The Rundown

How a Chinese 'spy balloon' prompted the U.S. to scour the skies : NPR

It’s been days since the last spy balloon sighting and the world is going cuckoo for cocoa puffs as a result. The cabal news industry is Jonesing for some more and those poor little weather balloons that keep getting shot down in a case of mistaken identity don’t rate, because we don’t care about science! We want to get scared witless over the prospects of China or Russia or ET bum rushing us into a dystopian future, because let’s face it; anything’s better than having to pay ten bucks for a dozen eggs.

Without more spy balloon sightings, Dick Cheney is gonna have to go back to shooting lawyers on his ranch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

Let’s get down to bi-ness . . .

Nikki Haley Calls Out CNN's Don Lemon Sexist Comments on Twitter - Bloomberg

Don Lemon is aptly named.

The CNN talkie made news recently when he claimed Nikki Haley- who is 51- wasn’t fit to run for President because “she isn’t in her prime, sorry,”. According to Lemon, a woman’s prime is kaput by her 40’s. When Poppy Harlow- who happens to be 40- challenged him on the ridiculous assertion, Lemon blamed it on his Google search. Because . . . journalism! And proving once again that no bad idea goes unpublished these days, Haley is now selling koozies on her website which read “Past my prime? Hold my beer.”. Because . . . politics!

  • My early Super Bowl 58 pick is Dolphins over Lions. And no, I wasn’t drinking when I wrote this. However, I might have been drinking when I thought this . . .

Home - Ozzy Osbourne Official Site

Yanno, lost in all the hoopla of the Brady retirement sequel was the fact that Ozzy Osbourne retired from touring on the very same day. The pickled piper just can’t do it any more, but the fact that he was still doing it at 74 is a crazy train of thought. Whereas Brady is a health nut who played in a league that treats quarterbacks the way steakhouses treat the mayor, Ozzy has been at the top of a lot of dead pools over the last five decades.

Now that’s the GOAT!

  • George Santos admitted he was a terrible liar on the Piers Morgan Show and finally! We can believe him!

Putin promotes Russian escalation in annual speech - BBC News

Vladimir Putin keeps showing up at closing time.

The Russian President announced he was suspending his nuclear arms treaty with the United States on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a scathing speech before the Russian Federal Assembly, Vlad labeled the west and NATO as hypocrites whose agenda is global domination. Remember when the most frightening thing about this putz were those clips of him riding his horse shirtless? Okay, they’re still the most frightening thing about this putz. But this latest turn of events is shitty in its own right.

  • I made myself a three egg omelet with bacon and I kinda felt like Paris Hilton shopping for truffles at her boujiee market.

Tár (2022) - IMDb

If music and psychological dramas are your thing, then you best check out Tar, starring Cate Blanchett as a renowned conductor who finds her perfect life coming apart at the seams. It’s a story about the infinite possibilities borne out of genius and the shadowy corners we visit that can steal it all away. I know it’s early, but this very well might be the best film I see this year.

  • Aaron Rodgers went on a four day “darkness retreat” to get away from it all and he taped it. He craves attention the way I crave pizza.

Ohio train derailment vinyl chloride disaster is another painful reminder of PVC plastic's toxic lifecycle - Toxic-Free Future

Nothing is sacred.

The derailment of a Norfolk Southern freight train carrying hazardous materials on February 3rd is proving that sad fact all over again. Because every day since then has devolved into a mess of political grandstanding and corporate backpedaling.

Listen, President Biden didn’t have to go to Palestine, Ohio to make what would’ve been little more than a photo op while taking resources away from the myriad issues at hand. But he should’ve canceled his surprise visit to Ukraine maybe? The optics, as they say, ain’t doing him any favors. And what of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking more than a week to even address the disaster? Considering all the misinformation coming out of Ohio early on, he has to be ahead of that.

Of course, Florida guy showed up with his own brand of water and a shitload of McDonalds. So not only do area residents have to worry about the air they breathe and the water they drink . . now they have to deal with this toxic act as he tries to capitalize on the devastation. I bet you he didn’t mention all those regulatory rollbacks he orchestrated when he was in office. He let companies like Norfolk Southern skate on requirements for faster breaks on trains carrying highly flammable materials, and he ended regular rail safety audits of railroads. We already know whose side he’s on.

The people of Palestine, Ohio don’t deserve this. Neither do we.

The more things change, the more I believe Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that ever lived.

I don’t need to debate this. Not after witnessing his brilliance first hand. He turned Madison Square Garden into a Broadway play every time he visited. He transformed ninety-four feet worth of polished maple into a symphony that was equal parts Mozart and James Brown. And when he took matters into his own hands, it was judge meeting jury with the executioner standing by with a hot mic.

And yet, the greatest thing about this American icon is happening off the court these days. It’s happening in hospitals and homes across the country, thanks to exploits that far exceed anything the man ever accomplished on the hardwood. Because as far as philanthropists go, he’s in that conversation too.

Jordan recently donated $10 million to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which sets a record for the organization. That’s how Jordan celebrated his 60th birthday; by giving something back to those who need it most of all. And this latest gift comes two years after he donated $10 million to Novant Health for the opening of two children’s hospitals; a network to which he has now donated $17 million. And he’s done plenty more than that, only we never get to see it because the networks won’t cover it and arenas don’t get filled when charity and kindness is the main event. But it turns out that Jordan’s best work is only getting better.

In a hundred years, maybe they will have forgotten about Michael and the Bulls at the Garden. Maybe those six world titles he brought to Chicago will have gone rearview to the accomplishments of future generations. And maybe there will have been another maestro who made those ninety-four feet feel like outer space. But if there’s a time capsule for Jordan and the only thing in it was that photograph up top?

That’ll work just fine.



67 thoughts on “The Rundown

    • Bella! Again!

      The inferences made weren’t great and they didn’t shine a very positive light on a guy who was an up and comer at the network not that long ago.

      My thing is, dude, you work with women and you understand what they’ve done to get where they are. Have some respect!

      Gracias again!


  1. B

    I love it. Mixing things up! Rundown on a Thursday – you wild thing…

    Honestly, cuckoo for cocoa puffs is the proper moniker for this crazy situation. Shooting themselves in their own feet, so to speak. I’m sure those weather balloons don’t come cheap. They do love to keep the folks scared. As if grocery prices aren’t scary enough!

    What an asshat Lemon is. A sour one. Past her prime? Is he fucking nuts? Has he not seen the age of your present president? Now THAT’S past prime. Jesus. And blaming his Google search is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. What happened to all the “40 is the new 30, or even 20”? He is out to lunch in a big way. And kudos to Haley for jumping on that.

    You never know…

    Ozzy officially hanging up his bats, eh? Why did I think he already had? I think he and other rockstars of his generation who are still going strong (hello, Robert Plant – gonna be 75!) are made of different material than the rest of us…

    Hah! George Santos, a liar? No way!

    Putin needs to be Put in da clink.

    It’s nice to feel boujiee now and again 😉

    Tár was an amazing film. It’s one that sticks with you, I was going to watch it again but my rental had run out. I think when it is made available, I will. I bet you get even more out of it with a second viewing.

    Aaron Rodgers. I think you have misunderstood just what a retreat (of any kind) means. Putz,

    D’you know what? I am embarrassed to say I heard nothing of the trail derailment before reading this. It doesn’t help that I stay away from the news but usually, I catch something on FB or whatnot that sends me searching for more info. This whole scenario is a disaster. I was just reading a woman’s post saying that her cousin works for the railway and since 2020, they have been expecting something like this and could do nothing about it. This is unacceptable. She wrote: “Some dude in union tried to whistleblow years ago and they arrested him for domestic terrorism …” I have no words.

    Michael Jordan’s brilliance shines even more off the courts. That we rarely get to see it gives me mixed feelings. Yes, the networks should absolutely be sharing beautiful news like this instead of the shooting down of harmless weather balloons. Then again, maybe Jordan prefers to be on the down-low when donating because he doesn’t do it for ratings…

    This song is perfect for so many reasons! From start to end of this wonderful post…


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    • Q

      Wanna hear something funny? As in slightly pathetic because my brain decides to call off certain days? I scheduled this for tomorrow, or so I thought. I was at the rehab clinic when I get a notification that my post just published and I went, huh!

      SO much scary stuff out there these days. And while we supposedly hate this, I wonder how much we really do. Because let’s face it, us peeps invent shit to scare us- like Bigfoot. So yeah, the media is only too happy to oblige.

      But did Haley really HAVE to merch it? She could have taken the high road here. If the high road is still available, that is. As for Lemon, he should know better. He works closely with women in the industry who have busted it to get there. To condemn them to an age bracket is insulting. And you said it, especially so when you consider that a man’s age is never really brought up. Unless they’re a voter!

      No, you really don’t.

      When you consider their longevity should have been compromised by all the shit they did once upon a time, it’s doubly impressive!

      Santos just announced he’s not running for President because he is overqualified.

      Put Trump and Santos and a bunch of other peeps in there with him please.

      It is!

      I believe you are correct. It was such a compelling film on so many levels. I loved it, even if my Google search disappointed me a tad.

      Rodgers is that obnoxious kid in class who does all manner of stupid shit to get the kids attention.

      This is where we are as a country. The big money interests supersede the safety and well being of its citizens. We don’t need a Doomsday clock in order to let us know we’re already there.

      That’s just it. He lives his life pretty close to the chest and I respect the hell out of that.

      Up up and AWAY!


      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s hilarious. I don’t know my time and you don’t know your days… Such a pair. And I was thinking, okay then, I won’t look for stories for him!

        “We” love it, we eat it up. We bitch that we don’t but we search out more stories. We feed the media beast.

        Yes, you are right. She didn’t have to merch it but I cannot really blame her. He is an ass to have opened his trap to this.

        Nothing wrong with dreaming…

        I know, right? It’s crazy how the Hendricks, Morrisons, et al couldn’t make it past 27 and these old guys are still out there in their 70’s.

        Riiiiiight…. overqualified… Uh huh…

        With pleasure!

        It is. And by making it now and again, it keeps it special 😉

        Yeah. I was NOT expecting it to not be real. Though, in a sense it is, just not applied to one sole soul.

        Yes. But even they become tiresome to most, with time.

        It is a sad state of affairs. And is not just limited to your country, either.

        So do I. It’s ironic, there was a meme I shared on FB just after reading this post (funny how things happen that way) that went like this (signed by Jim Carey) “Imagine struggling with being homeless and someone comes in with a camera in your face to give you a meal and you have to take it…. Imagine that feeling. Please, stop doing that. If you go to help someone, do it with kindness and not your ego,.” Says it perfectly, doesn’t it?

        That damn song did stay stuck in my head for a good bit… and you’ve just put it back!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I had the time right, but the day . . . twenty four hours early. LOL.

          Content! It’s been happening forever and the only difference is that the beast is now hungry all the time. Social media is like a 7-11, it’s always open and there ain’t much worth buying but if you’re smart and particular enough, you can find something worthwhile.

          I wonder if his co-hosts are going to be cool with him returning.

          Dreaaaaaaam, Dream Dream Dream . . .

          That’s just it. The 27 Club is getting overshadowed by all these old guys. Rock and roll used to be a crash and burn industry. Nowadays it looks more like pro golf.

          I googled it! 😉


          Hahaha! I understand.

          They do.

          And this is indeed a global thing. How lucky we all are!

          That is one hell of a statement, and it’s completely true. I watch those short clips on YouTube and it’s warm and fuzzy and then yeah, I think . . . ya coulda just done it.

          Hey . . it’s been in mine for days!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • I tell ya… what a pair!

            That is a pretty damn good analogy, young man. Filled with crap but if you filter carefully…

            Hmmm… I guess we shall see, eh?

            Thanks for the change in earworm 😛

            Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What did these old guys do differently? Or were they just lucky they didn’t take that one extra drink or pill or whatever.


            Uh huh,

            😉 Of course you do!

            Ugh. We need to change that luck.

            It is one hell of a statement. Every time I see a fucking camera… well, you don’t see the camera, but you know what I mean, I think WTF. Why are you really doing this? Just be kind and shut your trap. And camera.

            I bet! Dreaeaeaeaeammmmm, dream, dream, dream… (to help you switch).

            Liked by 1 person

          • Boom!

            Open for business yanno? A lot of bad decisions inside . . . yeah, that just about says it all.

            Ce we shall.

            De nada?!

            Maybe it’s the OTHER meds they take that are keeping them on this side of terra firma? Maybe it’s just dumb luck? Who knows!


            A SEA change as far as that luck is concerned.

            I can see their point in putting something good out there so when people go looking to watch stuff, it’s inspirational. But it doesn’t always work out that way, I imagine.

            Okay, I think that’s better? (For now . . .)

            Liked by 1 person

          • Chagga lagga!

            It does. You’re pretty smart, yanno that?

            Oui, oui!


            Who knows. They just didn’t get an early post-it, I guess. Dumb luck sounds about right.

            At least a SEA…

            Yes, they could put stuff out there without shoving a camera and microphone down the poor recipient’s throat. There must be away of sharing something good.

            Till the next one…

            Liked by 1 person

          • That’s funky!!!!!!!!!!!!

            If you say so 😉



            It COULD be the early post-it. It could be dumb luck. It could be longer living through science (all of it, both good and bad) and it could be all of the above.

            At the very least…

            I agree. To give people inspiration and hope without making it look like some kind of road show, yes.


            Liked by 1 person

          • We all do. And they’re becoming nuttier for me as time goes on. Wait no . . let’s refer to them as eclectic moments. That sounds more interesting and it keeps me out of the hospital.

            Haaaaaiiiiii AHHHH!!

            Could be!


            Road shows were entertaining once upon a time, but not this way.


            Liked by 1 person

          • We do. And you are way too smart for them to be called nutty. Eclectic is way more interesting.



            Road shows don’t have the same appeal.


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  2. Another fine post, Pilgrim. I loved the Chinese response to the balloon fest. “The White House is more concerned about balloons than the mushroom cloud over Ohio.” It is clear from how Ohio was handled the administration doesn’t give a whit about the American citizens. Don Lemon is an idiot, for sure. Ozzy retired? Hell, I thought he was dead. Michael Jordon is an icon. I loved your Super Bowl prediction. I like your term for Putin. He is a dangerous putz who now has China agreeing to help him in Ukraine. It is a crazy world and way better with you in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the pits when I end up agreeing with China on anything. I mean, that country sure as hell hasn’t shown a bit of grace or humility in its own right. Sad.

      Lemon should retire.

      Ozzy is that proverbial “Alive or Dead” quiz you toss around with friends after a few drinks.

      Jordan is that and as it turns out, so much more.

      Me too! Don’t go wagering anything on it though.

      It just gets deeper and dumber all the time, doesn’t it Boss?

      Hey, right back atcha Sheriff.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I read an interesting question this morning along the lines of…if you were a weather balloon what would you like to spy upon before getting shot out of the sky. I would opt for hovering over whatever fresh hell happened at the train derailment in Ohio. Based on the government response versus reports from residents, I immediately flash back to the misdirection we went through during Three Mile Island. You hear one thing from the authorities…a different thing from the front lines. I want to see it for myself.

    I saw a cartoon where an armored truck pulled up to a supermarket and the guards were bringing eggs into the store. The cost of groceries is staggering these days.

    I believe Don Lemon only has a job because it is more click-worthy to keep him around for the immediate future. Ya gotta have a gimmick and CNN must have determined he is it.

    Aaron Rodgers is one of the most bizarre celebrities of our time, and that is saying a lot. I want him to come back next year…for a different team. As to how I want that to turn out, I want to see where he goes first. I may not want instant failure for him, but prolonged agony instead. And, I didn’t need to isolate for four days in darkness to come up with that.

    Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes ever. I think he still thinks he can play anytime he wants, and his competitive fire still burns brightly. I wonder what he would be like as a player in this era of “I don’t like this team, get me to another or I’ll quit” NBA? If he didn’t think he could win a title immediately, would he shut it down until he got traded away to where he could win one?

    I’ll go Eagles over Bengals next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bruce,

      I have to agree with you on this. The fact that they were able to keep a lid on what really transpired at TMI for as long as they did is very telling. The public’s interests as always, are not of the utmost importance.

      7 dollars for Reynolds Wrap. I mean . . seriously?

      You have a point here. He’s trending for the first time in . . . well, did he ever really trend before?

      Haha! I think Aaron is so self-involved that he doesn’t even consider his inability to get back to a Super Bowl as having had anything at all to do with him. He’s been a compiler in recent seasons and with his talent, it was possible. But when a guy who is supposed to be the leader shows up when he feels like it and you have a young team? Not great.

      I don’t see MJ shutting it down but I do see him looking for the best possible situation and then nailing it. He was too driven to sit on the sidelines.

      Hey! That was my other pick! Almost . . . 😉

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  4. Putin is not a goat he’s an ass! And how old was Queen Elizabeth when she died? Age is a number that has a little relevance to reality. Good things done by good people make them great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How about this? Putin is a horse’s ass!

      The Queen was ninety-six years old. Or young.

      But Ozzy was a rocker Pam, and you know what that world does to its talent. Usually. But not in his case!

      Here here to that one!

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  5. Well know … quite the rewarding treat to knaw on for a Thursday – especially after walking the beach in the morning and then getting in 9 holes of golf this afternoon. Of course, this is after a rockin’ Wednesday night at the musical Mecca of the Gulf coast.

    Great donation by MJ – but I have one beef. I said it was in celebration of his birthday, but he did it days before his birthday. How do I know? We share the same birthday.

    Ozzy should be knighted because he made it into his 70s!

    Dolphins-Lions in the next Super Bowl is not that far of a stretch. If it happens, scratch the Lions off the haven’t-been-there list. But I don’t think either of them will make it.

    George Santos has been the golden egg for late night hosts. Tom Brady should get more kudos for Pats success than Belichek. Will be watching Tar! I know I’ve left some out, but I’m out of here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cincy!

      You had a full twenty-four hours the likes of which Jack Bauer himself would be envious!

      Yeah but it was HIS birthday gift. Haven’t you ever received a birthday gift early? He was just giving his birthday gift early is all. 😉

      That’s what I’m saying. Brady ain’t a medical marvel. He played by all the rules that Ozzy had been breaking for decades.

      You can’t kill my hopes, Frank. They’re already dead. But hey, Miami can make some noise if Tua stays healthy. They need to fortify their running attack and O-line.

      The late night hosts should start a collection for the guy. And then send it to a worthy cause.

      And the Brady thing is interesting. Yes, Belichick needed the guy to be considered among the greats and yes, he has been very average without Tom. But the truth of the matter is that Tom also fizzled out in Tampa without the construct that Bill was able to build for him in New England. I really don’t think Tom would’ve won six titles if he had been in Tampa for twenty years, not even close. You can say that Bill needed Tom more and I’ll agree with that, but the two of them were perfect together.

      Tar is excellent Frank. Let me know your thoughts after you’ve watched it.

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  6. It must have been your reference to Lemon…
    Michael Jordan is superb, no doubt, but the greatest basketball player (really, I saw him in action – and cartoons, even) was Meadowlark Lemon. I loved the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Putin just sucks. Period.

    Politics just suck. Period.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yet another example of a news person who is better at making news.

      MJ was all that and then some.

      I saw Meadowlark and the Globetrotters at the old Nassau Coliseum back in the ’80s. What a great time!

      He does.

      It does.

      You’re the best.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. In lieu of trying to be clever, I’m weeping over Michael Jordan’s unrivaled generosity. That photo of him with that sweet kid, just has me.

    I’ll have to return when I’m put back together.

    There’s always one you list that leaves me undone.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s a sad fact of modern day life, ‘we’ love drama and are quick to blame ‘the other guy’ no matter whatever they’ve done. Go…you’re turning this tragedy into a media pandering circus to the locals for political purposes only but if you don’t show up…then you’re an insensitive politico who deserves to be flayed and tarred, especially when you’re a member of the ‘other’ party. I feel for the secretary of transportation…nothing he could/would do would be good enough for the citizens of East Palestine. And that’s just the tip of that spear. I’m not sure how I feel about the Prez popping in on the Ukrainians. I’m sure it was a trip long in the making but… We may not be in Afghanistan but we’re sure spending money like we are. Sigh. Not sure how that can be fixed or at a minimum diluted into something where the majority of those concerned come out ahead. Or at least restored.

    Kudos to MJ. Not only do we need more humanity like that but it’s refreshing when an athlete does it without smearing our noses in it on FB, Twitter or IG. Bravo #23!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I like Nikki Haley, for a Republican.
    Considering trump & desantis, (idiots) she’s cool.

    Where is that fabulous leader… either side of the aisle? It’s like there’s no crayons left in the box.

    When life gives you lemons…. make a CNN News Anchor. Was he demoted from prime time to the breakfast club?

    I hope putin dies asap.

    Biden…. well… I hear his poll #’s went up after his Ukraine visit. Did d’lemon report that?

    Ozzy, I like him. The Iron Man becomes tin foil.
    Yay for Michael Jordan!

    Some black humour – The poison from Palestine, Ohio is being moved to another place in Ohio. On the news they said, another state, whose governor is furious.
    I say move it all to the summer homes of the rich execs who were only too happy to embrace trump’s rollbacks. HEY, move it to Mar-a- Lago!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I like Haley as well, but I just think she could have remained above the fray in this case. No need to get in a scrum with Lemon.

      Lemon was an up and comer who got his own nightly show at CNN. And now he feels like a big mistake for the network. But who knows? Things can change.




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