40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Indeed! And there were more down the way 😉
      They close this little section off in the summer – fun for pedestrians, a curse for drivers…
      Happy Wednesday to you!

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    • It’s a lovely stretch of road they close off in the summer. Lots of restaurants and activities. I was there for supper with old friends last night 🙂
      Happy Wednesday – wordless or otherwise, to you!

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  1. Love all the colors. The chairs remind me of Rainbow Sherbet and the top photo, the town of East Hampton. Very cozy it all is. Makes you want to don a pair of flip flops and take a nice stroll through the center of things. 🙂

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    • So glad you do.
      I was there last night to have dinner with some old friends. I got there early, hoping I’d find something to snap! It had rained a bit before I arrived and luckily stopped long enough for me to capture these (and a few more). This section of the street is closed off from cars in the summer which is quite fun.

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  2. Q

    I love the first shot!

    I love the second shot!


    Seriously, the first shot is art. Street shots are simply that. Assembled by different artists at different times with different tastes, budgets, concerns and yet . . the finished piece always make it look as if the entire block was put together at the same time.

    The second shot is why I do believe that if can’t get to the beach, you can always bring the beach to you. For some people it’s flip flops, for others it’s beach chairs and yet others- such as yours truly- it’s a beverage of choice.

    You rock Wednesdays.

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  3. Love the small town feel of these shots, Thunder.
    Where is this?
    The shopping area looks like where I live and shop. It’s one of the last village type shopping areas in Toronto, if not the last. We do have a lot of farmers’ markets. However, there’s nothing like shopping in a village setting.
    Thank you! xxoo

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