices is that they are all very disparate so… makes it easier. Art of words is a novel idea, indeed! Way to binge!


            Make that the royal “we” as you don’t have to 😉

            Good thing you dig 😉


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          • It’s the way to do it. Give yourself a platter so to speak. Like a board full of charcuterie paired with fruits.






  2. The most interesting part of that story about Miles Copeland and the coach is that Miles wasn’t actually scheduled to be there. The universe has a way of making things happen. I call them Nudges. If he hadn’t been there would the coach have survived? Probably not.

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  3. Your point on compromise was a good one. To a Democrat, there is nothing good in a Republican. To a Republican, there is nothing good in a democrat. Now how can that be? The vocal sidelines are every bit as bad too. I thank my stars I’m 81. Maybe this place will blow up after I’m gone. Good for Miles Copeland. He was trained and he did his best. Thanks for the stories, Marc.

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  4. “Rights ain’t pick and choose. Rights are rights.” Unless of course, you’re the Supreme Court, where white, male laws get made when you don’t like a particular precedence and enshrine guns everywhere as legal and abortions (for whatever health reason are not). Our republic is more fractured and doomed than ever.

    Thanks for sharing a couple of feel good stories-they are needed more and more every day when the Supremes command the news and clowns like DeSantis makes ad hoc decisions on healthcare. Sigh.

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  5. When it comes to Rights, yep – not only does all mean all, but all without ifs or buts. I’ve been listening to Duke as I type. Good stuff. I agree … why rename it? After all, it’s not that he did something deserving the undo. Idea …. All naming conventions are now limited to 20 years. That way, nobody has to be remembered.

    I may not like Gov. DeSantis – but I’ve got the feeling he may be able to put the fire out on the dumpster. Then again, using gasoline to do it isn’t the best idea. Meanwhile, nope … a John Wayne type isn’t coming over the horizon anytime soon.

    Oh … I like the rambling format. Good stuff and well done.

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    • We’re heading that way, aren’t we Cincy. LOL

      The Gov. can just let his people- all the people- have their own say, make their own decision.

      I appreciate it Cincy


  6. Ron DeSantis is a mean guy, and you can quite me. His balls are so big you wonder how he sits down.

    Joe Biden, though a nice guy, is no FDR. I say that wistfully because I really kept thinking he’d become more of an inspiring leader.

    Dave Chapelle. I don’t know what to say. The whole thing with what he said, the umbrage over what he said, and now fuck you about the school is so out of hand. The hatred, the venom and now the fucking Supreme Court courting the Christian Right that is so often very wrong, just leaves me bemused, bewildered and frankly, embarrassed.

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  7. I so agree, compromise and building consensus simply aren’t done anymore. The Republicans blame the Democrats and the Democrats blame the Republicans, when in reality they’re all acting like spoiled children. And hurting the citizens they’re supposed to serve. I don’t understand a governor not ordering the vaccines, and hope it is available to parents in Florida anyway. That’s their choice to make, not his. I don’t understand much of what Biden does either. But what I really don’t understand is how ugly the national discourse has become, how quickly we tell those we disagree with to “shut up and sit down,” and how firmly we believe that our side is always right, about everything……

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    • The trouble happens when the elected representatives do not represent everyone, and instead choose to favor those who elected them. That isn’t going to work, and it’s not working. It’s getting worse.

      DeSantis has to play it the way his party is supposed to be playing it. Less government, not more.

      So true. The vitriol is tearing everything apart. There was a time when people could vote differently and still co-exist. I married someone who was the opposite of me politically and it worked just fine. What happened?

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      • You’re right, a big part of the problem is that whoever wins and election totally ignores the beliefs and wishes of all those who didn’t vote for him or her. Which leaves about half the population feeling completely disenfranchised, ignored and angry. I think if people can look at what a government is doing and see at least some things they agree with, they wouldn’t be quite so upset. As for the vitriol, it’s encouraged, at least by social media and the news. Angry people make good customers, sadly.

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        • It’s not governing, not any longer. It’s a reality show on crack, where the winner disassembles as much as they can for the good of his or hers. Little to no regard is given to the greater good. But there’s a reason it’s called that.

          We are inundated with information from every corner. I no longer watch CNN, Fox or MSNBC at all. They’re strictly opinion oriented, retrofitting the facts to fit their individual purposes. I read a lot of my news from different places, lots of cross referencing needed sometimes. I watch YouTube to find other stuff too. I’m leery of just how much disinformation is out there.

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  8. If you choose to not post this I will understand – but this is something that was shared online last fall—

    “The following post is a collaborative effort by a team of concerned health professionals.


    On Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021, an FDA panel voted 17-0 to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children in the 5-11 age group.

    According to the CDC’s COVID Population Fatality Ratios By Age data, there are 28,446,096 children in the United States in that bracket. 79 of those 28.4 million have died with COVID from Jan. 1, 2020, to Sept. 11, 2021.

    The death rate of American children aged 5-11 with COVID is 0.00028%.

    2 out of every 1,000,000 in that age group have died with COVID.

    Sadly, most of those 79 kids already had life-threatening comorbidities like obesity, cancer, and congenital abnormalities.

    Even so, the data verifies that no medical emergency exists for children.

    And we should be so grateful for that! This pandemic has mercifully spared the world’s youngest and most vulnerable population group. We are truly lucky and blessed that this virus hasn’t wiped out large percentages of children like certain plagues throughout history.

    However, the private pharmaceutical company Pfizer is seeking an emergency use authorization to mass inoculate those 28 million kids with their experimental gene therapy injection without any long-term safety data.

    Committee member Dr. Eric Rubin said the following during the FDA panel voting process… “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

    This statement should terrify us all!

    We believe the emergency use authorization recommendation for a medical emergency that does not exist in young children is perhaps setting the most dangerous precedent in our nation’s history. We believe this measure is careless, reckless, and disgusting. We believe potentially harming kids should never be allowed in our society.

    Your child is not a science experiment for a private company’s financial gain.

    Our young kids don’t have a say. You, as their parents, guardians, and protectors do.
    We implore you to take courage and stand in the gap for your child’s medical freedom.
    Their long-term health depends on it.

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    • Hey Prior, I’ll never delete a comment. I think one of the problems is discourse when there are differences of opinion. We either yell or stay silent. No bueno.

      What a family chooses do to, it’s their right to do it. They should be given the choice. Personally, I wouldn’t give my kid the vax at that age, but maybe my sister would give it to hers.

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      • Thanks for that

        And I thought the fla governor was just not mandating it (again I don’t know – but I do think he was one of the first to say the “Emperor had no clothes” or saw through the silliness with mask wearing and stupidity (like closing at 8 pm instead of 10:30 pm “because of Covid” ??
        Okay – enough
        But I will say that this vaccine is nit a true vaccine and there a great risk
        And with that great risk there should be choice

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        • DeSantis needs to remove himself from the shadow of Trump and be his own leader. He’s trying, but the party is still struggling to gain its feet after the last half decade. Mandates ain’t gonna work for very long for a variety of reasons, but most of it was created out of a need for agencies and companies to simply cover their own asses when the resultant wave of sicknesses happened.

          I have changed my political leanings over time but I still believe in less government in most instances, not more. And both parties have struggled on that count.

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  9. And regarding chapelle and comedians these days – wow / they seem to be really under attack
    – I saw a comic that had bodyguards in front of a comedian performing …

    And regarding the guns –
    If you explore the data – most (or all) of the “mass shooters ” had mental illness and were on prescription drugs – um – yes – the ones that cause suicidal thoughts – and all had mental health issues – this matters

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        • I think it’s a two-pronged effort. Simply tighten the laws and close the loopholes. And let’s not forget there is no leadership at the ATF going on two decades without a boss. How are we supposed to depend on the above if no one is driving the bus?

          And the mental illness aspect of this, we need to do better, much better. Also, we need to be more inclusive and proactive with our kids. Give them a purpose. Anti-bullying programs don’t work in the way intended. So let’s be mindful of working on that as well.

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  10. You can amble and ramble with the best of ‘em! I read about that noble Nobel prize auction proceeds. Good job!

    Too much ugly going on out there. I keep wondering when we’re going to start stoning each other to death.

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  11. DeSantis terrifies me. He comes from a scary place, trump without the baggage.
    Duke Ellington’s name works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
    You ended with some good stuff. Thank you!

    OH! “Ansel Engort is a home run in the HBO crime drama Tokyo Vice, and he reminds me of Michael Douglas in the ’70’s cop show The Streets of San Francisco.” …
    Hope you meet up with me in field of daisies at a Love-In, so we can have a discussion about this! (omg I love MD in Streets.. when his tie blew in the wind… whew!
    Nommed Toykyo Vice, but also Winning Time.

    Have you watched any of the 3 so far aired eps of “The Old Man”?

    It’s fab!! They were diff off the top. The excitement in the first ep. was like a later ep.
    But we knew almost nothing.
    Then the 2nd was a fill in… we needed that.

    The 3rd delivered WOW!
    Are you watching it?

    LOVE Jeff Bridges. Always hoped I’d get to work with him.
    Nonetheless, I worked with his brother, Beau Bridges.
    A lovely man.
    It was the harsh story about Gisella Perl . a gynecologist imprisoned in a nazi women’s camp.
    …. Hard to talk about it… (True story)

    So Beau played one of the bureaucrats who tried her when she came to America after the war.
    Will pick this up later.
    Sending pic!

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    • What amazes me is how guys like Ronnie D can take away people’s choices and his constituency has no problem with it.

      Duke Ellington at the beginning of a sentence always makes sense to me.

      We understand each other pretty well when it comes to these things. Yeah, I thought MD was such a cool cat. Ansel is the modern day version, cool even though he ain’t trying.

      No, I don’t have Hulu. I’ll find it and eat it up at some point though.

      Of COURSE you have a connection. The six degrees of separation, starring Resa!

      Okie. Pic of?

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