No Apologies

Kurt Cobain cardigan sells at auction for $334,000 - BBC News

To paraphrase Herman Melville, it was a pretty great fucking trip.

I cut the ties with my Kurt Cobain sweater jacket this week. No, it’s not the weathered cardigan made famous by the Nirvana front man on MTV’s Unplugged back in the Clintonian Era (for you kids playing along at home, that means thirty-years ago). Nah, Cobain’s iconic threads fetched a cool $334,000 pennyroyals at an auction in 2019, whereas my humble getup was gifted to Goodwill.

That beloved sweater spent a solid quarter century in the starting rotation for yours truly. In the time from there to here, it lived several lives while always coming up jackpot for me, because I was on the value added side of presentable whenever I heaved that jacket into place. It could heist a dress down day and make it seem so much cooler than it actually was.

Versatility is easy riding for most guys (me) when the very idea of clothes shopping resides in Dante’s cul-de-sac. My sweater jacket always spoke up for me and it never clapped back at another part of my ensemble. It jibed with just about anything, the way a righteous pair of Ray Bans can make the scene in any season, like all weather tires, and they’ll be cool and dependable in the doing. Both. The thing happened into my wardrobe at a time when sweater jackets weren’t simply a phase for me, they were a state of being. And it outlasted all of them.

Alas, this mohair masterpiece didn’t deserve to be relegated to the sidelines. Which is where it ended up over the last couple years. In my closet, alongside a couple pair of jeans I’ll never fit into again unless I were to simply stop eating, a ski jacket that I won’t fit into again unless I never stop eating and a couple of suit jackets that I keep in the event that someone either dies or gets married.

I couldn’t let my Tonto go to tatters without giving it the chance to live some more of the A side, after having spent the last couple years of its life in hiding. In what should’ve been its golden years, I would mostly break it out when I was lazing around the house, but it had been a hot minute since I took it out anywhere past the front porch. So yeah, I’m glad it’s going to get the chance to get back out there, even if that’s going to have to happen somewhere else. Because all that matters is that they’re can be a somewhere else for it now.

Alls I know is that I’m glad I came under its spell when I did, because it ended up being the accidental rock star in my fashion lineup. And while I could never carry a tune or play a lick? It never made me feel as if that mattered in the least. With its earnest fit and its humble pledge, the thing was Zen to my senses in all the ways that matter most.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.




28 thoughts on “No Apologies

  1. B

    There is nothing better than a well-loved piece of clothing. We don’t know when exactly it gets pushed to the back of the closet but we know it’s there should we be inspired to take it out.

    It’s not that it has lost favour, it just is one of those inexplainable things. We don’t want to admit we are sick of it but maybe it finally reached that past-wear date. And since it is still in good condition, then yes, it is best to pass it on to some other who will give it the love it deserves.

    I have a sweater that my very first boyfriend gave to me. You wanna talk about age? I was 17 when I last dated him. That would be a whopping forty years ago. His cousin knitted it for him to give to me. It’s missing one button and I keep promising myself to just go and get another, or to moved an unnecessary one from there to here but it’s not done.

    I haven’t worn the thing in decades, to be honest, but there it sits on my shelf, patiently waiting.

    Maybe one day I will be ready to pass it on. Maybe not.

    Wonderful tune – I had never seen the video! Kurt Cobain with his hair combed is disconcerting, to say the least 😉

    Cheers to a beautiful ode to a piece you loved.


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    • Q

      I haven’t worn it outside in too long, so it was time to give it a shot to see the outside while it still has some time, which it does.

      It was time. I like to think it will go to a musician. I like that thought very much, truth be told.

      I think you are in the same boat as I was. It’s time to move on. I think we hold onto certain things because of the memories they evoke. That sweater saw me through several iterations of myself, so yanno . . how do you say goodbye to that? You just do.

      It has been a hot minute since I watched the video and yes, it was like watching a movie and being halfway through . . yeah, I remember it!

      Thank ye, lovely.


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  2. One day you’re in a sweater jacket. The next day it’s 30 years later.
    30 years ago?????

    Do you know Fawlty Towers?

    Basil: Zhoom! What was that?
    That was your life, Mate!
    Oh, that was quick.
    Do I get another?
    Sorry, Mate. That’s your lot.
    Sybil: Basil.
    Basil: Back to the world of dreams.

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