Joe and Marco At The Movies!

Skinamarink': Shudder Acquires Horror Movie, Will Head to Theaters - Variety

I’d like to welcome you to our first movie review of 2023. I was able to get Joe Pesci to take some time away from his very busy schedule . . which includes tee times in Scottsdale and blowing his denture dough on the ponies . . .

Fuck you very much, Marco. For one thing, I ain’t gambled on the ponies in a month. And when I do, I win! For anotha, I only use golf clubs when negotiations hit a snag . . .

Wow, you’ve upgraded from aluminum bats! That’s some high brow shit you’re dealing up in the ‘boardroom’.

And if you got a problem with it, I can introduce you to my hybrid driver, ya stuttering prick.

No thanks Joe. Golf ain’t my bag, pun intended. But movies are, and we have a rather unusual entry this week. Skinamarink is the directorial debut for Canadian filmmaker Kyle Edward Ball. It was made on a skinny jeans budget of $15,000, most of which was raised through crowdfunding. And while I loved it? Joe . . . not so much.

Don’t forget to mention we got some spoilers Marco. I know how sensitive you get about that shit.

My little guy is growing up!

And what’s this crowdfunding about?

It’s like a grass roots online fundraiser where people donate whatever they feel like.

I know a guy who woulda leant him da money without all that aggravation. 

Yeah I’m pretty sure Ball didn’t want to be taking out a loan in which he was repaying the debt with certain of his body parts.

Whateva . . .

Enough of that, let’s get to what’s cooking. Joe, I cannot say enough good things about this movie, which pits me on the movie geek side of the ledger. It’s a polarizing film that people either loved or loathed. I happened to love it for its bare boned heft. It takes the mainstream paranormal movie and places it in a masterful reduction sauce the likes of which I do not believe I have ever experienced.

Well, if that means dis Ball guy robbed anyone who wasted their time with dis piece of shit of a movie, then I agree wholeheartedly. If a hundred closeup shots of Legos and an endless reel of cartoons that are older than me is your bag, then you probably don’t need to be sitting in the dark in the first place. You need stronger meds.

God forbid a filmmaker challenges you to put in some work! The nightmare scenario is something Ball honed for years on his YouTube channel, and he marries it to all those many things we still fear . . like the dark and strange noises and being completely helpless. And umm, what part of ‘experimental’ did you not understand?

Excuse me asshole, but I experimented plenty when I was younger. And it was WAY more enjoyable than this vomit on a stick.

That’s the whole enchilada man! Ball turns the paranormal genre on its head, both figuratively and literally. There’s no reliance on CGI or sound effects or big name talent. His story’s complexity is found in the simple things and that’s why it works. You have to be patient with this one, so I can see where the meaning escaped you.

Lemme tell you something pal, I am being plenty patient right now seeing as how your nose is still attached to your face.

May I remind you this humble little venture just surpassed $1 million at the box office, and it drops on the horror channel Shudder in February. That tells me lots of people are seeing it my way.

Oh yeah? Well that tells me there are a lot of mental patients walking around.

I give it four out of five stars with my only critique being the running time. Ball could’ve cut it down some, but really, I’m just nitpicking.

I give it a five . .

Wow Joe, you were pulling one over on me this entire time?!

No. I give it a five, as in you better have five drinks in you before you watch this crap. And you bettah keep right on drinking when it starts because if you’re lucky you’ll pass out and forget it ever happened. 

Well shit, Joe. Okay, next week we’ll review Poison Rose, starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. Spoiler alert, it’s simply bad acting. You can handle that, can’t you?

I’ll start drinking now, just in case.


22 thoughts on “Joe and Marco At The Movies!

  1. I hadn’t heard anything about this flick and now I’m torn between going out and actually seeing it or just take a fuhgeddaboutit approach after you two went toe to toe on its merits (or lack thereof). Either way, great review guys-ya made me smile.

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  2. B,

    As you know, I am usually quite the sissy for horror/spooky films. And, as you also know, I am also a little full of shit since I do watch stuff like The Walking Dead and things like The Hauntings of both Hill House and Blythe Manor and whatever you submit me to!

    That said, just because Joe didn’t like it, doesn’t mean I would not appreciate the subtleties created by my fellow countryman. There is something special about a director/producer who makes those who watch their creations work a little. I like that.

    Now, that said, would you hold my hand while we watched? You know how easily I jump…


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  3. I have read a couple articles about this bare-bones-budget horror film, and am curious to see it when it becomes available. Mrs. Chess isn’t into these kind of movies, but I will venture forth and take one for the team here. To be honest, modern horror isn’t my vibe either, but when you make a movie for this few bucks and get this much ink, it’s worth a view. Nice song selection to read along with. Well played, you two.

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    • I love working with Joe, mostly. But yeah, I think it’s worth a watch if you’re willing to go in with an open mind. Several years back I was invited to attend a local horror film festival. I knew the fellow whose movie had become the feature attraction and I knew the passion he put into his work. The experience was inspiring and educational to me. It’s why I love stories like this one, where a kid takes a movie and makes us pay attention.

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  4. LOL!
    Love these reviews, Marc.

    So, this sounds like I should give it a watch. $15,000.00 & it’s on the move.

    Marc, this is my story about Daniel Baldwin.

    I think it will come in 3 parts.
    Here is:

    Part One

    Danny was 2 days late for his fitting.

    When he was just a half hour late, I notified production.
    No one knew where he was. No one could get in touch with him.
    He wasn’t in the lobby when his driver went to pick him up. He hadn’t checked into the hotel, yet.
    11:00 am Toronto is 8:00 am Los Angeles. It took a bit of time to contact his agent, and for his agent to get back with info.

    Later that day, I was informed that Danny was driving to Toronto with his, wife, daughter and dog. Their jeep was somewhere on the Trans Canada. Whether that was true or not was none of my business.

    A couple days later Danny just showed up! It was the most fun fitting I ever had.
    Danny was a doll: personable, polite, charming and entertaining. An assistant & myself set up the fitting room in lightening time.
    Danny was good natured and positive about his wardrobe. His character was a construction worker, so there was lots of work wear and gear. We also got him a fab blue suit, shirts and ties for the courtroom scenes.

    At some point during the fitting, he began to tickle me. He tickled me into hysterics, and tears of funny fun fun. I dropped to floor in laughter.
    While I was recovering, he tickle attacked my assistant. Next thing I knew, all three of us were on the floor, rolling around, laughing, tickling and having the best time. The fitting lasted a long time.

    I believe the next day was Friday. We were scheduled to start shooting on the Monday.
    As always I worked through the weekend with a few assistants, doing line-up, last minute shopping, alterations, laundry, etc.

    That weekend, Danny spent some time checking out Toronto.
    Saturday night he was enjoying his evening in the Entertainment District.
    I can’t remember the entire story, but it made the papers.

    There was a car accident on one of the busy streets. Danny was right there, and rushed in to help. He beat the police in. Whatever ensued, like I said, it made the papers. Danny was a hero.

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