The Rundown

Remember Kids Let the Drunk Adults Handle the Fireworks Funny | Etsy Singapore

It’s the Cafe con Leche edition of The Rundown and Imma dish up a few stories that I missed the boat on last time out. I’d like to thank Cincy “Beach Walks” Angle for providing me with his fastball out of the bullpen with his ode to July. I was going to surprise him with World Series tickets if his club made it to October, but I guess thank you is gonna have to suffice.

This episode is not taking the place of our regularly scheduled programming come Friday, kids. This here is what they call extra time in the beautiful game.

Vamos a jugar!

The Story of a Voice: HAL in '2001' Wasn't Always So Eerily Calm - The New York Times

A story that got left in my green room last time involved Google engineer Blake Lemoine, who was placed on paid leave by the company for what they deemed “aggressive moves” in violation of company policy. The company took umbrage with Lemoine for hiring a lawyer to represent the dialogue application chatbot that he’s been tooling around with in the Google garage. They also ain’t too happy about his claims that the artificial intelligence ain’t so artificial. Blake insists this chatbot has the emotional and intellectual capacity of “a seven-year-old, eight-year-old kid that happens to know physics,”. Lemoine also published transcripts of conversations he had with a collaborator and the chatbot. And he sent an email about all of this to over 200 Google employees.

Google denies the veteran engineer’s claims that the company’s artificial intelligence has become sentient, and this was the point in the article where I went “Oh shit! So it IS true!” I know Ray Bradbury would agree with me on this.

Too Hot to Handle (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

I was doing really well with my streaming consumption, really . . . I was. And then a friend of mine told me about the Netflix show Too Hot To Handle and welp, I wish I would have taken up pot instead because it kills less brain cells than this scantily clad theater of the absurd. I would tell you the plot of the show, if there was one. And while I did purchase some credits with the likes of Tokyo Vice and Midnight Mass, I fear that my carbon footprint is shit for.

Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Former Trump aide will be key witness at Jan. 6 hearing.

I believed Cassidy Hutchinson when she testified as to then President Trump’s behavior on January 6th because it’s exactly what Trump would do. It’s what he has always done . . . behaving like a big, fat petulant child when he doesn’t get his way. He was hell bent on being with his peeps when their dollar store brigade stormed the Capitol building. He was plenty fine with the armed crazies because he knew they weren’t there to cause him any harm. And the fact that he is a part of any conversation involving the 2024 Presidential election is an indictment on our society.

It’s shameful.

Curious 'Jetsons' home hits Tulsa market – KIRO 7 News Seattle

Times are so tough, even the Jetsons have put their home on the market. The space age family’s royalties checks have basically dried up now that assholes like me prefer television fare with the nutritional value of deep-fried butter. The two bedroom, three bathroom home in Tulsa, Oklahoma features a sweet view of the city skyline, but if you’re looking for extra closet space you’re out of luck. If you watched the sixties animated sitcom, then you are well aware that the Jetsons could have fit their wardrobe in a single Rubbermaid container.

The Karennite view on masks and abortion in a nutshell | /r/FuckYouKaren | Karen | Know Your Meme

The Supreme Court is providing the kind of overreach that conservatives would be screaming foul over if the scripts were flipped. They overturned Roe in May. They rolled back EPA authority to fight climate change. And last Thursday they ruled that law abiding Americans have a right to carry a handgun outside the home for self-defense. Oh, and through a series of recent decisions, church and state are in the canoodling phase.

Our states couldn’t be less united.

It seems as if this country has endured a series of reckonings since the turn of the millennium and it’s really easy to believe the worst is yet to come. And while I would love to end this holiday episode on a more triumphant note, I’ll keep it real enough by providing a favorite passage from Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. 

My kind of loyalty was loyalty to one’s country, not to its institutions or its officeholders. The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over, and care for, and be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing, and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease, and death . . .

I second that emotion.

The walk off song for this week happens to be the best rendition of the Star Spangled Banner I’ve ever heard. And I guess there’s some kind of positive message kicking its way out of this bramble bush of a post, because when I hit on this Whitney Houston classic . . . I knew the answers well enough.  










43 thoughts on “The Rundown

    • It’s all coming loose at the seams, isn’t it? We’re at a time and place where many think democracy is up for grabs. Yes, we are there.

      THTH is the antithetical reply to the movie Lucy, where the lovely Scarlett’s brain power keeps expanding. In this show, we learn how the human brain can be turned into a can of spam right quick.

      Gracias Cincy!

      Go Fourth and be safe.

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  1. I love the Mark Twain quote. We have chaos all around us, and to quote a line from Apocolypse Now, “There ain’t no one in charge up there.” Every time I see Whitney perform I get this sad and lost feeling of such monumental waste. Marvin Gaye did a killer version of The Star-Spangled Banner and he leaves me with the same feeling. Here it is Pilgrim. Let’s love the country.

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  2. B

    What a pleasant surprise to get a Sunday edition!

    Boy did that story do the rounds, eh? And when the company doth protest too much? I have the same response as you.

    I CANNOT believe you got me to watch this brainless show (watching the last of the first season and last for me, thank you very much, later 😉 )

    Of course Cassidy Hutchinson speaks true. And that there is even a whisper of his return in 2024 is yet another sign your country is in a maelstrom.

    Hah! Could you imagine living in that house?

    The Supreme Court – how in the hell did 1/3 of the supposed power trio become so damn strong?

    Love that quote. Hard to love the land when the mosquitos that are the institutions et al are buzzing so damn loudly.

    You are right. That is a beautiful rendition. Like John said, it comes with such a feeling of sad and loss.



    • Q

      I don’t believe Google for a millisecond. Why does a smart guy with a peach job that he loves decide to run counter to the company? Okay, you might say he got a better deal, and maybe he did. But more times than not it’s because he wants to do the right thing. He’s done everything else, after all.

      I’m almost done with Season 3 and aye! Every season really has gotten dumber than the last, and this group? They have the retention of goldfish.

      Maelstrom wins the word of the day! And Cassidy wins my respect for getting up there in front of the bright lights and telling the truth. The nutbags on the right are already going after her because she dared to go up against Trump. She’s tougher and smarter than them.

      I would get dizzy!

      They’re behaving like drunken sailors with a weekend pass. No, check that. Drunken sailors with a weekend pass would be a better option at this point.

      Country wins. The rest of it ain’t.

      It really does.

      Gracias lovely.


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      • With good reason! And why indeed? It never pays to try to do the right thing with these huge corporations.

        Good gawd. I’ve just finished season one finale; am gonna watch the last show. I am NOT watching another season (especially since you said they get dumber and dumber…)

        Thank you! It is a great word, I think. Of course they are going after Cassidy. She dared to speak the truth…

        No kidding!

        It’s nuts. Drunken sailors would not have such power over serious matters, methinks.

        Country always wins. I get why you love yours and I love mine; just like most people love theirs. It’s as it should be, I think,


        Always, lover.

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        • Never trust these corporations. Not because they’re sinister and evil, but because they’re beholden to numbers and if you butt heads with them, they’ll make you feel as if they are evil and sinister.

          It’s just dumb on dumb . . and down the rabbit hole it goes . . .

          HOF word, I say. And yes, they’re going after people who disagree with their nonsense. It’s very childlike, with the only problem being the fact that our democracy hangs in the balance with these loonies.


          It is. I just don’t feel as if many of the people tucked inside this country get it. And I don’t relate to the great majority of them at all. So country it is.




  3. As a woman and a citizen of Mother Earth, it’s hard to find anything to celebrate this non independence Day. We should all be hunting for the perfect union the forefathers talked about but have most recently eroded. Let’s hope there is some hope we can find it.

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  4. You got me with Smoky, Trump’s petulance re the U.S. Capitol and Whitney Houston who still fills my eyes with tears. She was such a beautiful, talented girl who let it all spiral away. Why can’t success and healthy living live side by side? Why can’t you respect your blessings sharing the overflow rather than hurting yourself with it?

    All moot and rhetorical, but my naivete still can’t help but to wonder.

    As for Mr. Trump. This is what I believe down to my socks…HE WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT AGAIN. Will he go to jail? Probably not, but what people don’t realize is, his own party who are just too chicken unless your name is Chaney, to say it, do not want him either.. And as far as his base goes, I think they too are lessening. Not totally of course, but he’s done soaked in shame as far I’m concerned.

    And there was always only two Smokies growing up in Connecticut…Smokey Robinson, Seconding that Emotion, and the honorable Smokey the Bear. 🙂

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    • Smoky is the man!

      Trump? Not so much.

      Whitney Houston’s talent was beyond comprehension to me. Her rise and fall should be a cautionary tale, but you know how it goes. Everyone thinks they have the master plan. They can have their cake and they can eat way too much of it too. But the bill, it always comes due.

      I can’t believe there are people who still believe Trump should run. Okay, I can believe it. My 2002 self would not have believed it, but yanno . . .

      The only Smokeys that count.

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  5. Man, could that woman sing! You know, I could be across the border into the United States in less than an hour. And I don’t want to go. It is such a beautiful country and when I think of it I think of all the good that it has done for the entire world. That’s the America I think of. And then you get the headlines and it is terrifying. I couldn’t imagine living in your country right now. And that is such a shame. I think the majority of people are good but it’s the bad that are getting the press and it is painting you all with the same stain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She was an immense talent, gone too soon.

      I do not blame you one bit. We are fractured to the point of absurdity. And it doesn’t look as if we have any answers coming down the pike.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Fitting to watch Whitney today – what a voice! Twain, as usual, was spot on. That was the first of his books I read in its entirety and loved. Have on shelf and must read again.

    Not sure if I’m ready to buy the sentient AI story.

    Will we fall apart at the seams? Stay tuned for a post-election riot near you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • One of the first “Big books” I read was a compilation of his works. What a find.

      Whitney was as tortured as she was brilliant.

      I believe this stuff is happening. Look at me! I sound like a conspiracy theorist! Might be time for me to buy a cabin in some remote locale . .

      We probably don’t need an election to riot.

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  7. A few years ago, my spellcheck thingy kept writing “Untied” whenever I tried to write United States.
    I’m sad to see that my spellchecker thingy was more prescient than I. So much division, a feeling of things coming apart at the seams. I wonder if this is how the country felt in the years leading up to, during and after the civil war?

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  8. Sentient.. EeeeeeeeeeK!
    Canada’s major internet/tv provider went down wee hours yesterday.. lasted almost 24 hours. It’s still spotty. Cash only for food and all else. No Interac, bank machines, gas, public transport. No cash? Ef off! Makes me wonder about those whose entire lives are wired? Who turns on the music, the coffee, the shower with music, the lights, starts the car when people forget how, or worse – everything has been made with no manual overrides?

    MY EYES!!!! Too hot to see! Got sucked in, eh! Fake street art, fake tv show.

    How was Midnight Mass?

    Cassidy Hutchinson was fabulous!
    Yes, it is shameful.

    That looks like the home from “Body Double” movie… sort of. I’m from the prairies, and get heightrophobia, so I’m not bidding. Anyway I’d never live in Oklahoma. Isn’t that one of the states that is happy to tears about having taken women’s rights to her own body away?

    The meme says it all.
    Sure like Twain’s quote. Then I thought, America seems to be wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes

    Whitney is amazing! I felt that!


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    • I could easily transition into a computer free life, IF I needed to. I wouldn’t want to give it up but I don’t need it to survive.

      Now I’m watching “Love is Blind” as my junkfood television show.

      Midnight Mass was excellent. Seven episodes. The director is Mike Flanagan, and he might not be well known yet, but it’s coming. I am now watching The Haunting of Hill House, also a Flanagan joint. Excellent stuff.

      The people who bash Cassidy should be ashamed of themselves. They’re not, but they should be.

      I couldn’t live in a saucer. And yeah, I think OK is NOT Okay when it comes to women’s rights.

      I like that. You do Twain proud, Resa.

      I love that rendition so much.


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