Not-So Wordless Wednesday

On April 8 of this year, I had visitors that I had never had before.  From afar, I thought they were simply a bunch of different looking sparrows, come to take a bath and cool drink.  Imagine my surprise when I brought out the zoom to find out they were a bunch of Bohemian Waxwings!  I didn’t upload them in time for that week’s WW and then, silly me, forgot about them.  So, sorry, not sorry, you get a bunch of pics because I couldn’t make up my mind.  Just click and scroll 🙂



38 thoughts on “Not-So Wordless Wednesday

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you. I was so chuffed to have them visit like that! They swooped in, had their fun and took off.

      Shalom and lotsa love on the wing,



  1. Q

    Those ARE different! Wow! Prince would be most inspired to pen a sequel to his long standing classic if he’d laid eyes on these beauties, who are most definitely living their best lives from the looks of it.

    Sorry? Not! That’s the way this blog rolls!



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    • I captured a few a couple of years ago in our city’s arboretum – had no idea what they were till I google-image searched them. Plus, I shared the photo and a friend confirmed for me. (I’m rather clueless in birding!)

      They really are pretty, aren’t they?

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