Still Perfectly Frank: Dec ’22

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With one month ending and another starting, Imma asked me to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in with some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space.

November delivered unrest in Iran & China, continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict, a time for a new World Series champion, new Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, a new NHL scoring record for a player on one team, US midterm elections, the temporary ending of the relentless flood of campaign ads on TV, a record Powerball lottery drawing that I didn’t win, a dead guy winning an election in Pennsylvania (yep), discovering the oldest decipherable sentence on an ivory comb, violence at universities in Virginia and Idaho, Artemis rocket reaching the moon, a massive snowstorm in Buffalo (80 in/203 cm), a grumpy old man in Florida announcing, and politicians saying stupid shit.

November deaths included several rappers, international athletes & musicians, Top Gun‘s Sundown, Corporal LeBeau, R&R HOF inductee (group), an Academy Award & Grammy-winning sing-songwriter, and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

I mentioned the World Series, a special congratulations to Astros manager Dusty Baker. With a solid playing career, many years as a coach and manager, and one of the game’s class acts, he won his first championship as a manager. Well done, Dusty!

November was a time when my wife went to Iceland with a few lady friends with hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. They had a great trip but didn’t see the lights. Meanwhile, I stayed home to do two things: whatever I want, whenever I want.

November was the month I posted about my escapade with the postal service. The story didn’t end there. Last Friday (25th Nov) I received notification that I now hold dual citizenship! Meanwhile, USPS reports my mail to the Italian Consulate is still lost.

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In case you missed it, here are a few November headline gems from The Onion:

  • Man Inspects Perimeter To Find Most Vulnerable Entry Point To Hamburger
  • Skydiver With Malfunctioning Parachute Does One Last Scan For Trampoline
  • Half-hearted Nod by Uber Driver Interpreted as Invitation to Discuss Eugenics
  • Artemis Rocket Carrying Mannequins to Determine Viability of Department Stores on Moon
  • High School Anatomy Book Shows Female Reproductive System Wearing Long Denim Skirt

Try the Combo Challenge. By using only the words in the above headlines, create your headline, then share it in your comment. My combo appears later in this post.

I find this to be funny, but others may not. Click if you dare.

Did you know pears are native to Asia and Europe, and there are over 3000 varieties found in many places?

Wondering: Which will happen first: a civil war in the US or a US war with China?

Do you remember Ralphie Parker in A Christmas Story? Did you know he was the Executive Director of Iron Man? See him now as Peter Billingsley’s Note to Self from CBS.

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations December has to offer. Here is the complete list of December celebrations.

Monthly celebrations for December include bingo, pears, ties, pharmacists, buckwheat, and safe toys.

December is also a month to increase your awareness about AIDS and human rights.

Weekly toasts in December include cookie cutters (1-7) hand-washing awareness (4-10), Halcyon Days (14-28), Cookie Exchange (19-23), and It’s About Time (25-31)

Day celebrations in December include cookies (4th), bathtub parties (5th), toilet paper appreciation (8th), Kaleidoscopes (11th), Chocolate-Covered Anything (16th), Sangria (20th), Solstice and Orgasms (21st), Festivus (23rd), Bacon (30th), and Make Up Your Mind Day (31st). Here’s the complete list of celebrations for December.

December Moons: Full (Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon) 7th/8th Dec – New Moon 23rd Dec

Back in the day, the holiday season wasn’t official until I saw this commercial.

The Army-Navy football game annually demonstrates how the game is supposed to be played: hard, team-oriented, and not bringing attention to self. The tradition will be on December 10th

Beware: McRib’s Farewell Tour at McDonald’s is a setup for a Reunion Tour.

My Combo: Uber driver wearing long parachute skirt carrying invitation to vulnerable man with rocket to inspect mannequin’s reproductive system entry point (but I admit adding an apostrophe)

December is the month for what I say is the best 2 hours of network-televised entertainment. For me, the Kennedy Center Honors show is must-see television. Mark your calendars for Wednesday 28th December. This year’s honorees are George Clooney, Amy Grant, Gladys Knight, Tania Leon, and U2.

Enjoy this great Kennedy Center Honors performance from the past. Have a good December everyone. I’m out of here. Happy Antarctica Day!


16 thoughts on “Still Perfectly Frank: Dec ’22

  1. I can’t be unhappy for Dusty Baker, as much as it means the Astros kicked some Yankee ass once again. Now Buck Showalter becomes the skipper with the most miles and no hardware to show for it. If you’d have told me Buck would be ringless back in ’95 when he was responsible for having brought the pinstripes back from oblivion, I would have said you were crazy!

    As for the holidays that keep on coming even though we didn’t ask . . . Do we really NEED a day or a month with which to remember AIDS or human rights? (That’s rhetorical) . . . I guess we do! Because there are probably an equal number of peeps who will honor chocolate covered anything day as remember that, yanno . . there’s more important stuff.

    I didn’t even flinch when I heard the McRib was back. I used to run- not walk- when it came back. And then I made my own and welp, never again!

    Thank you for providing the welcome mat to December, Cincy. 😉

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      • Showalter has never been to a World Series. He was the first skipper of the Arizona D’Backs, built them into a 100 win team in a couple seasons but then wore out his welcome. Brenly took his team to the World Series the very next season and beat my Yanks.

        Has it ever! I had a real problem but now I can proudly say I am such and such amount of years clean.


  2. Yes, congrats to Dusty Baker. He certainly deserves to be on top at long last! If I went to Iceland and the Northern Lights weren’t on, I’d have to wait them out. Could get expensive, though. The USPS is going to put you in their Hall of Shame. They will mail you the notice you have been enshrined…just don’t expect to get it. I must dust off the Festivus pole. The feats of strength are being negotiated. The airing of grievances will have a time limit. That Norelco commercial always did kick off the holidays, didn’t it? I have no doubt the McRib will be with us for eternity, which is more than I can say for how long it lasts in your system before it departs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bruce,
      Dusty is a class act and has had much success as a manager … so the title is well deserved. Festivus is a classic day! Glad you enjoyed the throwback with Santa on the Norelco. I know I’ve had McRib, but years ago – but I don’t go-goo when it returns. Thanks for the USPS chuckle.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my word that was funny! I’m so sorry… I can’t stop… Oh dear. I’m so bad! Sorry, I had to take a moment. That clip was too funny, too sick and I have to go back and watch it again. This post had a lot in it but I can’t think of anything except that clip. I’m so glad you included it. As for your challenge . . . Skydiver wearing long denim skirt inspects Artemis rocket to determine most valuable entry point to moon.

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  4. I try to stay (somewhat) abreast of current events, even if all I do is read headlines. Good thing to have you summarize the things I missed. As for December, I see the cookie exchange has been scheduled for the wrong date, but I wasn’t in charge of that. The most important holiday of the month that I won’t celebrate is my birthday.😜

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  5. Duran Duran?
    Where is the Guess Who? )Canadians) Redbone (Indigenous)?
    I’m not watching it, although I do like Dolly Parton and Carly Simon, a lot!
    The rest yeah & meh.

    Artemis Mannequins Nod as Hamburger Inspects Long Denim Skirt.


  6. ‘Regular’ news resembles The Onion stories more and more, Frank. Congrats to Dusty Baker and his team (though not my fav, they played well and showed why they won the championship). The Norelco clip brought back many memories from childhood. And learning the Peter Billingsley is THAT Peter Billingsley was a nice surprise. Can’t think of that movie without smiling at the leg lamp. Happy December, Frank and congrats on your dual citizenship! It just may come in handy in the future if politics go sideways on this side of the pond.


  7. As a diehard Dodgers fan, that recognition for Dusty Baker is the only upside of yet another declaration of the (now AL – the cowards!) Houston Astros as World Series champs!

    Kennedy Centers Honors is also must watch year end viewing for me, as is the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye film White Christmas. Both bring tears of nostalgia, which may be a sort of spiritual cleansing for me to start the new year.


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