The Rundown

A Carl's Jr. drive-through menu is partially buried in a huge snowbank.

It’s hard to believe the Ides of March are quickly giving way to those April showers. Which, I’m good with just so long as it’s rain we’re talking about and not, well . . . that stuff! 

This Carl’s Jr in Mammoth Lakes, California is open for business, I think. But you best have a snowplow and a hell of a craving for burgers if you plan on doing the drive-thru. This surreal looking snowbank was made possible by several big storms and an atmospheric river event, which is every bit as frightening as it sounds. Imagine a river, in the sky. They call these events “the hurricanes of the West Coast”, and it makes for a great excuse to go on that diet you’ve been putting off.

Hey, why don’t we get to kicking it?!

Highlights: Shohei Ohtani leads Japan to dramatic WBC win over United States

The Shohei Kid Strikes Again!- I didn’t watch a lick of the World Baseball Classic and yet I love how things worked out. It was going to suck if Club USA didn’t bring the title belt home- especially after embarrassing Cuba in the semis- but it sucks a whole lot less when the best player in the MLB authored the finale. Because the truth of the matter is, Shohei Ohtani might belong to Japan, but his talents are a gift to every single baseball fan. The Shohei Kid struck out his California Angels teammate Mike Trout to clinch Japan’s third WBC title in a storybook showdown Kinsella might have penned. All Ohtani did was bat .435 while pitching to a 1.86 ERA, which earned him MVP honors for the tournament. Just when you think this kid can’t outdo what he’s already done, he does just that.

Biden is going to Canada: Ukraine is among the topics of negotiations with Trudeau - News Yu

Joe’s “To Do” List While Visiting Canada- 

1- Ukraine
2- Climate Change
3- Migration
4- Haiti
5- Poutine
6- Forget items 1 through 5

The Offer: Release date, cast, plot and trailer | Marca

I’m Gonna Make You An Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse- Because if you have the Paramount+ streaming service, you should really do yourself a favor and check out The Offer. It’s the story of how one of the great movies of all time got- pardon the pun- made. It stars Miles Teller as Albert Ruddy, the producer of The Godfather and a name I never knew in spite of having watched this masterpiece a hundred times. Juno Temple, Giovanni Ribisi, Justin Chambers, Colin Hanks, Burn Gorman, Anthony Ippolito, Jake Cannavale, Dan Fogler and Patrick Gallo all deserve way more than a mention, but that would require an entire post. Matthew Goode as the hall of fame studio executive Robert Evans is simply the cannoli on top of one hell of a fun show.

The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions | The proposed 'click to cancel' rule would require companies to let you cancel a membership in as many steps as

Breaking Up Just Became Easier To Do- The Federal Trade Commission got something right this week when it brought the hammer down on companies who make it difficult for consumers to ditch them. So now when your gym decides to play hardball with the cancellation process (And please name me a gym that hasn’t pulled that shit?), there’ll be weighty financial repercussions. Same for music services or streaming platforms or basically any product that makes breaking up the hardest part. The “Click to Cancel” provision would make it just as easy for consumers to say I don’t as it is to say I do.

Reos que escaparon de cárcel en Virginia cavaron túnel con cepillo de dientes; fueron capturados desayunando en IHOP - El Diario NY

Dear Coen Brothers, Get to Work!- John Garza and Arley Nemo pulled off the great escape from a Virginia prison on Monday only to get Shawshanked hours later in, of all places, an IHOP! Construction of the medium-security facility is being called into question after these two broke out using a heavily modified toothbrush. You could say the prison had some, cavities. They rooted a canal to freedom and then got nabbed at an establishment that specializes in, you guessed it, more cavities! And now they’re facing a whole new collection of charges so I guess they’re going to have to grin and bear it. Okay . . . I’ll stop now.

College wrestler injured saving teammate from bear attack

The Best Friend Ever Award Goes to . . . – You know you have found a best friend when they will bring the shovel and lime when you call them in the middle of the night with an urgent plea to help get rid of a body. But that’s nothing compared to what Kendall Cummings did for his pal Brady Lowry. And I mean that.

The boys were out on a hike with some friends on the Bobcat-Houlihan Trail, which runs along the outskirts of Yellowstone Park. And yeah, you already know this story is leading to an encounter with a big fanged creature because . . that photograph! In this instance, the creature in question was a mama grizzly. As Leo DiCaprio will attest, grizzly encounters are the worst kind of cupcake party because the human is always the cupcake in this equation.

One minute Brady Lowry was turning to warn his friend not to step in some bear scat and the next minute the poor kid was in danger of becoming bear scat. The grizzly knocked Brady a dozen yards in the air, after which she began “dribbling” him like a basketball. Now if it was me witnessing this gruesome encounter, I would have been back at the car writing Brady’s obituary. But Kendall Cummings wasn’t having it. The college wrestler, get this, actually jumped on a mama grizzly to distract her after she had pinned his friend against a tree. Then he took off and ran as fast as he could, which ain’t as fast as a grizzly can run so it was only a matter of seconds before she caught up with him and gave him a most gruesome round of what’s what. He played dead, which was becoming less and less difficult with every swipe until the bear lost interest. After which he made his way back to his friends. I can only assume they made plans to move to a state with no bears.

Kendall had this to say when asked about the horrific ordeal. “I would have rather died than have gotten away and known I could have helped,”

That right there? It’s the best of us.




60 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. A Trout-Ohtani showdown was a classic way to end the game. No matter if it would have gone the other way, it would be a classic. I haven’t see The Offer – but we don’t have Paramount. No Tar yet – but the Mrs. returns soon, so I imagine we’ll see it soon. Holy crap Batman about the grizzy battle. 2 Cellos have made several appearances to close a beach walk, so I know Q will be pleased. The prison story … well … this summarizes it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with that. Either way, it was Kinsella in motion.

      It’s such a fun show, the making of it was something I was not all that familiar with and the acting is brilliant.

      Tar, let me know then.

      I know right?!

      She was!

      Why did I know it, Cincy? 😉


  2. I’ve heard some good things about The Offer and may check that out. I admittedly didn’t check out one single pitch of the World Baseball Classic. Too much basketball and streaming. Our iHOP has gotten very busy since it opened awhile back, and I don’t think the local dentists have been too upset by that recent turn of events. That bear battle sounds epic – I wonder if any cocaine was involved? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worth it.

      Yeah, sports is way too busy right now. The WBC was in my peripherals as it is, I just never caught up with it.

      I used to love IHOP when I was a kid. My favorite dish, the chocolate chip pancakes. And then they turned the buttermilk pancakes into mocha pancakes and that was that.

      Haha! That mama was behaving as if she was hopped up!

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  3. We’re headed to Mammoth Lakes right after the 4th of July. With how much snow has fallen there this winter, I fully expect there still to be snow there. The snowpack there is absolutely huge there.

    Around eight years ago, we took our Australian friends there for some skiing in January. Normally, it would have been a challenge to get there because of snow on the ground and roads. That winter, there was no snow anywhere in the mountains and the only snow they had on the slopes at Mammoth was the fake, man-made stuff.

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  4. Kendall is the best of us, Pilgrim. Loved that story. Well, I liked them all. Thanks for the tip on The Offer. Jail breakout? Man, those guards ought to be retrained. I’m sure BoBo got some poutine. Why else would he be there? I did not see any of the baseball stuff but seems odd the US didn’t win. Thanks for the laughs too.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. B

    The weather is outta control, I tell you. Since they like to compare weather to a woman, it’s like Mother Nature is going through menopause and has become that wife who keeps giving more jobs for her husband to do, just because that’s the only thing she can control… 😉

    That is some crazy snow in California, that is for sure. And they are not equipped like we are here in Quebec for such events. Wow.

    There was a World Baseball Classic? Yay to our fave Shohei Ohtani. He is such an amazing player and I love how these world showdowns are a way to remind us that our favourite players were not necessarily born here and we are pretty damn lucky to have them.

    Ah yes… What did our numbnuts really talk about? Neither one of them is particularly adept at, well, leading so poutine does sound like the sound choice 😉

    I cannot agree more about The Offer and waaaahhhh… last episode tonight! Every single member of that cast is amazing. I feel hard-pressed to name who stands out more in their role.

    That is good news re: The Federal Trade Commission. Nothing worse than going through bloody hoops to cancel any service.

    Quite the prison break… better yet is your slew of puns describing it!!

    Holy shit! Ummm… you state that Brady and Kendall were out on a hike with friends. Guess those friends did what you said you would do, eh? That is just nuts. I’m thinking any hikes in the future will be far from bear country. Kendall is a true hero.

    Glad your rabbit hole lead you to 2Cellos. I love these guys. And the cello is so much richer than the violin for this piece. Mmmm.
    Here’s a caffè, hand me a cannoli, per favore.


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    • Q

      Drop the mic baby you WIN!

      I cannot imagine that much snow. For me a foot of snow is an emergency situation, and I ain’t kidding!

      Shohei Ohtani is the kind of throwback I used to read about when I was a kid. And that means, his talents go waaaaay back in terms of a comparison.

      I hope he doesn’t overdo it with the poutine. A little bit does go a long way.

      I had to mention Evans because of that last episode. Mango, that guy is good. Like you said, in this show they all are.

      It’s about time. I know I hate having to jump through those hoops when I go to cancel a service. So what usually happens for me is I just call Amex and let them take care of it.

      Haha! So many puns, so much jail time!

      Yeah, and can you blame them? But here’s to Kendall, whose bravery had Leo going “No he di-int!”.

      I knew you would dig it.

      We’ll share a cannoli.


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  6. Our world is so full of such unspeakable horrors but I cannot imagine anything worse than watching my friend being mauled by a bear. Oh, and umm …. can we still be friends if I admit I’ve never seen the Godfather? Honest, I will, perhaps… I heard about the dead horse head… I am so not watching that movie!

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  7. Another awesome Rundown to enjoy-these have become a part of my regular jonesing for amazing content each week-bravo, sir. which I greatly enjoy. You’re so right, Ohtani is THE real deal and an impressive one at that. As for the “cupcake party because the human is always the cupcake in this equation” I’d beg to differ-humans are the cherry on top of the cupcake! Yikes. Glad the fellas came out on top. As for cancelling services, I’d be happy if I could get off some places email list. Every day I get something that cheeses me off from one particular service that I ‘unsubscribed’ from (after realizing too late signing up was not what was advertised-go figure, right?). I’ve even blocked their sorry a$$es and yet, the next day, it shows up again in my spam folder. It makes me crazy to have to go through that folder to make sure legit things aren’t floating in there. When you get over a 100 emails a day every minute I can save by not seeing and dealing with them is a minute I can use to take care of the ones I do want to see. I know, I know..l.know…first world problems but WTH, if I wanted to continue to see their stuff, I wouldn’t have unsubscribed in the first place! Argh.

    All great topics and the closer is the 2Cellos vid. Those guys are. the. bomb!
    Happy weekend, Marc.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Why thank you Monika, that’s so sweet of you to say.

      Shohei is unlike any player I can remember. His feats are even more impressive than . . can I say it? The Babe? Because Ruth pitched for a year or two and then became a hitter. Shohei is dominating on both sides of the ball.

      Those guys should be dead. The fact they’re not is equal parts luck they had and the luck they made.

      I HATE having to unsubscribe to stuff. I HATE having to call Amex in the event of an actual emergency and so I have everything written down and ready to go in the event. It still sucks.

      That’s some video huh? Those guys are amazing alright.

      Thank you Monika

      Liked by 1 person

  8. That is true friendship! I love my friends, but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to attack a bear for them. And thank goodness someone is making it easier to unsubscribe to things like gym memberships. The difficulty in getting out of those things is the reason I’m afraid to join in the first place. As for Joe’s list, that made me laugh out loud!

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  9. As you know, I’m a Godfather fan same as you. I love all the lore, how they didn’t want Pacino and how Coppola had to fight Evans tooth and nail. I’ll bet that film is great since, anything about it never ages. Connie’s wedding… Clenenza dancing. Frankie talking about a can a peas when they offer him an hor d’oeuvre. I can go on and on.

    You always get me big time on at least one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right, it’s timeless and more beautiful each and every time you watch it. Imma reread the book because it has gotten short shrift by yours truly and it really is a remarkable piece of writing.

      I use that Frankie Five Angels classic all the time. In fact, I use so many Godfather references.

      I know SB 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was thinking of rereading it too. What comes to mind is, it was really based on so much truth. How things were done. That whole scene at the wedding when the Don is granting privileges on his daughter’s wedding day. And to think she’s marrying a guy who will out her beloved big brother who protects her when he beats her while pregnant no less. Knowing what’s to come has a ring all its own. The other line I remember at the dinner table, Connie pregnant, Carlo snapping at her for speaking, Sonny snapping back at him and Mama Corrleone saying…Santino, don’t interfere. Man, if only they knew what was to come.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I must confess I never delved into the Godfather franchise – neither books nor movies. Shame on me. The Biden list is a hoot!
    Living through a grizzly encounter is about impossible. What a brave thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It ain’t for everyone. You have plenty going on, including WRITING books.

      The poutine has me queasy!

      That is bravery squared. The kid deserves a medal . . and free college . . and a brand new car . . and . . .

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Glad you’re still at it and as punny as ever, Sorryless!

    A former friend of Albanian descent from Jersey put it this way:

    “A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a body.”

    Anyway, I’m still biking walking yogaing daily–I’m so tired–and slogging away on revising my book. Thus posting only a few times a month.

    I do miss reading good blog buddies like you, M. Will try to do better, though the filthy lucre required for exorbitant Austin rents requires way more time and effort than I have energy for. It’s a dilemma, about big-legged Emma (Zappa, I believe.)

    Hope you’re well. Still running? Take it easy… but take it! -ADAB

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