Still Frank: February 2023

Although this post is a day off, Imma asked me to take a break from Beach Walk Reflections and pitch in with some random thoughts about the ongoing month and the new one. Thanks to Marc for the space.

January was a frightening football event that occurred in my city followed by a remarkable recovery, a disruptive majority in the US House, Brazilians crashing their capitol about an election, a battering ram of storms hitting California, Harry & Meghan, crowning a national college football champion, big tech layoffs, classified documents, Memphis police, Australian Open tennis champions, determining Super Bowl participants, and politicians saying stupid shit.

January deaths included the youngest kid in Eight is Enough, a famed rock guitarist, a 90s supermodel, a Heisman winner, a legendary football official, The King’s daughter, a daredevil who was a son of a daredevil, La Lolla, one of CSNY, the world’s oldest known person, a renowned basketball commentator, a hockey legend, Laverne best friend (Shirley), and people dying from gun violence, natural disasters, and war.

In case you missed it, here are a few January headline gems from The Onion

  • Man who stopped dieting already seeing results
  • Microbes growing in airpods really getting into Radiohead
  • Wistful woman doesn’t want kids but still wants to name people
  • Hospital tells public it can schedule CPR in 6 weeks
  • Parents feel safer letting their kids drink and drive under their own roof
  • Cautious climber cuts off arm to prevent it from getting pinned under fallen boulder

Try the Combo Challenge. By using only the words in the above headlines, create your headline, then share it in your comment. My combo appears later in this post.

As one who regularly checks my WP Spam folder, I wonder about AlanWraky, AnnaWraky, BooWraky, CarlWraky, DenWraky, EvaWraky, EyeWraky, JackWraky, JaneWraky, JasonWraky, JimWraky, JoeWraky, JonWraky, KiaWraky, KimWraky, LisaWraky, MarkWraky, MaryWraky, MiaWraky, NickWraky, PaulWraky, SamWraky, SueWraky, TedWraky, TeoWraky, UgoWrakly, WimWraky, and ZakWraky. Are they related? If so, that’s one high participation rate in a family business!

For those remembering my mail saga in October, I received this message from USPS this past Monday. The US Postal Service® received the search request you submitted and it’s being processed. Your package has not yet been recovered, but every effort is being made to locate your item(s). We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Did you know: The Periodic Table contains 118 elements? Take a Periodic Table quiz here.

FYI: Did you hear about the woman riding around the world with her German shepherd?

Congratulations to the last inductees to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, so I toast the first Hispanic female inductee.

Because today starts a new month, it’s time for an overview of some of the celebrations February has to offer. For a complete list of February celebrations, click here.

Monthly celebrations for February include adopting a rescued rabbit, barley, fasting, Florida strawberries, library lovers, bird feeding, Black history, cherries, goat yoga, snack foods, sweet potatoes, and spunky old broads.

February is also a month to increase your awareness about the heart, Marfan’s Syndrome, low vision, and spay & neuter.

Weekly toasts in February include snow sculpting (1-5), love makes the world go round but laughter keeps us from getting dizzy (8-14), random acts of kindness (12-18), flirting (12-18), and saunas (19-25).

Day celebrations in February include bubble gum (3rd), Nutella & shower with a friend (5th), Canadian maple syrup (6th), Periodic Table (7th), pizza (9th), pork rinds (12th), popcorn (13th), my birthday (17th), drink wine (18th), Fat Tuesday (21st), curling (23rd), dance (24th), and cupcakes (27th). Unfortunately, this year you can’t celebrate Superman’s birthday on his birthday. For a complete list of January celebrations, click here.

February Moons: Full (5th), New (20th)

My Combo: Wistful woman cuts off arm of cautious man who stopped dieting to schedule Radiohead in hospital

To take you into February, enjoy this classic remake by Buddy Guy, fittingly featuring Jeff Beck. I’m out of here. Happy Crepe Day!

Still Perfectly Frank: 01 Feb ’22

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Another month is nearing an end, I’m pitching in for some random thoughts. Thanks to Marc for the space.

January 2022 started by turning the page to a new year that Betty White wouldn’t see 100. January was a time for victory and disappointment of bowl games and playoffs. January started with Cincinnati Bearcats fans, “Full of pride and disappointment. Disappointment and pride.” (Thanks, Doc).

January also marked the first Cincinnati Bengals playoff win in 31 years – a time when the elder Bush was US President. Then a second win on the road against the top seed – the franchise’s first-ever playoff road win. Then came another road win after trailing by 18 points for a win that shocked the world and earned a trip to the Super Bowl. Unbelievable!

If someone would have told me back in September that two Cincinnati football teams would be in the final four, I would have pronounced them as crazy. Egg on my face!

January marked more Omicron, a January 6th anniversary, filibuster, the Australia-Novak Djokovic, Russia-Ukraine, a person receiving a pig heart, somebody else a pig kidney, a Jeopardy champion, a Supreme Court opening, Tonga, Spotify, Big Papi, and Duchess Kate turning 40. Let us not forget the goodbyes to Bob Saget, Sidney Poitier, Ronnie Spector, André Leon Talley, Meatloaf, Louie Anderson, Johnny Fever, a Tuskegee Airman, a Woodstock founder, first responders, and the oldest person in the USA (age 115).

February offers opportunities to celebrate. Besides, no more Bloganuary (woo hoo!). February is a time for monthly celebrations of cherries, grapefruit, snack foods, cat health, and responsible pet owners. The 13th-19th celebrates random acts of kindness and more food. The 5th is worth marking down because it offers a great combo: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day and Nutella Day. For those who want to know more about February celebrations, click here.

February is the time Spring Training is supposed to start – but will it?

These words from an AP News report struck me about human migration and immigration throughout the world. “Their faces are like our faces — hesitant, sad, expectant, wary, curious, hopeful. They are the human beings among us who are trying to get — desperate to get — somewhere else. Somewhere safer, more prosperous, more for them.” (AP News)

Willie Geist referred to the past two years as “The Great Frustration“. I think that fits.

Speaking of Covid, yep – it found me, one who is fully vaccinated, boosted, and cautious. The good news is that my symptoms were minor: stuffy head and a light recurring cough. The vaccine did its duty. Out of respect to others, I quarantined and played it smart. FYI: Test results don’t report the variant because that requires gene sequencing.

Views of deep space fascinate me. I’m not sure if it is awe, inspiration, spirituality, wonder, amazement, or a combination of these factors. I look forward to future images from the James Webb Space Telescope. Well, assuming the mission is successful.

What does this mean? Of the 435 representatives, only 55 are members of the Problem Solvers Caucus – a bipartisan group committed to finding common ground on issues.

I wrote the following earlier this month: “Republicans are the ones promoting themselves as the defenders of the US Constitution. Yet, not only are they the ones who want to amend it, they would like to rewrite the Constitution in their view by calling for a Constitutional Convention.” When I stated that to a friend of mine about a year ago, he was surprised and wondered why this wasn’t being talked about. Interestingly, the Columbus Dispatch recently posted this article about Ohio.

The USA is a republic – and a republic uses the decisions of its people. Therefore, a republic relies on an informed public. Being Glenn Beck’s recent book is among bestsellers, this could be another sign the republic is in danger.

I heard this in a local news interview. “I’m a former graduate of Cincinnati Public Schools ….” I wonder: Did he give up his diploma? Did the school district revoke his diploma?

Reminder: Don’t forget to check your WP Comments Spam folder for comments that shouldn’t be there.

The Onion told us in January that shitty music helped a moron through the hardest times of his pointless life; a man is horrified after a genealogy test confirms he has no past; and, grateful pigeons in the park finally return the favor by feeding a whole loaf of bread to an old man. When you miss The Onion, you miss a lot.

Close the door to January and enjoy your February. Happy National Serpent Day!