Perfectly Frank: October ’22

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With one month ending and another starting, Imma asked to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in for some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space.

September 2022 delivered fire, floods, earthquakes, the Mar-a-Lago documents legal saga, Blue Origin’s rocket failure, a huge tribute concert, Ukraine-Russia, the UK getting a new monarch and PM, 74th Emmy Awards, transporting immigrants, re-introducing cheetahs into India, a 700th homerun, a 61st homerun, more fake news, and politicians saying stupid shit.

September deaths included musicians, sports figures, a pioneer journalist, and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

The world mourned and saluted Queen Elizabeth. A toast to a lady of honor, duty, dignity, respect, peace, class, and more. The funeral was riveting for me.

Tennis is moving one without two of its greats. First Serena Williams, now Roger Federer. Serena won 39 Grand Slam titles, while Federer only won 20. Interestingly, the Big 3 (Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic) won 63 of the last 77 Grand Slam titles. Now that’s dominance!

I started September at the Italian Consulate to begin my dual citizenship process. I drove 4 hours for an appointment I made 2 years ago to be told the person left early for a personal emergency. Oh well, at least they have my papers. Because I was not asked any questions nor had the chance to ask anything, I have no clue what’s next.

In September I learned my state (Ohio) is 4th (out of 50) in the number of reported Bigfoot sightings. I’m so proud.

In case you missed it, here are a few September headline gems from The Onion:

  • Historic preservationists place Eiffel Tower inside jar of formaldehyde
  • Bug crawling on ceiling must be possessed by a demon
  • Pregnancy test probably only lying for attention
  • Referees call for instant replay to admire great call
  • Flamethrower set to mist

A blast from the past. Try the Combo Challenge. By using only the words in the above headlines, create your headline, then share it in your comment. My combo appears later in this post.

In September we watched the opening episode of Our Great National Parks on Netflix. The stunning images and videography will get your attention while “Our” in the title is very fitting. Plus, the narrator won an Emmy for Outstanding Narrator.

For some strange reason, this just came to me. Did you know liver cells are 6-sided?

I missed ushering in September because my wife and I traveled in August. This 2-minute video summarizes our wonderful trip, and the song has great lyrics!

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations on October’s plate. For a complete list of October celebrations, click here.

Monthly celebrations for October include apples, bats, black cats, caramel, class reunions, corn, feral hogs, Italian-American heritage, pizza, popcorn, right-brainers, squirrels, and toilet tank repair.

October is also a month to increase your awareness about blindness, breast cancer, bullying prevention, Celiac Disease, domestic violence, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, global diversity, sarcasm, and the liver.

Weekly toasts include No Salt Week (3rd-10th), School Lunches (9th-14th), Meditation & Chemistry (15th-21st), Asexuality (25th-31st), and Magic (25th-31st)

Day celebrations include Tacos & Vodka (4th), Pierogies & Octopus (8th), Kick Butt (9th), Pasta (15th & 25th), Howl at the Moon (26th), Champagne (27th), Chocolate (28th), Candy Corn (30th), Halloween (31st), and many more. See for yourself.

My Combo: Historic preservationists admire lying demon bug inside pregnancy test

Have a good October everyone. I’m out of here, so enjoy a bit of Buddy Guy. Happy Pickle Day!

80 thoughts on “Perfectly Frank: October ’22

  1. I was wondering where you were September 1st. Where in Canada did you visit? That’s a typically Canadian tune! 😉

    September sure was packed, wasn’t it?

    Pasta does deserve two days of celebration (speaking of, good luck with the Italian dual citizenship!). Tacos and vodka are a weird combo… I’ll have to tell my daughter we must howl at the moon on her birthday.

    Happy October, Frank!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. White bengal tiger . . . I SEE what you did there! Nice touch.

    As for food combinations, it’s supposed to be beer and pizza but as much as I love both, I never loved them both together. I always drink soda with my pizza. I know, I know . . yet another non-traditional stance. But it’s what keeps me upright!

    Why don’t we have a holiday for holidays yet?

    I never liked the poor sportsmanship of Serena. Great player but that’s about it. Roger Federer was always classy about things. The modern day Borg.

    I’ll have more to say later . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s funny, I feel as if I missed September. I swear two days ago it was July! Maybe it’s a time warp thing. I think I’m looking forward to October, I haven’t decided yet. Thanks for the update.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tennis losing a couple of all-timers in Serena and Roger. Serena the GOAT. Ohio is #4 in bigfoot sightings? I didn’t even know we were still “doing that!” Combo challenge – Referees probably possessed by a demon. Since you know, most of the time in the NFL their calls are evil. Liver cells are 6-sided. I honestly didn’t think when I got up today I’d be talking about liver cells, but the beauty of life is you can’t predict it. A “No Salt Week?” No problem, I’m a pepper guy anyway so hopefully we can avoid having a “No Pepper Week.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bruce,
      You may have the Eagles, but Ohio is rockin’ with Bigfoot. Then again, maybe your state is in the top 3! Nope … just checked … Washington, California, and Florida are ahead of you. The guy gets around!

      Thanks for acknowledging you learned something about the liver. It was my PSA for celebrating the liver in October. Good combo – but referees are naturally evil. Cheers to pepper!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, you came to Canada!
    It’s quite neat up here. Did you know, Ontario, the province I live in has over 250,000 lakes? That is 1/5 of the world’s fresh water.
    I was riveted for 10 days to the Queen’s coverage.

    Lying referees set to flamethrower bug inside jar. xo

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