The Rundown

Aaron Judge hits 61st home run; ties Roger Maris for AL season record

It’s a busy time in this neighborhood as September gives way to the”Damn that feels good!” weather of October. This episode of your mostly weekly Rundown is arriving hot on the heels of the lovely Dale’s wonderfully wordless (almost) Wednesday whilst preceding The Cincinnati Kid’s Ode to October, which is coming up on Saturday. I feel like the peach pie filling of a very tasty treat, and I want to thank my partners in crime for making me look more popular than I am.

Let’s get this party started . . . .


I sent out a half dozen texts on Wednesday night using a single word, because it was all that needed to be said. Every single one of my recipients understood what it meant. Seven homerless games gave way to history with one swing of the bat. And now Aaron Judge resides in baseball folklore until the lights go out. He also grabbed a seat at the table of one of the most iconic franchises in sports, right there with the Babe and the Mick, Maris and Gehrig, Reggie and Jeter.

And the best part of all this is the class Aaron Judge brought to the chase. He never once got prickly with the growing media contingent as he closed in on Maris. He handled himself with grace and even gave a tip of the hat to Barry Bonds when he claimed that Bonds remains the single season king. After going yard, he met with Roger Maris’s son deep inside the labyrinth of the Rogers Centre and they shared a private conversation. And while I have no idea what they talked about, I’ve got a feeling Roger’s name came up. The one thing I do know?

He would be proud.

The ways Hurricane Ian is an unprecedented storm for Florida's Gulf Coast | CNN

Nature has been merciless this fall.

Hurricane Ian is following the same catastrophic blueprint as its sister Fiona and reminding us once again that sunny skies are temporary havens we best soak up with humility and gratitude. Because they don’t stick around in perpetuity unless you’re on a movie set, and now Florida is learning this lesson once again as those skies have turned sinister.

The storm, which developed in the Caribbean last week, has displaced millions of Floridians while causing even more damage than its predecessor. The ‘unprecedented’ storm is believed to be the worst seen by the Florida coastline in a century. It reminds me of something the renowned astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson once observed about natural disasters: No matter how much bigger and smarter our technology gets, we will always be at the mercy of nature.

Prince Harry, Meghan's harsh comments and bombshell claims about the royal family: Do they have royal regrets? | Fox News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had their royalty rating downgraded after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The couple was once ranked near the top of the Palace list, right below Kate and William, but then they journeyed out on their own. As a result, they find themselves at the very bottom of the list now, just ahead of disgraced Prince Andrew, who is basically the New York Jets of Buckingham Palace. Talk about getting the royal screw! I’m pretty sure even Taylor Swift ranks ahead of them.

White House: Late congresswoman 'top of mind' in Biden flub

No, he di-iiii-nt!

President Biden sought out lawmaker Jackie Walorski during a speech at a hunger, nutrition and health conference on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Indiana congresswoman was not in attendance, seeing as how she died in a car accident last month. I mean, everyone is entitled to a mulligan. But when you start collecting the fuckers, that’s no bueno. And pipe down Trumpers, because this guy beat your guy. 

Trump offers to 'head up' group to negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine | South China Morning Post

Ooookay, since I’m already here . . . Trump has announced that he wants to negotiate the peace between Russia and the Ukraine, and it’s not an article out of The Onion. He really does want to be Jimmy Carter. But having Trump negotiate a peace accord is like having the Joker organize the Gotham City Thanksgiving Day parade.

Coolio died this week at the age of 59, and so it’s my civic duty to post his iconic video, which just so happened to have been released in the year my son was born, so yanno . . great things and all that. Anyways, Artis Leon Ivey Jr. achieved the damn near impossible with this tune; he made ordinary white dudes feel like badass gangsters for four-minutes at a clip.

Rest in Peace good man.

Imma cap this week’s episode with a September 11th story gifted me by the lovely Dale. It felt divinely sent as we turn the page on another September. And it speaks to how I am always remembering back to the time, through books and songs and anecdotes and street corners and teddy bears and handwritten letters and blue skies and any other thing that makes my soul wander back.

Paul Murdoch is the architect of the “Tower of Voices” monument in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It’s a 93 foot structure that honors Flight 93- the plane that never made it to its destination. It houses 40 wind chimes- one for each soul taken from the world on that horrible morning. Murdoch talked about how he would like everyone who visits the memorial to just “feel”. Anything, and everything. The way those of us who lived inside that time did.

The video is a few years old but the sentiment is not tethered to a calendar. It’s for the here and now, joining that yesterday with today and all of our tomorrows. To feel . . to just feel. It means that we’re allowing our hearts and minds to do the one thing that matters most of all.

It means we never forget.



28 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. I’m glad Judge made it. Who wouldn’t be? Hurricanes make me shiver. Never want to have to deal with one again. My thoughts are with those who have no power and won’t for weeks. I lived through that stuff, and folks who never have will never understand what it means to stand in a water-soaked house in the black of night. Harry and
    Meghan knew the consequences. I’m glad you mentioned Joe. He continues to embarrass us all. No Trumper here and had to laugh out loud at your comparison. Negotiate peace? Sit down, Donald. Putin’s not going to negotiate. I hope the memories of those gone as a result of the criminal act on 9/11 will never fade. Thaks, Pilgrim. A super post.

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    • The MLB doesn’t deserve Judge. But I’m glad he is the one who tied the AL record.

      Hurricanes are the scariest shit. I have no experience with cyclones or tornadoes so I can only imagine. But unlike those natural disasters, a hurricane builds and then it stick around and spreads that destruction over a much longer period of time. Awful.

      The kids will be fine. Harry and Meghan have their life now and given the choice all over again, I think they would do the same thing.

      Joe is a shame. I think Republican voters have to take a hard look at themselves because those who chose Trump chose the one candidate who could lose to Biden! Joe was a two time primary loser, he was an afterthought after Obama left office. And yet, he won?

      We still need to make the Saudis answer. But I guess that ship has sailed. Fucking tragic on top of tragic.

      Thank you Boss

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  2. Here come da Judge. Not a Yankees fan and never will be, but was cheering for Aaron to get to that mark and now let’s exceed it by at least 1 more dinger. Great for baseball. The Phillies have not been great for baseball lately and it appears my hometown team won’t be invited to the post-season. My “back-up team” the Padres looks to be in good shape, so I shall channel all my energy to them. The Royals (British, not Kansas City) have lost a lot of luster with the Queen’s passing. She was the glue holding the whole deck of cards together, and now there might be overwhelming sentiment to just close up shop and take all of their talents to Hollywood. Whatever talents they have.
    Hurricanes are not welcome sights, and I recall as a 14 year old sitting through Hurricane Agnes saying to myself…”we’re in the suburbs of Philadelphia for God’s sake, how the hell is this happening here?” And it was only a so-called Category 1. As we have all learned time and time again since, that wind speed Category stuff is fine and dandy, but it’s the amount of moisture you really have to worry about. When one of these suckers comes to a stop and has an unlimited supply of water to work with, it doesn’t matter how hard the wind is blowing. The 9/11 monument PA is awesome. Have to get over to the western part of our state and experience that in person. I know I will never forget.

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    • Judge was just the tonic for what ails these hallowed MLB records. A classy, humble and by all accounts, clean kid. Judge did and said all the right things during this chase.

      And before we go damning the players of the steroid era, I think we have to question the guy at the tippy top of it all: Bud Selig. Who turned a blind eye to what was pretty obvious. Athletes are always going to look for an advantage, but the boss only let it happen because he wanted to get all those fans who had given up on the sport after the strike in ’95, back.

      Rant over.

      Oh yeah? The Phillies are out? And they were making so much hay after letting Joe G go. Shame. As for our side crush, yeah the Padres just might be a fun team to watch come October. If they could knock off the Dodgers . . .

      The Royals can go into the reality show business. They can turn Buckingham Palace into a hotel/gift shop (If it isn’t already that?) and maybe they can start paying the UK back.

      The surges are the scary shit with these storms. I mean, the winds are catastrophic of course and they lay waste to anything in their path. But then you get the double dose with the surge. It’s awful.

      My son went a few years ago. He said the monument and the memorial were so well done. His takeaway was just how eerily quiet the place is.

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      • Agreed that Steroid Selig takes at least partial ownership for that “era.” Well…the Phillies are still 1/2 game “in,” but they’ve completely forgotten how to drive a run in and recently getting swept by the Cubs was a really bad look. The Brewers apparently don’t want the last spot in the NL either, so we might back in as badly as any team has ever backed into anything. I like the idea of the Royals operating a full-on gift shop in the Palace, which could then become a museum. Then again, if the Royals go away completely who will the British media turn their hatred towards next…maybe Ted Lasso for (finally) making soccer cool in America?

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        • His look away pass changed the game in so many ways; from the way offense became the dominant fixture to pay scale.

          Getting swept by the Cubs should eliminate you from postseason contention. Yikes!

          The Royals will never go away. Too many outlets depend on them to deliver on the slow news days. Having visited London, Buckingham Palace is HUGE. It could have its own zip code.

          Ha! Not familiar with Ted Lasso, but it’s hilarious to think that a show about soccer is such a hit.

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  3. Dear Birthday Boy,

    You know it’s my pleasure to be a part of your team. And our “Damn that feels good” weather was a tad too cool for me this morning 34!!

    I am so happy for Judge! And now that the pressure is off to match, watch him blow past it like nothing. He is a classy and stand-up guy, no doubt about it.

    Nature is not to be toyed with.

    Fiona caused (and still causes) much strife in our Canadian Maritime provinces. No breaths were able to be taken before Ian hit. They do seem to get bigger and stronger and more… More.

    Harry and Meghan made their chose, just like their great-uncle did. I cannot feel bad for them.

    Bloody hell, Biden. You really don’t help your case at all, do you?

    Trump and negotiation… for peace? Is it even in his vocabulary? Good gawd.

    How did I miss the Coolio news? Too young. I love this song. Rest in peace, for sure.

    I’m always chuffed when I can supply a story for your weekly Rundown. I’ll forgive you for choosing a video that does not play in Canada coz it’s your birthday and all, so to help with your Canadian readers, here is a watchable video…
    It is such a beautiful memorial and I would love to one day see it. On a windy day, of course.

    Great tune. How can we not like this one? Here’s for your Canucks:

    Did I say happy birthday, yet? No?


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    • Q

      Why ain’t you sweeter than tea! Gracias lovely. And yes, this is the dream team over heah!

      The weather was beautiful for running this morning. It was somewhere in the 40’s and the crisp tuck in the air helped me immensely considering it was a back to back.

      Judge is a breath of fresh air. He does just about everything the right way, he’s graceful and classy. The MLB and the Yankees are lucky to have him.

      The death and destruction brought a lot of people who would otherwise have nothing to do with each other, together. Why does it always take a tragedy?

      I’m not qualified in the least to say what all of these storms mean, but the community that is enlisted to do so should be listened to.

      I think in the short term it’s a hit. But given the choice all over again, I feel they would definitely have done the same thing. It’s not a life for everyone.

      Ugh, it’s embarrassing.

      Ugh, it’s embarrassing.

      You sense a pattern in the above statements? Maybe we should ALL smarten up when it comes to who we’re sending to Washington.

      Yeah, I happened upon it and it wasn’t even front page news and I’m sure some kids would be like, who’s that? We know.

      This YouTube is nuts! Thank you for the save. 😉

      As for the memorial and that monument, what an undertaking. How respectful everyone involved was in the details. My son has been there and he said it’s so eerily quiet.

      Si Si?
      Ooooohhh, you mean CeCe!

      You did! And you did! And YOU DID! 🙂



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      • I do try. Dream team!

        Nice. It is so nice to run and not come back feeling overheated. I’m going later today – it is Saturday, after all and I managed to get some sleep but I’m still on the exhausted side of things (and that is so not like me!)

        Judge is. The whole MLB and we, the fans, are lucky to have him.

        I dunno why it always takes a tragedy. I guess when it’s life or death, one’s humanity comes out.

        Neither am I but we do notice things and maybe we should listen to those who do.

        Choice… how the hell did I right chose? Sheesh. And no, it is not. The family were disgusting with Meghan so I appreciate Harry all the more for choosing his wife and his life over theirs.

        It no doubt is. Twice!

        Yes, it is time to smarten up, no doubt.

        Usually, I am on the up and up with such stuff, usually, but let’s just say that in the past two weeks, I’m a tad overextended. My son loves the old school rap so he’d be a rare one to know who he was.

        YouTube annoys the shit out of me when it comes to stuff like this. The video I added was the same one, FFS. Why can I not see yours but I do see mine? Pfft.

        I imagine it must be eerily quiet and even hearing the chimes must be something else. (On the to visit list…)

        Oh good, though I might have missed it 😉


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        • A run will do you good.

          I don’t think Manfred and the suits deserve him in the least. Bunch of self righteous creeps they are.

          Of course, now it’s already getting political on both sides. How long did THAT take? Not even the weekend.

          I don’t hate nor love nor follow the royals in any way so to me, this is all just common sense. A guy who was in the family married someone who wasn’t, and then he decided he didn’t want the life. Simple as that.

          Damian too, he listens to a wide variety of stuff. While he’s not a rap fan, he knows the artists plenty well enough.

          Did you see how expensive YouTube TV is? It’s like 70 bucks a month. WTF.

          The chimes would add a wholly different dimension.



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          • Yes, it will. Tomorrow.

            They don’t. But we’re rooting for him, the man.

            Of course it is. It always ends up there, doesn’t it?

            Right. I’m not a monarchist by a long shot. They fascinate me for a minute then I move on. However, good for them for cutting ties. It’s passé.

            Our kids are cultured 🙂 I actually like the old rap (Iain listened to it enough for me to become more knowledgeable).

            Whoa! I never looked into it. They keep trying to give me a trial and I don’t bite. Now I’ll never bite! Da fuck?

            I bet.




  4. Holy crap Batman … Happy Birthday! It would be great for someone to deliver #62 on this day!

    As you know, I haven’t followed much about the grand ol’ game this year, but the Judge story continues to intrigue me. Especially because you say he’s a wonderful human being!

    Definitely a Joe big flub – but has he owned up to it? I ask because I know others who would never do such a thing.

    Harry and Meghan may not be officially royal anymore, she’s still hot! Good props to the Shanksville story. Tough loss last night. Hoping Tua recovers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think Judge went yard last night but thank you good sir.

      Judge is good people. Which is why Manfred doesn’t deserve him. But the hell with Manfred. Go Judge!

      Actually that’s why Joe is here. The White House went all nonsensical rather than just owning up to it.

      Me goodness she is. I was always a Pippa man myself, because she looks as if she has plenty of hellion going on. But yes, Meghan is quite lovely. As in hawt.

      The Shanksville monument and memorial is attention to detail at its most respectful.

      I’m a bit ticked at the NFLPA and ESPN and all these people who are now vilifying the Dolphins. People need someone or something to blame. I get it. But every team has been complicit in doing their damndest to dance around the protocol. John Harbaugh’s statements about the Dolphins didn’t feel genuine. They felt as if he was trying to recruit his own guy.

      Rant over. For now.

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  5. There was a time when I wanted Roger’s record to last forever but seeing how Judge is such a classy guy, I can’t think of a more deserving home run leader.

    Umm yeah…45 ‘negotiating’ a peace deal…pu-leez. I nearly fell out of my chair reading that laughable notion. I’m sure it cause most Ukrainian cheeks to tighten.

    The Prince and Dutchess just slightly better than that sleaze uncle Andrew?? Talk about tragic. I feel badly the well of their persona was so poisoned. I think the Prince is very much like his mother and frankly I always liked his wife. People are just mean. I didn’t blame them one bit for pulling back on official duties-they were constantly being criticized for one thing or another and received so much racial animosity (mostly from Prince Phillip I suspect). So sad.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Marc and a groovy ‘cellie.’ Cheers! 🥃

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  6. 9/11 seems like yesterday.

    Ian really made a mess, brought Florida ti its knees. My heart goes out!
    Harry and Meghan will just have to settle for being rich, with a Duke and Duchess title.
    I guess Biden has enough mulligans, that we can call it Mulligan Stew.
    So scary seeing trump and putin together.
    RIP, Coolio. You are truly in Gangsta’s Paradise now.


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    • It does.

      It was a vicious combination, between Fiona and Ian, with the latter being even more devastating. Prayers for sure.

      The kids WILL be alright.

      Hey! I like that!

      Isn’t it? Those two . . . yikes.

      And author of one of the greatest rap songs ever.



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