The Latest Call To Harms

The point of no return? Oh, we passed it a while ago. . .

I’m old enough to remember the good old days when people were getting in fistfights over toilet paper. At least that old fashioned bare-knuckled brawl with our mortality possessed tangible evidence that the world was falling apart at the seams.

Today all we get are rumors of the apocalypse, delivered to us in piecemeal by myriad news agencies, the Twitterati and a whole bunch of independent contractors whose journalistic integrity accepts Venmo. We’re the  consumers of a gross tonnage worth of uneducated guesswork that buries the lead because in the Bradburian Era, it’s more important to chase those trending trophies than the true shit. We’re anesthetized to the worst possible scenarios by now, so while North Korea stands on a stepstool to announce to the world that 800,000 of its favorite sons have signed up to fight the United States, all that really matters are those ballistics tests they’ve been conducting for the past forty-years under two dollar store regimes. And yet, that forgettable parody of Kim Jong Un starring James Franco and Seth Rogen got more press than the nuclear arsenal he’s packing in real time.

Meanwhile in Kasha-ville, we’ve been waiting for the next iron shoe to drop for so long that it feels less like a global catastrophe and more like a Kardashian divorce at this point. Putin’s war in Ukraine exemplifies the Negan Rules of Diplomacy: Attack first and punish indefinitely. But we’re bored with all of that here in the states, so we turned Ukraine into a political football. When pressed to name a crime Putin has committed during his Soviet remodeling job, most Americans would reference that video of him without a shirt.

Reading the news these days is akin to vaping in that you’re doing an immense disservice to your health. But that’s okay, because we have become expert at normalizing the seriously bad shit, or better yet, pretending it never happened in the first place!

Take our former president (No, I’m serious. Can someone please take him?). The expectation is that he will be indicted tomorrow by the Manhattan DA’s office. The charges involve a hush money payment made to former adult movie star Stormy Daniels in return for her silence regarding an alleged affair with Trump. All this happened ahead of the 2016 election.

Let’s face it, Trump ain’t going down for an infringement of campaign finance laws. But he’s already using the hell out of this indictment by calling it an “arrest” in order to chum the water. He’ll get his button men like McCarthy and Jordan to transform this into a political witch hunt and he’ll have his adversaries squirming too, since the GOP still runs on Florida time.

Trump won in 2016 because he pilfered a rudderless political party and he gamed a sick political system. Those who voted for him formed a collective beta reading group as a means of retrofitting our past so it would jibe with their warped narrative. Those who voted against him brandished their ideological swords in order to detonate our past, never stopping to consider all the lessons that will go missing as a result.

Missing, like the one word that is missing from the statement he posted on his website last week . . . .


His pejorative was showing when he left peaceful out of the equation, because he knows exactly what he’s doing. Here’s a guy who has convinced his people that the January 6th riot at the Capitol never happened.

What’s to stop him from stealing the peace?



39 thoughts on “The Latest Call To Harms

  1. I kinda wish people would settle down about the coming indictment. It’s weak. This dude survived two impeachments with little damage. Hush money payments to a sex worker won’t bring him down, especially because most people don’t accept that as an occupation.

    If he’s gonna go down, it’ll be Capone-style. You can mess with a lot of the law, but not the IRS.

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  2. B,

    I know I’m repeating myself but man… you have such a marvellous pen.

    Point of no return was a while back, indeed. Old-fashioned bare-knuckled brawl should be brought back. Honestly. Get rid of the big guns and settle things mano a mano.

    Every fucking thing is an apocalypse. The weather: it’s not a thunderstorm it’s a bomb cyclone. It’s not a snowstorm, it’s thundersnow.

    And you’re right, of course. Ukraine? Is that war still on? Turns and orders a burger with large fries and bucket-sized cola… Is it that shirtless guy on the horse that’s causing a ruckus?

    I can’t watch or read the news… do you know how much time it takes to search the internets for the truth? It’s exhausting.

    This whole Trump thing is a joke. I mean since 2016 till now joke. No humour in it, though; no matter how many people have imitated him on SNL and other comedy shows.

    Quotes like that make it real hard to believe him when he denies any part of Jan. 6th. He wants the chaos. Peace is the last thing he wants to bring to the table.

    I have to agree with Travis. Only way to bring him down is Capone style. Coz let’s face it, getting Luca Brasied (Brasi’ed?) would take a grander organisation…

    As per, your rapier-sharp wit tells it like it is.


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    • Q

      Thank you sweetness, muchly.

      Hey! I like that idea! I mean, we have the PPV ready and waiting. We have the arenas who would book such a thing. What’s stopping us?!

      I never thought about it that way but it’s true. Even the Weather Channel has changed up its coverage in order to gain more eyes.

      The bucket sized cola always gets me. And doubly so for those who order diet because like, what does it matter? For me, Imma take a handmade burger and fries. That’s the way to go. And a beer por favor.

      Ruckus- In the files. For sure.

      I don’t watch a lick of news on the TV and yes, it does take some doing in order to get to the truth. Makes you wonder.

      That’s the thing. We’re better at making jokes about it than we are at actually putting our indignancy to work. You don’t like what happened? Do something about it people! Rather than being the same difference other side! Dang!

      I’ll repeat myself from two years ago. He didn’t cause the riot. Of course, he did absolutely nothing to quell the possibility. The problem is all these knuckleheads running around thinking their country is lost to the woke generation. No it’s not. But it needs substance, not nonsense.

      It would be anti-climactic, but hey, it just might be what happens, who knows?

      Rapier- In the files!

      Thank you sweetness.


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      • Always, love, you know it.

        Ironically, I think it would actually fix a lotta shit!

        It’s all about making people panic and driving them through fear. I ain’t falling for it.

        I will never forget Mick coming back with what I thought was a bucket of popcorn only to have him tell me, Babe, this is a SMALL… Ridiculous. Homemade for you and me, darlin’

        I do love that one.

        I just can’t watch the news. It’s one bit of disaster after another. Heaven forbid they ever share good stuff. What am I thinking? Good shit doesn’t sell!

        It is SO much easier to joke about it than actually DO something. Methinks as nations (almost all of ’em), we are a lazy lot.

        He might not have caused it by saying full out to riot but he sure as hell raised their fervour. It is so NOT woke, it’s not even funny.

        Ys it would but it would get him off the streets, so to speak.

        Two words in the files this time… Woot!

        Always, Love.

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        • MUAH!

          It would make a lot of money, for the wrong people, and this would add to their power so okay . . every single way we try this, ugh.

          Fear wins, fear gets ratings.

          My God it’s true! Those fuckers should come with diabetic socks! And yes to the handmade for us, because we know better.

          The good stuff gets buried and interestingly, that’s not on them. That’s on all the eyes out there who want a good scare. They tune it, they click, they watch, so the news hounds are only too glad to oblige.

          We have our lives to lead and we don’t want to be inconvenienced. Not when we can Netflix and chill (raises hand).

          Nothing happened today that I know of. I didn’t look . . .

          Get that guy off da streets!

          A twin-kiss!

          Always loving.

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          • MWAH!!

            That is true…

            Fear does. When did it become THE thing? It wasn’t always so…

            So gross. I don’t even buy a normal large… And yes, we know way better (and we make way better).

            It does and you’re right. They love to dig into the bad shit – from celebrities who had the misfortune of tripping in front of witnesses to fires taking out a building to murderous rampages…

            Raises hand in concert…

            I can tell ya I saw nuthin’

            Please! Get him off!

            Love me some twins!


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          • I don’t know about that. News in the traditional sense was spouting fear long before social media came along. If you go back to post WW2, it was a constant fear of communism in the news, and then the big bombs and on and on. And it goes back even further than that, since fear has always been a magnet. Social media only makes the dynamic that much more profound.

            Believe it or not, I’ve been drinking Sprite lately. Of course, it’s more a matter of the fucking bottle being left here from our get together last week but it still counts. And yes, I keep my serving logical.

            The celeb stuff I do not get. I want to keep my celebs in a certain light unless they change that up with some shenanigans. I don’t need the media breaking them down.

            Love you baby

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          • You definitely have a point. But it feels that, especially since 9/11, the news became this loop of repeated images over and over on the TV. It’s more in our face.

            No! Ahhh… that is different. I would have a tendency to finish what’s left behind, too. That Scot in me that hates waste (even if it would be better poured down the drain instead of my throat).

            I agree. And the paparazzi have gotten ever bolder with just that in mind – to dig out dirt. What a sick world we live in where that is eating up like candy.

            Love you right back.

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          • Yes and BREAKING NEWS that is rarely of any import. The drum beat is insistent on making certain our eyes make it there.

            I have one child in my home and she’s eighty-three years old and she wastes SO MUCH. I have to just let it go but mango, it’s amazing to me! Especially considering she lived in a world where waste wasn’t cool.

            My man Nick Lachey- host of such shows as Too Hot To Handle- got into it with a paparazzi recently. He went over the line when he went up to her car and banged on the window insisting she give him the camera. It was wrong and he owned up to it but when I read the story I related to the idea of losing your cool in a moment and then having to regret it, maybe even in court.


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          • Quelle surprise! That drumbeat is so very insistent.

            Hahahaha! While their generation should be the most careful and least wasteful, there comes an age where they don’t give a shit anymore. My mother hates waste and honestly, she is the one who taught it to me.

            Sadly, we can understand Nick’s frustration. And the bummer of being a celeb is when you lose your cool, everyone sees it, adding more fuel to the already burning fire. I wish there were more balance in that business but there never will be. Greed will always dictate just how far these paparazzi will go. I would not want to be a celeb, tell you what.


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          • The news is a dumpster fire and too many of those who report on it are the ones who are tossing the kerosene on it.

            Mom has absolutely no rhyme of reason to what she likes, if it’s not junk food that is. I bought her ice cream today and she was like, “You should get two, they’re on sale,” to which I replied, nope. Scoop at a time, it’s a treat. She tried the “You can have some too,” Nope, I don’t dig on ice cream, thanks. She won’t waste that stuff, so I’ll dole it out!

            Of course, there are plenty of images of Nick converging on her car and then banging on the window. Not cool, not right, but the idea that these people’s lives are not getting cannibalized because of their fame is false. And tell me, why should a celebrity’s life be subject to public inspection


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          • That is exactly it. A perfect analogy, I’d say.

            It is just so funny that your mom is really like a child! And, yes, having an endless supply takes away the treat feel of it.

            No, that is not cool, Nick. And it’s the public’s fault. “We” feed on this shit. Supply and demand.


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          • Thankfully I was never the biggest ice cream fan, because the older you get, the worse that stuff can be for you. She used to eat ice cream at least once a day and some days twice. I can’t imagine.

            You got that right.


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          • I can totally imagine as I love the stuff. If I buy a carton/container, you can be sure once I open that puppy, I’ll be having myself a scoop per day until it’s gone. Which is why I very rarely buy it!



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  3. His speaking in all caps has become so routine, we’ve collectively become fully numb and desensitized. There’s a certain irony to this latest 3-ring circus. It’s almost hilarious to listen to his party clutch it’s pearls complaining of the partisan politicalness of it all. I think Hillary and Hunter Biden might have something to say about that.

    And then there’s the fact that ‘everything must be of such biblical intensity’ 24/7. It’s as if we are addicted to such a level of calamity as to drive our senses over the edge. Sigh. It’s no wonder our mental health is hanging by a thin thread. The body just isn’t made to withstand such an repeated onslaught.

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  4. Politics have become a reality show on steroids…(I think I may have read that first on your blog, come to think of it!) I can’t even watch any more. I’ll just hunker down and wait for the nuclear missiles to arrive….

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