Always Leave Them Wanting More, Just Remember To Return It

Welp, I was gone for a couple of weeks and absolutely nothing happened in the world. Just like I had predicted. And no, I didn’t consider using Chat GPT in the event something came up in the interim, because that shit is creepier than Wolf Blitzer’s Jungle Room.

What news was no news? Glad you asked . . .

Shohei Ohtani | Biography, Statistics, & Facts | Britannica

Shohei Ohtani is The Dude, and if I’m Arte Moreno of the Angels I’m pushing an offer sheet across the table that contains more zeroes than a Furries Over Fifty mingle. All Babe Ruth 2.0 has done this year is pitch to a .092 ERA, which happens to be the best five game start for a pitcher since 1893 (For you non-sports fans, that was before Instagram). He’s only on pace to hit .270 with thirty homers, but he’ll heat up and when he does, Zac Snyder might write a superhero flick just for him.


Okay, let me get this straight . . . airport security won’t let me take a regular sized tube of toothpaste on a plane, but somehow $15 million dollars in gold and other trinkets gets swiped right from under the noses of the security guys at Pearson International Airport in Toronto? So next time I want to sneak a regular bottle of mouthwash past the TSA, Imma consult Danny Ocean for a master plan.


ArtStation - Breaking Bad - Walter White

Tucker Carlson getting cut from Fox News isn’t exactly a loss to the news industry. It’s not like when Walter Cronkite stepped down as the long-time anchor at CBS News, no . . . it’s not like that. It’s more like when Walter White dropped dead in a meth lab . . .

Bernard Shaw, CNN's Lead Anchor for 20 Years, Dies at 82 - The New York Times

And because I am such a fool for equal time, Don Lemon getting cut from CNN isn’t exactly a loss to the news industry either. It’s not like when Bernard Shaw stepped down as CNN anchor in 2001, no . . it’s not like that. Shaw knew his job was to chase, verify and report the news. Yes, I’m old enough to remember what journalism looked like.

Dov Kleiman on Twitter: "#Jets general manager Joe Douglas is admitting to people in the league that the team will "go all out" in order to trade for #Packers QB Aaron Rodgers,

Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets are finally married and if you think the Netflix series Love is Blind is a drama llama, just wait until A-Rod tries getting deep with the New York scribes.

Love Is Blind' Season 4 Live Reunion Recap – The Hollywood Reporter

And speaking of Love is Blind, I’m about halfway through season four and I’ve come up with a drinking game. Every time a contestant says like, you have to do a shot. Couple things to take into consideration before you play: Don’t be driving because you will be in no shape to get behind the wheel after this shit. And if you can buy your medicinal mayhem by the barrel, you probably won’t run out.

Russian Doll': The Story Behind the Bathroom Reset Point

I dig great writing. When you add brilliant acting and nutso plotlines into the mix, it’s an easy peasy mac and cheesy bet that Imma tune in. And Russian Doll has been working me over but good, with a show that is equal parts a Hunter S. Thompson acid trip, a labor of love, lust and mysterious connections and an existential threat to your deepest, darkest funny bone.

Natasha Lyonne keeps it Cybil, writing, producing and starring in a show that knocks me for a time loop in every single episode. Lyonne is a force of nature whose boundless talents keep the cool threads of this plasticine paradise taught and frenetic. Both. All that and a killer soundtrack is why this show is Rotten Tomatoes gold.

Coming Soon Banner Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

Now that I’m back on the wrong side of the border, Imma take out my soulful wit on y’all with upcoming episodes that Ginsu the gamut; from food to religion (food) to movies, sports and the weather. The former involves a blessedly late and yet right on time addition to my search for the perfect Cuban sandwich. The latter is just the comical confab I’ve got going with the coolest readers in the blogosphere. So until next time, as Edward R. Murrow might’ve said if he would’ve been dyslexic . .

Good nuck and good light.






65 thoughts on “Always Leave Them Wanting More, Just Remember To Return It

    • He was a lot. I’ll be interested to see if he can do anything with the Jets, seeing as he was pretty average last season. Hey! Maybe this will cause the Patriots to overreact and reach for a QB if they’re really not in like with Mac.

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      • I like Mac a lot. I just don’t think Bill will ever unleash him. Which is unfortunate.

        I’ll be interested to see what Rodgers does as well. He’s got a lot of skill position talent around him, but a very questionable offensive line. I think that’s why the Packers wanted the 1st round swap as part of it, cause they don’t want NYJ to take the tackle they want.

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        • I was a critic when he came out of ‘Bama but he balled in his rookie season and then got screwed in his sophomore year. There’s talk that the Pats will take (reach) for a QB and I hope they do, of course. And then I hope they send Mac to the NFC so we only have to deal with Allen and Arod.

          That’s a great point.

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          • The Pats game I tell people to watch is the week 12 Thursday night game against the Vikings. Mac went rogue and unloaded on them, almost delivering a win in a game they had no right to be in. He was slinging it from everywhere to everywhere and making phenomenal throws.

            Week 13, they were down late and Bill made him dump it over the middle again and again. He was visibly angry. I had a feeling at that point that his time I’m NE was over.

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          • This is where Bill loses me. It almost reminds me of the Chip Kelly era in Philly when he traded all his top talent away because he stubbornly (and wrongly) believed the system would prevail over any one player.


  1. B

    Thank you for staying away from ChatGPT. Promise you will never play in that ground.

    While I still don’t fully (okay, not even a little bit) understand how those averages work, I do know that Shohei Ohtani is definitely The Dude!

    Don’t get me started on the foolishness that is airport security. I would love to find out just where the hell that large container is? You’re right… Danny Ocean would know how to pilfer it right under everyone’s noses!

    Tucker who? 😉

    Don who? I think I gotta start watching the news. Oh wait. Never mind…

    Buahahaha! A season to look forward to, eh? And I love how you include the two royal, skanky, bitchiest, evil, nasty.. okay, I’ll stop now. We best start early on the shots per “like” coz we might be too tanked to catch the last Russian Doll.

    No, scratch that. Russian Doll first. So damn good and I can’t believe we are on the last one… wahhhhh! I have to get access to her next show. This show is definitely KRUGGERAND!

    Wrong side, eh? Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us, your coolest readers in the blogosphere.

    Now Imma be singing that song all day.


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    • Q

      Nope, me either. It’s spooky and it’s kooky and I don’t need that shit in my life.

      Shohei is doing things that really have never been done in the history of a game that reaches back to just after the Civil War. It’s amazing.

      I remember having my toothpaste taken away. Another time, I was taken out of line and forced to GUZZLE my water for the jerkoff TSA agent who just wanted to bust my balls. And you don’t dare talk back because then you get a room you really don’t want to sit in. I’ll get Danny on the horn!

      Maybe Tucker and Don should do a show together. On that island that Tom Hanks made famous in Castaway . . .

      I told you these dames were hell on wheels! It’s just so damned delicious though! I can’t get enough of this nonsense!

      It IS! It’s gold I tell you. Gold! One of the best shows to sneak up on us in a while, and we’ve seen plenty of keepers.

      I don’t have a blessed clue . . yet.

      Well, except for the Cubano post, that is . . .

      Right? I was!


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      • We got enough kooky!

        I love that Shohei is all that!

        Yeah, I’ve had stuff taken away and guzzled more than one bottle myself. So stupid.

        Oooh… Now you are talking! To the island with them!

        It is like candy. I have to admit.

        GOLD!!! That we have. I cannot wait till I have access to her newest one.

        Yet. I ain’t worried one bit.

        That’s gonna be tasty!

        I bet you were!

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        • AND spooky!

          Now let’s hope Soto gets cooking. He’s been pretty quiet since being traded to San Diego last summer.

          I should’ve been a TSA agent!

          No signal, that’s the very best part of this equation.

          I told you, once you get started it becomes damn near impossible to stop.

          Yeah, I haven’t really investigated what it was about at all. Alls I know is she has the hair and the voice still.

          Not one?

          Uh huh!

          It’s such a catchy tune.

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  2. Welcome back, Pilgrim. You were missed by everybody except one. Can’t wait for the Cuban sandwich, and don’t say it was in a private kitchen cause we all know the talent there. You gotta hunt for it. Till then.

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  3. I’ve heard a lot about Russian Doll and I think it’s high time I watch it even though I’m waaaay late to the party.

    Aaron Rogers is washed up. The gods really like to f*ck with Jets fans, but I suppose their own irrationality f*cks with them even more.

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    • Gary,

      So good, truly. And it takes you on a wild ride.

      You ain’t wrong! Yeah when I hear lifelong Jets fans like Mike Greenberg get in a lather over his team’s Super Bowl chances now, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost . . .

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  4. I would definitely fill up all the armored trucks I could find with as much cash to fill them all and drop them off at Shohei’s residence. Here’s hoping he stays and the Angels become relevant for both he and Trout. Bernard Shaw evokes memories of when journalism was taken seriously by reporters and audiences alike. Don and Tucker might wind up co-hosting a show together, and unfortunately I think it would do big numbers. Sad. The Jets fans should know better. They are cursed, and getting a soon-to-be 40-year-old Aaron will likely be another sad chapter in their history post-Joe Willie. I have not watched Russian Doll, but you make a case for doing that here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m of the same opinion as you on this one. Initially I thought it would be cool to see him in a different uniform since the Halos always seem to crap the bed. But none would top a deep October run for him and Trout in Cali.

      I remember Shaw reporting from a hotel in Iraq when US forces were shelling the city back in ’91. The dude went to the news he reported on.

      It would score huge numbers and yeah, that is an indictment on our society.

      The Jets as Super Bowl favorites after the 12 signing? I don’t buy it either. But I love the train wreck possibilities.

      Worth it.

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  5. Good muck and good light

    And I agree that Don Lemon is no loss because he seemed to have no filter and no wisdom
    Don’t know much about Tucker Except that he has been at CNN and Fox and one more news place / so I think he will
    And please tell me Biden is not serious about tuning for president again?

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  6. We watched the first episode OF Russian Doll, then looked at each other before saying blah. I take it gets better.

    Ohtani is the real deal, and has no chance being a Red before he’s washed up.

    Cable news? Who the days when I watched to catch my favorite CNN news ladies. Oh well … I’m thankful I cut the cord.

    Old Montreal is cool! Glad you got to experience it. Meanwhile, Rodgers as a Jet is a snore.

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  7. Welcome back. You’re spot on-nothing really happened noteworthy although the loss of two bloviating blokes is truly no biggie IMHO. Looks like costing your boss 3/4 of billion dollars is still a thing. Good-bye and good riddance to the both of them. It’s a start at a minimum. Hopefully certain others will join them soon. There has to be consequences for whatever those two bozos are slinging.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s just a reminder as to how low the news can and has gone over the past few decades. We’ve stopped caring about journalism on TV.

      I would HOPE so. But there’s always one dumb network boss who sees ratings and signs them up.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Eilene, you’re a genius!

      Yeah, the new rules have it that you can play football into your forties now but only if you’re a quarterback because they don’t hit quarterbacks unless they play for Miami.

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  8. Search for the Cuban Sandwich! I ‘member that! I love that journey 🙂 I’m ready to go again. Walter dying in a meth lab! HA! yeah most people have forgotten what journalism looks like because there are so many commentators trying to pass opinion off as fact, on all channels. But Walter in a meth lab was still funny 🙂 And you know what?! I have seen Russian Doll and it IS good. And Shohei Ohtani?! He IS the dude! I will fight traffic to go wayyyyyy on the other side of town to go watch him. He’s an awesome dude and what was even greater was the last out of that last championship when he was pitching for Japan against his bud Trout. Woooooo! That was great 🙂 Hope they are giving him the money because he’s definitely worth it … Good to see buddy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Cubano post is coming. I have it in draft but it’s one of those posts that I can dish up at anytime so there’s no rush. It’s all about patience, like that press.

      As for the OTHER press, nope, they just engaged in sensationalism. Rampant at that, and plenty of fear mongering thrown into the mix. It’s shameless really.

      Russian Doll, right?! We loved that show, and the tunes were solid.

      Have you seen Shohei live?

      Thank you Cali, you always bring the sublime with your fantastic comments.


  9. Okay, baseball!
    Let’s see… Go Jays!

    Last time I went through security at Pearson International Airport, I got pulled over. The man was stern, and stared me down. I shook in my sneaks. It was that weird radiation chamber for me, for sure.

    After being accused of attempting to smuggle a cat on board, and a complete search of my bags, I was set free.
    I asked why he thought I was smuggling a cat? He pointed to my fur covered bags, and told me to look in a mirror.
    Apparently they catch cat and small dog smugglers on a regular basis. At least they’re good at that!

    I’m thrilled that Tucker(ed out) and (sucks)Lemon(s) are gone.

    👍 I remember Shaw! 👍

    Adore Natasha Leone! Have you seen her new series “Poker Face”? A+++++++
    It’s getting my nom!

    Wrong side of the border? Okay!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Go Jays is all ya gotta say. As a Yankees fan I cannot cheer for them along with you, UNLESS we get eliminated and the Jays still have a shot. Then I’ll put aside my allegiances and root for ya’ll.

      If you would have been toting a couple bags worth of gold and valuables, they would have waved you right through! 😉

      Those two clowns may be gone from the airwaves, but it’s only a matter of time before they return some place else.

      We are going to be checking that one out, yes we will. She is brilliant.

      Haha! Had to . ..


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