The Non-Annoyance Post! Volume: WTF?

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Welp, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

In a world where annoyances are everywhere, I thought I would breathe a little minty refresh into my tired old series by heading in the opposition direction. Don’t expect this kind of thing to become a habit; not with five dollar gasoline, Marjorie Taylor Greene-isms and the Tampa Bay Lightning’s dominance still prevailing over our pizza party. But for now . . . right now?

Mellow it is . . .

  • Tom Cruise movies. I know he ain’t for everyone, but if you’re going to lay down a bill to go see the latest blockbuster, he’s gonna squeeze every penny out of it. I’m a fool for his Mission Impossible franchise, and his Top Gun reprise is a master class in endorphin rushology.
  • Rainy nights

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  • Making up words (See above). Because it follows the same blueprint as my young parent disciplinary methods. As I would tell my kids when they said something they shouldn’t have said: Make certain it’s not mean spirited. And it better be funny.
  • Coca Cola. About once or twice a month I treat myself to an ice cold Coke. And I’m talking the classic. I don’t do diet or sugar free.
  • Vintage juke-boxes
  • Peanut Butter Chex. It’s not really cereal, but it’s still a slightly better idea than a hot fudge sundae. I marry my PB Chex to some yogurt because it’s a taste-bud titan.

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  • The New York Yankees ridiculously impressive start. I realize it means little when you consider the MLB continues to disassemble the essence of the sport by making the regular less important. And I also realize Aaron Boone’s teams have a penchant for folding in the most important games. But hey, how else was I going to fit an annoyance and a non-annoyance in the same post? Hmm? Huh? Hmm?
  • An actual good night’s sleep
  • Getting into my jams at the end of the day. Because it means I am officially done with the outside world unless some cataclysmic event forces me to switch back into my street clothes. No, check that, why would I be going outside if there was a cataclysmic event going on? Never mind.
  • Dark chocolate. And the fact that it’s good for you allows me to eat twice as much! What?

  • Nightmares. Nothing serious, like the death of a loved one or another Trump term. But I’m plenty fine ordering any other type of temporal tempura off the menu. Nightmares are free entertainment, and if I’m having one, it means I’m sleeping!
  • The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. And not for nothing, but the Prime series is a peach accompaniment to the books.
  • Bird song in the morning
  • Playoff hockey
  • My uncanny display of will power when it comes to pizza. I could eat the stuff every single day for the rest of my life. And I realize if I did, that life would probably be over in oh . . about a week and a half. But so far in 2022, I’ve only partaken once. Which has to be my own personal best. And okay . . now Imma be craving pizza. So let’s two say times thus far in 2022, which is still impressive. To me.

Welp, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon but thanks for humoring me until the next Annoyances Post! gets cooking in my mental crockpot. And as Casey Kasem (never) used to say, keep your seat on the ground if you’re coming from the bars!