Speaking Of . . .

On this date in Yankees history: Roger Maris earns 1961 AL MVP | Bronx Pinstripes | BronxPinstripes.com

Since Aaron Judge is taking his sweet time in his quest to become the Bronx Boss of Bash, it threw off my weekend Rundown plan. Which is plenty fine since I haven’t penned one of these speakeasies in a lukewarm minute. So even when the big fella doesn’t get it done? He still gets it done!

Speaking Of . . . getting it done, the aforementioned Judge crushed it this year, and I’m not even talking about the diamond business in this instance. Nah, what 99 did for Derek Rodriguez ain’t gonna show up in any box score, and that’s because it’s much more important than any baseball game.

Rodriguez was the nine-year old Yankees fan who missed out on a Judge homer the last time the Yankees were in Toronto. Until he didn’t, thanks to Blue Jays fan Mike Lanzillotta, who caught the ball and then handed it to the kid. After which both of them got to meet Judge. How can you not love that?

You could say Judge had 99 reasons and a pitch wasn’t one.

Adam Levine & Tom Brady: Lakers Bros! | Adam Levine, Tom Brady | Just Jared

Speaking Of . . . pitches, I have one for any of the eleven million streaming services out there who love petty faces. I’m pairing up the newly separated Tom Brady and the newly found out (as if we didn’t know) creep Adam Levine in a NYC brownstone for bastard bachelors. The show will have a twenty-eight minute running time, twenty-four minutes of which will be filled with preening memes. The other four minutes will possess vacuous verbiage that will no doubt set civilization back at least a hundred minutes. The working title is Unlikeable You

Nancy Pelosi booed during surprise appearance at NYC music festival, videos appear to show | Fox Business

Speaking Of . . . Unlikeable, Nancy Pelosi made a surprise appearance at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park over the weekend. A lot less surprising was her getting booed off the stage. My daughter was in attendance and she called it the most interesting part of a lackluster event.

I'm not convinced we've wasted enough time on this | Work humor, Workplace humor, Work memes

Speaking Of . . . Lackluster events, the Super Bowl halftime show was supposed to feature Taylor Swift. And I for one wasn’t about to bother with that mess. Welp, those plans fell through and now Rihanna will star in the two-hour motion picture. And okay, I’m still not gonna bother, but I’m glad it’s not Taylor Swift just the same.

FDA Warns Against Making Viral NyQuil Chicken Recipe

Speaking Of . . . bad medicine, the FDA issued a warning recently against basting your chicken in Nyquil. This was in response to a five year old stunt found on the internets in which some kids were achieving maximum dosages in their hot meals. And I swear to Jesus, if Albert Einstein and Darwin were still kicking, Al would be getting busy on a bomb that would end this madness and Charlie would be rooting him on.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel's leadership style, Dolphins beat Bills - Sports Illustrated

Speaking Of . . . rooting, you didn’t think I was going to go through an entire post without mentioning the first place and(!) undefeated Miami Dolphins, did you? They overcame a literal ass kicking punt and total domination by Buffalo on the stat sheet and they paid the Bills! Now they’re sitting in the football penthouse as they mark a Super Bowl date with the Philadelphia Eagles. And the only thing that could stop this from happening would be an asteroid crashing into earth.

What time will NASA's DART spacecraft hit an asteroid on Sept. 26? | Space

Speaking Of . . . asteroids crashing into earth, NASA conducted a test last night by actually t-boning one of these fuckers. NASA crashed its DART spacecraft (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) into a hurtling hunk of space burning love called Dimorphos at speeds in excess of 14,000 mph. Which sounds like your average Tuesday on a Florida highway.

NASA insists their Hollywood stunt was simply a test and I believe them, because I always believe what government agencies tell me. And hey, I know it sounds ridiculous to believe that the Eagles and Dolphins meeting for all the chips on the table might portend such a cataclysmic event. And I don’t actually believe it  . . . because that’s just . . . silly.



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  1. The Judge story in Toronto has so many great stories embedded in it. As the announcers said, “All the way around.” Pelosi getting booed a highlight of the event? Oh boy … must have been quite the boring event. The NASA event is incredible – especially when thinking about the size and the distance involved. The last two Dolphin wins have been HUGE – probably the only thing on this planet bigger than the ex-president’s hands. But now it’s off to The Jungle for the Thursday encounter with the team in white who even changed the endzone paint from orange to white. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouZ_m8FJL3I

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    • It’s a fantastic story. Judge is such a classy young man.

      Pelosi shouldn’t have confused herself with someone the kids care about. She’s the same difference as most everyone else in Congress to these kids.

      I just hope they don’t mess this up and send an asteroid our way some day.

      HUGE! And now we’re on to Cincy!

      I love those uniforms . . .

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  2. B,

    Love these “Speaking of…” posts 🙂

    They (the pitchers) are doing their best to keep Judge from getting his 61st and 62nd homers… Still, he is lovely to watch, isn’t he?

    That video is the BEST! I love when beautiful stories like this happen for no good reason that just because.

    Buahahaha! That is quite the pitch… Unlikeable You is the perfect title for it.

    Most interesting part, eh? Now you DO have to fill me in.

    Meh to Taylor Swift. I got convinced by Bruce (Walking Off the Chessboard) to watch her 14-min. movie of her song, the name of I have already forgotten…. I couldn’t finish it. Rihanna will be rather better to watch, should I actually do so.

    We live in such an age where they need to put warnings on hot coffee, and warnings to not eat fucking detergent… honestly. How is this Nyquil shit still in the news?

    Go Dolphins! And while the score wasn’t quite what I had predicted, I did win, so there is that 😉 That butt punt was ridiculous. In his defense, he didn’t have much room to move. Sucks that it also gave an extra two points to the Bills…

    NASA is jealous of Hollywood’s capabilities and had to try it for realz. Of course, they can use the excuse that should it ever become necessary, they know they can do it… ahem.

    Excellent tune!


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    • Taylor Swift is not a go-to singer for me by any stretch, but I think that song is great. If for nothing else, because it is the “response” to Jake Gyllenhaal dumping her. That’s A-lister high drama right there. Rihanna is an ok Super Bowl halftime performer by me, and I too would definitely rather see her than T-Swift.🙂

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    • Q

      It’s been a while.

      He’s not in a slump either. He’s hitting over .300 in the last seven homerless games, with a ton of walks. He’ll get it.

      Actually, I think you’re right. He is a lovely kid.

      They just happen. Organically.

      I think it will achieve a Rotten Tomatoes score of maybe 11? I might be on the high side with that rating but hey, there will be plenty of curious bystanders.

      It was a mess. But thankfully, unlike Woodstock, no violence.

      Taylor Swift is a bit of a snot. And it really wouldn’t have mattered to me if she had been the performer since I don’t pay any mind to it anyways.

      Everyone runs for cover based on the stupidity of the minority. It’s a way of life!

      It was a win and now the Dolphins are THAT much closer to the playoffs. I still see the Bills winning the division and I still see us slumping at some point as we always do. But 11-6 is more doable from here.

      I don’t know why this became such a big deal. Unless they know something they’re not telling anyone.



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      • It has!

        He’s playing well. It just sucks that they seem inclined to walk him all the way!

        He is.

        They do!

        I dunno how the scoring works but hey… if 11 is good, your title should definitely get it. And I’m sure your cast would do ya proud.

        Oh dear. Though no violence does ease my worries.

        She is. And I honestly do not pay much attention, either.

        It’s ridonkulous.

        Uh huh… You keep seeing the slump and I’ll keep thinking positive.

        Which is highly possible…

        De nada!


        • They have given him some pitches, but yeah, they’re being pretty cautious so as not to become a part of the history books.

          11 means the show gets one episode, maybe two, LOL.

          I would love to be wrong about that slump, but I’m not. The Dolphins have gotten away with playing little defense but that stuff comes back. I think tomorrow night in fact! But hey, the playoffs are happening. Probably . . .;)

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          • They have and yeah… cautious as all hell.

            Woot! That’s better than those that never make it to or past the pilot 😉

            You have a point but hey… maybe? We’ll see!

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          • I felt so badly for the fans in the stands on that home run ball. They missed catching it by thismuch! A million bucks . . . here and then GONE.

            Hollywood should have been one episode. Just saying. And Echoes . . well, don’t get me started.

            Well, just so I don’t get tagged with the label of a Dougie Downer (Not that I really mind what peeps call me) here’s the thing. I’m utilizing a realistically based formula in maintaining a healthy amount of doubt in the Dolphins chances WHILE holding out hope that they’ll prove me wrong. Like they (and you) did on Sunday. The NY Times has a very comprehensive playoff simulator. It allowed me to go week to week choosing which games they win and which games they lose. I had them on a three game losing streak as well as losing to the Lions. However, I have them beating the Patriots in New England, which is always a tough game, as well as winning a couple games that are tossups. The bottom line is, after my picks, the simulator gave the Dolphins a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs. So there’s that. 😉

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          • No kidding! Touched the glove only to land below. Waaaahhh!

            Hollywood should definitely have stopped after one. And Echoes… don’t even.

            And you know I tease. And you’re more of a realist than a pessimist, so there is that. I am such as well, with just a tad more optimism mixed in 😉
            And hey… if our Dolphins make the playoffs – winnah!!


  3. Hi M!
    Congrats to the dolphins and they really did overcome the literal ass kicking punt !! lol
    And I think that the bills losing can be good for them because (as we have mentioned before) getting too cocky and too confident early on in the season is dangerous
    And I hope Miami doesn’t go six and zero to get swelled up and fizzle –
    But for now let everyone celebrate ….
    And I am sure you saw the meme from the bills coach?

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    • Seriously! Mark Sanchez, move over!

      I think you’re right. This was a ‘good loss’ as losses go because it’s early and it will force them to address the fact that they NEED a running game that doesn’t include Allen.

      I had Miami at 11-6 before the season and I am sticking with it. Of course, that means we’re only going 8-6 the rest of the way but as a Dolphins fan . . . I’m good with it.

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  4. Enjoyed this post, as usual, Pilgrim. So many good stories and great suggestions. Brady and Lavine should be in one of those naked and afraid reality shows but just with the two of them. Congrats on the Dolphins. Great Judge story. Good on that fan. Nancy Pelosi getting booed? The whole of Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court would get the same treatment. I suggest all those pols in Washington just stay home. No one likes any of them. Nyquil and chicken. I’ll pass. Loved the NASA trick. Got a good night’s sleep last night. Thanks for the fun.

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  5. You may have jinxed us with that Dolphins-Eagles Super Bowl mention. We don’t want to lean into that too much because it may make the Injury Gods angry…and they could wreak havoc on our teams. Hell, Tua stumbling around the field on Sunday was scary enough. The team is rallying around the statement his back is why he couldn’t walk correctly. If it wasn’t his head (which I still think it was), it was his neck. Either way, a short turnaround for the Fish and they have to face the white helmets of the Bengals (they look cool). It should be must-see-TV. Nancy Pelosi should be smart enough to know she’d get booed off any stage on Earth, even at her party’s convention. Nyquil and Chicken…I think I saw that on the menu for my Chinese Restaurant nearby. The lunar rovers on Mars are cute to me in a science-y way, but NASA should have been defunded long, long ago…especially since after landing on the Moon in 1969 they have now decided to go back and see if we can live there. Really? 1969 people – what have you been doing since? Take the checkbook away, America. Now. Immediately Now.

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    • I expect the Dolphins will lose tomorrow night in Cincy, and that’s okay. If you would have told me they went 3-1 with the front end of that schedule, I would have taken it. And I’m still predicting an 11-6 record for Miami and a WC berth because I think the BIlls are still gonna win the division.

      I think it was his back, but either way, he might not be able to go tomorrow. We’ll see. . . .

      Pelosi really thinks she’s relevant to these kids. Whatever.


      NASA headquarters should be sent to the moon. That might work.

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  6. What a fun little romp through your stream of consciousness. I do hope your team makes it all the way. As for that asteroid thingy… I read this great time travel novel where the protagonists go back to try to prevent the Titanic from hitting the iceberg and so on. Instead it turns out that their interference is what caused the Titanic to hit the iceberg! Now, let’s say that asteroid we just played bumpers cars with was heading nowhere near here, but thanks to a little NASA readjustment…

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  7. Great pre-BD post, Marc 😉 So why the harsh re Taylor? As for the two pretty boys, yeah, that is totally understandable. Big time congrats on the Fish’s stats and status. I know of a certain ‘hooved team’ that won’t be rivaling them any time soon. Good lord, could they be any uglier on the field? Still waiting for their coach to show up.

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    • I met Taylor Swift and wasn’t amused. So now I have fun with it. Lots.

      These guys deserve each other.

      I’m reserved in my enthusiasm really. I see an L coming tomorrow night in Cincy and am okay with it because if you would have told me we would be 3-1 after our first four games I would have taken it!

      The Broncos are lucky the Raiders have been so un-clutch or they would be in the cellar.

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  8. I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a super bowl half-time show (if I’m watching the game, that’s when I go fill my plate with snacks), so I guess I don’t really worry who’s doing it. But why did they switch, I’m wondering?

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  9. Yeah, so sports guys just aren’t sexy.
    Musicians, now there’s sexy.

    Okay! I adore that video! It was played a lot on the news up here.
    The follow up is wonderful. Seems the fans have more sportsmanship than the players.

    Nyquil for basting? I think Nyquil pudding would be better.
    When is the Stuper Bowl?

    I still don’t understand if you LOVE sports, or are annoyed by sports?

    Love the song!!!!

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    • Sexy knows sexy!

      I do too, it’s a keeper!

      These fans were special. Too many times we see the drunken louts who cause problems. I’m glad the good peeps got equal time in this instance.

      I dunno about either! LOL

      February. Seems like a long way away but . . .

      I have to say BOTH.

      Gracias lovely


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