The Rundown

Welcome to the first Rundown of the year, which is made possible by the generous donations on the part of Wolf Blitzer, Jim Belushi and Carrot Top. And while I don’t have a Trump conviction to chew the fat on in this week’s episode, I do supply some thoughts on why we should stop talking about an ending to this farce until we actually have one. Plus! Are classified documents the new Facebook posts? . . . The human brain wins a round against AI . . and Curious George Santos past shows no signs of slowing down.

Let’s hit the ground running . . .

Defending national champion Georgia pounds TCU in college football title game - The San Diego Union-Tribune

We start with the top college football team in the land. The Georgia Bulldogs and coach Kirby Smart became the first team to repeat as champs since the Nick Saban led Alabama Crimson Tide a decade earlier. The Dawgs lost 15 players to the NFL last offseason (which is a dozen more than some actual NFL teams currently possess), and they didn’t miss a beat. They’re my choice to win it all again next season because the idea that a team not named the Tide three-peats is . . . wait for it . . peachy with me.

  • Aaron Rodgers makes an awful lot of noise for a guy who hasn’t played in a Super Bowl since the Obama administration. Hey man, just saying . . .
  • Lebron James is done winning titles. There, I said it.
  • Twenty-five days until pitchers and catchers.

Garage Storage Tips: 10 Things You Shouldn't Keep In Your Garage | The Lakeside Collection

Anything you can do, I can do dumber. Well, in Joe Biden’s case maybe not dumber since that would be damn near impossible. And sorry Gym Jordan, but as the Washington Post correctly pointed out, this isn’t a case of “Whatabout?”. But Joe’s classified docs turning up in his garage ain’t great optics. And it’s even worse news for those of us who wanted to be done with the other guy. Because the MAGA minions are going to use this fuel to fire up their fledgling run.

  • Speaking of the Mar of Lago, can the news outlets chill some with their Cannonball run coverage until the Federalis actually (hopefully) pull that lasso? As he showed us time and again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
  • Now George Santos was a drag queen in Brazil too? Tell you what, if this cat told me I had a day to live, Imma buy me some green bananas. And a puppy.

And now for the We’re All Doomed! Photo of the Week! 

Displaying IMG_1339.jpg

I cut back on my egg intake last fall and really, not a minute too soon.

Exclusive: Who is Edward Tian? He wants to keep his GPTZero app free for users to take on ChatGPT | South China Morning Post

Princeton senior Edward Tion is dishing up the kind of smarts we need to be paying more attention to. He’s majoring in Computer Science with a minor in journalism, but his current passion is all about harnessing the increasingly powerful influence of artificial intelligence.

Like most college kids, Tion has used ChatGPT, which is basically an advanced chat bot that can write up everything from poetry to essays. While the results are still beset with factual inaccuracies and can be formulaic, the fact of the matter is the technology has improved greatly from its predecessors.

Tion got to thinking about the challenges associated with this tool. The online world is already an environment fraught with complications. What might a locked and loaded version of this AI mean to public discourse in the not too distant future? And what of the songs and poems and stories that once were the purview of the human soul? Might they too one day be replaced with an artificially enhanced reproduction?

The kid has developed an app called GPTZero that can distinguish between work done by humans and AI, and he’s getting lots of attention from journalists and educators alike. Tion doesn’t want to ban the software he’s working to identify. “It doesn’t make sense that we go into that future blindly,” he says. “Instead, you need to build the safeguards to enter that future.”

Amen to that.

  • Elon Musk exaggerated Tesla’s self-driving capabilities? I’m shocked I tell you! Shocked!
  • Netflix exceeded Wall Street expectations by adding 7.66 million subscribers during the fourth quarter. And they didn’t even need Tom Brady to do it.

A representation of vulnerability and security': Memorial honoring the Kings opens on Boston Common | WBUR News

Yeah, I have no idea either . . .

Lisa Marie Presley Dies after Possible Cardiac Arrest: What We Know

The untimely death of Lisa Marie Presley is still under investigation more than a week after her passing. Deferring a cause of death is not uncommon if the initial autopsy doesn’t provide an obvious answer. Lisa Marie’s end came much too soon and here’s hoping she finds peace on the other side.

  • The Menu starring Ralph Fiennes and Ana Taylor-Joy is great fun if you’re into cheeseburgers and dark comedy horror flicks. You’ll thank me for the tip.
  • I’m two days into my breakup with Amazon Prime and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m even seeing a new streaming service- Paramount Plus- already!

Jay Withey: Buffalo hero breaks into school to rescue over 2 dozen people stranded in deadly blizzard | MEAWW

Jay Withey isn’t going to win an MVP. He’s never going to rush for 2,000 yards or throw 50 touchdown passes or lead the league in sacks. But all that stuff pales in comparison to what he did accomplish during the “storm of a generation” that ran roughshod over Buffalo.

On Christmas Eve, the 27 year-old mechanic rescued twenty-four people who were stranded in their cars. After which he led them to the Edge Academy school, breaking in so as to provide shelter for the group. And then he went and gathered up sustenance and blankets while they waited for help. He even wrote an apology letter to the school in which he promised to make things right. But here’s the thing. He had already made things right, twenty-four times over.

The school refused to press charges or take any money for the damages, and Whitley has become a global rock star thanks to his heroics. He’s gotten letters from as far away as Australia and he received a special delivery from former Bills great Thurman Thomas: Tickets to Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona. He’s hoping to watch his favorite team bring home a title.

If they follow this kid’s game plan, they just might do it.



60 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. There is a dynasty brewing in Georgia. Pay Kirby more even if he doesn’t ask for it. I don’t think Aaron or Lebron will win another title, but in Lebron’s case I believe he has a chance if he detaches himself from L.A. next season and tries to forge a super-team elsewhere. He’s still playing at a very high level, but the L.A. thingy is cooked and he needs to cook elsewhere. Pitchers and Catchers will have even more meaning this season as the Phillies have truly entered the lofty atmosphere of teams with multiple blank checks ready and waiting for whatever it takes to win a title. The George Santos thing is pretty much where we’re at now in the US. It is one thing when half the population looks at a bright blue sky and calls it orange instead. It is another thing when someone fabricates an entire life and then says…”so?” This guy has cut into Prince Harry’s press, and we really need to move on from Santos (holding sarcasm sign). I think Mr. Tion is quite correct that we need to create some guardrails for AI before it gets too far down the road. We won’t, but that doesn’t mean it is a hell of a good idea. Jay from Buffalo absolutely is a rock star for digging out those folks. A warming story for a winter day. 😀

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    • I completely agree. And the thing about Kirby Smart, he knows Saban as well as anyone in the game from having worked under him. And Smart doesn’t strike me as a coach with NFL aspirations so yes, make sure he stays for as long as he wants.

      Lebron’s LA mess is partly his fault. He’s an all timer on the court but his general manager skills are not nearly on the same level. That said, he would have to be willing to defer to the front office now and then if he wants to win. He wouldn’t do it with Riley, which is why one of the reasons he ended up back in Cleveland.

      The Phillies are in a loaded division, with the Braves and Mets. Should be interesting.

      Santos is just that. And you’re right, voters are asking for it most of the time. smh

      Tion has it right. We should be harnessing this technology, using it as a supplement rather than having it replace the human mind.

      Here’s to Jay and Damar and the Bills. Now that Buffalo beat us, I root for them to win it. However, I love Joe Burrow as well. The kid has a whole lot of that “IT” factor, and he’s no nonsense. Of course, I could be okay with any team winning it now that Tom Brady is no more.

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  2. Kirby Smart is the new Saban and the Dawgs are the new Tide because they are the new leaders in the clubhouse. George Santos story is incredible. Last night on Colbert, he did an parody of an interview. Colbert – Welcome George to the Late Show for the first time. You’re welcome Stephen, but I’ve been on two other times. …. and then on and on from there.

    Gotta love the Jay Withey story. New to me, but incredible!

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    • I could see this Georgia wave coming years ago. Hell, if not for some Tua heroics, they would have won it all five years ago.

      Santos got voted in, so I always have to ask. When someone is this ridiculous, how’s about the people who made it possible?

      My two “favorites” are playing this weekend. The Bills because they beat us and the Bengals because Joe Burrow. That kid is so damn impressive. He has changed the way people think about that franchise. He was asked what he thinks his title window is and his reply? “My career is the window”. How great is that?

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      • It was a matter of time before the Dawgs knocked down the Tide’s door. … and wow … are they on a roll now!

        Voting in the ubers at either end is one thing, but I too question the voters who elect the goofy … and there are more than one!

        Meanwhile, great games this weekend. The men in stripes have a tough mountain to climb – but not impossible. To me, the Brute vs the Assassin.

        Let’s see … if Bills v Chiefs would be on a neutral site because if the Bills would have won MNF, they would have hosted the game. …. Now … if the Bengals would have won the MNF game, wouldn’t they have hosted this weekend? …. so why isn’t it at a neutral site?

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        • I see what you did there.

          They’re all over the place. Solomon Pena was a nutbag whose language crossed the line into threats, and that didn’t stop him from running for a seat in the New Mexico legislature. He had the backing of voters and state reps alike.

          The Eagles score surprised me. I thought the Giants were going to give them a game. The Chiefs can be beat. I’m hoping Mahomes’ ankle is good to go for next week.

          Bengals at Bills . . . I think the Bills have the slight edge but Joe . . he’s something else.

          Cowboy at 49ers . . . Am I nuts for wanting the Cowboys to win?

          Good question. And we have not gotten a good answer.

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          • Eagles-Giants also surprised me because the G-Men were on a roll. Well … were. Chiefs are good and have been. What – 5 straight conference championship games or something like that? That’s damn good … and I know we both admire their coach! Although the Bengals have their number, odds of Chiefs beating my men of stripes is good because they have to some time. I think the Chiefs have lost 5 times in the past 12 months, and 3 of them to the Bengals. But Bills on the docket first. I don’t have a good feeling, but if the game is close, Joe is the man!

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          • Mahomes is the youngest player to appear in 5 straight. Amazing talent and yeah, that team is always going to be there. They can win it all for sure, or lose next week.

            Pay Joe.

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          • Allen is a modern day Brett Favre. He will provide highlights every week, both good and not so good. But mango, what a talent.

            Joe is the guy you do NOT want to give the last two minutes of a ballgame to if you’re on the other sideline.

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  3. Elvis’s daughter; when I read her history…raped at 12 by her mother’s boyfriend…all these marriages…losing all her money, then her son, I felt so sad to know this was the kind of life she had.

    I’m also sad over the new witch hunt for old Joe. Does it ever stop? It’s hard to believe Joe Biden is sinister, but they will try to tar and feather him like the pirates they are. When did we become such monsters?

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  4. Another tour de force, Pilgrim. Where to begin on the political stuff. Oh, I have it. Just get a recall vote together and start over. The executive, Judicial, and legislative branches of our government have set up the world’s biggest tent, and the clown show is just beginning. We are the losers for sure. Loved the fact that the Bulldogs kicked the living crap out of the Horned Frogs. It couldn’t happen to a nicer team. Jay. Withaey is the kind of guy yu want living next door. AI scares me to death. I would like to know if something I’m reading was human output or what. Don’t have to ban it just let me know. Priscilla is at peace I hope. Good song by her dad. Thanks for the run down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think a clean slate will do us all some good. As I was telling SB, I’m not a Joe fan but I ain’t a Flo Man fan either. Why don’t we get other voices in there? When do we get other voices in there? DO we get other voices in there?

      The Dawgs are a dynasty in the making and I’m happy for them. Smart has paid his dues as a coach.

      I agree with you on Jay. He would be invited to every grill, tell you what.

      And yes! That’s what Tion is up to. He wants to work with the technology so we do not become slaves to it. Even if certain peeps already are, in my opinion.

      I hope so too Boss. She deserves peace.

      Gracias my man

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  5. Fantastic summation of the country at large. I have been experimenting with art created by AI. The sad thing is both of these bots pull from what humans have created. I wonder what will happen when AI starts pulling from AI sources to create. What a slushy mess.

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  6. Aaron Rodgers and Lebron James — two athletes I never want to hear about again. Add Brady to the mix, and you have the perfect trifecta. And now I see videos of James’ son acting the same as his dad is and I’m gonna have to hear about that family for at least another 20 years. I am so done with all of them.

    George Santos … there is no way in any rational world he would still be in Congress. It goes without saying, then, that we no longer live in a rational world.

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  7. I’m right there with you: “Tell you what, if this cat told me I had a day to live, Imma buy me some green bananas. And a puppy.” Ain’t it the truth– well at least for me it is. 😉

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  8. Jay Withey…now there’s a hero to celebrate. P.S. Couldn’t see the Photo of the Week. Hope that means I’m sorta, kinda safe from doom at least in the short term since I know there are no guarantees.

    As for eggs, isn’t their value similar to what crypto was last year? Oh boy, that’s gonna be a scrambled ride I suspect.

    Perhaps to avoid yet another ‘classified papers’ problems in the future, maybe everyone’s pockets in DC should be scoured. Jeez, is nothing sacred anymore or is everything just something to profit from in some fashion? Sigh.

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  9. B,

    Lovely to see a Rundown so soon 😉

    Whoa… to lose 15 players to the NFL and still win is amazing!
    – Aaron Rodgers likes to hear his own voice.
    – Enough Lebron.
    – Looking forward to baseball, are ya?

    Honestly, Joe! What the hell were you thinking? Giving fodder to that other side is NOT the way to do this…
    – When, oh when, will he NOT be in the news?
    – Poor George. You just can’t have a sideline nowadays, can you? 😉

    We can’t see your photo of the week, darlin’

    Good for Edward Tion. I’m not dissing the use of AI, truly I’m not. I think he is right in saying we just need to know WHEN it is being used. Smart kid, tell you what.

    – What? He did??? Oh my…
    – So, that means Netflix is in the clear? For now?

    Lisa Marie never really had it easy, did she? It’s a sad story.
    – The Menu was FANTASTIC!
    – Breaking up is not always hard to do…

    Jay Withey SHOULD win something. And if the school had accepted payment for damages? We would be having a whole ‘nother discussion. What a beautiful story with a happy ending.

    Perfect tune, of course…


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    • Q

      It’ll be around from time to time, so yanno, this was that time. 😉

      The Dawgs are winning big and there’s more to come. Of course, all that winning always comes with a “However”. One of their star wide receivers was arrested this morning on a felony count. To win means to sell a part of the program’s soul- look at Florida and LSU and Ohio State and Alabama. Sad but true.

      I haven’t watched an NBA game this year and yeah, Rodgers is in love with himself. But he’s interesting, in a talented train wreck kinda way.

      Baseball can’t get here soon enough.

      Joe needs to keep quiet for a while. Cooperate with authorities and stay quiet. While that other guy needs to just go away, and he can take Georgie with him.

      I have no photo of the week.

      You ever notice how we always speak of AI as if it were an independent entity? Kinda creepy huh?

      He did.

      Netflix did too. And yeah, for the next quarter at least. It’s like football!

      Lisa Marie was a tortured soul from the get. She really always just wanted to be happy, and failing that, she wanted some peace and quiet.

      It was a great flick, I thought.

      No it ain’t.

      Withey is the hero Buffalo needs to hold onto. With the Bills outta here, they need something!

      Thank ye!



      • I love it 🙂

        I cannot lie. I know not of college ball so I have to rely on you…. Wait, what? Arrested? Sigh… and FFS.

        There is something about train wrecks that we can’t help but be interested in.

        It’ll be here before we know it.

        He does. It would be best to be quiet. And the other one… please. Just go away, already!

        No? Wasn’t it a photo to do with eggs?

        Eww… Now that you mention it… shit.

        How could he do such a thing? I mean to exaggerate is akin to lying, no? 😉

        Hmmm… So, we’ll keep on watchin’

        She was, the poor thing. I cannot come close to fathom what life of the child such a Lisa-Marie could have been like.

        It was!
        No, it isn’t. You were never in love anyway.

        He is. And yes, they need him.

        You know it!

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  10. Oh… a RunDown.


    Obviously you wrote this before Pence entered the documents derby.
    I can hardly wait fir the next Santos lie. EVERYONE does realize they are lies, don’t they?

    We’re All Doomed! Photo of the Week isn’t showing for me.

    Hooray for Edward Tion!
    Musk, Amazon Plus…. pullease!

    RIP Lisa.

    Marc, MUAH!!!!!

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