The Rundown

An aerial shot of dozens of swimmers competing in a race.

October is running away from us faster than a trick or treater in Haddonfield. That’s a Michael Myers reference for those of you who are not familiar. In spite of the negative buzz surrounding the final (yeah right) movie in this terribly tacky trilogy, Halloween Kills is lapping the field at the box office. Remember this the next time some pain in the ass brags about their iPhone. Just because something is popular doesn’t make it worth your time. Sorry Michael.

The above capture is the swimming portion of the 2022 Ironman World Championship which took place in Hawaii earlier this month. Gustav Iden of Norway took home the gold in a time of 7:40:24. The guy swam two and a half miles, biked one-hundred and twelve . . . and then ran a marathon in less time than it takes me to watch a Godfather marathon. After reading about it, I had to take a nap.

Let’s get rolling . . .

The Other Victims of the JFK Assassination - HISTORY

What we know about the inner workings of the halls of power is akin to Pepperidge Farm icing; thin and insubstantial in relation to the heavy shit it’s covering up. So when President Biden refuses to release the more than 16,000 records related to the JFK assassination, he’s just repeating the same playbook as his predecessors. President Clinton signed off on the release of the documents by 2017, and then Trump passed the buck to Biden who is now calling for its release by December 15. And umm . . . don’t hold your breath. This isn’t about finding a vast conspiracy beyond Oswald as most believe he was the lone shooter. And let’s face it, this isn’t about national security interests at this point either. This is about our federal agencies not coming clean after more than a half century of promising to do so. It’s no longer about what they’re hiding.

It’s about why.

Tom Brady drew inspiration from Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian's $3.2 billion company to launch his own clothing line - The SportsRush

The thoughts in my head are akin to those angry birds in the classic 1963 Hitchcock film, only much more pissed off than that. And while I wish my brain would just shush most of the time, I might as well invite company for the misery that resides within. So when I imagined a new celebrity pairing of Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian, I deserved all the trash talk that was heaped upon me for going there. But you have to admit . . . as nightmare scenarios go, Eli Roth ain’t doing better than this one.

Liz Truss warned she has hours to save her job as British prime minister | CNN

The fact that Liz Truss was Prime Minister of the UK for only forty-five days is indicative of the microwaveable nature of our global politics. That’s the shortest term served by a prime minister in the nation’s history. The electorate is a crucible of unreasonable expectations by the peeps who got you there and merciless courts of vitriolic opinion that oftentimes turn bad into worse. I’m not defending her train-wrecked agenda which had financial markets running for cover, but less than two months? And it’s not as if the fast tracked selection process for her successor is littered with slam dunks. Hell, when Boris Johnson’s name comes up as a possible replacement, you have officially entered the eye of a shit storm.

Where have you gone Harry Potter?


Rorie Woods of Longmeadow, Massachusetts pulled a dangerous weapon on deputies who had come to serve her with eviction papers and Imma give her some major style points for creativity.

For the record, I ain’t condoning violence against law enforcement (or anyone for that matter). But when the weapon in question is a box full of bees, I have to admit, that wouldn’t have made my top 100 list of ways to get your ass arrested. Woods is a professional beekeeper who wasn’t content with minding her own beeswax and so now she’s got a new home as a result.

And yes, I have a top 100 list of ways to get your ass arrested. What of it?

Some marriages are just made to last.

Mind you, David Squillante and Doran Smith have a long road ahead of them seeing as how they just finished celebrating their honeymoon in Europe. But when the inevitable challenges do crop up, they’ll be able to borrow from their experience on that honeymoon to see them through.

The Rhode Island newlyweds were on their way to a park in Barcelona when they spotted trouble in the form of a group of women standing outside a burning building. Communicating with the panicked ladies didn’t work since none of them spoke English. Having no idea what awaited them on the other side, the lovebirds entered the building anyway.

When they made it to the other side, they were standing in the middle of a nursery. As in, the kind stocked with newborn babies. Yeah, you read that right.

“Instinct took over,” Squillante said. “I found myself looking at 15, 20 babies sleeping, and immediately just kind of lined everyone up and we started grabbing them. . .  It was like probably like ten minutes, but it seemed like an instant, but it turned out to be OK.”

After everyone was safe and accounted for, the hero couple bid the gathering crowd adios and headed for that park. Because there was still a walk to be had and their adrenaline was kicking into overdrive, what with having saved the tomorrows of a couple dozen souls whilst dreaming on the prospects of their own. And so yeah . . . I’d lay a handsome wager that these two will be going long on their ever after.

They already wrote one hell of a happy ending.





51 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B,

    October is on speed. Good gawd. I hate to be one of those “where does the time go?” but shit…

    These Ironman competitors are just not made of the same stock as you and me. I’m tired just reading about it!

    Why the hell is it so hard to release these records? I mean at this point, even if the government was involved – especially after the past six years – what difference will it make?

    Hahaha! Why not? I mean, both of them have done the rounds; it’s only a matter of time before they connect…

    No one can be surprised that she’s come and gone in so short time. Bloody hell the damage she caused in the interim… It’s rather adult of her to resign rather than get her ass kicked to the kerb (British spelling for the occasion). And to have Boris as a possible replacement just shows how fucked up they are.

    I have to give her an A+ for imagination. No, it’s not ok that she did but who’d a thunk of such a thing? Well, maybe in some James Bond scenario.

    Of course you have a top 100 list!

    David and Doran are nuts. A good kind of nuts, mind you, but only because the ending was such a spectacular one. And seriously, thank Bob they did run in without thinking.

    I’m putting my wager on them, too.

    And what the hell? Is John Mayer trying to look like Johnny Depp? I did a double-take, tell you what. I actually kinda like him and he’s a far superior guitar player than people give him cred for.

    Wonderful Rundown, babe!


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    • Q

      Going . . . going . . . almost gone! Yeah it’s on speed alright.

      I watch this YouTuber every now and then who is a competitive eater. He eats insane amounts of food in no time flat. He recently took part in the Ironman. The WHOLE shebang, not one that is cut down. Wow.

      Agencies pass the buck and they play keep away every bit as much- and more- than most Presidents. So much shit came out about how our agencies failed in the leadup to 9/11, so yanno . . . I’m dubious that we know anywhere close to everything there really is to know.

      Why not? I know one thing, Netflix will be on it. No doubt about it.

      I just think it’s ridiculous how quickly all this turns. I don’t think it bodes well for the future.

      You KNOW some television series of movie is going to bogart this bee strategy in a storyline.

      Duh! 😉

      That was nuts, what they did. But yes, the right kind of nuts, which makes them a perfect pair. They probably sensed something was very wrong by the panicked women, but still, to take that risk. Thank God they did though.

      Now that you mentioned it, I watched the video again and now I cannot Un-see it! I was never a fan of his until I saw him in that old Chapelle skit. I figured anyone with that kind of sense of humor has to be cool.

      Thank you muchly lovely.


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      • Oy!

        Seriously? How the hell did he do that?

        It makes me crazy how all these agencies don’t work together; are too busy one-upping each other. You’re probably right, though.

        That is a given!

        No, it does not. She never belonged there, in the first place, methinks. We had a woman prime minister, Kim Campbell, she lasted 132 days. She had to step down because her party didn’t win enough seats – was defeated in her own seat – worse loss for a federal government in Canadian history.

        That is for damn sure!


        It was crazy and courageous and risky and not very responsible and I bet you every single one of those babies’ mamas will forever be grateful.

        I never felt he did until this video. Bloody hell. An yes, he does have a good sense of humour.

        You know it!

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  2. All great stories, Pilgrim. The FBI has shown its political preference for the last four years, so I’m sure there is more of the same in the Kennedy report. Why indeed. Tom and Kim? 🤢. Liz decided to run for it rather than stand and fight. I can hear the testimony now. “Yes, your honor, we approached the defendant, and she pulled a tray of bees.” 🤣. David and Dorian are the best. Wishing them a long and happy life. Super post.

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  3. Nice one, my friend – especially that last one about hero honeymoon baby rescuers. Aah Liz Truss…..Brexit (which Scotland never voted for) strikes again. And yes, believe it or not, lying, incompetent, entitled asshole Johnson could be on his way back. Lord, save my sorry ass please….

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  4. You got me, what are they hiding in the motorcade, and the babies being saved. That choked me up royally.

    It’s an enigma why all these presidents are holding back whatever the public shouldn’t see. We know Jackie had his brains in her lap. Could anything be worse than that? See Mr. Imma, that’s the kind’a thing they should apply discretion to, not what actually happened. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone? To add some fluff, I remember in the film, Bull Durham, the Costner character saying he thought so, but maybe it’s something so bizarre like LBJ putting out a contract on his charismatic nemesis. I’m reaching here, I know but, those boys are hiding something.

    And let’s hear it for the good fortune of those babies. Two angels on duty. 🙂

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    • Can you imagine how many lives were changed forever as a result of their heroism? Twenty times unimaginable numbers over the decades and generations and yes, even centuries. One thing changed so many things.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay, the marathon man is fabulous. He’s gotta be!
    Only thing faster is October on speed dial. (if that still exists)

    Hallowe’en? I drew a pic of AGM Dale in a pumpkin gown.

    JFK. The government is Just Fuckin’ Killin’ any hope that we will ever know – WHY!

    I’m skipping the next one…

    Truss is tossed toast, and Boris looks like he might feel like eating a slice of toast. Unbelievable!!!
    Someone should toss bees at them!

    The David Squillante and Doran Smith story wins the day here! Love it.

    Fab song!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I cannot imagine doing ONE of these in a single day, the Ironman athletes do all three! I mean . . . . how?

      Is THERE still speed dial? I don’t know.

      She showed me. Two lovelies in autumn, I love it!

      It’s sad, frustrating and entirely predictable. We never get the whole truth. We are lucky if we get half truths.

      Right? I think Boris has a couple slabs of beef in between those two pieces of toast.

      They changed HOW many lives? Because it’s the 20 they saved PLUS all the lives that will be affected to the positive over the next generation and longer. How amazing is it to think about that?

      Thank you superstar.


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  6. Fay Wray

    When I was starting out in the film biz, I landed my first full time job on set. I was in charge of the wardrobe truck.
    One of those in charge of the show was a lovely woman called Vicki.
    Turned out she is Fay Wray’s daughter.

    For those not in the know, Fay Wray was the leading lady in the original 1933 movie “King Kong”.

    Anyway, one day Fay came to set to visit Vicki.

    Told by my superiors to take some time off, and visit with Fay on set, I head to camera.
    There was Fay, sitting in a very high set chair. Let me just say Fay was amazing, and I was star struck…in awe!

    Fay was in her 80’s, at that time, but she was dressed to the nines, a la the 1930’s.

    She wore a dress with a tailored co-ordinated coat. There were fox stoles tossed around her neck. The shoes, purse and gloves all matched. Perfect jewelry and a hat topped it all off.
    She was so elegant and classy looking, especially with everyone on set in jeans, t’s and general dungarees.

    Although I was told to take all the time in the world, I only spent an hour with Fay. Fearing a trick visit, by my very strict bosses, thoughts of being fired on my first big job overwhelmed me.

    Lunch was called, and we all head to the lunch room provided at that location. It was a school’s gathering room, of sorts. Perhaps it was the gym.
    The room included a piano, and someone was tinkling with the keys.

    The wardrobe team gathered our food from the buffet, and sat down at a table.
    We all remarked how neat it was to have piano music at lunch.

    Suddenly, the piano got louder and louder, then burst into “Happy Birthday”. OMG, it was my birthday. The entire cast and crew stood up and sang “Happy Birthday” to Resa. I looked around, and there was Fay, close to me, beaming and singing “Happy Birthday”

    I feel like crying with joy, when I re-envision that day.
    Imagine, the leading lady from the original King Kong movie singing Happy Birthday to you!

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