The Rundown

A man carries a dog he recovered in hopes of reuniting it with its owners, two days after the passage of Hurricane Ian, in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., Friday, Sept. 30, 2022.

The Rundown is going the USA Today route this week with quick bite news grabs that will go lightly on the scroll whilst giving you enough nutritional value to get you through your day. I was feeling rather kitschy after talking with someone about the old newspaper dispensers that used to dot the landscape back in the day before the internets made ’em heap-worthy. The USA Today newspaper dispensers were space aged oddities when they came on the scene in the early eighties but now I found myself missing them. So here’s a tip of my (front facing) cap to the not so gray lady.

Let’s roll . . .

When this Friday jaunt was called Heroes of the Week, I’d make a habit of featuring those stories that got us all caught up in the feels. So Imma start off this episode with a look back at the heroes of Hurricane Ian. The above capture shows Eduardo Tocuya rescuing a four-legged friend from the devastation. Tocuya’s heroism was part of a broad sweep of humanitarian efforts across the state as people came together to pick up the pieces of all that was lost.

Florida man rescues frightened feline from Hurricane Ian's powerful surge | TAG24

Man saved cats too. Mike Ross braved those storm waters to make sure this feline gets to live every one of its nine lives. Scores of pets were rescued in the aftermath of Ian and dozens of agencies stepped up to find the owners of the displaced pets or failing that, make sure they were placed in a forever home.

Florida Reporter Saves Nurse Trapped in Car During Hurricane Ian

Tony Welsh is a reporter for WESH 2 News in Orlando, Florida and that’s him carrying a woman to safety after he spotted her in the flood waters. The woman is a nurse who was attempting to get to work and got stuck. Welsh made certain she wouldn’t be a casualty.

Florida Reporter Saves Nurse Trapped in Car During Hurricane Ian

A group of fellas who call themselves the Collier County Cowboys rescued an elderly man whose vehicle was being swept under by the floodwaters. Their Instagram page describes them as “Just 5 cowboys who are going through a phase”. and I’m plenty certain that Superman would approve of their exploits.

Making Putin Pay | Foreign Affairs

President Biden and world leaders from across the globe can agree on one thing this morning: Vladimir Putin is a madman who doesn’t give a fig about anything or anyone but his crazy ass megalomaniacal self. The Russian strongman has crossed more lines than a marathon runner; from his frightening takeover of a nuclear reactor site to his slaughtering of innocents. Plato said you could measure a man’s worth based on what he does with the power he possesses. Putin is a dollar store personality with weapons of mass destruction at the ready and to that end, we should all be on edge.

Prime Day Falls Flat, Black Friday in October Again, Who Cares? - Mish Talk - Global Economic Trend Analysis

With the backlog of inventory putting a big hurt on retailers both large and small, bargain shoppers didn’t have to wait till the last week of November to get their savings on this year. Amazon has been offering a second Prime Days extravaganza in an attempt to jump start lagging sales and everybody else has been following suit; from brick and mortars to boutiques to big box stores, the big push to unload more than three quarters of a trillion dollars in inventory has been going on for months now. And if you still haven’t taken advantage, no worries because there’s plenty more where that came from.

Halloween Ends (2022) - IMDb

Halloween Ends drops today in theaters and on Peacock and I’m thanking Beelzebub for that, because the franchise has to go away for a while. The first installment on the reboots was popcorn slasher flick kitschy and I scored it a win. Halloween Kills was hot garbage nonsense. So now comes the finale and Imma be watching with more trepidation than a drunk teenager who just lost his virginity on a Halloween night in Haddonfield.

Xbox Unveils New Mini Fridge, And It's Cheaper Than The Old One - Xbox News

Ukraine’s teenagers are making like ninjas trained by Mr. Miyagi and they’re showing the world that when they dig down deep, they’ve got plenty of ups. It speaks to desperation, hunger and tenacity borne of living under the specter of an iron boot. America’s teenagers are buying the Xbox mini-fridge for a cool hundo so’s they can game for half a day at a time. If you’re doing the math at home, you understand it’s not the same thing. At all.

Commanders vs Bears | Odds, Predictions for Thursday Night Football

If you gave me the option of being water boarded or having to watch last night’s game between the Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears? I would have been pre-treating my mane with some conditioner before the sharp suits led me into the enhanced interrogation lab for processing.

For families of Parkland shooting victims, awful truth came after hours of waiting – Sun Sentinel

I refuse to write the name of the murderer who took the lives of seventeen people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and I won’t paste his image up here either. Instead, I choose to post the faces of all those souls whose tomorrows got lost to the madness. A Florida jury recommended a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the killer yesterday and the decision was met with disbelief and anger by the families of these victims who were pushing for the death penalty in the case.  And while I have moved away from the idea that capital punishment is ever the answer, I won’t disagree with these people. They’ve been through enough.

Pope Francis to canonize 'father of migrants' a saint | The Hill

I’m not gonna lie, I saw a headline from the online publication The Week that read “Pope Francis’ big gamble on ‘sydonality’ and I felt more lost than Marjorie Taylor Greene at a Mensa convention.

Elon Musk denies report that he talked to Putin about Ukraine war

Elon Musk is proposing a Ukraine peace plan this week. This is hard on the heels of President Trump offering his services as an intermediary for the two countries last week. Remember the good old days when celebrities aspired to be the center square on Peter Marshall’s game show? As it is, I can only assume Kanye West is taking his place in the on-deck circle.


71 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Maybe we should just jump ahead and make Black Friday the first Friday after Labor Day. That’s clearly where retail is going to take this down the road. Halloween Ends – yes, I hope it does. I so enjoyed David Gordon Green’s 2018 love letter to the John Carpenter 1978 classic. I am a Carpenter fanatic. That’s all we needed, David. Thank you. Halloween Kills was absolutely hot garbage nonsense. Since that one went off the rails, I will assume we’re in store for a trilogy finale that will be so stupid our eyes will bleed. I didn’t know I needed an X-box Mini-Fridge until now. And, I don’t play X-box. I thought they cancelled Thursday Night Football after last week’s debacle…which absolutely made my eyes bleed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m pretty sure we are there already. The retailers have been running sales for months in the hopes of cutting bait with all that inventory.

      Me too. But the middle movie was just horrid, I thought. My son tells me there is a twist to this finale, which leaves me dubious. Enough with the twists, just give us an ode to the slasher flick that changed the game.

      I like the kitsch of a small fridge, but not THAT small and not something that is sold as “gear”.

      Last weeks Broncos vs Colts was scarier than Halloween Kills. And last night’s game, well, from the score I can see it wasn’t much better.

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  2. For all the crap that is going on in the world, Pilgrim, it is nice to stop by your place and get a drink of cool news. All those heroes of Ian deserve all the praise they can get. I hope retailers can rebound, but that’s only because I’m a dirty capitalist pig. I heard the last Halloween was a bust. Xbox mini fridge? Yeah, let’s not worry about anything
    else. The Parkland shooter should live a life of misery. I think capital punishment is too good for him. I hope Francis’ sydonality gets better soon. Musk is the guy that wanted to meet Putin and have a fistfight to decide the Ukrainian outcome. I say let him punch it out with that madman. (Well, a two mad men fight might be worth watching) Well done as usual.

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  3. It is nice to see that the animals who are often forgotten are being remembered. It’s also wonderful to see a cameraman actually put his camera down and be a part of the solution. That’s what we need… More people who are willing to be part of the solution.

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  4. What? I’m weighing in before Dale? In heard of.

    I’m always on top of rescuing the animals. Our furry friends are nothing but love in a fur coat.

    Retail sales? Hmm. The X-Box fridge says it all. We got way more than we need. What happened to inflation in this scenario?

    Putin. Ugh. No more need be said.

    I totally agree with not giving mass murderers the publicity they crave (deceased or not). I agree with John that he should suffer for life.

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  5. B,

    Doesn’t matter how you present it, it’s always a fine piece of writing and an interesting share of the what’s what. I do miss getting my paper every day… not enough to re-subscribe, of course, but still.

    Honestly, how anyone can diss pitties when they have a face like that? Kudos to the real and regular folks doing hero duty in the face of these fits of Mother Nature. I know in the hierarchy of things we’re supposed to care for humans first, but come one, someone has to take care of the pets. Glad fir the Tocuyas and Rosses of the world.

    Love that the reporter Welsh dumped the reporting to help out that woman. He could become a member of the Cowboys!

    I have no words for that madman in Russia. Bloody hell he really is like a Mad King Aerys Targaryen. His worth is less than a Canadian cent (which is no longer in circulation).

    I feel for the consumer who is just trying to make ends meet. Doesn’t help the stores that need consumers. Only way to shop is to get things on sale. Course, that also means that stores’ margins are slimmer and slimmer all the time. Catch-22, I say.

    I’m hoping by Friday, there will be a new lineup of flics because I don’t have Halloween Ends. I do have Kills but cannot remember if I saw it or not? Should I for the sake of continuity even if it sucks balls?

    That’s just what these teenagers need. A mini fridge *rightthere* filled with more sugar so they don’t have to get up their already fat asses to take a few steps. Not that I wish war on our youngsters but man, do they need some serious waking up. Ukraine’s teenagers are being robbed of their youth…

    The game was that bad, eh?

    Yes.. do NOT waste ink, space, or anything else on the bastard who took away the lives of these seventeen souls. I agree that capital punishment is too painless. A small room with nothing – no windows, no writing materials, no chair… should drive him mad.

    Sydo-what? I had to google it… well, because, it’s me… and it corrected the spelling to: synodality which makes it all the harder to say and even here at WP the word is underlined. You know what that means, right? Useless and unrecognized word!! Of COURSE the Catholic church uses it!!

    What is it with people with too much money for them to know what to do with it to believe they can make a difference? For fuck’s sakes.

    Mariah was the perfect choice this week.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      Welcome to my blog!

      Oh . . that’s right. Never mind. 😉

      The USA Today was a funky jaunt when it came out in 1982. Some were offended by the color on the pages and the short snaps of news. Nowadays? It seems long winded to most!

      The pitties are God’s peeps for certain. I’m with you, how anyone can leave that handsome and loving mug behind is just . . it’s just really shitty to think about. Because I’d stay with the fella if it came to that!

      Here’s to the heroes, all of them . . . and there were so many.

      The news takes a backseat to life, real life. And damnit, it’s about time! And yeah, I’m sure he could fill out an application for the Cowboys and be snapped up right quick.

      That’s an excellent GOT comparison, and quite apt. The only difference between this putz and the characters on that show is that the latter is entertaining.

      Slimmed margins and fickle consumer interest equals hard work. And then you add the fact that Biden is cackling about all these jobs being created. You walk in most retail stores and are like “Where IS the staff?”.

      I say you forego Kills AND Ends. When the original comes calling on one of your services, then we’ll be cooking! 😉

      America’s teenagers are giving the extras on Walking Dead a “walk” for their money. I swear, it’s like no man’s land out there! And these energy drinks . . they are HORRIBLE. And uh . .they ain’t working.

      They were talking about it on the radio the other morning and bemoaning how they had lost three hours of their lives they could never, ever get back. Lots of bad football this year though.

      Whatever it takes to make sure that little piece of shit suffers for the rest of his days. I don’t normally wish ill on people, but . . .

      I had never heard that word before. Of course I was thinking not so great things and then I read the definition. I prefer mine!

      Of fucking COURSE they use it!

      It’s crazy isn’t it? I think people with too much money should book a one way flight to Mars. Or hell . . further still.

      I don’t know why, but it works. Glad you think so too. 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

      • Why thank you!


        I thought it was kinda cool with the colours. But then, I like different. Unless it’s under 500 words, most people find everything long-winded… Tis a sad state of affairs.

        It really is. That is the power of the media, giving them ALL a bad name because of a few. And as we know, it’s all about the owners.


        For shizzle. So nice when real live is front and centre.

        Why thank you. I love when I can keep up with you with comparisons 😉 And yes. The Targaryens are entertaining. He is scary.

        Yeah, I know what you mean. There is no staff anywhere. Where is everyone? I don’t understand it.

        Okay then. We did watch the original together, though 😉

        Hahaha…. teenagers giving extras on WD … you kill me. It really is. And those energy drinks are the worst invention ever.

        Wow. That’s crazy.

        I hear you. You are not wishing ill on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Badly.

        Of fucking course!

        That’s a great idea! I second the motion!

        It does indeed 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Where you from?


          I liked it too. I thought it was a cool difference, but it still gave you the news. Things have changed all the way around.

          They are the sweetest of souls too. The way in which they are raised, to do those hellacious things to each other. It makes me fearful not of them, but of the humans who create that kind of madness.

          It beat the crap out of what we got most of the time.

          Any family that stays in power using dragons is a family nobody wants to mess with. Even John Gotti would’ve deferred on that count.

          All these jobs and like, who’s working? Where are they?

          Oh, it’s always a good time for a look back when it comes to the original.

          I remember ending up in the ER when I was much younger after I drank an energy drink. Jolt. It hit me like a hammer.

          He’ll spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder. That works too.

          I know!

          I third it! After firsting it! SOLD!


          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh, I’m Canadian. From the Montreal area…

            Ain’t that the truth. So many changes; not all of it good.

            They really are. Plus they have a permanent smile! And I don’t understand humans. What the hell, pitting (see what I did there?) two animals against each other to fight, or beating them until they are violent and don’t trust anyone.

            No kidding.

            Hah! Seriously! They have weapons of a whole ‘nother sort.

            I was just saying that to a friend. Where are the people who had no jobs? Not all of them retired!

            I knew you would say that 😉

            Whoa. That is scary business. I am sure you steer clear of them now!


            That’s how we do it!

            Ya baby!

            Liked by 1 person

          • I dunno baby, this all seems familiar. Like we done this before. . .

            Nope, not all of it.

            They DO have that perpetual smile going on, don’t they? And I don’t blame them for not understanding us. Hell, I don’t understand us either. And chyeah I see what you did there!

            Their weaponry consists of dumbassery.

            They’re at home playing video games and purchasing the X-Box fridge on Amazon for the low, low price.


            Have to.


            Liked by 1 person

          • I know it.

            That’s for sure.

            And yes, they do! They must think some of us are insane. I have my moments.

            Yes. Using dragons to eradicate a whole village is nuts.



            Liked by 1 person

          • I must go completely off script with this comment thread between you and moi. Did you want to watch Barry on Wednesday?

            As for eradicating a whole village with dragons. . . doesn’t it depend on the village? 😉


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  6. You got me with that picture of the Pit right outta the gate. Then again posting the photos of Parkland’s fallen rather than the one who was and is responsible. I still am not for capital punishment since killing even in kind, doesn’t resonate for me, and frankly feel a life sentence without perks is a whole lot worse than being escorted from the planet. But I understand the families wanting the latter, though retaliation won’t bring those kids back.

    On a lighter note…

    I LOVED the remark re Musk… Remember the good old days when celebrities aspired to be the center square on Peter Marshall’s game show?

    Could you see him and Trump going together like Stan and Ollie, just with egos the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass.? I’ll tell ya.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That pit! I love that pit! That handsome and loving mug, I just kept coming back to it and wondering what happened to his family that he was left behind.

      I defer to the families in this instance. I know it’s not for me to say either way. It’s just all so senseless, all of it.

      I miss those days. Well, I miss things like that, I do.

      Holy Christ, now THAT would be a pairing made in Hades. They would want their own channel or streaming service, no doubt.

      Liked by 1 person

          • What’s it like having such an ego such as theirs?

            I just read an essay Pete Hamill wrote in 1999 called News Is A Verb about how newspapers are being shredded in exchange for news on the internet. 1999 he wrote this, so Pete’s prescience was in full bloom. But he wrote a page on Donald Trump’s ability to make the world think he was the most amazing real estate man in the world when he really wasn’t, but his skill at self-promotion even then, couldn’t be rivaled. It was as if Pete saw that pirate ship now docked entering the harbor. It shocked me actually. Anyway…just sharing what I know, what I’ve learned.

            Liked by 1 person

          • It bears that much more weight since they were from the same town and as such, their circles were Venn diagrammed. A gruff newspaperman who wrote such poetry about the city he loved, he’d be the one to give us the goods on Donald. No reason for him to hold back or BS it.

            Liked by 1 person

          • I so miss him. That little book, 100 pages, was in the news section on stack 11 at the library, stuck between two tomes. Here I thought I had read everything he wrote in book form. It was also so current. That’s the mark of a great writer, when his words resonate long after he’s gone.

            Liked by 1 person

  7. Kanye sucks.

    Love that cats and pets were rescued from Ian’s shitshow.

    Hallowe’en, love it, yet the movies don’t scare or entertain me.
    I burst out laughing when Linda Blair’s head spun vomit in the “Exorcist”. Ruined it for everyone around me.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene has never heard the word… Mensa.

    What a voice Mariah has! Still, her songs leave something to be desired. This is the best I’ve heard. Still, reminds me of a song by the “Emotions” –


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