33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. That snow is the way I remember it when I was small, how my father would take me sleigh riding in my pizza sled…a round aluminum dish I’d sit in while he pulled me around. I don’t ever recall being bothered by snow. Now of course, I have a fit since, it interferes with my running.

    That all said…Happy New Year to you as well Dale. Looking forward to many more pretty pictures. πŸ™‚

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  2. Q

    Lampposts always make me think of a cloak and dagger novel. There’s a mysterious dynamic to the things, and when you add a snowy background to the equation, yeah . . that’s it right there.

    Whereas the skyline in winter almost speaks its own truth without the need to check out the calendar. A sense of that power, just below the surface, resting before the bloom.

    But yes! The greeting card that beats all greeting cards. The art museum with the most-est! That is funky goodness.



  3. B

    There is something special about lampposts, I agree. Most immediately thing of Narnia when there is snow involved. I like to think there could be more, no?

    I love that you see that in the skyline I chose to share. You do have a way with describing my images. Such a team!

    Woot! Funky goodness works for me any day.



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