Perfectly Frank: July 2022

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With one month ending and another starting, Imma asked to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in for some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space.

June was a month featuring televised hearings about the 6th January insurrection, more mass shootings in the US, Rafael Nadal’s 22nd grand slam title (tennis), The Boss played 2 songs with Coldplay, Thailand legalized Cannabis, LIV Golf lured players with money, annual Tony Award winners, a new US Open golf champ, a sinking stock market, attacks in Ethiopia, Turkey officially changed its name to Türkiye, someone caught the largest freshwater, a major earthquake in Afghanistan, the US Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade, and politicians saying stupid shit.

We also remember those who departed us in June 2022: Bon Jovi’s bassist, a songwriter who was a member of a popular duet, a teen actor, a political columnist, a racial trailblazer in football, and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

June delivered abnormally hot and humid temperatures to Cincinnati. Yuk! However, I was still able to continue my streak of not listening to or seeing one pitch of my beloved Cincinnati Reds. Even after being seated in a restaurant with a big screen within easy eyeshot.

In case you missed it, here are a few June headline gems from The Onion

  • Man Wastes Another Gorgeous Day Being Dead
  • World’s Great White Sharks Call for Immediate Release of all Caged Scuba Divers
  • Left-Wing Group Too Disorganized for FBI to Infiltrate
  • Employee Always Complaining about No Time Off Suddenly Upset about Getting Fired
  • Visa Announces Cards Can Now Be Inserted, Swiped, Tapped, Bent, Clapped, Rolled, Shoved, Thrown, Dangled, Slid, Or Whacked

This meeting of two trailblazers is touching. One never knows what will happen when two female baseball announcers get together. Thanks, Steve Hartman!

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations on July’s plate. For a complete list of July celebrations, click here.

  • Monthly celebrations for July include anti-boredom, culinary arts, watercolors, watermelon, blueberries, hot dogs, and ice cream
  • Weekly toasts include beer pong (1-4), nude recreation (4-10), vodka (10-16), massage (17-23), and women in baseball (24-30)
  • Day celebrations include I forgot day (2nd), kisses (6th), no bra (9th), be a dork (15th), take your poet to work day (20th), tequila (24th), take your houseplant for a walk (27th), milk chocolate (28th), lasagna (29th), and orgasms (31st)

Summer is a good time to take in local events. We’ve enjoyed the summer evening concerts featuring local musicians – therefore hope to continue that throughout the summer.

Even with the Congressional hearing about the insurrection, I believe Donald Trump has a 50% chance of winning the Republican nomination and a 55% chance of returning to the presidency, but Gov. DeSantis may be his nomination foil. Meanwhile, President Biden’s chance of reelection is only 20%.

I know trade policies have an impact, but why do politicians get the blame for companies outsourcing jobs outside the country while seemingly nobody blames CEOs who make the decision?

The US Constitution’s Second Amendment contains 27 words. Whereas most people focus on proclaiming the last 14 words, I believe a national dialogue about the first 13 words is a worthwhile discussion. What was the Framers’ intent? What did it mean then? How does that apply today?

Don’t forget to wish Happy Canada Day to the Canadians. I’m out of here.


14 thoughts on “Perfectly Frank: July 2022

  1. A perfect tune for these summer days. As for those impactful trade policies, your question is one that people SHOULD focus on more. Too bad CEO’s and their boards of directors only ask how much money can we make regardless of the impact on our customers or society in general. Sigh.

    The first 4 words of the Second Amendment sure get short shrift from the gun community, don’t they?

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  2. Hey there Frank,

    I am so glad I have a VPN as you INSIST on sharing anything CBS that your friends north of the 49th parallel cannot watch, and you don’t even give a little written snippet of the what’s what. (Thought you should know)
    June was a mess, wasn’t it? Unfortunately lots of it will be spilled into July.
    The 2nd amendment should be abolished completely.
    Thanks for the Canada Day wishes.
    I’ll get ahead of myself and wish you a Happy 4th!


  3. Yo Cincy

    I don’t understand what is happening in this country any longer, and the worst part is? I really have tuned out to the noise. Wake me up when the revolution happens, that’s what I’m trying to say I guess LOL.

    As for the MLB, you ain’t alone. I don’t hear people talking about the game any longer. You hear chatter about football- college and pro- all year round. The NBA gets more play than baseball, what with their free agency period taking headlines away from a sport that used to own this time of year. Not any longer, and not for a while now, sadly.

    Too many holidays. Why don’t we just have a Quiet Day? Make that week? Month?

    Go Avs!

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    • Marc,
      I wonder if baseball executives and team owners actually notice or even care. Look at the long stretch of badness of teams such as the Tigers and Pirates. One has to wonder if they are even trying. College football is making a loud of news with their big-time chase for more dollars. Then again, all they are doing is mimicking corporate America.

      I used to listen to a lot of news … but not any more! Give me morning and evening news – done! So much is not only notice – it’s head-shaking, forehead-slapping noise. What the hell is going on?

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      • The MLB has been losing its grip on the younger demographic for decades. It’s equal parts the refusal to change- umpire strike calls, and the misconception that they had to change too much- runner on second in extras, ugh.

        The kids today talk UFC, soccer, the NBA and the NFL, Baseball isn’t a part of the equation.

        What’s happening to college football IS corporate America redux. And with all these new revenue streams, there’s still going to be only so much to go around for the sports and the teams that will eventually be squeezed out entirely.

        I read my news. I watch snippets on YouTube but most is read. I can’t deal with the opinion shows.


  4. Always great to see you on Happy More’s blog. OOPS, I mean Sorry Less’ blog.
    Thank you for the BD wish. Happy 4th to you!

    June was a disaster in the states.
    July off to a not so good start for Japan.
    I saw a stat about guns in Japan. For every 100 people there is 0.3 guns. In the States it’s 120+ guns per 100 people.
    The Dems need a hero to emerge from the woodwork.
    See you at the Beachwalk!


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