Still Frank: May ’23

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Although this post is a day off, Imma asked me to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in with some random thoughts about the ongoing month and the new one. Thanks to Marc for the space.

April was the month for more Russia-Ukraine, Sudan Civil War, announcing the next astronauts to the moon, Finland joining NATO, new college basketball champions, Dalai Lama’s tongue, Germany closing its last nuclear power plants, the closing of Broadway’s longest-running show, monstrous FOX News settlement, discovering the deepest-living fish, a late night host’s final show, a former vice president testifying, record-breaking flooding, and politicians saying stupid shit.

April deaths included a Mad Magazine cartoonist, mini-skirt designer, a beloved Dancing with the Stars judge, a classy Tony-Grammy-Emmy-winning actor/human rights activist, a host of a show about outrageousness, and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

A note about Jerry Springer. Before the nation got to know him, Cincinnatians knew Jerry Springer as a kind, genuine, humorous, articulate politician turned commentator and news anchor.

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In case you missed it, here are a few April headline gems from The Onion:

  • Pedestrian Thankfully Just Dented
  • Wealthy Couple Taking Real Vacation For First Time In Weeks
  • Senators Defend Having Dementia in Office
  • Landlord Looked Nicer In Pictures
  • Pyromaniac Burns Down Candle
  • Absent-Minded Billionaire Almost Forgets To Pay $0 In Taxes
  • Man Declared Legally Dead Wakes Up In Urn

Try the Combo Challenge. By using only the words in the above headlines, create your headline, then share it in your comment. My combo appears later in this post.

Did you know? Strawberries are biologically related to roses.

FYI: Fragariaphobia is the fear of strawberries

Enjoy this example of what a person with too much available time does for enjoyment.

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations May offers. For a complete list of May celebrations, click here.

Month-long celebrations include adopting a horse, better sleep, family reunions, a Mediterranean diet, eggs, hamburgers, salads, salsa, and strawberries.

Weekly toasts include Geek Week (1-6), hugs (1-7), root canal appreciation (7-13), craft beer (15-21), unicycles (21-27), and Mule Days (23-38).

Day celebrations include Batman (1st), tubas (5th), naked gardening (6th), laughter (7th), no socks (8th), eat what you want (11th), limericks (12th), mimosas (16th), pizza party (19th), wine (25th), and smiles (31st).

For a complete list of May celebrations, click here.

May Moons: Full (5th), New (19th)

My Combo: Absent-minded pyromaniac forgets having dented legally dead senators in urn

As I told Marc, this is my last monthly feature for a while because I am either stepping away from this for either a few months or forever. Time will tell. Thanks to everyone!

To take you into May, here is a classic from my college days. I’m out of here. Happy Bubba Day!


39 thoughts on “Still Frank: May ’23

  1. Cincy!

    Thank you firstly for the random thoughts.

    Anyone who celebrates Root Canal Appreciation also puts mayo in their coffee. Just saying. How in the hell does that even rate? Craft beer I can understand.

    The Dalai thing is still weird. Haven’t heard too much about it.

    Fox Newsheads still didn’t admit to doing anything wrong though, did they? The news is a tire fire these days and so my question is, how long until AI takes over the whole enchilada?

    The Bruins are OUT. Moral of the story, don’t worry so much about compiling wins until it really, really counts.

    Jerry Springer was a different cat alright.

    My son celebrated Batman weekend by flying out to LA to meet Zac Snyder and enjoy a night at the movies. I think it was a special version of Batman vs Superman, I can never get those superhero movies straight.

    I’ll be back for more thoughts later on . . .

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    • Marc,
      Spring is great for hockey and basketball playoffs. Gotta love the upsets. The Bruins and the defending champs out on the same night. Playoffs are about getting it done, and the past doesn’t matter.

      Besides paying the money, the FOX team didn’t have to admit to anything. Shit like that doesn’t matter to many of their viewers.

      I had to include about Jerry Springer because many Cincinnatians were disappointed in what others associated with him. His national shows didn’t symbolize who he was …. but hey …. anyone who puts themselves out their like that must take the stuff that comes with the territory.

      Check …. check this out.

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  2. Happy May! Hope the sun stays out cuz I’m sick of this rain. It’s been gloomy for a week n it’s killing me.

    Oh. Thanks for not forgetting the B’s loss. The city is devastated 😢.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Still not late, Frank!

    Thankfully it is better sleep month – coz I be needing that one! Strawberries – I’m surprised they don’t get the month of June, since, for us, they only really come out at the very end of May.
    It’s hard to feel bad when celebs die at the ripe old age of 96, but we do. He was a gentleman of the highest order.
    That Marble Machine is some fantastic engineering. Hats off to the creator.
    A week to appreciate root canal? I dunno man… Mind you, I’ve had two and I know not why people whinge about it to much.
    I’m all for celebrating smiles every day.

    Pyromaniac Wakes Up In Urn – Thankfully Taking Real Vacation For First Time In Weeks

    Seems like the weather gods are run amok in the northern hemisphere!

    Have a great Monday and May!

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  4. Frank, it is always a pleasure starting off the month here with you. Happy May Day! Taking a look at those celebrations this month…

    I am a big fan of securing better sleep.

    I am a big fan of strawberries (but did not know of their relationship with roses!). I have no fear of them either lol.

    I consider myself a semi-Geek so maybe I’ll celebrate half of the Geek Week.

    I can’t ever sign off on appreciating Root Canals. Nope.

    Batman is going to be front and center (again!) in June when the new Flash film opens.

    Naked gardening. Nope.

    I actually have dipped my toe in the water of wearing no socks with certain shoes. We’ll see it that becomes a thing.

    I always eat what I want. I’ve lived long enough to earn that right.😃

    Have a great May, Frank!

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  5. I cannot even imagine what that individual could do if he put his brilliant mind to solving some of the few/myriad problems this world has. I can’t imagine. Oh, and my contribution…Absent minded pyromaniac thankfully taking vacation in urn!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wait…if you step away, how will I know about things like the Dalai Lama’s tongue story? You will be soooo missed but I totally understand. I wish you well whatever your decision. April was indeed a doozy of a month and I’m sure May will follow in her footsteps.

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