The Rundown

Fans line a mountain road, cheering as cyclists ride past.

It’s summertime, and the living has been anything but easy. We’re getting mugged at gas pumps and grocery stores, lied to on most cable news outlets and all we have to show for it is a lousy t-shirt we scored on Amazon during their Prime Days Sale! (?). Thanks to Jeff Bezo’s General Store, I was able to procure a t-shirt which reads “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Lincoln!”.

The above image is from the 109th edition of the Tour De France, which I honestly thought had been canceled for good since they still insist on doping tests. These guys are schlepping 2,068 miles over 23 days and hell if I wouldn’t be doping just to get through that! I’d also be slathering myself in Preparation H. But no, I wouldn’t be hanging out with Lance Armstrong, who is a Hall of Fame cyclist but also an asshat.

Anyways, let’s get to the show . . . .


Frank “Beach Walks” Angle hits one out of the yard with this Steve Hartman feel good story about an extended family of a different kind.

In January of 2021, Gean LeVar of Glendale, Arizona lost her husband of fifty-eight years. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when police entered her home they found the conditions so bad, they were forced to condemn it. So in the space of twenty-four hours, Gean lost everything.

Her neighbor, Carmen Silva, made sure she got it back. Even though she barely knew LeVar, the mother of eight opened her home up to her. It didn’t matter that the family’s own living arrangements were cramped, what with eight kids and three bedrooms because as she says, “I’ve always taught my kids to take care of their elders,”.

When the non-profit group Operation Enduring Gratitude heard about LeVar’s story, they decided to renovate her old house. And so now, she has two homes where once she had none. And she plans to share it with the Silvas.

Gratitude is a currency all its own.

NFL launches 2020 season with It Takes All of Us

I want every member of the NFLPA who is defending Deshaun Watson to come forward so that we can ask them why. We have to ask them why they insist on standing behind a guy who went through scores of massage therapists. We have to ask them why they take his word over every single one of those sixty-six women (that we know of). We have to ask them why they agree to wear helmets that preach to us about righteous behavior while they are plenty fine with their members doing the opposite.

Personally, I want the league to stop pretending they give a shit about women’s rights. Because when you’re okay with giving abusers chance after chance after chance, it’s your actions that matter more than anything you say. The league and its members have to be put on notice.

If not now, when?

The lovely Dale has some goodness cooking up her fine self with this video story.

Khao Yai National Park in Thailand was the scene of a beautiful human effort that you probably didn’t see on the cable news outlets because there probably wasn’t room for it. Even though there should have been room for it, because these kinds of stories shouldn’t have to be scrolled down to or tucked into the last sixty second of a broadcast.

When a baby elephant fell into a drainage ditch, her panic stricken mother blacked out as a result. A team of veterinarians, park officials and volunteers were able to pull baby to safety and also administer CPR to mom. Both elephants were able to walk away from the ordeal thanks to a special group of people whose story is front page news.

To me.

BBC Three - Sexy Beasts

If my streaming diet was actual food? My ass would be in the hospital right about now. I’d blame my dealer- I’ll call him Phil because that’s his name- for turning me on to one mindless reality show after the other, but I didn’t have to buy his shit.

The nadir- for this week- is a Netflix show called Sexy Beasts. The premise of this dating show is to dress singles up in prosthetic masks before meeting in order to “find love purely based on personality“. Phil referred to the show as a “palette cleanser” I could use after having binge watched The Circle and Love is Blind.

Do they have support groups for this kind of habit?

1920s metal and glass Gas Price Sign with changeable prices.

A hundred years ago, you think peeps bitched and moaned about gas prices? I mean, I’m sure they did, because twenty-five cents a gallon to them, well . . . that was no joke. Still, it just feels so cute to me from our current vantage point.  And to those of you who might be wondering, my (imaginary) wild mustang is doing splendidly!





53 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. The Tour de France: I gave up bicycling a long time ago when my pelvic floor alerted me to the fact that was a lousy hobby to maintain. The NFL/NFLPA: There are no good looks or winners here no matter what the final word is on Watson’s status. Both should be beyond embarrassed this has gone on as long as it has, in the way it has. The Mom and Baby elephant story: Heartwarming beyond belief. Dale provided a big ol’ smile with that one!

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    • I just recently took up cycling after straining my knee. I love it, even if I have started running on a very limited scale once again. I enjoy the idea of cross training. Makes me feel athletic and such, 😉

      The NFL and its members don’t get embarrassed, it seems. They’ve let bad acts rule the roost time and again.

      That was a favorite, muy heartwarming.

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  2. The elephant story had me in tears. Definitely a redeeming factor for the human species, there are people, good people who care. The rest of them can go… Sorry, my bad

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s such a heartwarming story, isn’t it?

      There are MANY good people out there who give a damn about making things better. They shouldn’t be drowned out by all the forgettable stuff.

      I agree on the fact they should go. Is Greenland far enough away?

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  3. B,

    We are getting mugged by all those things AND the weather!

    And seriously. Especially in this sport, why don’t they just give it a rest already. Like you said, who the fuck would do this stupid race without drugs?

    Cincy loves Steve Hartman and CBS. With good reason, of course. And I am, again, very glad you give us the resumé of the story that we Canucks cannot watch (most of us, anyway). What beautiful peeps, Camen Silva is! Her whole family, actually. And how beautiful that Operation Enduring Gratitude stepped in. So beautiful.

    SIXTY-SIX?? For fuck’s sakes. The league is composed of a bunch of troglodytes – which isn’t really fair to the old caveman but you get my gist. Why he is not banned from the game for FOREVER, is beyond me. Why anyone stands behind him is beyond me.

    So glad you shared this Thai elephant story. It’s amazing to watch them give mama CPR! And to succeed at it and be able to watch the duo walk away was so heartwearming. I admit to not having a dry eye re-watching this video. Definitely front page news to me, too.

    What in the name of… what am I gonna do with you? Palette cleanser? LMAO. Phil is a very bad influence and you… You! Definitely need a support group 😉 OR. How about we call it what it really is? Giving your brain a rest – coz they ain’t no need for one whilst watching these… or… it’s your “white noise” while you write the gems you’ve been penning, lately.

    Isn’t that crazy to see the price of gas? Enjoy your imaginary mustang. It’s free!

    is it me, or does Mary J. look absolutely beautiful in this video (that I had not idea the title was that…)


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    • Q

      It’s a crime wave of anotha motha!

      When baseball was on the other side of the steroids “scandal”, I wrote something to the effect that the MLB should just make it mandatory for every player to take the stuff. Move the fences back and let loose! Because let’s face it, if the guys NOT taking the stuff won’t stand up and demand that their bosses come down hard on the others, why should we care?

      It’s a beautiful story alright. And what up with this YouTube embargo going on? Have you and me not proved that Muricans and Canucks get along just fine? 😉

      Word O the week! I won’t even attempt to spell it. But yes, they are! And I really think a year’s suspension is what should happen. We all know how big league sports works. They won’t ban the guy unless he bet on the game. Everything else is a temporary offense.

      It’s such an amazing story. The size of these creatures, it is absolutely mind boggling how they scale her and give her CPR. The presence of mind, the compassion, all of it. Just amazing.

      Yes, that there is exactly what it is. These silly little shows give me a brain laxative. On the flip side, I do watch a ton of docs that have absolutely nothing to do with speed dating. 😉

      At a quarter a gallon, I’d fill it up every time I go out, several times!

      I still don’t have a name for the Mustang . . .

      She is ALL that. And I had to pull out the classic for a Friday. She goes well with the heat wave we have going on. Sizzle!


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      • That is too true!

        There is that. But, I somehow care less about the cyclists than the baseball and football players. I don’t feel the ‘roids are necessary elsewhere.

        I know, right? Bloody hell. Good thing I’ve the VPN which allows me to watch. Still. It’s annoying AF.

        Haha! Been a while since we added to the file, eh? A year’s not enough. Whatever. It’s just all ’round disgusting,

        It is! My goodness. The poor mama. Even if the herd had arrived, what could they have done?

        Brain laxative. A good thing. And yes, you do manage to balance beautifully 😉

        Absolutely! Mind you, that’s what I’ve been doing now since it’s less of a shock to my system…

        You need a name for the ‘Stang.

        She does!

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        • What never gets talked about when it comes to the shit is how it affects the younger players- high school and college. If they feel that taking something will make the difference in whether they can score a scholarship/major league contract, why wouldn’t they? They sure as hell can reference the pros, who more often than not have gotten away with it.

          I don’t get it. We need more kumbaya on this video stuff.

          It has, now that I think about it. A year is the absolute most he would get, and I hghly doubt he gets anywhere close to that. Sadly.

          I’m wowed by the rescue effort. When things very easily could have gone sideways, because as smart as elephants are, what IF she would have considered them a threat to baby? But they didn’t hesitate to step in and rescue mama AND baby.

          It has proven to be quite effective in my overall streaming habits. So there’s that.

          We need some sanity!

          Sally. Her name will be Sally. 😉

          She’s Boss.

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  4. I don’t get the NFL at all. Supporting thugs instead of doing the right thing. That show with the masks might fool some people but that contestant in the green isn’t hiding hot from anyone. Loved the elephant story. Shows mother love is universal. Also liked the story of the family taking in Gene. Shows people have a heart. I’m with you on the Tour De France. Let ’em eat dope. Super post, Pilgrim.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The league has everything ass backwards. They blackball Kaepernick and let guys like Hill, Hunt, Peterson and Watson back in, again and again.

      These reality shows are my illicit drugs. I lose brain cells and I get just a little dumber. But I enjoy it.

      I love the elephant story. Amazing tale.

      Same with the Silvas. Humanity ain’t hopeless, not by a long shot.


      Thanks Boss

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  5. The elephant got me, not to mention the perils of motherhood. And what a great mother she was. If I had fallen my mother would have kept on going to the hairdresser without missing a beat.

    And being kind to the elderly at one point in time was a normal way to be, not discard what’s old and considered no longer useful. That’s a great story Marc to remind us that, one day we too will be near our expiration dates. Always appreciate the time you put into these.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I figured a little Mary J to start off the weekend was the way to go.

      That is some story, I agree. Goes to show humanity hasn’t fallen by the wayside just yet. There’s plenty of compassion still going strong out there.

      Liked by 1 person

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