Still Frank: March 2023

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Although this post is a day off, Imma asked me to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in with some random thoughts about the ongoing month and the new one. Thanks to Marc for the space.

February delivered a Super Bowl champion, a re-retirement of a football legend, Grammy & BAFTA Awards, a devastating earthquake in Turkey & Syria, the transition into year two of Russia-Ukraine, the Chinese balloon saga, continuing storms in California, more George Santos, and politicians saying stupid shit.

February deaths included A Christmas Story mother, a Spanish fashion designer & perfumer, a composer/arranger of pop songs, a pioneer of audiobooks, the one wearing a bikini in One Million Years B.C., Detective Munch, and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

I have no idea why my WP Spam folder contains so many comments regarding RVs, camping trailers, and campers. Don’t forget to check your Spam folder.

In case you missed it, here are a few February headline gems from The Onion:

  • Snowy Conditions Proving Hazardous to Nation’s Idiots
  • Peninsula Wishes it was an Island so Bad
  • Disappointed Man Reaches Bottom of Ice Cream Carton Right When Hitting His Stride
  • Single Woman Feels Safer Keeping Loaded Baked Potato in Nightstand
  • Man Admits Air Fryer that Burned Down House Did Pretty Good Job on Tater Tots

Report: More Italians Choosing Environmentally Friendly Option Of Being Baked Into Burial Lasagna (click for a great image)

Try the Combo Challenge. By using only the words in the above headlines, create your headline, then share it in your comment. My combo appears later in this post.

Did you know: To the Chinese, noodles are a symbol of long life?

FYI: If you are ever in Oaska, Japan, visit the Cupnoodles Museum.

I saw this touching story below earlier this week. CBS Mornings did a wonderful report about a homeless man in South California who receives surprising help from strangers.

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations March has to offer. For a complete list of March celebrations, click here.

Monthly celebrations include deaf history, ideas, mirth, frozen food, noodles, peanuts, quinoa, optimism, and women.

A month to increase your awareness about adopting guinea pigs, colic, endometriosis, listening, colorectal cancer, and trisomy.

Weekly toasts include ghostwriters (1-7), procrastination (5-11), words (5-11_, brain awareness (13-19), chocolate (19-25), and act happy (20-26).

Day celebrations include wearing blue (3rd), sock monkeys (4th), day of the dude (6th), bagpipes (10th), potato chips (14th), buzzards (15th), lips (16th), corndogs & tequila (18th), goofing off (22nd), chocolate covered raisins (24th), and pianos (29th). For a complete list of March celebrations, click here.

March Moons: Full (7th), New (21st)

My Combo: Loaded baked potato admits it feels safer as hazardous tater tots

To take you into March, here’s an old song that I didn’t know until last month. Yesterday was Pig Day, so I hope you didn’t miss celebrating. Meanwhile, Happy Dr. Seuss Day! I’m out of here.


23 thoughts on “Still Frank: March 2023

  1. Man admits air fryer dangerous to nation’s idiots.

    Because it’s not just funny sounding, it’s actually true! You have to be so careful with those things and let’s face it, the nation’s idiots are filling Washington with even MORE idiots so the idea they’ll know how to operate an air fryer . . . sketchy!

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  2. Cincy

    Not a single mention of your beloved (and now estranged) Reds? So you really are going all out for year two huh? I don’t blame you. And you’re not going to pick up an adopted team in the interim? No chance?

    On a baseball note, the pitch clock is having an impact in spring training. They’ve cut, on average, twenty three minutes off the average game. Which makes me wonder what in the hell they were waiting for! For all that, they simply could have instituted a rule that if you stepped off the mound or out of the batter’s box during an at-bat, you get penalized. Same diff.

    So many holidays, so few ice cream cakes.

    Did you see Tar yet?

    I wanna be baked into ziti and shot into space.

    Dwight! I haven’t heard him in ages. Great way to usher in the new month, my man!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marc,
      No mention of the Reds. I’m still miffed, so I’ll try to go 2 for 2. No chance of picking up another team. It wouldn’t feel right.

      No Tar yet because I’m waiting until returning home. Always wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday – so maybe next year.

      Love the featured song – an oldie that I discovered in mid-January.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good Thursday, Frank,
    What have you been googling for your spam to bring you RV Trailers?
    What a bummer that chip day does not fall during chocolate week. That would have been a nice of salty/sweet thing.
    Love me some Dwight! He’s an excellent actor, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think the Combo Challenge couldn’t be done better than you did it, Frank, I should also report I had a loaded baked potato last weekend, and I did feel safer eating it than the potential to encounter hazardous tater tots. I don’t recall knowing the Chinese consider noodles to be a symbol of long life, but I can say if I eat too much Chinese food I won’t be around that long. As much as I enjoy it, I think I gain a couple of pounds just thinking of ordering it. February did indeed provide a Super Bowl Champion…and congrats to KC. Our Eagles will be back in the hunt next year…hoping for a rematch!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bruce,
      Glad to hear you are a fan of loaded baked potatoes and Chinese food. Ever consider ordering something like chicken and broccoli then loading it on a baked potato? Your Eagles had a good season. Returning is always a tough task, but you better focus on the Bengals instead of the Chiefs.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I did not know Raquel Welch had died. That saddens me. I remember that movie. And I remember there was a total of about eight words in it. I loved it! I was too young to appreciate her but I was fascinated by the idea. February was a busy month and it looks like March will be too. Oh and my contribution… Disappointment man reaches bottom of single woman when house burned down.


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