46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    Those trees in the first capture are canoodling! And good for them, really. They’re keeping people just a little cooler through the dog days of summer, and it only makes sense that they should have someone to share it with.

    I fear the rocks because of your spill. Was this before or after?

    Those stairs are a reminder of how things used to get built. As in, to last! It would probably be considered a rudimentary job as compared to the bright and shiny way of doing business these days, but guess what? It’s still going strong.

    Love the hat trick of WWonderful captures.


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    • It was more refreshing than I would have liked, having taken a tumble into the lake, trying to pretend I was still 20…
      Lake St. Louis in the Pointe Claire Village. Such a beautiful area.
      Happy Wednesday to you, fine sir!


  2. Dear Dale,

    I want to jump into that water. And I love the sidewalk going up to the house. Really nice angles. Hmmmmm. A possible painting? At any rate, I look forward to your wordless photos that say so much.

    Shalom and lotsa well-focused hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Oh, I did! Well, not so much jump as gracelessly fall in… Glad you enjoyed the angles and yes, I could see you doing something with this 😉

      Shalom and lotsa refreshing love,


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    • Oh, definitely. I figure you are also living in a heatwave area, Bruce? I started off at the trees, went to the water and up the steps on my way to pick up my son at the airport 😉

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        • Ugh. My beau is in Lancaster so he is also not pleased with these temps, either. Our temps this week are hanging around the 83-86 mark, BUT, our humidex factor (I think this is a Canadian thing) brings the temps up to a feels like anywhere from 90-102 (yikes! this afternoon!))

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    • There are three in all and yes, they were all taken at Lake St. Louis in Pointe Claire Village on Sunday. A gorgeous area with all sorts of lovely shops and restaurants on Lakeshore Drive.

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