Happy Best Day

Dear Q

On this day that you were born, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I found out that Karen Carpenter first daydreamed a song that would reach into forever. Yes, she would let it bake into that perfect thing over days and weeks and months and years until one day it met the air and formed its union with the stars.

The best things in life are a mystery like that. They own a presence whose destiny is borne in the quiet and gains its strength from the humble start. Its fire is a magic in small doses as it learns the world before most of the world even knows of its arrival. I can imagine the first words of that song being released from the cosmos and into the universe on this evening, when you arrived.

Now, I don’t know for certain about when this song first occurred to Karen Carpenter. But if it was today, that would make sense.

All the sense in the world.

Happy Birthday


43 thoughts on “Happy Best Day

  1. Dude. Duuuuude. You know how you’re hearing a song, or you ‘re watching a movie, and the best lyric hits you, deep, or a conversation between the characters jumps out at you and leaves you standing there because feeling mannnnnn that was good. Just good and so good that you paused and let it sit with you. That’s what you did right there. You John Hughed that birthday and I bet Q be feeling all the feels and smiling in her heart, feeeeeeeling it because someone felt that way about her. Super great birthday message. This is one of your best posts and I dig that I was around to read it. ‘Member when your book comes out, I want to buy a copy… signed copy. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to Dale πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful song, and beautiful Dale!
    Marc…. you are a true mush head!
    I already knew Dale was a Thunder mush head.
    You belong together.

    Funny… but I feel kind of close, to both of you.

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    • Awww…
      He really is a mush head, yanno!
      We do belong together, I cannot disagree with you.

      It’s funny, but we feel the same towards you, our lovely Sorceress Resa!

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      • WE have had the worst internet technical tangle with Rogers over the last few weeks.
        I’ve been off line more than online.
        Yesterday, I’d been offline so long that the radio had become the “it” thing.
        I was sewing by hand, listening to the music and thought…EF it! I’m going back to going to the library, to a more quiet time of radio, records and romaine lettuce.
        Then I thought of my blog pals.
        How much I would miss them.
        All the art I want to show them.
        They came and installed all new hardware this morning.
        They win!

        MWAH! MUAH! MOUAH!
        I like this; kisses in 3 languages!

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        • Ugh. I hated Rogers.
          I was pretty much offline for the past 9 days πŸ˜‰
          Whoa! I love it.
          You know, when I last drove to meet Marc, I brought CDs in the car. It was such a nice thing to go back to that. I wish I still had my records and record player. Stupidest thing I ever did was to get rid of them. Whatevs, water under the bridge, and all that!
          Yeah, I hear you. I don’t want to give up my blogging friends. You mean so much to me.
          Glad you got the new hardware!!

          Oui Oui!!

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          • Norm still has his turntables and vinyl. It’s so great to listen to, noise, scratches and all.
            If it wasn’t for blog pals, I’d have about 5 people in my life, especially since covid.

            Oui Oui!!


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          • The scratches make the sound real. Let’s face it, the sound of music off vinyl is not surpassed by CDs.
            I feel ya on the blog friendships. I am lucky in having a good group of friends. The blogging community is so important to me. We share stuff that isn’t shared with friends and family!

            πŸ’žπŸ·(coz it’s Friday and I’m without my guy tonight!)

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