39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    In my next life, I’m coming back as a cat. They get their meals served up to them without having to wait in the grocery store check-out line behind an imbecile on his phone and a dented can collector. Their cinema is watching birds and listening for crumpled papers. And they never get flustered when bad weather is in the forecast.

    Mark Twain believed the cat was impervious to the man-made punishments of the world, above them. And he also believed that if man and cat were to be merged, it would be a really bad deal for the cat. To which I agree.

    PS- What a brat! And a beautiful one. And totally deserving of free meals and cinema.


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  2. Awe…now this is a keeper. Look at that little contented face knowing nothing is as good then when one learns how to just be.

    I just love this photo Dale, a Morris lookalike. I had one named Mugsy who I adored. A stray that wandered into our house one day, my mother adopting him like the son she never had who loved her in return.

    He got hit by a car running across the street to meet her as she pulled up in the driveway. It broke her heart. But memories, you always awaken, whether happy or poignant, are such a gift to all your devotees. πŸ™‚

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  3. My kids send me photos like this pretty often. I have three grandcats between my two kids and have found them to be entertaining and useful on a number of occasions.

    The second one was first fostered and then adopted. The adoption was finalized when my now SIL took responsibility from his future bride for the schizo crazy kitty his future bride had taken on. By that kind and caring gesture alone, I knew he was a keeper.

    My latest grandcat was handpicked for my other daughter by her boyfriend who is a vet in training and was working at an animal shelter at the time. Besides being a good provider of medical care for all my grandcats, my possibly future SIL has trained the first girl among my grands to do tricks, like flushing the toilet and turning off the lights.

    I love being around all my kids and my grands and just hope to reconquer my allergy to the latter so they can conspire to pick one out as a future companion for me.

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