Not Wordless Wednesday

I took a looooong walk on Saturday.  It was so difficult to choose a theme for today.  I settled on the deer, but next week? We are all about the birds. Maybe. Probably.

Don’t move, I don’t know what she wants
Okay, Go! She’s not leaving!
Hurry up! Git!
I’m right behind you! Wait for me!
Bloody hell…
I’m cool.. Just move along, Human!
Oh. Em. Gee. She is STILL here!

47 thoughts on “Not Wordless Wednesday

  1. WOW! bloody hell is right. These are amazing Dale. You should send them to a publication. I mean it, It’s like a family picnic where they all came for a cook-out.

    Reminds me of an Emily Dickinson quote…a wounded deer, leaps the highest. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Susannah. I encountered so many deer and at least two families with mom and twins. They took off so fast I barely had time to catch what I did (Didn’t think I should include the ones where Mom’s head or bum were cut off!)

      So glad you like!

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        • These ones are protected (and have become rather abundant as a result). I remember going to these islands and getting beyond excited to see one way off in the woods. Now? They are pretty much everywhere but still skittish around people.
          So very glad you liked 🙂

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  2. Dear Dale,

    Ooooooh myyyy (said in my best George Takei voice). I’m the one who is wordless. These are amazing. Yeah, I feel a painting coming on. 😉 (When I’m back home, of course).

    Shalom and lotsa deerly beloved hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I do love that kind of reaction 🙂 I’ve got a few more to inspire you 😉 And thank you very much!

      Shalom and lotsa deerly love,



  3. We see deer from time to time in our area, and just over the weekend we saw a couple of baby deer out and about. I am sure Mom wasn’t far behind. Over the years they’ve had to make way for construction and the like, but they still have a decent sized population throughout our region. And just like these pictures show when they decide to get going…they can go!

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    • We have a series of islands between Montreal and the south shore that make up a national park. They are protected and, as a result, have grown in numbers. I remember getting excited to see one. Now? There are so many!

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  4. FABULOUS!!!! ⚡️💥
    Sweet creatures, and I’m glad to see so many! The more we walk, the more we find!

    Did 3 hours yesterday. I had to, it was our cool day this week. Only 28, 32 with the humidex.
    It was like going for a walk in a cement sauna. I kept hoping no one would pour more water on the rocks.
    Still recovering!
    – Sorceress of the wet cloth! xoxo

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    • Thank you, dahlink! 💞✨🧚‍♀️

      Lawzy. Cement sauna, for sure! I don’t think I would have gone 4.5 hours if the heat had been that bad. And thankfully it was in a park with lots of wooded areas so…
      LOL! Love it. Still a sorceress, wet or dry 😉

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      • Yeah. Thee’s a park near me, but there’s no art in it… except nature’s art, of course. OH, and hundreds & hundreds of people. xo


        • Well, that’s not the same thing. We hunt different creatures 😉 Well, I do love to hunt your kind to, but it means crossing the bridge and dealing with parking and whatnot so I really have to be in the mood! I don’t usually go on the weekends because it is way too peoply! I was frankly surprised I found the paths less followed when I went.


  5. Q

    I think these beautiful creatures could teach celebrities a thing or two about how to keep a safe distance from the paparazzi.

    Love the gallery of scooting and hollering on a not so wordless Wednesday.


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