Speaking Of

  • The new season of Walking Dead begins this Sunday, and I’m sort of at that juncture in the marriage where I can retake the vows or have an affair.
  • So of course, me being me . . I’m having an affair with the latest season of American Horror Story. And so far, so very strange with 1984, but I’m cool with it seeing as how it’s a vacation in the ’80’s.
  • The ’80’s is where Trump was building hotels and not walls. Seems that a few years ago, he was talking up an alligator filled moat to go along with his wall . . which was MY idea. Only difference is a moat wouldn’t have required a wall. Putz.
  • Too many putzes with drivers licenses. I honked at this dude who was trailing an Amish buggy rather than passing it (buggies have slow moving vehicle triangles which allow you to pass). Annoyed, he waved me around him, shortly after which he turned into his driveway. Right turn signals work wonders, if you use ’em.
  • Okay, I’m always in a hurry. Which is why I go self checkout at the grocery store. Checkout lines are teeming with delays and the ten items or less lane is a big fat lie. But it’s not like I ain’t down with social dishing. As with the nerdy high school girl manning the deli counter who brought the snark. We engaged in some entertaining banter as she did up my order. Personality wins the day.
  • But peeps who shout into their phone while it’s on speaker make me wanna lose it. Bluetooth was invented because the world doesn’t want to hear about Aunt Lucy’s gallstones.
  • Which she probably got from eating at McDonald’s. Of course, she won’t admit it was McDonald’s fault because she probably insists she never eats there. Like the half a trillion people it’s served . . . most of whom never, ever go there.
  • Why is it that as soon as an individual is legally permitted to rent a car, they no longer fess up to eating at McDonald’s?
  • Not my sister, though. She doesn’t give a blessed fuck who knows about it, even if her rationale for certain of her . . umm . . nutritional choices is a tad bit skewed. And Imma give you a for instance from the other night when me and sis stopped off at a convenience store before my birthday dinner.

Sister: They don’t have diet ginger ale, what the fuck?
Me: Get the good stuff . . go crazy.
Sister: Nah, I don’t drink my calories.
Me: Here’s a thought, get regular ginger ale, because we’re eating fried chicken tonight.
Sister: Here’s a thought, walk home.

  • And if you’re wrong, don’t play it like you’re right. The way the Raiders are doing when they defend Vontaze Burfict for being a thug. The linebacker was suspended for the season after his latest dirty hit and Raiders players were shocked(!), claiming Vontaze is just misunderstood. Just another example of professional athletes whining that we should believe what they say rather than what our eyes tell us.
  • And my eyes are telling me this is my favorite Halloween costume of the season, and I know it’s early, but . . .
  • And if you want scary good, my Nashville hot fried chicken birthday dinner with my kids, niece and sister- followed with ghost stories by candlelight? Good as it gets.
  • Speaking of good as it gets, the girl went to the Global Citizen Festival in NYC last weekend She shutterbugged me their peach vantage point right up by the stage and snippeted me a tune here and there from various of the powerhouse lineup. And all was right with the world as Freddie held court and my little girl sang to Queen inside a glorious evening.
  • I promised myself I’d never post the cover to this song, but Imma break the rules.
  • Not like it’s the first time . . .


58 thoughts on “Speaking Of

  1. Happy Birthday, young man!! Sounds like you had a great celebration with your kids and others.

    As for Adam Lambert … it’s a weird thing. Besides a great voice, Freddie was all about the showmanship. So, it shouldn’t bother me, but there is something about Lambert that is just too much showmanship. I think it’s that he comes across as trying too hard in that area.

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    • I removed myself from any particular judgement in this instance. He is definitely trying too hard if you think about it.

      But the spot he filled really can never be filled. As in ever.

      Thank you for the wishes and yes, it was a great time.

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  2. Oh, and Burfict … I wanted to make a bet with my Raiders fan co-worker. Who would go first Incognito or Burfict. He wouldn’t take the bet. I think some of these helmet-to-helmet calls are a little too much. The game is moving far too fast to make calls and mete out discipline based on slow motion views of the action. But Burfict brought this on himself with his previous actions. And the Raiders, as you say, knew exactly what they were getting. Think of how much money they’re saving though with AB gone and now not having to pay Burfict.

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    • Burfict hit this Colts player with a helmet to helmet hit AFTER he was down. This is what he has always done. So to listen to Derek Carr talk about how smart the dude is, I’m like “Fine, then have someone hire him to work in the front office”. Because the dude doesn’t belong on the field.

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  3. Nashville Fried Chicken for the d-day, that’s living! Is the Walking Dead still on? Probably a flaw in my own psych but I love it when you get all ranty on us. I can’t disagree with any of it. Putz seems to sum it up. Yeah, only heard one Queen song sung by Adam Lambert. Nice try…but it’s still a karaoke version of the late, great one.

    Happy Birthday, Marco!

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    • Ella!!!!

      That chicken is hot, tasty stuff! I took a piece of it and let it marinate in its spicy juices overnight and then had it for breakfast on an egg and bagel sammy. REE-diculously good.

      I’m a ranter, what can I say?

      I was feeling this only because the girl had been there and it was kinda kitschy to think that she has seen Queen now- current iteration notwithstanding. And that concert was off the hook with talent.

      Thank you Chitown!

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  4. I hear you on the cover. I wrote three books to the Queen albums and so I have a very soft spot for them. I’ve missed Freddy since he left but I have to tell you. The very ending of this video where Adam let the crowd sing the last lines was spectacular. It seemed the spirit of Freddy was in the audience. “Nothing really matters to me.” Glad your birthday was a hit.

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    • Boss, you know there is no one taking that seat . . . ever. I just love the fact that my daughter was there and having a blast as the crowd was singing along.

      And that’s what I really dig. That this current iteration of Queen keeps that spirit alive. It’s not Freddy’s Queen . . of course not. But that’s not the point.

      It was a great day which has turned into a great week.

      Thank ya, thank ya very much. 😉


  5. I think your sister is a HOOT! Talk about putting things into perspective. I like it! And Queen, well doesn’t get much better at the Global Citizen Festival (or any time actually).

    Head shaking about the Vontaze story and the Raiders reaction to the thugery. And to think some people actually think Al Davis is dead. Ha! Just another day in the life of a douchebag team and its players.

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    • Monika,

      Noelle is a hoot alright. If you’ve ever seen Dexter, think Deb. If not, just imagine the terminator with curls? LOL.

      My daughter had such a great weekend in town, capped by the concert . . which had a TON of names in it! I was thrilled she got to experience that.

      It pisses me off when guys like Carr, who know better, perform their standing line act in the interests of the clubhouse. What about the interests of player safety? Because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to hear a peep from these guys when the cleat is on the other foot now. They’re buying into this criminal behavior? Noted.

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  6. B,

    ~You know Imma be front and centre to check out that first episode of the season. And if’n they want me to stick around, it best be damn good.
    ~You enjoy that Horror stuff. I’m a wuss.
    ~Putz doesn’t even know what a moat is.
    ~Amazing how many peeps have no idea what that arm connected to the steering wheel is for. Use the fucker so’s you don’t get honked at!
    ~You go to self-checkout? You know that they are taking jobs away from peeps, right? OK. I’ll get off my soapbox. Since you speak snark you must’ve had a nice little repartee going on!
    ~I loathe, no LOATHE people who need to show us how important they are. Put the fucking phone to your ear. Bluetooth users in a store look like eejits anyway. That’s for the CAR…
    ~I own it. Go to MickyD’s maybe 2-3 times a year… Sometimes more 😉
    ~I betcha Noelle added a few choice words to decorate her responses with (if she is, as you say, like Deb from Dexter). Christ on a Cracker!!
    ~Do not get me started on the Burfict case. Now I’m thinking of that bitch in Million Dollar Baby. I can’t stand dirty fighters.
    ~That Hallowe’en costume is da bomb!
    ~I am seriously jealous of that whole Nashville hot fried chicken meal.
    ~So happy for Ari. What a lucky ducky she is to have seen Queen Part Deux!
    ~Yanno, I am not a huge fan of Adam Lambert (did the boy chunk up?) but as far as finding a new frontman, they did ayt. Hey… Did you notice Rami Malek in the audience at the end of the song?

    Nothing wrong with breaking the rules. Makes life way more interesting, I say.


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    • Q,

      The WD best be on top of their game. Or else. That kitschy little ninth inning comeback they pulled last season won’t keep me interested if they don’t up the ante.

      Love the horror. If I had to pick one genre, that’d be it.

      Putz doesn’t realize that a moat is plenty nuff.

      And yet . . they are allowed to continue driving.

      Yeah I know. And they’re gonna take ’em anyways. And yes, the repartee was smart and quick- emphasis on quick, since I like to work quickly when grocery shopping.

      I don’t care how they keep the conversation private, I only care that they do.

      You’re on board! We need more of this truth telling.

      Yes, Noelle is very good at decorating her language. Expert.

      And players who defend that shit should have to keep quiet when something bad happens to someone. Because they supported it with Burfict.

      I love that!

      It’s so damn good. Sweet and spicy, perfect combo.

      She was lucky indeed.

      Rami introduced Queen to the stage. Ari and her group were pretty close to where he was sitting.

      WAY more interesting.


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      • ~Oh hells yes! Only so many times we can give ’em a chance. Like you said that kitschy little ninth inning thing needs to have some serious follow-through.
        ~To each his own. I don’t know why such a tough broad as I am can be such a chicken shit!
        ~Nope, he knows shit.
        ~Yes, they are.
        ~There is that. And I cannot say I have never used ’em myself.
        ~They still look like eejits with their doohicky in their ear when both hands are free.
        ~Yep. Lies are hard to keep straight 😉
        ~I am not surprised… Wonder how she compares to her brother?
        ~Yeah. How they can defend that shit is beyond me.
        ~You are torturing me with this sweet and spicy stuff.
        ~Dang… so cool! How did Ari get to be so close?

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        • I believe they will come through. Hell, they have enough material to work with now!

          It’s not for everyone.


          It’s not fair.

          They look like idiots anyway, and I’m sure they don’t care.

          They sure as hell are.

          She’s sarcastic as hell. No idea where that comes from . . .

          I think these players must be held accountable to what they say regarding their teammate. So when he is no longer their teammate and he does this to one of their own, they can be asked “That’s fine, right?”

          Okay, no mas talk of it.

          They were there way early. And then they made their way up as the night went on.


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          • I have faith. And looking forward to it.

            No, Of course not.

            They do and probably don’t care (or think they look cool)

            So why bother lie. I think I’m just too lazy 😉

            I wouldn’t know sarcasm if it hit me between the eyes.

            Exactly! As we know, players get traded so friend becomes “foe” so to speak.


            Good for them! That’s how you create memories!

            Hope you’re already sleeping…


          • Me too. Just no helicopters . . it’s all I ask.

            It’s why I love October. Wall to wall horror flicks.

            They’re the only ones who think so.

            Some people think lying is a sport, while others take it to an art form and still others blame everything that ever happened to them for doing so.

            I . . umm . . . believe you?

            Let’s face it, what some of these players do on the field would get them arrested in the real world. So to support that is to be an accessory.

            De nada.

            They had a blast.

            I was out quickalee. . .

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          • Ah hell naw!

            I love October for the crispness in the air, the beautiful colours and the crackle of the leaves beneath my feet.


            That is so true!

            I’m calling Frank.

            It really is. I’ll never understand it.

            Very happy to hear it. And hope your head is sans pain.

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          • Ah hell yes, mama put on her party dress (thanks to Tom Petty for the assist).

            And baseball. And hot chocolate. And fairs. And costume parties. And beer. Okay, beer is just along for this ride.

            Frank never found any evidence of sarcasm. He led a tireless effort but came up empty.

            My head pain led to my back pain this morning. But its all smooth sailing now . . .

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          • Ya baby! Tom Petty to the rescue!

            And walks in the woods, or in the mountains, and hot toddies and mulled wine and beer is always around. ‘Tain’t zactly special.

            There is that. He did accuse the Canadians of having it.

            Awww… at least all is good now…

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          • Tom Petty always knew.

            Beer is special when you’re having at it, but yeah . .

            Well of course. They are always the most likely culprits since it’s a well known fact they tried to start WW3 over this idea that Michael J was theirs . . .

            Bettah as buttah.

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          • Michael J Fox, according to the Wikipedia page (I might have written) was born in Columbus Ohio to Steven and Elyse Keaton.

            It says further, …many Canadians are under the mistaken impression Michael J. Fox is of Canadian descent because he performed in Toronto and acclimated himself to the locals to such a degree that one of them exclaimed “This guy is one of us!” ….


          • You are worse than a dog with a bone filched from the neighbourhood butcher!

            I gotta give you an “A” for creativity. You are DEFINITELY a writer with a FABULOUS imagination!

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          • I’m guessing by that bone filching analogy that you are not buying the Michael J Fox story?

            Hey . . Imma try my damndest. So it’s okay, that’s fine. But dont go saying Gretzky is Canadian.

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          • I fear not… But they are definitely entertaining!

            You keep tryin’ big guy. You will one day realise that the greatest come from north of the border…

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    • My sister is Sonny to my Michael. The hothead who will go right through the wall, where I will take a step back and consider my next move.

      Isn’t that bulldog Chuckie hilarious?!

      And thank you for the wishes!


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