At The End Of The Day, It’s Tomorrow

No Rundown? No problemo!

I begin this trip by saying thank you to everyone who gave me love for my Friday morning fixture which recapped all the news that was print in fits. I’ve said it more than once, but the only reason it worked was because of you. And hey, it’ll be around from time to time . . . same as Taylor Swift revenge songs. Only smarter?

In the meantime, I got some iffing and riffing to get to . . .

Bills' Damar Hamlin in critical condition after cardiac arrest on field; game postponed | CBC Sports

It’s so easy to criticize everything and everyone from the wheelhouse of your S.S. Twitter page. Which is what happened this week when a bunch of twits (the official-ish term for twitter trolls) railed on about how the league should have called Monday night’s game between the Bills and Bengals sooner. Methinks these fools are barking up the wrong tree. NFL executive Troy Vincent refuted the claims that the league had ordered the players to start warming up after Damar Hamlin was carted off and I believe him. The league is many things, but impetuous ain’t one of them. They dealt with an incredibly difficult situation best they could and in the end, they left the decision as to whether to continue the game in the hands of the coaches and players. As it should be.

Kevin McCarthy elected House speaker, but at a cost | Reuters

Kevin McCarthy scored the Speaker’s gavel on his 15th try, which is more strikeouts than you’d get from the Yankees lineup in a typical nine inning game. And the only reason KMC clinched it before Memorial Day is because he made more concessions to his junior partners than a Los Angeles Dodgers hot dog vendor. Watching this guy win his loss was akin to playing the movie Fargo backwards, and it’s a better than butter bet that his rule is going to require a hostage negotiator before too long. Somewhere, Kari Lake is getting drunk on Jack and Charlie Daniels whilst crying “How come I couldn’t do that?!”. And while I am certain Trump is taking credit for this extra-innings escapade, nah. Anyone who wants to stay the course with Florida Man, be advised . . .

Is 'killer robot' warfare closer than we think? - BBC News

When really smart guys in the know like former Google capo Eric Schmidt warn us not to get too drunk on the idea of artificial intelligence, we really should be taking notes. It’s one thing to ching your way through the Target checkout line with a robotic merch machine and quite another to trust AI when it comes to policing and warfare. Limiting the loss of life is always the goal but when you start bringing robots in to take care of the dirty work, guess what happens? Yeah, more dirty work. Because when you give the bosses a reason, they’ll take nine more. Killer machines will provide them an EZ-pass with which to justify deadly force and problematic invasions in faraway places. And you best believe they will make moonshine out of the setting sun until the day comes when we can’t get back to even.

Recently DFA'ed Trevor Bauer says Dodgers 'wanted' him to return and 'pitch for the team this year' | Fox News

The Dodgers did the right thing in cutting bait with former Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer. The dude has a live arm but it happens to be attached to a genuine creep. And seeing as how this loser doesn’t play football, there’s no chance the Cleveland Browns will sign him!

Wait, what?' tops the list of Banished Words from Lake Superior State University | WPBN

A hat tip to the lovely Dale for filling me in on the kitschy little tradition they’ve got going at Lake Superior State University. They rolled out their forty-sixth annual list of words they believe must be banished from the Kingdom of Common Sense. I’ve attached my thoughts to each of them.

  1. GOAT- Anything that rids us of more Tom Brady is okay by me.
  2. Inflection point- It sounds like a movie you’d see on Amazon Prime, and as luck would have it, I banished the streaming service and picked up Paramount Plus!
  3. Quiet quitting- Miami Dolphins fans understand.
  4. Gaslighting- Johnny Depp could not be reached for comment.
  5. Moving forward- Wolf Blitzer got rich on that shit.
  6. Amazing- This word was ruined by Zoloft popping HR directors.
  7. Does that make sense?- See #6
  8. Irregardless- Stop it before you hurt someone, please.
  9. Absolutely- Not.
  10. It is what it is- Fuck. You.

Full disclosure; I’ve used both #5 and #6 while under the influence of a highly proofed medicinal. I’ve also dabbled in “no worries” and “wait, what” because I’m both understanding and not so understanding. Alls I know is I plan on submitting a name I feel should be banished in 2024.

He lives in Mar-a-Lago.




72 thoughts on “At The End Of The Day, It’s Tomorrow

  1. Still mulling over the hubris of our new speaker of the house along with the embarrassing side show his sick peers entertained us with. When you think their predecessors were Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and John Quincy Adams, it’s even more shameful.

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  2. Regarding K-Mc, he gave away so much so he could get want he wanted. The hell with the country – even the party – the guy is very selfish. I wonder what the betting odds are that he is still the speaker one year from today?

    In terms of Hamlin, too much trolling about the incident, which also hides the many good stories.

    Bauer to the Browns? Damn – that makes too much sense – especially since considering he started in Cleveland!

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    • Umm, let’s just say you would get better odds on Carson Wentz still being in Washington next season. Yeah KMC is on the clock with plus one waiting on that white courtesy phone.

      Seriously. Too many critics and experts as well. But he’s provided the best news possible and that’s what counts.

      Why not? That QB who shall not be named can let him stay at his crib for now.

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  3. From today’s Cincinnati Enquirer.

    The moment Damar Hamlin regained consciousness at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, the first thing he asked was if his Buffalo Bills won the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Doctors told him he did. He had “won the game of life.”

    The only game, in the end, that truly matters.

    Cincinnatians showed we are winners, too. From the moment Hamlin’s heart stopped after a tackle in the first quarter of Monday night’s game, the people of this city opened up and poured out theirs. Bengals fans cried, consoled and prayed with Bills fans in the stands at Paycor Stadium during the game’s postponement and later at candlelight vigils in front of the hospital where Hamlin lay in critical condition on a ventilator.
    Downtown Cincinnati was illuminated blue, as the lights at Paycor Stadium and the Fifth Third Bank headquarters switched from orange to blue after Hamlin was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center by ambulance. Cincinnati residents and businesses, such as Gold Star Chili, were among the more than 200,000 donors who contributed to Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation – a community toy drive in his hometown of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania – which has now raised over $7 million. Local steakhouse owner Jeff Ruby catered a special dinner for Hamlin’s family, and the list goes on.

    In one of the worst moments, Cincinnati was at its best, its classiest – its most human. Tragedies have a tendency to remind us of our humanity. Hamlin’s near-fatal injury provided us with valuable perspective.

    It reminded us that football is just a game – albeit a violent and dangerous one – and we need to remember that players are human beings, who risk their bodies and potentially their lives each time they step out on the field.

    It reminded us of the importance of our heroic first responders who undoubtedly saved Hamlin’s life with their quick response, launching into chest compressions and using an AED to restart his heart after suffering cardiac arrest.

    It reminded us how fortunate we are to have a world-class trauma center such as UC Medical Center with some of the country’s top physicians right here in the Queen City.

    Lastly, it reminded us that our city is filled with good and decent people. We don’t always agree or get along, but when we truly need each other, Cincinnatians rise to the occasion.

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  4. As a general rule I avoid making comments on religion, politics and sport. All general bring out the worst in people. What happened to Damar Hamlin at the game being the rare exception. On to more important things. I am guilty of using #9. That has to stop but I am the only person I know who uses it. Honorable mention I offer the phrase “I know”. If I hear that one more time I am going to scream.

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  5. “It is what it is” is one of the great coaching cliches, right up there with “I don’t have a crystal ball” and “one game at a time.” Belichick uses these to an almost comical extent. He’s Kobayashi Maru for journalists.

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  6. Guilty as charged on some of your same offending phrases. To which I can only plead #10 but I’ll second your list for 2024. The sooner we rid ourselves of THAT virus, the better we’ll all be. As for the KMC sell-out, I have a sneaky suspicion that gavel is gonna be used to bludgeon him sooner than he realizes. Recalling Paul Ryan’s tenure should confirm the notion that trying to wrangle that caucus is gonna be tougher than a human should have to endure. Oh wait….nevermind. We’ll just ‘circle back’ several times…[insert #9] when that happens.

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  7. Love the post, Pilgrim. Every one of those words should go. Here’s another “fake news” even though it describes reality. The dad thing about KMC is the carnage in the house and senate will go on without the public being served. I would like to toss all of them out. The good, the bad, and the ugly. A start-over is what we need. As far as AI is concerned, left to its own devices, the logical way to eliminate problems is to destroy humans. Enough said there. I look forward to the day when the Florida guy is no longer part of the discussion. Well done my man.

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  8. Yes! That name should be bumped into the 12 century, permanently. Whew! That felt good to see out loud. I’m sorry I’m not going to visit the United States for the foreseeable future. I am white, I am a woman and I am terrified of the direction your country is moving. And that’s a shame because it’s a damn fine country with incredible people. I think there are too many of the wrong people with power and one of them took 15 tries to get what he wanted. I wonder what damage he’s going to do?

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  9. B,

    No problemo for shizzle! And you know we love you no matter what it is you present…

    Iff and Riff away!

    You are right. It is so easy to criticize from the outside. And I agree, they handled it perfectly. It was best to leave it to the players and coaches.

    From up here in Canada, we watch the shenanigans with the Speaker of our neighbour’s House with a shake of the head and a query of what? I will be curious (not really) about how far he ends up going, what with all the things he said yeah to.

    I, for one, am leery of all things AI. I will do the self check-out when the lineups are too long at the one or two cashiers but to have them doing more? Nope.

    Bravo Dodgers! Now, if the Browns could only follow suit…

    Pleasure is mine to have shared this list because, as you know, at the end of the day, moving forward, it is ah-mah-zing. Does that make sense? Irregardless, it is what it is. UGH!

    I can easily say that I have never used the term GOAT for anything. I had no idea what an inflection point was. Quiet quitting? OK.. Gaslighting, I know, that but that’s thanks to Julia Robert’s fantabulous job as Martha Mitchell in “Gaslit”. I do use the word Absolutely. My bad. The rest. Nyet.

    Perfect tune, as per!


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  10. Hi there – laughing at the list but top takeaway was the opening
    And while I am late and this might be old news now – but I agree that the NFL handled the Hamlin situation so well! You said it best:
    “They dealt with an incredibly difficult situation best they could and in the end, they left the decision as to whether to continue the game in the hands of the coaches and players”

    And we stayed watching the entire pause and unfolding and I just love how they showed players praying and then let announcers share personal opinion
    It was quite beautiful that faith was allowed to be shared without censorship and with being exclusive
    There was a beautiful American freedom that was felt as the station went to announcers and then back to the field

    I thought it was handled with care – class – and without censorship so we all felt the humanity

    And the trolls and haters out there are also flaw finding and just look for exaggeration and causing a stir from nothing

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    • Let’s face it, there is lots to critique about the NFL. But this wasn’t one of those moments I do not think.

      Today, a Bills player got knocked hard. They took him out of the game for ONE PLAY. I don’t get it. Where did the perspective we had two weeks ago get to?

      So many trolls, so little time to dump them on Mars.

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      • I missed the bills game (did see highlights) and right now I am watching ravens and bengals –
        Hoping ravens get the W
        I did get a little annoyed with the gambling ads earlier
        The game didn’t even start and they had four or five ads – Gronk does a gambling commercial now? The Jamie Fox one came on twice
        And I am puzzled as to why the stations that air NFL games are allowing so many commercials even announcers are encouraging viewers to “not wait for fantasy football payoffs because they can bet every Sunday night”
        Really ?
        But on the flip side – we have seen numerous “play responsibly” ads, some other mental health ones and even a Jesus themed commercial –
        So the variety of commercials has improved but the ads for gambling still puzzle

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        • It’s all wagers all the time and mark my words, these leagues will regret their buy in some day. When a sports league gets tainted by a scandal, it’s hard to come back from it. Sure they’ll carry on, but the perception that the games are fixed will as well.

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          • Yes and right now it’s half time and the cowboys kicker missed all three extra points sand some one asked “was it bet related”?
            I think they were just bad kicks
            But I agree they will regret it for many reasons

            I just saw another Kevin Hart commercial for betting and they make it so enticing –
            As if this gambling on nfl is good for humans
            The mental health addiction issues are what bother me –
            Giving $200 for a five dollar bet and making it sound like it will enrich their life

            I am not sure why this is not regulated more?
            Gambling will happen without it being promoted
            But when these expensive commercials use psychology and slick marketing with joyful actors who are paid a lot to promo
            Well it is luring in the average Joe (and Jill and they) and I see red flags all over the place

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          • Think about how wildly popular football is. Now of course this is largely due to the fact it’s a collision sport and Rome still matters. We love our gladiator games too much.

            But then you add wagering and fantasy league to the equation and yeah, it’s the fan favorite for a reason. Not that I get it, because I don’t. The last time I wagered was when I went to Vegas, and that’s because it was Vegas and so the part and parcel thing and all. I was up almost two hundred bucks when I quit. I was ahead of the game and I knew I was going to give every last dollar back if I pushed my luck.

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          • Sounds like you have balance when/if the rare time you gamble

            And I love how you said this
            “Think about how wildly popular football is. Now of course this is largely due to the fact it’s a collision sport and Rome still matters. We love our gladiator games too much”
            Really well said

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          • That was my last wagering. I just don’t dig it.

            A blogger asked the very smartest of questions once. Why don’t football players wear those clunky, ugly helmets all the time? Welp, because that would cancel out the gladiator effect, and the league won’t have it!

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          • Hi! I didn’t realize that there were some helmets uglier than others – but t makes sense that they would consider looks bs more protective but it might change as concussion info gets better – hmm
            Oh and I seem to remember some unique helmets in the past
            Like a player named Kelsey ?? I should look it up

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          • Check out those practice helmets. They are absolutely dreadful looking. BUT . . . safe. Granted, they’re not practical for playing a full game but still.

            There were lots of unique helmets back in the day. The Broncos old helmet was funky, as was the Orange-sicle jobs the Bucs used to sport. But my all time favorite was the Patriots old helmets. Classic.

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          • Did you see what the Cincinnati mayor said about Joe Burrow having to take a paternity test to confirm whether or not he is the father of Patrick Mahomes? Burrow is 3-0 against Mahomes and so the mayor thought it would be funny to have a press conference and play this gag.

            If mayor Pureval said this to his staff, no problem, we all say shit like this. But to have a press conference in order to say shit like this? I guess Cincinnati is doing so well that he’s got all that free time. How dumb.

            I am torn on all the games. I want the Bengals to win it all because Joe Burrow is such an enjoyable throwback player. But the Chiefs winning it again would be great too. The Eagles and 49ers? Same.

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          • Hi! That is seriously stupid to have the mayor be so unprofessional
            Omg – did he miss something in 4th grade and have to resort to this humor?
            When I first heard the story it was actually Mahomes’ girlfriend in a story with her classy response –

            And for that reason alone I hope the chiefs beat bengals

            I am also partial to 49ers and would love to see them take it all

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          • Seriously, I just don’t understand it. First of all, how much is the person or person’s responsible for his social media profile making? Because HOW does that get past them without a “Umm, Boss . . this might not be the best idea,”

            And secondly, he’s the mayor. Why doesn’t HE see that?

            Mahomes’ girlfriend dished some sense into the senseless. Good for her.

            I still lean for the Bengals, but mango . . they don’t make it easy. Excepting for Joe and a few other cats on that squad, they’re why I root for them.

            The Niners have arguable the best coach in the league. Shanahan can basically take any QB and win games.

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          • As I was telling Frank, I don’t think this is a matter of rigging. But I do think the league is going down a very slippery slope thanks to their association with legal gambling companies. All it would take is one or two individuals to tweak one or two plays and boom, we have a problema.

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          • I agree so much
            And there are many many other negative outcomes from this close association with gambling !
            Very slippery slope
            Also – I am disappointed that Gronkowski is in sooooio many gambling ads!
            What a terrible way to make his money

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          • Yeah – just silly to see him do so many gambling commercials and I bet he has no idea of the dangers of what his role model and advocacy for this will lead
            How many young dudes who admire him will not start gambling because “gronk” made it look like it was what led to joy and fun!
            Oh the dangers of this marketing gambling as fun and as a great way to bring joy into one’s life!

            And on a different note
            Have you seen 80 for Brady?

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          • I bet you’re right. Okay, wrong word . . . I believe you’re right. 😉

            There are so many kids wagering today, I mean it really is everywhere. No bueno. And no, I haven’t did you?

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          • Yeah – I don’t think the sports movies have been very good
            And so far the weekend has been nice
            Met some eagles fans earlier today and as much as I am disappointed with some nfl stuff lately – I still find it a fun time to get ready for the superbowl
            I know you said you might not watch it – and I will be multitasking when it is on –
            But I am kind of liking froward to it

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          • There are few and far between. Even Raging Bull, which I finally watched recently, fell short on the sporting side of things. Don’t get me wrong, great movie, but the action sequences do not work for me. The actors are too slow. I have been to several boxing matches and the speed and quickness of the athletes is insane. Actors just can’t replicate that. And it’s the same for the other sports.

            I might hedge on not watching at all. LOL. But I won’t be chained to the TV and if I do check in, I am just as likely to hop off and watch something else.

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          • yes – it does sound like movies will have a tough time with action sequences
            and speaking of movies- oh my goodness – we recently watched the movie “A long kiss goodnight”
            and it was HYSTERICAL
            – you have to check it out – with Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson – just insane with action and stupid jokes – but kind of good at the start


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