The Rundown

An aerial view of more than a dozen hot-air balloons preparing to launch

Wait a minute . . . it’s September?

I knew my pal Linds B was onto something when she complained that time wasn’t real! I betcha Elon Musk has something to do with the stolen minutes of a summer that feels as if it spent most of its time in the sauna. But since he’ll be President in six years, he’s already covering his tracks for the leadup so it’ll remain a mystery.

The above capture is courtesy of The Atlantic and it shows a hot-air balloon launch in Goreme Historical National Park in central Turkey. It brings to mind a quote from Seneca, whose philosophical witticisms would’ve scored him plenty of hot dates on today’s streaming banshees.

“There is no easy way from the earth to the stars”

Hunter S. Thompson approved that message.

Heat Miser & Snow Miser: The Year Without a Santa Claus - See the song and get the lyrics! (1974) - Click Americana

Is 45 still up to something? We are currently sitting on 2,123 days in which this guy has been up to something, so pardon me if I’m tuning him out this week. The thought of jumping back in with a rant about his do-si-do with the DOJ gives me indigestion. Or maybe it’s the McRib I still haven’t digested from 2014. It’s probably both.

In other political news . . .

  • Sarah Palin lost her bid for Alaska’s lone Congressional seat. Her political career may be history while Mary Peltola made history by becoming the first native Alaskan to serve as a lawmaker for the state. Some pundits say this may be a danger sign for the GOP but since these peeps change their minds like the weather, I’ll check back in five minutes.
  • Texas governor Greg Abbott has spent $13 million busing migrants to New York and Washington D.C.. Lemme see if I have this right. He’s spending dollars on the penny to provide free transportation to peeps who were not likely to stay in Texas anyway. And that’s not a ‘big government’ move?

What Is Aaron Judge Worth? - SI Kids: Sports News for Kids, Kids Games and More

Aaron Judge is sitting on 51 home runs with a month’s worth of baseball yet to be played. The goal is 61 or better and regardless of whether he crosses that majestic threshold, all Judge really needs to concern himself with is staying out of the doctor’s office. Because he’s going to a score an “I told you so!” contract, somewhere.

In sports . . .

  • Serena is giving US Open fans one final thrill before she exits stage left and . . .whatever. She’s just the latest all time great whose act has worn thin with this reporter. What? I have to play nice? Since when?
  • The Broncos will be paying incoming star QB Russell Wilson $165 million guaranteed. It’s interesting to note that two-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer John Elway made $45 million over the course of his entire Broncos career.

Browns Fan & His Son Go Viral w/ 'F*** Them H**s' Sign in Support of Deshaun Watson

  • For those of you who think #MeToo is just bum rushing the male population into oblivion, check out this photograph. It shows an ass-hat father teaching his son all the wrong lessons. And he ain’t alone. Not by a longshot.
  • I checked out the podcast The Longest Game this week and if you’re a baseball fan, go there. It’s the story about how the Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings made history when they engaged in an epic eight and a half hour contest that went 33 innings and still stands as the longest professional baseball game ever played. If you love Norman Rockwell and W.P. Kinsella, you’ll be crushing.

Global Drought Could Impact More Than 75% of World Population by 2050: UN Report | Earth.Org

Hey man, I’m not that guy who screams “Holy Moses!” when it comes to all the many cracks in the foundation of Mother Earth. But with global droughts and dying rivers and lakes becoming ever more prevalent, Moses wouldn’t have had nearly as much luck parting the waters with his 5 iron. All this dry aging has contributed to something called “Zombie Ice”, where the undead ice becomes, in effect, a weapon of mass destruction in rising sea levels. Yikes.

Why Mikhail Gorbachev is a cautionary tale for the United States

Mikhail Gorbachev passed away this week at the age of 91, leaving behind a world he tried his best to change for the better.

He was 54 when he became the general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1985, and it was apparent early on that his tenure would be a departure from previous Soviet rulers. His reforms won him acclaim here in the states but the reception in his own country was always much more complicated than that. And in the end, his vision went the way of all great dreams.

There just wasn’t enough time.

150,000 tomatoes were lost this week in an accident on Interstate 80 in Vacaville, California. A member of the California Highway Patrol said his team was playing ketchup for hours after a semi crashed into the median, leaving onlookers red faced. “Whether you call them to-may-toes or to-mah-toes, this is a crushing turn of events for pasta lovers everywhere.” All may not be lost however, as Dominoes is reportedly interested in purchasing the leftovers.


99 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B,

    Surely you gest? Not September already?? And your birthday month, to boot 😉 I dunno about stolen minutes but man…

    What a gorgeou pic that it.

    45 just needs to be in the news, doesn’t he? Next.

    Something tells me there is no way in hell Mary Peltola will be half as entertaining (for us) as Sarah Palin was.

    I don’t understand that whole Abbott busing thing.

    Go Aaron Judge! I’m rooting for him to get 11 more! There is time, after all.

    Serena – snooze.
    Whoa. We can’t be doing that salary comparison thing. It’s ridonkulous how crazy these salaries have become.

    What an asshole. Can’t help but wonder why no one else around didn’t give him the what-for. Talk about bad teachings.

    That is cray-cray! 33 innings? Hole frijoles!

    That Zombie Ice is extremely disconcerting.

    Russia held so much promise when Gorbachev came into power. The current resident is doing his damndest to make all that history disappear.

    Punz ‘r Us is calling!!

    Excellent tune to mark this lovely month.


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    • Q

      I know! And I wish I was jesting, even a little bit but nope. The year is headed around the final stretch . .. already.

      What a sight. It brought to mind more than just Seneca’s quote, but really, where to begin and end? I could have enlisted a hundred quotes for this beauty.

      He’s now offering to pay the bills for any of the rioters who were arrested. What a . . .

      No one is going to match her. The rest of the candidates . . . wait for it . . . Palin in comparison. Satirically speaking, of course.

      Abbott pulled a mid-term stunt for his peeps back in Texas. I mean, it’s just nonsense.

      Judge can do it. He is not missing a beat. The Yankees on the other hand? Missing every other beat these days.

      Serena has been a forgettable act, imo. Her talent is perhaps best ever, and I ain’t questioning that. But the other stuff, it just turns me off.

      No I know. I just HAD to look up Elway’s career comps, salary wise. Today, Elway would be part owner.

      That ass hat of a father . . . that’s the worst of us right there.

      What an entertaining podcast it was.

      Nothing about Zombie Ice is good, not even remotely.

      I remember how opinions were changing both in the states and across the world. It was a slow drip and we still possessed a distrust of the Soviet machine, however. And with good reason.

      Ha! I had to wrap things up, so I whipped up a puncake.

      Can’t go wrong with Earth, Wind and Fire.


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  2. Aaron Judge – I think he’s going to get to 61. I know that man gonna get paid.

    Serena Williams – The greatest of all time. However, it is time to retire before the legacy loses just a little bit of glow. Tom Brady, one more year and you get back with your family also.

    Russell Wilson – He certainly got paid, didn’t he? I like the fact the Broncos and he made the commitment.

    Browns fans – There is no doubt the Browns have added to their “curse” with Watson’s arrival. No hope there, but kudos to the Cavaliers who stepped up big-time and took a big swing for Donovan Mitchell to come over from the Jazz. Something in Cleveland is looking up, at least.

    33 innings – I remember hearing about that when it occurred. Going forward, maybe there should be a rule in baseball where, starting with the 19th inning, you get to start each at-bat with runners on each base and a 3-0 count on the first batter.

    Ketchup on the roadway – I saw an article where they were talking about the most controversial uses of ketchup. While I admit I will on occasion eat it with eggs, and even a steak if there is no steak sauce available, I think otherwise my ketchup use can be classified as “normal.”

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    • I hope he does. It would be nice to have a cherished baseball record that isn’t tainted by the junk.

      Tom Brady’s marriage is currently sitting precipitously close to TILT. I don’t blame him for wanting to play until he can’t and I don’t blame her for wanting him to hang them up.

      The Broncos have their QB for the next half decade. And at dollars that are a relative bargain in today’s game.

      It’s a shame how things worked, or didn’t work out, in Cleveland. Two short seasons ago, Baker was the future and it made sense. Now they have a more talented QB but at what price . . .

      Good for the Cavs! I think it makes infinitely more sense for Cleveland than New York. Mitchell in New York would have been expected to be a savior, which he ain’t. But in Cleveland with those other guys? They can make some noise.

      I remember very little about it. I was bummed that the MLB had gone on strike. As for your extra innings idea, I don’t like all the gimmicks in today’s game, but that’s just me.

      I put ketchup on pizza sometimes. Bad pizza.

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        • Ugh. And to think, the common sense solutions are staring MLB in the face. Stuff like sacrificing the batter and hitting the other way. And how about this? Rather than put a time clock on the pitcher, make him stay on the rubber and make the batter stay in the box throughout the entirety of the at bat?

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’ve had on MLB Network in the background all day, and at their press conference they provided data to support the innovations. I know anyone can take data and make it talk for their side, but I have to say the clock will pretty much achieve your thought about the pitcher being anchored on the rubber and the batter secured in the box. I know baseball has always been the “timeless game without a clock” but today’s players just won’t do this unless they are forced to. Now as for the shift, the game we grew up with had the players actually playing their positions instead of playing chess i.e. the shift. Having them in their positions will help create more action. I have no doubt of that. I want more action, and I want players to play their position and forced to be more athletic in trying to stop the opposition. The shift is choking off the sport. The number of shifts utilized this year is so much higher – higher than ever before. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and I just mowed the lawn, but I’m seeing my way to liking these changes. I want to see baseball more like the game I grew up with, and if we can get the sport sped up…with more balls in play and more action…I am here for that.

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          • Ugh Walking! You are harshing my “Get off my lawn!” old guy schtick with your reasoned and quite intelligent retort. It does make sense when you put it that way.

            I wanted to be ornery until dinner . . . . 😉

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  3. Another great one, Pilgrim. Since the mention of 45 causes me to break out I’m going to pass on his stuff. I do want to bring up Biden’s statement about MAGA folks being fascists. Is it just me or has nobody noticed that before killing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Putin called them Nazi’s. We all know Nazis are as fascist as you can get. So what does Joe have in mind? Is he going to appoint a fascist hunting czar or simply start bombing the MAGAs. In any case, borrowing from Putin’s speech book does not make Joe look any more awake. I agree it is time for Sarina to retire. I watched a match and I hope she takes her fist gesture with her. Tomatoes are one of my favorites and to see them on the road was heartbreaking. The bussing of illegals is in answer to the lack of action by the Feds. New York went ahead and declared itself a sanctuary city. Abbott is taking them up on their offer in part to try and raise awareness of the crisis at the border. (Not only the human crisis but also an almost unrestrained flow of kid-killing drugs.) Arron Judge looks like he is going to go to the record. Fine post today. Thanks for letting me talk.

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    • That first line . . I love that first line Pam.

      And yes, we open our eyes to the cold realities of a world gone off its axis. And why DO we have to have people on it? Seems to me at the rate we’re going, that might soon change.

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  4. Aye yi yi! September already?! Not the least bit sorry to hear about Palin’s loss at the polls. I was fascinated to learn this was a ranked-choice election. Maybe we can actually find a way to work around the whacked political parties after all.

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    • Right?

      No huh? LOL. Well, now she’ll go back to reality TV or something. It’s her best fit.

      Yeah I was reading that as well. Of course, the losing party had a problem with it. Can’t anyone just lose anymore?

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  5. …There just wasn’t enough time. This made me very thoughtful, the passing of Mr. Gorbachov who at the very least, was a decent human being, the likes that are becoming rarer and rarer.

    Sarah Palin reminds me of a cockroach that, even with missing parts, keeps going. I loved John McCain, but his choice of her as his running mate in 2008 truly believe severed his chances at the Presidency, leaving me bewildered, still. Was the hair? I don’t know.

    I got a lot of shit for liking McCaine but could never get over how as a POW would never leave his men. Another reason Donald Trump makes me sick since, he said such mean things about him. One of your rundowns leads to another dress-down.

    Again, I applaud how much you put into these. Susannah

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  6. OMG! You are right! It is September. Seems I’ve been in my own world. I’m trying to catch up with the outer world. It might happen.
    No it’s not that McRib, it is 45, and I have indigestion from it all, too.
    Meanwhile, seeing as how Canada has strict gun laws, we proudly announce….well, just announce…. a mass stabbing, over a massive terrain and still possibly more to come. It’s always proud making when CNN picks up a Canadian story. Am I spelling facetious right?

    Who is Watson?

    That cracked earth photo breaks my heart. Why do I feel especially sorry for that poor little animal? Perhaps because its suffering is man made? Although I’m sure the woman isn’t one of the humans largely responsible.

    RIP Mikhail Gorbachev. You tried.

    Ah, Lucky Dominos! I heard they were just about to run out of last year’s road kill.

    Filling in another comments box!


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  7. Film story of the week?

    I was designing costumes for a TV series “Highlander, the Raven”. It was a spin off from “Highlander” and starred Elizabeth Gracen of Miss America fame. (And an affair with 42 before he was 42)

    It was the 1790’s and the Raven helps defend a black couple who had won freedom. She gets them safely on a ship heading to their new life.

    The woman wears a ring. Was it a wedding ring, or one the Raven gave her? Whatever, there was a ring in the storyline. I should watch it again, so I can flush out this tale properly.

    The ship goes down. The woman’s body is washed up on a beach. She is stomach down, and to make sure the audience knows it’s her, there is a shot close up on the hand and the ring.

    They ran short of time, and did not get the shot.

    Now, we had to do an insert shot scheduled with a “B” camera & crew.

    So as not to pay full money for an insert shot, they hired a hand double. Although they were only supposed to shoot the hand, I dressed the double head to toe in the exact costume. I had learned the hard way that creativity could sprout its wings at the last moment, and the “B” camera director could come up with a shot that included more of the costume.

    The actor was dressed and ready to go. There was only one last thing, and that was to put the ring one the exact finger that it had been established on.

    Of course the hand double was missing a finger, the exact finger required. I think she said she lost it in a mower accident.

    Once again, I was the bearer of bad news.
    Wardrobe discovers many problems during fittings, and is the one who has tell production. An unpleasant experience at best.

    Like the guy who played the cut & muscle bound fireman on the cover of the Firemen’s Calendar, close ups and everything.
    When I fit the guy, I noticed he was thin, and his muscles were indents, not out crops.
    I already told you about when I did the trump movie for ABC, and the guy playing him was shorter than all the other actors who played real people who were all taller.

    Of course there are standards like:

    They needed a small busted actress for a role. They hired appropriately, but between hiring and filming she had a boob job. Nothing too big, just a double D.
    It fell upon me to make her bust look small. It was to no avail. This was her big break, and she was going to show what she had.

    Believe it or not, this was not the only time an actress showed up for filming with a brand new bust, and I had to deal with it.

    Many a time I had to bind the bust of an actress, they hired who was physically inappropriate, but she could act, had a name, etc. So I had to deal with it.

    Then there were the many times I had to make the bust look a lot bigger. This always went well, until the nude love scenes.

    SIGH! Still working on Robert Loggia’s hairbrush story!

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  8. Thanks for the many smiles a esp with the tomato story at the end –
    And your mention of Gorbachev reminded me of a series you might want to check out (if you didn’t already) it is called “kleo”
    It was pretty good…
    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former East German spy resolves to find out who betrayed her

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  9. Hi – I’m over from Prior’s place and I live not far from the scene of the tomato tragedy. So many fine tomatoes smashed on hot asphalt! I think the former president should have pardoned them. All kidding aside, Texas and Florida seem to like to elect cruel men. I don’t get it but …

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