Both Sides

That’s a classic song by a classic artist. Joni Mitchell burst onto the music scene during my college days. Since then, her accolades include 10 Grammy Awards, induction into both the Rock & Roll and Songwriters halls of fame, a Kennedy Center honoree, and more – including being on Dale’s Mt. Rushmoor of Female Musicians (who sang and wrote their own songs).

“Both” is an interesting word – one that is on my ideas list for a future beach walk essay. Maybe I’ll draft it next winter at the beach – but I will leave those thoughts for another day. After all, I need the sand and surf to inspire my thoughts.

To me, Both Sides, Now is about perception – how we perceive something based on the situation. How something the same seems different. I think about it as two sides of a coin or two sides of a story.

Much of life is about both – then and now, past and present, before and after. Both sides are even about each of us looking back at something that happened to reflect. Maybe even realizing something totally different now than then – even both sides.

We can create a long list of events involving before-and-after thoughts, but that’s not exactly where I’m going. Anthony Mason of CBS News did this wonderful segment involving respect, will, grit, determination, appreciation, surprise, cheers and tears.

If you watched the story above, you understand my point. If you didn’t, watch below to see Joni Mitchell sing Both Sides, Now at the recent Newport Folk Festival. Joni – surrounded by friends – overcoming a stroke – and singing pretty darn good.


22 thoughts on “Both Sides

  1. Both sides has an almost subversive feeling to it in this politically charged climate. The term, I mean. Whereas it SHOULD be a shared journey in which both sides are heard, good luck with that.

    As for Joni Mitchell, she’s a Hall of Fame Rushmore talent whose influence is everywhere. You don’t have to know her to have experienced this influence. From there to here, she is the positive side of the “Both Sides’ coin.

    Well done Cincy

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  2. The “both sides now” vibe made me think about how there are almost always – at least – two sides to every story. It also made me think about a time long, long ago in politics. I am old enough to remember where people listened to both (or three) candidates running for a public office, and then made a measured decision which one to side with, regardless of which party they represented…or which party the voter belonged to.

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  3. Well now… You KNOW you’ve got my attention now. This song… I just watched the top video and there are days where I cannot stop the tears. It speaks to me so deeply. She says what I wish I could.
    I loved her with Brandi Carlisle and I loved watching Wynonna Judd’s reaction and all around it’s amazing that after her aneurysm (not stroke) she has been able to relearn everything. Amazing.

    AND… for your Canadian peeps… here is the link that works😏 …

    This was wonderful.

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    • Dale,
      I knew you would enjoy this one. Plus, I knew that you mentioned the occasion to Marc. I too watched the people on stage … and the silence is in the crowd was deafening! Many thanks for the link. Seems so strange that you can see it, but with a different URL. Goofy!

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      • You knew correctly 😉 It was an amazing thing to watch. Can you imagine being in that audience for this surprise show? Amazing.
        Yeah. How stupid is that that my link gives the same bloody video….. 🙄


  4. Thanks for sharing, Frank. I seldom watch music videos, but last week I went down a rabbit hole for a bit watching Joni Mitchell perform at Newport. I love how Brandi Carlisle clearly adores her. I had read that Joni had to learn again how to play the guitar, and how she had had to relearn how to walk after she had polio as a child. Thanks for the interview–will and grit indeed!

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