America 2020

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Many unemployed

Societal unrest due to social justice issues

Partisan divides running deep

People yelling to get their way

Families divided, and even severing family ties

Friendships strained enough to break

People choosing a news source delivering the narrative they want to hear

Strained relations with long-term international allies

Coronavirus amplifying differences

People cheering illness and death to mock the person

Too many racists in the population

A variety of means of voter suppression

Politics determining disaster assistance

Conspiracy theorists gaining public office

Yes – Keep America great

We shred junk mail with our name on it, but I wish I would have carefully saved more of this envelope. I understand why people want to come to America for a better life, but I also understand why someone would want to leave it behind. I can honestly say that it is on my mind, but I also understand the role of other factors in my decision. First, where to go is one thing, but in the age of COVID, who would let an American enter? Let alone a person in their 60s. I also realize that the grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence – and when jumping the fence, landing in a bigger pile of crap is very possible. Second, I’m not alone – meaning it’s not just my decision. I’m married, and my wife’s 91-year-old father lives in our area. In other words, the decision is not solely mine – which means moving is very unlikely.

After the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, it took only a few hours from the news to run amuck. Long ago I stated that one thing worse than a Trump presidency is the millions of Trumpians remaining after his presidency. Believing in his brand is one thing, selling one’s soul to get something they want is another matter. Yes, I’m very much bothered.  Yes, moving is on my mind.