A Conversation in My Head

Frank here from Beach Walk Reflections, sharing a conversation I had while walking on the beach.Thanks, Marc.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

(Me) Did you watch the Bengals-Ravens last night?

(Him) Yes. Crazy, but the Bengals didn’t deserve to win?

(Me) Why not?

(Him) The Ravens outplayed them.

(Me) Are you suggesting the NFL changes a rule?

(Him) What rule?

(Me) The team with the most points wins.

(Him) No, I’m just saying they didn’t deserve to win.

(Me) So, a team can get the most points but not win?

(Him) No, they got outplayed. Ravens had more yards rushing and passing, more first downs, and more time of possession.

(Me) So, the NFL should add an asterisk to the rule that the team with the most points wins only if they outplay the other team, or should teams get statistical bonus points like Fantasy Football?

(Him) No, I’m just saying the Ravens outplayed the Bengals.

(Me) So, did the Bengals deserve to win?

(Him) Ok, they got the most points to win the game even though the Ravens were the better team.

(Me) How could the Ravens be the better team when the Bengals had the better overall record and the Bengals beat them the week before?

(Him) The Ravens were the better team on Sunday, but the Bengals have no chance against Buffalo!

(me) So why play the game this Sunday if they have no chance?

(Him) They are going to play the game, but the Bengals have no chance?

(Me) Given the major injuries, chances for a win are slim. Besides, the Bills are damn good. But what if the Bengals get the most points?

(Him) They won’t, and they will be outplayed,

(Me) So, if it’s known the Bengals won’t get the most points, and the Bills will outplay them, I still don’t understand why they should play the game. It might snow in Buffalo!

(Him) Not playing the game would be stupid. Besides, snow doesn’t matter.

(Me) Does getting the most points matter?

(Him) You’re impossible!

(Me) Thank you, but with your rationale, the old, grumpy guy in Florida won the 2020 election.

(Him) He I did because everyone knows the election was rigged.

(Me) At least you’re consistent. Who Dey!