The Rundown

2022 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree selected

Shit if we’re not in December!

Sorry but that’s about all the Yule I can unspool for the time being. I’ll get back with y’all if and when I happen to come across more of the stuff . . . as long as it’s not painted in 80 proof. But seriously, the Rockefeller tree is a fine spectacle no matter what spirit(s) you happen to find yourself in. The peeps who schlep an 82 foot tall Norway Spruce through the rivers of midtown Manhattan are akin to brain surgeons and rocket scientists in my book.

Let’s get to this thing! . . . .

Idaho quadruple student homicide: 'Crime of passion,' 'burglary gone wrong' among possible motives, mayor says

Two weeks in and the quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho remains a tragic mystery. Law enforcement officials seem to be going backwards, having returned to the scene of the cold crime this week to lift more prints and repossess vehicles for investigative purposes. They’ve backtracked and sidetracked and basically, they’ve gone off the fucking tracks at this point. And the “we haven’t had a murder in these parts in seven years,” excuse ain’t gonna bring those four kids back. Unless the cops are giving a master class in Columbo, things might just be heading from horrible to even worse.

Japan made the bullet train famous . . . Don Cornelius was the professor of getting down when he hosted the legendary Soul train . . . the O’Jays classic groove had us punching a ticket onto the Love Train the same way Ozzy reminded us how crazy of a ride it really was. And now here come the peeps at the Dartmouth Steam Railway in the UK. These kids at heart are busy unwrapping their Train of Lights for the Christmas season. Check out their practice run.

I folded.

When I got home on Tuesday, there was time enough to catch the second half of the US vs Iran soccer match. I know I had sworn off the Cup because of the locale and the stench that comes with FIFA’s money grab. But this tilt had too much going on. On the one side you had a US men’s team trying to buck history. On the other, you had an Iranian national team that was being threatened by its despotic regime for supporting the protests in Iran. It ended with the US winning a nail biter 1-0; a bittersweet outcome in that we win but those kids on the other side lose more than just a soccer match.

Big props to US men’s captain Tyler Adams for kicking this question to the curb with smarts and class. Nicely played kid.

House Dems finally have Trump's tax returns - Wisconsin News

The House Ways and Means Committee said “Way!” after they finally found the means with which to grab six years worth of Trump tax returns. And no silly, this latest find has absolutely nothing to do with the train wreck of a campaign run that 45 has been warning us all about and which is actually maybe kinda gonna happen now. Nah, the fact that he’s been screwing people over for decades wasn’t important until, oh . . . just now.  The timing of it all is just a coincidence.

Peter Eigner to continue family tradition at BGSU | The Blade

Frank “Beach Walks” Angle is doing double duty for this week’s episode by providing me with our next story as well as the capper that sends us into the weekend. Thanks Cincy.

Peter Eigner is living his dream. He’s a walk-on goalkeeper for the Bowling Green Falcons and he’s never seen a lick of action to this point and that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the journey he took to get here.  Start with the fact Peter was a decent forward at St. John’s Jesuit, but he lacked the speed it takes to play Division I collegiate hockey. This was the opinion of none other than his father Ty, who was an assistant at Bowling Green when Peter was taking recruiting trips while still in high school.

Dad wasn’t being a hard ass, he was just being honest. He was and is damn proud of the young man his son has become and he’s thankful beyond words to have this time because well, it almost never happened.

Peter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when doctors found a grapefruit sized tumor in his abdomen; after which they discovered the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and bone marrow. He was four years old. He lost the next two and a half years of his life to chemo treatments and tests and more chemo treatments. There were bad days and there were worse ones. And through it all, his father Ty learned the two most important things about being a dad; always be truthful with your kids, and always say good night.

All these years later, Peter doesn’t remember much about losing kindergarten and first grade, but he does remember the fight that got him here. And maybe he gets a shot as the starter one day, and maybe he doesn’t. All that matters is that he is going to have the one thing that matters most of all.

A chance.

Just in time for Christmas, the Ralphie Parker house is up for sale and if you’ve got 10 million Red Ryders to spare, it could be yours.

The house that A Christmas Story made famous is being sold for that princely sum and no, Elon Musk is not interested in buying it, seeing as how he ain’t interested in anything outta Cleveland. The 1.3 acre property is living its best life as a museum and any prospective owners would have to be cool with keeping the history alive.

If you’re interested, you should . .  wait for it . . . get a leg up on putting in a bid.

Bullies suck.

Melvin Anderson, a seventh-grader at Buffalo Creek Academy Charter School in Buffalo New York knows this all too well. He was getting the worst of it from some of his classmates because he had the nerve to come to school in a worn out pair of sneakers. Name brand sneakers have been a source of bullying and worse in schools for decades, and so it really wasn’t a surprise that the poor kid was on the wrong end of this status war.

Enter classmate Romello Early, who decided he was going to do something about it. No, Mello didn’t challenge these kids to a fight. He didn’t even choose to shout them down with some trash talk, as much as they would have deserved it. What Mello did instead is why this story meets the second day of twenty-five special ones.

The kid discussed his classmate’s predicament with mom and asked if he might be able to use his allowance money to buy Melvin a fresh pair of sneakers. Mello was willing to go further if necessary, letting her know he was cool with less presents if it came to that. Mom said dipping into his allowance would be just fine, and you know she had to be thanking her lucky stars to have a son who doesn’t just believe in the spirit of Santa Claus.

He’s also the big guy’s sub-contractor.





58 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B

    I gotta admit… that Rockefeller tree is gorgeous. I know there have been many times the tree came from Canada (our little part in it).

    This is such a senseless murder (like any have any sense). What the hell? And no leads, nothing. It’s just crazy.

    That is one very cool train!
    We have our holiday train that goes through Canada and for the first time this year, part of the US with musical guests and all sorts of things.

    There are worse things to fold on… and kudos to Tyler Adams for answering so diplomatically.

    What is he doing here? And about fucking time he gets nailed on this tax thing.

    Peter Eigner is an inspiration. And yes, his dad is right to keep it real. Nothing worse than coddling someone for the rest of their life (I know, my aunt did it with my blind cousin and actually made him into a helpless handicapped person. It’s a sad state of affairs.)

    That is a pretty house with a ridiculous hefty price!

    Of course Frank supplied another CBS Hartman story. However, being the cool kid I can be (and was lucky to find a something that backed up the story for your Canadian peeps. No, it’s not Hartman but it does tell the story 😉 What a fantastic kid Romello is. His mama is raising him so right!

    Lovely of you to choose a Christine McVie song from the Fleetwood Mac collection. We lost another ‘un.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Q

      Yeah it’s a sight to behold. You don’t really grasp just how big the thing is until you’re standing almost under it. Yikes.

      The way the investigation has gone is what I have a problem with. I can’t imagine what the families of the victims are having to go through at this point.

      Very cool!

      The kid gave the best response he could have. Good for him and uh, maybe there is a politician or several out there who can learn from this rather diplomatic reply.

      He has screwed so many people over, and yet the lemmings keep following.

      Hockey is the sport he loves and he gets to play it on the regular. Whether he starts or not is irrelevant.

      The owner was a fan of the movie. He bought it for 150 K. Nice return on that investment.

      Mello is never harsh, always compassionate. It is a very Christmasy story isn’t it? Thanks for the vid. 😉

      Yeah, it’s that time.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe one year I’ll see it “live”…

        I would be furious if I were one of the parents. It sounds like it’s been botched badly.


        And yes, politicians and many others in the media could learn a thing or two from him.

        He has. And yet… I am past shaking my head.

        Yes, it is irrelevant. Love it.

        Wow! Very nice return!!!

        It is a very Christmassy story indeed. He has the right name, tell you what.

        It is.

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s something.

          The father of one of the victims feels hamstrung by the indecisiveness and lack of communication on the part of law enforcement officials. Add to that, he hasn’t had a funeral for his daughter yet. How said is that?

          Tyler Adams can teach the peeps in Washington a thing or two.

          Ridiculous, I know.

          He’s going to be just fine and that’s what counts.

          Although, paying 10 million bucks for a house that’s located in Cleveland seems just a tad nuts.

          He does.


          Liked by 1 person

  2. Marc.
    Nice Rundown …. and thanks for using my two submissions. Gotta love the shoes story. During my time at BGSU, I could count the number of home hockey games I missed on one hand. Ty Eigner is now the head coach, but Peter had quite the journey. As Falcons say, Aye Ziggy!

    News about the Dumpster may be HUGE, he’s not worth much of my time. Being December, I’ve already used my time allotment for him. Now that’s one cool train! Good choice for a closing song. Thumbs up to the Rockefeller Center tree!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely Cincy, thanks for dishing them up for me. And yes, Mello is a special kid. As is Peter and my God, what a journey!

      What? No Florida Man?

      It may not be Soul train, but it’s plenty cool.

      Indeed, had to.

      Here’s to the tree!


  3. A terrific post, Pilgrim. Loved the train and the tree. When I lived in Connecticut, we came to the city just to see it. It was always an inspiration. The kid buying the shoes was a unique story of kindness. You don’t see that often. That crime is maddening. Sometimes police seem to bumble their way through things. This looks like another Jon Binet Ramsey job. Tyler Adams for President is all I have to say. I no longer mention orange, so I no comment on the tax story. The Ralphie Parker house would be a fun thing to have but gee . . . ten mil? I double-dog dare anyone o buy that sucker.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What the hell is going on in Moscow Idaho…I think we may have some Twin Peaks weirdness going on here. Bizarre. That Steam Train is off-the-rails awesome. I want to buy a ticket. Go Team USA…although I must tell you the Dutch were my favorite soccer team as a youngster…so I can’t lose this match. The story on the Bowling Green hockey goalie is inspirational, and is yet another example of what one can achieve if they fight on. I would like Santa to give us all the gift of no more bullying. I was bullied in school and it was not cool. RIP Christine. Your talent will shine brightly forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s disconcerting, and I know the father of one of the victims has talked about the confusion within the department as to what the parents should and should not discuss with the media.

      The US game is early tomorrow, I didn’t realize it’s 10 am!

      Great story about Peter Eigner.What an inspirational kid. And Mello doubles up the inspiration with his early Christmas gift to a friend.

      Well said sir.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The tree and train are really the lights fantastic. The Moscow situation is really distressing. Can we get some competent investigators on the job, please!
    It would be cool if my brother (who sells real estate in Cleveland) could find a buyer for Ralphie’s place – nice commission!
    Bullies really do suck. Kindness rocks!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Trump’s taxes, the tree and the Keanu Reeves of 7th graders. Bullies need deflating and taught a lesson. Eileen said it best…kindness rocks and it will resonate longer than a punch in the nose. How sweet is this kid to want to help his peer. See, that’s what I’m talkin’ about…tikkum olam, healing the world, in Judaism

    And somewhere Mr. Imma you knew, Fleetwood Mac’s Christine Mcvie, was about to take flight.

    RIP dear lady.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The smallest acts of kindness can get sometimes have the biggest rewards. That kid will never forget those sneakers. I hope the bullies don’t either. About that train… Don’t drink alcohol before you watch. That is an incredible visual sight to see those reflections.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Okay… I wish the USA would have won today, but I’m happy they beat Iran!
    Think about us in Canada! We scored 1 goal, our first in a Fifa competition, and we are good with that. Of course next games… mwwahhh… watch out. Not that I’m into sports.

    Backing up – gorgeous tree, wow train and I will be gob smacked if they find the killer.

    trump… what a rump!
    Peter Eigner is one of those inspiring stories about what humans can achieve, even when it looks REAL bad.

    HOORAY for Romello Early!

    Boo for sneaker culture becoming a rat’s ass propaganda.
    Love the song. Thank you!


    Liked by 1 person

  9. So, it was on “Good Fences”.

    I had gotten Whoopi several rings from Tiffany’s, each ring more expensive than the one prior. I remind, this is an important story point, as the couple (Danny Glover, her husband) and she move up the wealth and social ladder.
    She brought her Harry Winston …Yellow Canary Diamond if I remember correctly, to wardrobe for the final ring of the story’s growth.
    It was worth as much as the others altogether.

    Things were operating smoothly. Like the PM said, we have insurance, and the deductible is only $10,000.00, so don’t worry.

    One day the Set Supervisor came to me and said, “there’s something wrong with Whoopi’s wardrobe. I can’t get it to sit right, while we are shooting. Did you have the alterations done?”

    “Of course”, I replied.

    Not only did I have the best seamstress in the entire city alter Whoopi’s clothes, I had deep pockets put into all of her wardrobe, as per her request. She liked to carry her cigarettes and whatever other items with her.

    The day wore on. The Super was beside herself, adjusting, tweaking, re-setting the costume.

    Finally WRAP was called.

    Whoopi literally dropped her costume, as though it was all sewn into one big piece of clothing, onto the floor of the set. Underneath was her personal clothing …. Complete!

    She dashed off set into an awaiting limo.

    “Well”, I said to the Super when she told me this,”obviously she has an important engagement to get to, and can waste no time”.

    Turned out she had more than several other important engagements during the shoot.

    At least we knew why her clothes did not fit properly, now and then, during filming. Sigh!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hey hey buddy. I’m glad I could finally get it together to stop by and say hello. I was glad to read your story. I caved into seeing the World Cup too, despite the corruption of FIFA I tunes into Mexico and US games. That Iranian reporter’s tone was anything but neutral but I think he did a great job of answering the question. High five to him. And we of course watch Ralphie every Christmas! He’s tradition and a trip. But I would pass on the millions and millions for the house 🙂 but I’d like to say my favorite was Romelo. He is my favorite of this piece and gives me a glimmer of hope that there are people out there that care, that are nice that do the right thing even if no one is watching. I love that story and it was the feel-good vibe I needed. Thanks so much brother for posting. Glad I could still catch you. Hope you’re doing well. Sunshine and waves 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the OG from Cali in da house!

      How you doing girl? Great to see you again. I figured maybe you’d become a hot shot writer with your own show! 😉

      As for the stories this week, you hit on my favorite . . Romelo. The kid has timing and compassion and soul. He’s going to go places.

      Who ya got winning the World Cup?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Heyyyyy doing all right! I wish I had made it big and was writing on Abbott Elementary, or bought the lucky ticket out in Altadena or Illinois. I just keep getting rejected 🙂 sorry to have fallen off the grid I hate it when that happens. Been meaning to post an update but drama always gets in the way. But everyone’s got it. World Cup action getting more interesting. Messi is looking good I’m digging him for his final Cup appearance. Who you like? Got any Bowl favorites?

        Liked by 1 person

        • I tossed with leaving WP this year and am still on the fence about how long I want to keep blogging. But hey, it’s free and I can take my time in the deliberating.

          I hope you keep on blogging because I miss your stories.

          Maybe we can make a pact, we leave WP at the same time! Like the Thelma and Louise of the blogging world!

          In the World Cup, I hope Japan but who knows?

          Bowls? In college I think Georgia again and in the pros I hope Buffalo.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I LOVE Thelma and Louise 🙂 one of my favorites. I think it’s a pact. Deal. It’s weird I didn’t even plan on leaving to be honest, wasn’t even on my mind, life got in the way and then week after week when I said I’d post anew, another rejection would float in my mailbox, my side project slowly collapsed, family busyness and then before I knew it a month and then two went by … but today, today seems like a good day to write. Thanks for the spark. Incidentally I liked Japan I thought they had a good team but looks like a couple of regulars will be sitting at the table. France and Argentina. Who’s your pick? Or are you just looking for a good game? Sunshine and waves.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Cali back in the house makes WordPress feel more like WordPress to me since you are one of my OG’s. You bring the goods and then sum, so yeah, I love whatever you dish up.

            As for the futbol? My self imposed exile from the games hurt a little. I read up and chatted with peeps who are tuned in where as I only did so for the US game that got them into the knockout round. I just cannot dig on Qatar being host. But . . . I will tune in for the finale on Sunday.

            Argentina with Messi going for his first Cup, and it would put him in the conversation with the great Maradona. And France, the defending champs whose quiet grace has rampaged its way within ninety minutes of legendary status. Goodell wishes he has this matchup going on!

            Peace out sistah, for now


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